Neutral tone colors

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Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground Color Review

38 475 views | 11 Oct. 2019

Sometimes depending on

Sometimes depending on the circumstances of home, I will use this beautiful paint color called Neutral Ground by Sherwin Williams. I’m going to show you the undertones, what it looks like in a North and South facing rooms and I’m going to give you three valuable tips you should know.

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So what would the right elements be in using neutral ground ?

Jacob Owens Designs

What do you think of Neutral Ground or have you painted a room light neutral paint color and how did it turn out for you? I want to hear your story.

Anne Geddeis

I know what u mean about the violet undertone in agreeable grey. When I got to the corner with the brick backsplash I almost stopped and questioned the color choice ( thx to u , i realize I was seeing violet because alot of the brick has a rosy glow in it). Anyway I kept going and I'm glad I did because as I moved out of the corner the rest of the area picked up the nice color and it blends the violet out

Clover Hills

How do you feel about Nuetral Ground paired with Mindful Gray?

Tonya Matthews

i really appreciate your videos they are really informative and to the point. I am looking into the color Abalone Shell by Sherwin Williams for my bedroom my i currently have walnut color furniture with brass knobs as well as other brass decorative items in the room. Any tips or advise would be helpful. I have never really been into pink but i just love this color.

google google

You recommend NOT painting neutral ground color in a room that does not receive a lot of natural light. I am looking to repaint my best basement soon which obviously does not receive a lot of natural light. I would like the look of a neutral ground but you recommended a slightly darker and warmer color. Did you have anything in mind that you could suggest? The entire basement was done by previous owners in beige tile that unfortunately has pink orange undertone ☹️. I would like to avoid “beige” if possible.

Andrea Oppong

Hi. I love your videos. So I have painted my kitchen cabinets "impressive ivory" by sherwin Williams and my island is tricorn black. What paint would you suggest for my kitchen wall. Thanks

kim 67

Looks prery in that pic w/ dark couch yes

C.C. Beal

Helpful video. Thank you. What color white/off white trim would be best with SW Neutral Ground?

Debby Barbur

What ceiling color would you suggest when using Neutral Ground? I'm looking at SW Extra White. It was suggested I use SW Ceiling Bright White but it seems to have blue undertones.

charlene babyak

I'm thinking about using Neutral Ground on the exterior of my house. Do the same rules apply? My situation is challenging because the side of the house, which is the first thing you see as you approach my house, is south facing and receives a lot of sunlight. The front of my house is west facing and very shaded the majority of the day due to multiple oak trees. My pavers are a tannish neutral and my roof is a terracotta blend. Front door, shutters and accents are a medium wood tone. I also have some natural stone work, with colors of brown, tan, gold, taupe and gray. Windows have white frames and the gutters and fascia are white. Back patio pavers are a terracotta blend. Every paint sample I try looks so different in various areas of my house and I am at a loss. So far, Neutral Ground is my top pick, but after watching you video I am strongly questioning that.

Ahmed Abdulle

Thanks Jacob for making this video! I'm building a house and have no furnished items. But really wanted to use neutral ground. I'll definitely look for items that pair well with it

Maryjtesvich Blacktail1

How do I subscribe I need your help


I love it!

Roger Chenkenio

Sir your a wealth of knowledge ty for all your valuable work, I'm thinking about using wool skein on the walls or neutral ground in a Tuscan style home with dark floors and dark cabinets. What would you recommend as partner color for doors and trim. And do you think the colors I'm using for a new construction Tuscan style home are the correct color palette?
Kind regards and keep up the good work

Kristin Peterson

Kristi Peterson. I am totally frustrated trying to find perfect paint color for kitchen with cream cabinets, black onyx counter tops, pale oatmeal tile floor. Is there a great green/blue or??? would be grateful for any suggestion

Linda McLaughlin

How about Arcadia white or west highland white

Patricia Kennedy

What was the video where you talked about the kitchen cabinet colors? You said if your house was built in 2005-2010 you prob had “x” color ...

Kelly J Jackson

Welp, you've saved me the cost of two paint samples in the last half-hour! I'm so glad I stumbled across your color reviews; they're concise and more thorough than other channels I've seen.


This is a slightly off-topic question, but maybe u can address it in a future video as I know u r a busy guy? I ran across Benjamin Moore's Rodeo paint color...& when looking it up, some blogs consider it a "sophisticated" color? In your opinion, does that mean it has MORE complex undertones? ....or is a simpler mix? What makes a color "sophisticated"? Thanks.

