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17 163 views | 6 Sep. 2020

Here I’ll Be Showing How

Here I’ll Be Showing How I Make My Birthday Cake “Spinkles” Lipgloss ❤️ In 5 Minutes. Please Like, Comment & Subscribe For More ❤️





PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/britt.the.boss?igshid=yv44xww7sun6

BUSINESS INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/shopstunnershades?igshid=8r28ojhcfkff

TWITTER: https://mobile.twitter.com/shopstunnshades?lang=en

WEBSITE: https://www.shopstunnershades.com


Name: Brittany

From: Brooklyn

Age: 22

Sign: Leo


You've just started making videos and this is my first time seeing you and your two videos and I love you already. You seem so genuine and I actually listen when you're talking. Thank you and all the best to you! <3

Cody Sanders

How many tubes does a whole 5.5 jell fill up?

MommyOfThe Trade

Were do u get your decorations u use on the inside of ur gloss

toodie pie

Did you use real edible sprinkles?

Tiffany Byers

Are those real sprinkles?

Gakii Kinoti

When I use a pippete it pops out when filling tubes
Any tips



Daisy Owusu

Amazing Sista!! You only been at this a few months? #ShesANatural lol

Jessi Rodriguez

Soo pretty ✨?

Chi_Town Lady-T-Marie

Awesome video, what is the name of the piece you cut both ends to put on syringe and where do you get it from?

Sarah Smith

Where did u get the piper and syringe from

Tishana Wyatt

can you make a video on how you make colorful gloss

Olivia Bamford

Where do you get these sprinkles from?

Luna Lucy

Dear, can you send me your detailed address, postcode and telephone number? I'd like to send you our products for your experience. please add in my Whatsapp:+86 13290991030 Product Links: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L4VNJCG

joyti singh

What are the ingridents i am little bit confused your voice is not clear

Mia Salinas

Ima go buy like 10 off your glosses rn

Roselyn Azcue

Omg I wanted to release these for my birthday! thank you so much ? - @luvii.beauty

Flor Paniagua

Love the video & Birthday Cake Lip gloss.

Jammie Davis

Those are so pretty?

Kathys Place

are those real sprinkles like you would use on a cake?

Sarah Smith

Do u have to use vegan items

Ashley Slayed My Hair

Love it! Love how you make your glosses and body butters ??? If you dont mind me asking do you use refined shea butter or unrefined with your body butters?

Alexis Marron

Literally so satisfying to watch! ??

anzu chan !

Where do you get your coconut oil and flavoring; how much do I add? Can I use any type of sprinkles as well?

Khamani Walker

Omg I just love your personality!! And I look up to your business so muchhh !

Jay May

Are they real Sprinkles or what are they called

Alesha Sheats

Great video ?

Mya J.

Tuning in❤️

Debra Howard

I really liked your video sooo cute, I will be making ur recipe!!
Thank you

Daviana Vazquez

Where did you get the birthday cake ? flavoring?

Tat Chanell

That too cute

Fun with Life Now

This was awesome! Can't wait to try it. We ♥️ lipgloss

Miss Arora




Nythe Scorpio

What type of sprinkles are those?

Marisa Cohen

This is so cool!? my birthday is next Sunday too?

Fkum gudie gudgud

So amazing ❣❣❣.........

Olivia Bamford

Where do you get the sprinkles from

Saucee Dreamz

Yyesss a new video ??❤️


Did you add clear mica powder ?


New Sub ?
Love your videos ! Keep doing your thang girl ?

the destiny show Gamer

Can u do a giveaway

Crave Plants

Do you make this gloss sweet?


what kind of sprinkles are these? the ones that are used for craft ? please help me out!

Zahra Barez

heyy, how much lipglosses does one of those bases make? Im trying to start making them too!

thirteen minus fifty goddamn forty seven

your business is so amazing! im glad you've started a channel! can't wait to see more videos! <3

Mariama Diallo

Omg loved it!! Where did u get the sprinkles from

Melani Blanco

I love this where did you buy the sprinkles???

lisa walker

How does the sprinkles feel on your lips?

