Revive anti aging light therapy

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Does LED Light Therapy Actually Work?? Results After First Use!

1 091 views | 18 Sep. 2020

Came across this Wrinkle

Came across this Wrinkle and Acne Light Therapy System on HSAstore.com

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive, rejuvenating skin treatment. It can treat acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, post inflammatory scarring and rosacea. In this video I'll walk through trying out this home system for the first time!

Giving it a 30 day try! Will upload results in Oct!

Product: https://hsastore.com/dpl-IIa-Professional-Acne-Treatment-Light-Therapy-P24446.aspx

Javier Cardigan

So i got a flash light and some red tape, what can I do with that

Janet J.

I think it's been longer than a month!! I just got one of these for the same reasons. Interested to know how this worked out for you.

Keith Alexander

Can't wait to see the follow up video !!!

Nijea Gist

Lmbo the reprimanding of Alexa because her ass is hard headed

Desi Hulk

wtff , where is the followup ??

Cymone Martin

OMG, you’re perfect


Eyo where's the follow up. This is exactly the time when everyone suddenly discovers they have an HSA and need to spend it or lose it :)


"I've never been to a tanning salon... obviously." ?


3:45 ???

Billy Jean



Alexa always cutting up smh

Anika Kelly

I love it..will check it out

Marcus Neal

I also discovered I had money in my HSA and bought this. Any update?

Erica Lopez

My Alexa at work just told me that there is no timer! Lol. Hoping to see how you still like it!


Let’s gooooooooooo ???


Dope video...and good luck

Essence Anderson

What is this good for


Awww I’ve missed you ?



Big Banks Court

Ya so cute ☺️


Goggles!! F%#k !! ??????

Cynthia Ofosu

Omg you are soo pretty!!!! Love the content

Revive anti aging light therapy

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12 956 views | 15 May. 2018

I'm so excited to give

I'm so excited to give this a whirl! Infrared light therapy is THE latest craze in technology for anti aging.

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I can't wait to see if this Revive Light Therapy helps give my skin a boost.

Keep an eye out for my AFTER video in about 30 days!

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Thanks for the code... it worked for the foot pain one (I wanted to get it for my mom)

Cecilia Johnson

You already look young! I know you said it's FDA approved but I hope it's safe maybe trying it on your declatage for 30 days, instead of your face for 30 days? I just don't trust using something like that around your eyes.

Susan Moore

I have a hand held device and this looks so much easier and faster....can't wait to see your results...xoxo

Stratus Strong

Well if that thing doesn't work that you already look years younger then your age and thus don't require such devices.


Will I have the same results using my Lite Brite? ?


You look great. You don't have any wrinkles to begin with.


I’m excited to see your results.

Ginny Burley

By coincidence, the ad shown on my iPad before your video was for a competing LED device!! That’s a LOT of money but less than lots of procedures that are intended to make people look younger.

Amy Britton

FYI sunscreen (you referred to it as SPF) doesn’t block infrared or red light., it blocks UVB and maybe some UVA depending on ingredients. The device you are using should NOT be emitting UV radiation.

Donj a know

Do you know if the light therapy has any effect on Botox or fillers? Thanks!

Bonnie Charney

Cannot wait to see results in 30 days!! So exciting. Trouble is though, you don’t have wrinkles!! Well, you can tell us if you see improvement.

Ramolita Flores

I'm wondering if you could do an update on this.


that link is not good?

Kara Ley

What wrinkles, Rebecca??


I am so excited to see what happens! I have a handheld device but haven't used it. After seeing this video (Thank You!) I'll give it a try.

Elspeth Honeycutt

I'd love to try that. Can't wait to see your results after trying a while. Just so you know, I tried to order and use your 30% off code but it says it doesn't exist. ??

Canadian Vacations

Why do you have to saY omg, there is absolutely no reason, it makes you sound like an immature little girl. Can you think of something more intelligent?! THE REASON IS YOU ARE USING GOD'S NAME IN VAIN. STOP IT AND THINK !! USE YOUR BRAIN AN DONT' REPEAT MINDLESSLY THIS EXPRESSION.

Timbra Joslin

Hi...I thought it looked less red even before you said it!

DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn

Just ordered this using your code I am looking forward to using this thank you? great video!

Marie Klyft

Exciting to se if thats works on you. ?

Nanniej21 Jean

Interesting.... not sure what I think of that.

Dizzy Lizzie

Good lord $$!! You can literally go to an indoor plant growing website and buy a red light panel for about $30.

Nanniej21 Jean

Gotta say that it looks like a 1980’s music video when it’s in use.?


I have had mine for a week and enjoy using it...do you still use it and do you see good results? Thanks.

Stuart Pierce

Thanks for sharing. thanks Jennifer ?

Teresa Pesavento

Yeah let us know if you see a difference. Honestly, i think those things are gimmicky. Hopefully it proves me wrong. ?

Rhonda Zumbaum

If I could afford it, I would get it! Thanks for sharing! :)


I can’t find your results video!?