Vicky Cochran

What is a good Paint for the whole house open floor plan with dark mahogany furniture cherry kitchen cabinets dark Brown wood floors and not a lot of natural light

Alan R

Thanks for the video Jacob! I inherited SW Neutral Ground in my house for all the trim, doors, and cabinets. I've been trying to select a lighter wall color for the living/dining/kitchen area (open floor plan)...I currently have SW Camelback on the walls and find it pretty dark for a Florida coastal home. It's a SW/SE facing room with lots of windows in the front/back of the house, but during the day it's either medium light or low light in the rooms. The floor is large tile, light beige. Is there a color that you would recommend for the wall color that would compliment the Neutral Ground trim and cabinets? It's been such a tricky color and everything seems too dark, too light, too yellow, too gray. :) I'd love any advice. Thanks in advance.

Janis Harris

Hey Jacob- I am so in a funk because I bought 5 gallons of Neutral Ground for my whole lower floor. I bought a sample and painted it on the wall and on some white paper to carry to the other rooms with different light. My husband and I both agreed it was a go. But it changes in the light! We started in a SW facing room. It is just like the other comment I read. It’s yellow, then green, then gray, etc a chameleon! I have a big picture window with a lot of green plants outside and it turns a pukey yellow green. Now what can I do?

Joyce Geisinger

when you suggest that a color is "paired" with other furnishings, do you mean to "match" the color somewhere else?

Agda Frohock

How about using Sherwin williams Dover White in a bedroom with a lot light and windows

Arnold Hans Decierdo

Hi Owen, just wanna ask you if Sherwin Williams' Downing Earth paint a taupe or a brownish beige? Thank you.

Theresa Burden

What’s a similar color with less green? I noticed it’s green at the end of the day when the lights are in it. Or should just change my light bulbs? We have east and north facing windows in the room

April Fichtner

I need your help fast. I had my home exterior painted with interactive cream. I've changed my trim colors twice. What goes best with this color? Need your help. Also what color can I go with my door? I live in Florida. Guies are coming Friday. Need to know asap. Thank you.

Neutral tone colors

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Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Home | How to Choose Neutral Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

140 207 views | 17 Oct. 2020

Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right neutral paint color for your home? Have you wondered what the most popular Benjamin More neutral paint colours are? Do you find paint undertones confusing and struggle to see the difference between warm and cool undertones? In this video, I go over how to choose the right Benjamin Moore neutral paint colour for your home, the differences in their undertones and color temperature, and I go over some of my favourite neutral paint colors to help you get started. So whether you are looking for how to pick a white, gray, greige, beige or even black paint, I go through them all in this video!


00:00 - Introduction to Benjamin Moore Neutral Paints

00:46 - How lighting Affects Paint Color

01:30 - How Paint Changes the Vibe of Your Space

02:10 - How Undertones Affect Paint Colour

03:17 - The Color Wheel and Color Temperature

06:55 - The Best White Paints

08:31 - The Best Gray Paints

10:02 - The Best Beige and Greige Paints

11:24 - The Best Black Paints

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➤ Dining Room Table: https://rstyle.me/+qvdgjBPD28_qOmeM-VMO5g

➤ Dining Room Chairs: https://rstyle.me/+6VszaSlv7_6yZt_l6W6jJA

➤ Marble Coffee Table: https://rstyle.me/+3GmZ-O6akAgZWvdAKiz1Gg

➤ Teal Armchair (Color is Peacock): https://rstyle.me/+DSNrMlvMYOdXW4HM8Fqczg

➤ Panel Moulding (Metrie-Very Square): https://rstyle.me/+LbAjsRz1zHDSgUk2gfSBQQ

➤ Back wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

➤ Living Room Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White

➤ Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White

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Will Simply White appear cooler in a north facing room?

Franchesca ONeal

I painted my kitchen and dining room with warm cream. I had no idea how yellow that really looks with anything but white-est light. Blue white light can make it kind of green. It's crazy. I'm gonna have to repaint it...