Toyosi Adedeji

Are the pipettes and syringes reusable or you just throw them away after every lipgloss you make

Emani Ellis

I love the way you have your lipgloss business set up show us more of what you do ???


Just a question, where do you get your scents from? Like, what do you search up/could you put the link in the reply? thank you ?


I commend you for using the syringe because when I tried it, it was sooo messy and it would just bust out the pipette every time. Super cute and different ???

S. Allyssa

how does the sprinkles not sink to the bottom?

Edie Wise

Can u use editable star sprinkles. It came up when I search fake vegan sprinkles

Evelyn Albarado-Ortiz

can i use non pareil sprinkles ?

jasmine n

Omg I wish I would of seen this when I made my first lipgloss

Emani Ellis


Thompson Party of 4

Love you and your videos ?. Would you mind telling us where you got the sprinkles from . I've been looking for some to use in my body scrubs

Leilah Elizabeth

Are the sprinkles real or fake ?

Make lip gloss

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Basic Essentials Needed to Make Lip Gloss | Beginner Friendly |

28 454 views | 24 Nov. 2020

New Business

New Business Account

Business IG: https://www.instagram.com/unique_custom_designsllc

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*Stalk Me* ?

Business IG: https://www.instagram.com/jessroyalty_cosmetics/

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Business Inquiries: [email protected]


JessRoyalty Cosmetics

PO BOX 275

Hazelwood, MO 63042

? Music ?

Song: (Free) Non-Copyrighted Background Music (Pt.4)

Music promoted by Creator’s Radio

Video Link: https://youtu.be/PeVROMtotjY

Victoria Williams

I really wanna start a lip gloss business ?

Paola Hernández

I am so happy I found you! Ive been looking for a beginners type of guide for cosmetics for so looong. Thank you so much!

caren crosse

use super glue to glue the pipe pit on to the syringe. leave it to dry and that firm hold for life

Lala Murray

You a real one for this. Periodt. The coins are here.. People think if they show their “secrets” ppl will steal their money ? . I don’t plan to make any lipgloss(I’m doing press ons instead) but I’ll definitely be supporting you. I pray you succeed in all aspects. Subscribed!

Will you be having the eyebrow/eyelash growth oil restocked anytime soon?

ladii quee

Im starting mines in my birthday month before i have my next baby ??


Thank you❤❤❤

Sharifa Best

Thanks so much for this video cause I was planning on starting a business.

melanie !

sis why the heck r u so underrated-


OOOH Thank you for that info!! I saved this video. Thank you so much. I just subscribed!! Looks like I will be binge watching.....lol

Beatrice Melia

how long do they keep? once opened than is the PAO

Kai and Anthie

i want to start so bad!! but im scared no one will buy

Mrs.Shay Watson

Hey hey. I'm Shay I really like you and you have helped me alot thru my researching. I'm a supporter Period. I started a LipGloSS/EyeWinkZ Lash business and you have helped me alot throughout so Thank You.
It's enough to feed us All.

g Melendez

What is your recipe. Like how much of jojoba oil do I put and do I have to put any other oils??


Bless you ? !!! Good to see somebody from my hometown doing great things!!!Congrats!!!

Monica Akorfu

This video has really helped. Thank you Sis

Gabrielle Cole

Thank you so much

Antoimette Heard

Marry Christmas and happy new years

Jocelyn Hernandez

PERIOTTTT boss mindset ?❤️❤️

Helly Black

Sis, I didn’t find the one that you have, tkn’s coconut oil looks a bit different, will it be ok if I get it? Don’t really know, if there are any differences. ?

Lupita Elizondo

I started a small business and your video is so helpful! Will def be checking out your other videos!

Jubi Chic

You are a real gem to share your experience and knowledge about this business. Thank you so much! God bless you and your business. ?

Chameleon Lux

Hi, I'm just starting out and my question to you is, do you sweeten your glosses and if so what do you use to sweeten them?

