Shiny skin on lower legs

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Peripheral artery disease: Symptoms

67 899 views | 16 Jun. 2017

Peripheral artery disease:

Peripheral artery disease: Symptoms

Mike Banks

Very clear description and explanations. Thank you!


I cannot tell exactly where he’s from

Bandoro Gunarso

Hello, i would like to ask, If someone get aortoilliacal stenosis for example, isn't it the pain should be from buttocks to the toe? Not only on buttocks and the thigh.??

Ayur veda

Wow sirrr

Cheryl Guanzon

Awesome ? great teacher

Suresh Purushothaman

oh God!! you just nailed it!! not sure my doctor know all this!!

Francis Fullwood

excellent video!!! I have a question. During the physical examination, is it possible to see signs if limb ischimia when we see dystrophic nails?

Aswini Chandran


Alexandria Michelle


lazbones 1

I think i need a new doctor! You nailed it but my pain starts at my lower back!

issra Kurdei


Creative Minds

Lyme and vascular? Any thoughts? Thank you so much for this video. My Contrast MRI read Lyme, vascular, MS


I'm 42 and I've had to deal with this since I was 18. It's normally something that ails people over the age of 60, so I don't know...
I started smoking as a teenager, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. But it didn't take years for the pain to appear. It was almost instantaneous.
And even though I stopped smoking almost 4 years ago, there has been no improvement at all.
I've noticed that the pain is tolerable if I fast for a week or two. Eating healthily alone doesn't help. But it seems as if, when I lose weight, I'm suddenly lighter,
and therefor less pressure is put on the calf muscles.
As things are right now, I have a few extra pounds on me. I've never been fat or obese, but it would appear that I can only avoid the pain if I'm underweight.
And whenever I'm not, as is the case right now, I can walk half a block at best before I have to top and rest. And the pain is excruciating!
When I touch my lower legs, the muscles are rock hard and swollen, as if I've just spent a couple of hours at the gym. But doing any sort of real exercise is impossible.
I've heard that there may be surgery available. Perhaps that might be worth looking into? Right now, I have to take a taxi whenever I leave the house (don't own a car),
and it gets extremely expensive in the long run. So being able to walk normally is worth anything to me.

Indian Summer

Awesome video.

A Terzo

Hello. I am a Male. 35 years old. I don't smoke drink or do drugs. I have been working factory for almost 14 years. I first started feeling this weird tingling feeling behind my right knee. A couple of days later I had aches. Felt like my legs wasn't getting circulation. I can walk just fine until my leg starts to hurt. Even when I masterbate (sorry if its tmi) my legs feel like they are gonna go numb. I seen my cardiologist and he said my circulation in my feet is but he barely even touched my feet. Could I have a case of pad? My doctor says I just might have nerve damage in my legs,but idk about that

Geetha Bäckström

Wonderfull lesson, very clear , easy to understand. Thank you very much <3 <3

István Fedor

Another piece of art. I luw handwritten&whiteboard explanations


Best video on the topic! ?

huda zainal

Superb explanation! Thank u

Braxton Bragg

What type of Doctor treat Peripheral Artery Disease?

ᗩYᗩᗩT SᕼIᗩᒪ ᗩᗷᗪ

Thank you so much


Thanks so much
I wish you mentioned the mild- moderate -and severe grades of the ABI ratios
You are a great teacher


I only get outer upper thigh and hip/buttocks discomfort when sleeping on left side. Its mild and I don't get pain during the day when walking distances. Is this PAD?

Mike Cheng

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Your explanation is so clear that even a nonmedico can understand what you want to explain.
Thanks Sir. Truely appreciably teaching methodology it is.

Slimkat 2018

I had doctors perform two of the test that you mentioned. On the Doppler they only check the veins that run down the middle of your legs. I was having pain in the back of my legs my thigh and calf and foot. They checked the back calf but couldn't see anything. they said blood clots only happen in the main veins. on the ABI the guy said he didn't see anything either but I think I need to have that one repeated because he seemed to be having problems with the machine. I'm just so frustrated cause they never see anything. I don't know what's going on but sometimes my leg just goes cold. then my foot hurts. one calf is slightly bigger than other but everytime I go two the doctor they say it's nothing serious and want to just give me pain pills. anyways I'm starting to think that it is pad like you said or because my ferritin is low.

Utsav Institute

Your lecture is so so nice crispy clear. Even you are giving many additional point and clue from clinical- physical examination.
You are just superb.
Salute to you sir.
We would surely recommend your educational videos to our students.
We do many yoga related courses in Mumbai

Beth Hooper

I have been diagnosed with p.a.d. at the age of 46 had a double cabbage in 2014 at the age of 39.

rebeka talebi

Thanks dr. for sharing this information


Thank you!

Dr.Mohamed Abdelmageed


Slimkat 2018

Is there natural ways to get rid of pad? What causes pad? and does pad cause blood clots?