Thank you for your videos. I just installed laminate flooring in Adeline hickory which is a brown with different shades to it in my living room and kitchen. I want to paint my walls a neutral but not white (I have toddlers running around). I will be getting new counter tops, appliances and furniture as well. Do you suggest leaning more of a grey beige cool undertone paint? And what counter tops and cabinets can I go with? Thanks




Hi Nick! We are moving into a new home in a few weeks.. my husband always likes to paint the entire house before moving in as a way to start clean, freshen the space and get rid of any smells. After we move in we are going to do a kitchen remodel. Our fixed element is the honey oak hardwood floors. The house gets a lot of natural white.. lots of windows! The house has an external Spanish vibe (stucco with red tile roof, red tile patio overlooking the valley).. lots of succulents and rock, etc.. I want to go with a modern rustic esthetic with Spanish touches to honor the exterior of the home. Do you have a suggestion for a creamy neutral white that will work with my design aesthetic? Enough to brighten the space because the walls are only 8ft. I’m thinking white kitchen cabinets, some with glass, distressed black or wood grain island, maybe a Spanish tile backsplash, farmhouse copper sink, gold or brass fixtures.. so that whole “metal meets wood, dark meets light” aesthetic. I know, I know.. so hard to give advice without seeing.. I just don’t want to have to repaint the house after doing the kitchen.. my poor husband..Lol!! Thanks so much!!


What an informative video and your presentation rocks!
I want to paint my whole house one color as I have dark wood floors throughout, would you recommend warmer or cooler tones of white ?

JS West

I have a serious man crush going on.


I struggle to see the difference between all the different whites you show, but its pretty interesting topic. I think Metropolitan is my new favorite color for rooms that I just discovered now

Nan Townsend

I really appreciate the way you present your information. It is precise, organized, and easily understood. Your explanation of best neutral paint colors is the best I have ever seen.

Aireen Krizea Clarete

Thank you for this. It’s so satisfying to listen to your ideas. So coherent, so professional and it’s all very, very precise and clear. I am currently having a house build—still on structural stage and your channel is extremely helpful to me. ?


Do you have a video on ceiling paint. I want to bring in more light. Do you review paints from Sherwin Williams. I like the warm colors.

Vivian La First

Undertones are not inclusive to Benjamin Moore, hahahaha

Silver Trees

Thanks for your informative video. We’ve decided to go for factory white for all the ceilings in our log house. And, simply white for the walls where there is drywall.

Stela S

Oh! Thank you for this. I just wish I have seen this video before. I have just made a huge mistake of buying the whole set of "gray" paint from a top brand, that looks awful on my walls, as it has a purple / red undertone. I have not heard of undertones before, and how "grays" can differ between themselves (& how they interact with the room). Since I must buy new paint, I had no choice, but learn a bit of this color science when making my decision for the color of my paint replacement. In this search came across things I have never heard before, such as RGB and LRV, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At this point I am down to 5 shades of gray that I must do the sample test, which was skipped in the first attempt (big mistake). And, next time, if I can afford, I will hire a designer to save me from going through all this pain.... :-)

Diane S

Love your videos! I am learning so much, thank you. Please, what color is that blue-green at around the 6:05 mark? I love it! I found you just in time for my kitchen remodel and I so want a blue & white kind of kitchen. Thank you.


@8:25 Caller: "Hello?" ? ☎️ ?

Zaid Alzaidy

I wish I have someone like you next to me to decide which color to pick?. It's so hard to decide.


Been watching for a bit due to the paint people that I follow and vid yall did. Must say I just subscribed because all the videos thus so far have been so to the point yet informative and thorough. And this is what I like! Love this!

Jennifer at Home

Fabulous information!!!

Meow Zah

Your the best at explaining interior decorating. Hands down.


Off topic...would love your opinion on faux suede finish paint. I’d like it for an accent wall but I’m not finding much info about it. Any thoughts???

Kathryn P

Your explanation is the best I have ever heard, thank you ??

PoptheBubble ChartLeaks

Once I saw a video where someone who painted every other wall panel matte, and every other one high-gloss. It was pretty creative with the decor. How does gloss, metallic, and plaster effect paint color choice, or does it?

Silver Trees

I hope Benjamin Moore’s factory white does not have grey hues in it.

Jaime Kim

Thanks for this super helpful video! I am still struggling with a dilemma though?.. Fixtures in my kitchen/living room have cool undertones, but it is north-facing with minimal light. I wanted to paint with warm undertones to create more warmth in the space. Do you think this will disturb the harmony? Any suggestions would be appreciated! ???


Nick, have you worked with Sherwin's "Accessable Beige"?

rena verdugo

So happy YouTube suggested you. I’m now subscribed!??????


Hi Nick,

I was curious what do you think about Mauve Blush, Slate Blue and Liberty Park? Not all combined in the same room, of course :)) The plan is to have Mauve Blush in the bedroom, Slate Blue in Kitchen & Bathroom and Liberty Park in the living room and entrance area.

&by the way, great content! I recently discovered your chanel and I love it.