Glossed By Lon

I love the inspiration alot of people i were watching were saying theres alot of people doing it so it would be impossible:( Glad that i came across you! I definitely buying from you!

Anna Nephtalie Salem

Stay blessed lady ❤️??? that was so helpful I’m gonna start my own business next year
Love you ?????


Girl you are the ONE I NEEDED !!! Love your motivation and everything u said ! Thankyou for the video

Im Her

I really appreciate you ! You are so sweet & actually care about new business! I love u.

Ms. Spiceisland

You are amazing!!!!

Julie Emslie

Thank you so much, you really inspire me!

Karima Echols

First let me say I am starting my granddaughters lip gloss business

And I appreciate this video


Michelle Ward


T Marie

This video is such a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing such detailed information. Blessings ?

Samantha Jackson

This was so helpful im starting my lip gloss business and I just wanna say Thankyou so much for giving us the ins and outs without being stingy ima come back when I pop ❤️

firdaus ninche

i am making one now i am going to buy my stuff to make it

Talandra Thomas

Newbie , thank you I'm going back to watch your previous videos. ?

N Lynch

Thank you for the info. I might don't make any ever...but great content

Raven Frazier

How can I get the gel ???

Divine Touch

thank you for the knowledge


Thank you sooo much. Like for real ?????

Sara Burcham

We need more people like you on this planet. I love your positive energy <3

Nina Rechin

You should think about buying a Mic for your videos

Mabrey Lewis

I am starting a lip gloss business but when I get really deep into it how do you sell it like a website or something.

Ryane Djennane

Yess girl this is the kind of energy we need ❤️

antoinette dailey

Thank you so much

Q'utie Nails

Thanks for the realness huni

Tiffany Weston

Thank you for making this video I'm starting a lip gloss, lip balm hair bow business with my daughter because the things that she like and I figure why keep giving my money to these company's when I can be putting it in an account for her for her future. Thanks again

Drew Osborne

Hey I need to ask…how do you clean your syringe

Wolfie_Xx678 Wolfie_Xx678

I have a question how old do you have to be to start this honestly I’m 12 1/2 and I’m really interested I’ve wanted to start this for months, I’ve watched so many things on how and I know ingredients and prices,where to get them but don’t know if I have to be a certain age I am really serious about this please help.


We love your energy and tips!


You're attitude is very boss & dope...??

Konfident Kayy

Idk where to get the big bags of lip gloss base. Nvm figured it out lol girl u are a blessing ???

Jahvaine Williams

I like how ur motivating

Janaya Jenkins

I am so grateful for you, you helped me tremendously in my journey, I have now confirmed that I wanted to start this lipgloss business! Thank You!!


girl i’m 11 i’m starting my own lip gloss business and spending over 100 dollars is there anyway i could give me a shoutout

Ajah Barrett

love your pep talk at the start

Umeja Rasinlic

Do you gotta use oil


Hey where can I get the same exact base gel for my daughter business?

Jessica Marie

My name is Jess too and I want to start a lip gloss business


"Go on and step on into it" You are very inspiring! Congrats on your success and thank you for sharing your lovely personality and knowledge.

Danielle Renee

If they have a nut allergy try grape seed off course but castor oil as well or any oil that’s not from a nut and u can catch on sale. But castor oil I use as a daily moisturizer mixed in to my fav lotions or moisturizers

Fransha Faith 316

Awesome thanks ?


yesss someone who told it how it is ... thanks for this ii am making my list rn & ii was unsure as to what size syringes to use & completely forgot about the pipettes ... ii was definitely finna go right on ahead & spend alot of money to start with thanks so much ❤

It’s Ivory’s World

Lemme just say....I love the energy, the motivation, the affirmations, the mood. I love everythinggg!!

Antoimette Heard

QT is a really from Tulsa Oklahoma the 918 and I'm a new friend

Tee Tee

Girl I love your spirit. Just motivated me and I’m not doing gloss ??