Gawai Sukeshani

Thanky you sir

Dave Holt

Thank you for this. I have PAD and am looking for relief. It's very painful.

Alexandria Michelle

Your lecture is amazing!! Thank you

Zeineb BSD

thank youuu sooo much for this great explanation it is really helpful

Abdullah Basa

Excellent Explanation!!! Thank you

nazrul islam

Very beautiful explained , with clinical aspect . Thanks


Excellent Explanation!!! Thank you so very much!

Gleb Savrasov

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thank you

Me Too

Glad you acknowledged that thing at 1:07. Thought it was just gonna be ignored

Grab & Smash!

Great explanation sir

Steven Kaye

where is your practice located?


It seems like pretty much the thing im having, as a 20 year old. I have the same description what you call claudation and one of the worst things, always cold feet. (really painfull indeed) I started even noticing change of color on both of my ankles. It makes me really depressed thinking of having to leave (and die) with it. The cause? Who knows, im skinny, eat healthy and never smoked or drinked. Thanks for the video, appreciate it.

kids adventures with I S Z

Sir 6 months ago i got gastric problem i I did almost all the test i have silent gallstones, in endoscopy i was diagnosed with antral gastritis, but i m taking a lot of good diet, all my sodium calcium level is fine, sir mir my buttocks thighs and legs burn and pain radiate up and down, i m really worried and depressed, is it gas or pad problem, cant walk much and stand for long, i lost around 12 kgs in 5 months, all cts scan, pet scan done, i lost most fat and muscles from buttock and thigh , plz sir help

Annie B.

Very well explained thank you.

Saud Binakresh

How can i visit your clinic?. I am from Saudi Arabia and want to do medical check up under your supervisition.

Karen Courtney

awesome video! Thought my butt pain was coming from back, but I need to tell my cardiologist about it!! Thank you

Verlis Guinn

Excellent video!

Ten Minute Tokyo 2

What about inside the head.

Chloe Offord

I am a 21 female and have had lower calf pain for nearly 3 years now.
I can only run for a couple of minutes before my leg goes numb and heavy. Once I rest for a few minutes I feel like I can go ahead again.
All four of my grandparents have diabetes.
I can feel my pulse in my hip but I cannot in my knee.
I think this could maybe be my diagnosis, I have been through the medical system for the three years trying to figure it out only to be referred to physio three times.
What are your thoughts?

Non-Actor Acts

I'm suffering from this...It's very bad...

Toni Greenwalt

My leg pain makes me stop walking but then I have a severe burst of pain that runs through the whole legs. This lasts for few minutes upon stopping activities. I have spinal stenosis, high cholesterol, and nueropathy. Stairs are the worse cuz when I'm done climbing them, I can't move due to the rush of pain down my legs. Is this the same

N M Papanna

Exactly my dad leg is cool below knee..his foot fingers are black..can we get cure.. in India..

What I have to do now .to avoid amputation

Tiffany_ Eggventures_

Is this the same disease name as “peripheral vascular disease?”

Shiny skin on lower legs

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Dolly Sharma

Nice yeh sab maie pahle se karte hu thanks

anshika tripathi

Thanks sir god bless you?


Weight gain ke bare main Kuch bataye....

Jyoti Digital Studio, sikar mohit


Wasim Shah

1:Exercise start at 1:50
2: Exercise star at 5:26
3: Exercise star at 6:34
I know how important is u r time ??

Nisha Choubey

Thanx.. Sir??

Neelu Nishad

I also do it...nd I get benefits thnks

Dr. Shardha

Galat kar rahe ho bhaii sahab

Kamaljit Kaur

Hi sir please send me no

Amanjeet Kaur

Thank you very much


stamina badhane ke liye exercise par video banaeye



Akruti Dhande

Thank you sir for this

## bacchaparty Meenakshi Mehra

Thanku so much sir ?

Nita Khan


Suman Saini

Thanks sir

Pratima Patel

Kitne bar karna hai. first yoga

Photo Graphy


kømäl ķ

Very nice ? ? ? ?

Kittu pareek Kittu pareek

Sir fast krte exercise kr sakte h kya plz reply

Nishtha Sharma

How many days results...

Shiny skin on lower legs

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knowledge of self_ikyg

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melanated Gemini

Just like raw juice you can drink raw milk

Grace & Mercy Family

Good video...I love Olay body wash but never use this one so I'm going to give it a try today

Grace & Mercy Family

I love okay and I'm going to give this body wash a try tomorrow

Dakia LovE

Your skin looks amazing ?

maria florencia fernandez

i liked

JosieMaria S

Great video ?

melanated Gemini

Just try raw milk and butter

Terri Gaines

You remind me of Angela Bassett... lovely.

Betty Gachanja

How do you achieve the eyebrows.....love them

Ash La Morena

You’re beautiful and thank you for the tips?

Tamara Narcisse

Where'd you get your necklace from?