Christina Roussetis

Hi Nick. I'm new to you channel. love the content. Thank you.
I have a dilemma. I'm trying to paint a very small open plan 1 bed apartment in Greece, hence I need to keep it light. I have light coming in from north facing window in kitchen and bedroom and West in lounge.
I have literally tried 10 different samples, and just couldn't find the right paint colour. hence I stumbled across your channel much to my relief. Based on your advice, (I'm looking for warm tones)
I've tried Swiss coffee, (too dark) Simply white, which I think is too light and yellowish. I'm scared it will end up looking like faded old white paint. The other colour is Cloud white. It seems a bit greenish in certain light. MY QUESTION: What if I combine the 2 colours together (out of the 3)? Have you ever mixed two colours together. and if so what is your result? HELP. Regards Christina


The was one of the best explanations I've heard on YT. Thanks!


Also something that people don't think about when picking paint: the quality of the titanium dioxide in the can of paint. Lower grade titanium dioxide will mute colors or add more grey or yellow tones to the overall paint color, while the higher grade will be more vibrant and be true to the color chip. From my experience selling various brands of paint, Benjamin Moore and Valspar have more consistent quality over the majority of their different lines of paint, with the exceptions being their low end paints. The most inconsistent brand is Sherwin Williams. I also only go with Benjamin Moore because they are the only company that uses hard-dry pigments, which means (among other things) that the color lasts longer.

Kylie Weber

Do you think it is ok to do “cool” rooms and “warm” rooms both in the house? Or should you go with all of the same type throughout?


Very nice colors Are the colors your are showing are they gloss or flat ?

Linda Randall

Hey Nick, my family get hardly no light, will a dark color be to dark, we like a cozy feel.

JoDeane Rhoades

Nick, your videos are a Christmas present to myself!!!!!! ???

patricia hopwood

This is super helpful. Thank you!


I am leaning towards Pale Oak for the majority of my home, with Simply White for trim. My windows will be black, medium to light wood floors (undecided at this point),and I lean towards a more modern esthetic with a touch of antique vintage thrown in there. I'm starting to wonder if this color will be too "beige". I like gray, but really don't want the coolness of gray (and personally in our area in the Fraser Valley gray is a little overdone.) Anyone have any opinions on Pale Oak?

Shahanara Hossain

I live in the uk and painted my kitchen/diner Benjamin Moore French Canvas, as I wanted something light and bright but keep to my colour theme of green. French Canvas has a subtle undertone of Green. It blows me away the amount of comments I get on my choice of colour especially as I thought most people will see a natural cream. My builder has recommended my colour choice to many of his clients but it is a little more difficult to get hold of Benjamin Moore in the UK as not many retailers stock it.

jay hulrs

Very helpful

Stacy Grenado

I find that the paint colors in the images shown are alot lighter than in real life even in a space with plenty of light. Btw, I love the blacks. Black, charcoal paint colors are much more flexible (less finicky), once you get pass have a darker space imo.


Super helpful! Love the info, example photos, practical recommendations, and quick run through. Just subscribed!

funy gomes cadina

Thank you from paris been struggling to fi d the right color for my living room

andrea vanda

Your contact is very helpful, but you need to slow down your speech. What's the hurry? People feel better if the presentation is more casual.?


Can you give us a tour of your home? I love your style and am always peeking at what's behind you!

Somya R

I just subscribed to your channel!!! Great explanation on the undertones, never thought too much into it. I have a lot of greys, black & grey blues in my house, am trying to paint few walls but I am stuck with colors because I don’t know if it’ll flow nicely with 3 strong neutral colors. Do you think I shld leave my walls lighter(whiskers from ppg) alone? I’m not a big fan of that color because sometimes in different lighting it casts yellow undertone and I don’t like it as much. Thanks for your thoughts!!!!!!!!!


What colour is your black wall behind you?

Shirlee Petrat

We’re home owners building a brand new modern home in the Okanagan and putting materials together as we go along. Thank You for this amazing video...you’ve helped US tremendously. Love this video and love that you’re straight to the point. My husband NEVER watches any video...BUT he’s actually watched three or yours -thus far. You gave us direction and confidence in picking colours from Benjamin Moore.

d d

Love the voice; love your presentation style, and you're a great wannbe decorator's "go-to" ...lol!! Thanks Nick!

Claudia S

I ruled my entire house with gray tall that is mildly dark, but imitates wood and includes spots of beige and blue. How would I determine of the flooring is cold or warm tone?