T.P entertainment

I'm from Jamaica and it's so hard to find stuff to start my lipgloss business and we don't have dollar tree or target here so I'm going to have to buy online ?


“There’s also a McDonald’s in every corner” THAT right there is what I needed to hear. Thank you so much girl

Renee Pee

New Subscriber!!!!!??????

hazel ferguson

hey i am a new subscriber and i been wanted to start 2 years ago but i had doubts bc alot of people make em but i def feel more confident after watching your video. thank you .

Baby Laila

Why is the whole video just a black screen ?

כנרת אדוגניה

Hi you can put a link from where you ordered the gloss

We are the Browns

Thank you for this. You definitely know how to motivate a girl ?

Bougie Princess

Yess I needed this motivation to start my business!?

Sira Sira

Wow, you’re so motivating. I was supposed to start last year in 2020 but due to COVID and some family problems I couldn’t. I keep thinking its too late to start my business now but listening to you just motivated me. We need more people like you who uplift others. Thank you.


I really appreciate how you just motivated us in the beginning ?. Thanks. We need more thus in the world.

Kay Leior


Life of Sasha !

I’m trying to start my lipgloss business has will ❣️


Thanks for everything, I'm from Brazil and I'm starting this year ?

Marney Heikerk

Thank you ????

Dejaa Lí

I wanna start a lip gloss business & i’m glad i came across ya video

Belen Acevedo Aracena

What is the little like tube that I have to use with the syringe cause I don’t know what it’s called

lalala staceysworld

i am now subscribed i found your video trying to learn how to make my own hemp gloss . you are amazing i’m binge watching your videos thank you so much for the gems ? ??

Frankevia Williams

What is the little drops you put inside the lip gloss

Mayra Redonda

Thank u so much for breaking it down so well.

Corinne Liburd

Does anybody know where I can get versagel in the UK? :(

Rosnena Stone

Currently trying to start my lipgloss line @HersheyBar-Cosmetics and you’re video gave me so much motivation ❤️

Hala Hindawi

I hope you support the Arabic language. There are many Arabs who need you. Thank you, you are beautiful and kind

Marisa Zavala

Can I use vitamin e oil and coconut oil together to make lip gloss?

Taneicia Hawkins

I love it!!!! You better tell 'em!!!

Nancy Salinas

Hey how many orders do you get for I can know if people actually buy it if i sell it

Teneshia Sullivan

Thank you beautiful very informative blessings to you

Kurly Kene Beauty

Let’s get into this hair though! You look amazing ?

Chanda Green

I’m just starting my lip gloss business and I’m so glad to come across your video. Thank you for all the helpful information.

Ludz beauty

New subscriber I’m leaning a lot on your video
I try to start my own business know
Thank you so much for your motivation ?


I just started making lipgloss as well to add to my business and will be selling wholesale ...

Anni Lyons

Thank you ? I am about to start my lipgloss business

Yielded Vessels2019

You are right .. it’s enough out here for alllll us!!!!!!!

Alexis Valadez

I love how you really out here trying to help the beginners ?? cause there are a lot of other ones trying to hold back info

Catarina Galhofa

you are an angel <3

Sherrie Asbury

Thank u for sharing girl! ??

dee S

Lol I literally was writing it down as I watched so it's crazy you said that ?

Make lip gloss

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How To Make Light Blue Butterfly Lipgloss???

32 382 views | 9 Jun. 2020

My Beauty Store? :

My Beauty Store? : https://www.alexyisbeauty.com/

How To Start A Successful Lipgloss Business Ebook??: https://www.alexyisbeauty.com/collections/ebooks%F0%9F%93%9D/products/how-to-start-a-successful-lipgloss-business-ebook

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Business?: https://www.alexyisbeauty.com/collections/ebooks%F0%9F%93%9D/products/how-to-grow-your-instagram-business-ebook-%F0%9F%92%B0

Izusa Davis

Are you putting this on your website?

Daddy Long Legs

I love this ???

Amaya Crosby

i was your 7th like
and and i love your vids so much

Majed hana

Girl you go !!!
Congrats for 80k you deservit

Buğlem Yetkin

When I search for them on the internet, they do not appear. What is the name of these lip gloss?

Nicole Reed

This is my first time watching this channel don’t judge

Izusa Davis

First comment, like, and view!!

Chloe Lauren Cazares

Does the flavor oil just add scent ?

Vaeh Vaeh


Ingrid Hoo-Hing


Alinna Marquez

Can I use any type of oil like vitamin e & coconut oil ?

Amaria Jenkins



Can I put orange juice as flavoring

Pretty Kiwi Kawaiii

Wait...take off them gloves ??
Ajiara your nails ❤️? ?? Matches perfect with your lipgloss #BO$$LadyMoves #GlitterPoppiN

Dani Hern

U r rlly beautiful and gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

mxddi 12


Gabrielle Thomas

its not gonna be clear like how you wanted because you used yellow coconut oil you have touse clear

Nar Chleor


Rania Elbarbary

How is the beezwax baby oil lip gloss is until nw


Will Jamaican Caster oil work as well as Caster oil?

Lizette Diaz

I love your videos I’m starting my business and ima sell next week and I’m so excited and you were the one who inspired me

Life w Niyah

Big fan ❤️❤️❤️


Ily ur channel ??

New Phone

You literally copied illi-s cosmetics

Isabella Bautista

14th!!! Wow I’m early


When you use food coloring. Do your oils seem to start separating and the colors fall? I’ve been following you as a mentor since I started my brand. And this keeps happening to me.

Zy Lisious Lip Gloss

I'm also starting a lip hloss business I'm a small business owner as I get better I'll improve and start making other things plz subscribe to my channel ??

ukuemanone temi

Do you also wash the tubes before using it

Sister Sis

hi i luv u so much can u do how to makea butt scrub


what are the pigments called and do u get them from amazon? i didnt catch the brand name

Cayla's Corner

Sorta early! Plz sub!


me thinking that my lipgloss business isn’t gonna be successful: ?

Me marking a business and made 100$+ in a week: ?

ps: if you’re planning on making a business, pls do so. Like it’s worth it


Have you ever tried experimenting on making like a balm that helps with chapped lips, cause nothing, not even vaseline or coconut oil helps me with my lips.

Mehak Hussain

I want to make lipgloss now I ordered all the things

Gia Molina

what oil to use ? vitamin e or castor oil?

Mckayla Olivarez

Hey I’m trying to start my business I’ve already got things I’m 13 yrs old but I need more money if y’all would like to donate that would be amazing ?

Ava the weird kid

I wanna start a lipgloss line but idk what supplies to get I only know some so can’t you show me what you have so I can get it

Abuba Abu123

Much love from Uganda in East Africa

Just Staaacy!


India Harrison

Can we use your recipe for lip gloss if that is ok with u and love u

Itz_Meh Møønlight

My name if I’m gonna make a business
It’s Mocha Princess cosmetics
Btw Princess is my real name
So yeah

• Strawberry Cow •

This video was so helpful! I have been wanting to make a lipgloss business so I am saving up for the supplies to make lip gloss!

Samantha Dossous

?right when i said you use so much oil you said the same thing?


I need help with preventing air bubbles

Mckenna Donovan

I was wondering what product did u use to get the color cuz i would love to make them for fun!?

chynna kelly

What flavoring oil did you use

Maya Fitr.i

Will the butterfly glitter sink to the bottom

ᴍʀs. ᴍɪɴ 난 파산이야

Can i use a metal spoon if i'm going to mix the versagel and the oils?

Bakugou Katsuki

can you try on your lip glosses because i want to see them on you

Eliza Bor

Hi,I’m starting my own lip gloss business in December and I’m gonna use TKB gloss base.Can you please tell me if it smells or does it have no scent?Btw i find your videos very helpful for people just starting a business

Adriana Esparza

i love your how to make to make lip gloss videos! please make more!!!