Nicole L

I don't normally comment on videos but feel compelled to after watching this and a few other of your color videos. Nick, you do a FANTASTIC job of explaining color making it simple and uncomplicated. Like others have commented, you get straight to the point and are very effective in what you do. Thank you for putting knowledge out there. It's greatly appreciated!

Alison Parker

I need to know about best neutral to go with DARK WOODS!


I like the white paper test rule. Thank you.

Miss Tracey

For the past 5 years my house has been Edgecomb Gray with White Dove trims and ceilings...I’m still obsessed with it! It goes with everything and never lets me down.?

andrea vanda

The most important thing is not to mix cool tones with warm tones. It just doesn't work.


How do you choose the finish? Gloss vs matte etc

Alicia Jones

I have gray wood flooring and find it too cool. Would it throw off the look to add a warm white? I need to figure out how to add warmth to offset the cool flooring. Any suggestions?


I painted my living area 20 years ago in a "greige" Tortilla by Martha Stewart. It is still current. I want a change but every time I look at it I think, "What a great colour" and don't want to change it. It has such depth and changes so much during the day and is such a great background colour that enhances anything. What to do. I'm thinking maybe Farrow and Ball white/cream.


Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about wine! ?

K March

Swiss coffee is my go-to for white paint.

Mika PM

Hi Nick! I'm planning to replaint my room walls. I have dark wood parquet floors. Will these shades work? ?


I'm painting my living room, dining room, foyer & hallway in gentle cream. I have a sample on all the walls and it changes color with every light. I think its the best of all the other sample colors on my walls. What trim & ceiling white do you like with it? I was thinking of Benjamin Moore White Dove or Benjamin Moore Cloud White? Thanks for the videos... so informative

Jen 33

I don’t care for colors with yellow undertone and prefer colors with grey undertone.

Pamelamarie Long

Amen to the wine comparison! ?

David Tran

Is simply white by Benjamin still your favourite colour ?

Angie M

I painted my main living room in Shoji White by Sherman Williams. It's griege and some people in reviews reported green undertones..which I didn't want..I painted faint swatches on all the walls and looked at them in different lightening.. thankfully there was no green undertone for me. It's such a warm color I love..take your time picking out paint..it makes a huge difference

gem hay

What would be warmer than Cloud White? Love your videos!!!

Maeleigh Bowen

Can you talk about how to update a house’s design? Especially when there are fixed elements? I’m working on a house that was previously very rustic and has dark wood cabinets, black granite countertops, and cream trim and I’m a bit lost! Lol


Loved the wine analogy. Perfect! ?

Lori P

I just painted my whole house with input from a designer. Painted my trim Chantilly lace and the ceilings simply white. The walls are accessible beige which is similar to edgecomb gray. I find that I want a more modern aesthetic like blacks, grays, whites. So, I’d like an lrv of no less than 80 on the walls and preferably something that doesn’t lean too beige. Was debating oxford white, pure white from sherwin or maybe lightening up classic gray a little. Would greatly appreciate wall color advice. I’m remodeling and refurnishing all my fixed elements so there’s flexibility.

Meira Meira

Hi Nick, I would like your opinion...A room I want to paint is a lignt sage color and I want to repaint over it with the color Simply White , should I prime the wall with a white first? Thank you for your time.

Mollie Dusza

Thank you for this video. I need help with a color, I am crying right now as I am typing this bcuz I’m so stressed trying to pick out a living room color. I have a taupe/beige sectional, natural honey oak floors and natural lighter wood coffee/end tables and plants. I’m going for a bohemian look and the throw rug is off white with gray so I thought classic gray would be good but I painted two walls and it looks off. I need more warmth but am afraid it might be too light because i originally got “polar bear” from Behr and it was a stark white. We have all wood trim, no white trim. Should I try to do white dove instead? Please respond if you can if you see this, my anxiety is so bad and my husband is frustrated with me. I would really appreciate it. ??❤️

christine dolinski

livingroom with only a patio door for lite and a lot of brown toned raised paneling. Would like to find a brighter neutral alternative for this room to bring in some light, any recommendations?

Lolly Ann

A calm, chilly wintery Saturday binge watching ALL Nick Lewis, can't get enough of your wonderfully practical advice and soothing voice.......THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all your content, I'm obsessed!!!!!


Thank you! Now I know why I'm not quite happy with that sofa eventhough I want to work with a lot of greys: it has the wrong undertone!

your1 &Olney

THANK YOU!!!!! I so needed this video.

Bedette B

Complete disgrace!! The loser doesn’t have a feeling in his body.