Shakira Ali

Heyyy xx doubt u will see this but I made a similar lipgloss but it was clear and I added butterflies in it but after a day they all just went to one corner, is that normal xx

Nicole Reed

You are a dummy

Patricia Cora


ꨄ 100 subscribers with no vids ꨄ

Omg I’m a big fan plz reply

Stephanie Williams

You may want to know....Castor Oil is a laxative and people are putting this on their lips.....I just thought that you would want to know....

Yuko Miy

me waiting for my lipgloss tubes to dry: ;-; (Cry)

Gissell Alvarado

I want to buy your lipgloss but my parents wont let me

leann elephant

Such a gorgeous shade of blue! ??

Munah Baby

Can you do a video on how to make lip balms

Christa Guirao

Where can I get lip gloss oils? Can I get it from the grocerie store

Dani Hern

How did u learn how to make them???❤️also love ur voice ❤️


Am I the only one that found the gel coming out satisfying? Oh, okay then aight.

DIY Crafts


MyLeann Cosmetics

I'm late but you are the freaking BEST! Btw some of my oils is yellow will that change the color?

Marjannah Abdullah-Davis

Are you selling them with a free giveaway

Irha Key

Can you make lip gloss without versgel and aloe vera gel???


I wanted to make this but I don’t have enough ingredients, great video btw!! ❤️

Amirycal Jackson

We’re do you get the pigment and glitter from ?

Gennesy Ramirez

I just started my lip gloss shop can u guys please go and check it out my name on Etsy is GlisteningGlossesCo ! I would gladly appreciate it <3

mayuri says

how to clean old lip gloss container

Hannah ishaya

How are we going to know the right measurements ma

Bakugou Katsuki

love you do wat you do sis!!!

Kalicia Rogers

Hi love your.videos they have helped me so much. Do you use a preservative in your lip gloss?

vale rodriguez

Whats the pigment called and where did you get it?

chynna kelly

Do you use coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin e oil. And can you use that mixture plus glitter and mica powder for every gloss you make

Ca Ca

I love it ima start selling some lip gloss like extra week or like 5 or 6 weeks from now because I be cleaning up my room and stuff

Ashley Williams

That nail color honnnneeeeyyyyyy ??

Natalie Rivera

They look so fire ?

Amaria Jenkins

What is the castor oil for exactly

Strawberry Planet

I think castor oil comes from fish...

Faith Abah

Your lipgloss are so simple to make and are sooooo nice I'll order some with my sisters soooon??

turtle deej

another step ahead into my website.....ACTUALLY MAKING THE LIP GLOSS...TYSM!

Kashfia Prima

Whats the gel name
N where I found it can you tell me

Nikki Hamrick

What is the best way to fill my tube with the butterflies...mines gets stuck ?

Denissa Redzepi

I did this one week ago and the butterflies drowned to the bottom, i Think because I added to much or?


I love your shop and your lip gloss & lipstick!

Im Mxria

Can you use food coloring?

Nene TV

Bruh the comments only turn on at night but I love u vids??

nada eldeeb

but we wanna see it ON sis

Ny’ecia Wynn

Could you make a video about the air por vender ?

nae babyy

Do you just eyeball the amount of the coconut oil?

Dani Hern

Love u so much!!!❤️love ur lipglosses wish u the best in ur lipgloss business ❤️❤️❤️

Ariella Perkins

What pigment do you use to colour your lip gloss ??

V1bing withjes

Am I able to add olive oil if I do not have other oils, and is flavoring oil a must or is it an option?

Lily Ortiz

Ouuu this is superrrrr pretty

Chynas Pianocovers

How come you pronounce stuff so weird like tube, blue, anything with oo sound. But yeah thanks for the video. :)

Mheri Jay

I want to start my own lipgloss business but I’m in Africa and getting versa gel is really hard here

Dipanjal Ghosh

Its a big problem when you have every thing but not a container to store it