Lourdes Boet

I'm a new subscriber. Do you discuss white interior doors vs black?


I love that you talk fast. Putting out the info quickly and orderly is very effective and I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. Thank you!!

Lisa Holderer

Spot on with the wine reference! ;-)

Maxine F

Love ? Benjamin Moore paint.

Kai C

Super cute and great advice!

Abby Abby

Hi Nick, I would like your opinion! I'm going to be sharing a bedroom with my new baby on the way and I was thinking of painting the walls with Chantilly White and an accent wall with Metropolitan Grey. Would this be a good combination for a bedroom with a newborn? Thank you and I love your content❤️


Nick, this is an awesome video, concise and super useful. We're going for a mid-century modern look with walnut cabinets and white quartz counters, and we're looking for a white paint that will look modern but still warm-ish in our south facing open living space. I'm concerned that 'Simply White' has too much of a yellow undertone. Should we go with SW 'Pure White' to be on the safe side? Your advice would be much appreciated!

Diane Gould

This video was extremely helpful! I appreciate your get to the point technique!

Reena Joseph

Are accent walls a do or don’t now? I want a dark wall in my bedroom but don’t want my entire room dark. Thoughts?

Melissa H. McCormack

Thanks! We are building a home and can only choose one color paint all over (for budget reasons). We are doing a white kitchen but have watm rustic furniture in other rooms. Would you go with Classic Gray or Balboa Mist?

Darmok at Tanagra

Kind of crazy - just finished using Revere Pewter with a Chelsea Grey accent wall and Decorators White on all the trim — looks absolutely amazing !

Greg Cleveland

Do you also do this Neutral Paint colors from Sherwin and Williams???

Wendy G

Very helpful. I like how you show the paints of each category one against the other with the warm/cool scale above. Very glad I came across this video.

Diane Gould

Can the ceiling be the same as the wall color when using these neutrals?

Stacey E

I love you. This is the best advice on picking colours and practical testing ideas I've ever seen. TY! PS: Same on the wine nonsense. ;-)

Erin Stanger

I love Navajo White.
It’s in my home.

Braden Drake

Ok so loving your videos. Curious what you think about this concept. We bought a 1960s house with original, light and warm toned hardwoods. There's a brick fireplace. I'm thinking I want to paint the brick Wrought Iron, the walls Edgecomb Gray, and the trim maybe White Dove. I'm normally not a fan of warm tones, but think they'd look better in this house.

k. richmond

idk how YouTube knew to recommend your channel to me, but I'M SO HAPPY! I am by no means a design expert, so when my husband and I build our home these videos will be my best friends lol

Nestor Mejia

White dove is perfect walls and cellings... baseboards semi gloss color Igloo is perfect white Dunn Edwards aristoshield... black front door tricornblack

Smalex Smanderson

I would love to watch an in depth video on lighting.

Jenna Ann

I know blue isn't typically considered a neutral but my favorite dark paint color is BM Hale Navy!!


Hi you don't need the soundtrack behind you. The undercurrent music isn't pleasant. Thanks for your information though.

Linda B

I just subscribed, great knowledge and content! Looking forward to more ?

abby 608

What paint colors are best to brighten a living room with minimum sunlight?

Neutral tone colors

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95+ Relaxing Neutral Tone Living Room Decorating Ideas

1 726 views | 13 Sep. 2018

Neutral Tone Living Room

Neutral Tone Living Room Decorating Ideas - 50+ best neutral tone living room decorating ideas 2018.

light neutral colors many believe a win-win option for decorating your living room....

this video living room decor in neutral tones - modern design and ideas can be your reference when you are confused to choose the right living room interior design for your home.

popular interior paint colors for living room include calming neutral tones bright stimulating hues and soothing pale blues and greens... if you are planning to decorate your living room in a neutral palette then the most popular styles today are scandinavian and minimalist: beige grey and white natural wood and stone fireplaces and comfy furniture.

how to decorate a living room 4 different glam ways. apr 23 2015 - get living room color ideas and spring decorating ideas with these pictures of decor for spring living rooms...

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awesome 21 modern living room decorating ideas page 9 of 21.. neutral tone living room decorating ideas - inspiring living room decorating ideas 2016.

light neutral colors many believe a win-win option for decorating your living room..

Joyce Blodgett

Probably some nice rooms, but that awful framing on the sides of each shot ruins the video. Had to leave before watching for two minutes, and I love interior design, but this is so unpleasant to watch, I have to forego what is normally an enjoyable time.