Makeup ingredient checker

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1 624 views | 22 Oct. 2019

Have you ever wonderd how

Have you ever wonderd how to read cosmetic and skincare ingredients labels? In this video, I share general information about ingredients labels, including active vs inactive ingredients, how ingredients are ordered on the label and information about the 1% rule (this is an important one!). You will also learn how I read cosmetic and skincare ingredients labels, the categories I use when identifying ingredients and common ingredients in each category. Finally, I share general information regarding product packaging and detail what common symbols on the packaging represent.

Feel like skipping ahead?

General information about cosmetic and skincare ingredient labels: 1:02

Ingredient categories: 5:48

Emollients: 5:48

Humectants: 6:33

Antioxidants: 7:08

Exfoliants: 7:52

Binders + Emulsifiers: 9:14

Surfactants: 10:15

Texture Enhancers/Thickeners: 10:54

Solvents: 11:52

Stabilizers: 12:15

Preservatives: 13:02

Opacifying Agents: 13:40

Fragrance: 14:25

Buffers: 14:51

Absorbents: 14:25

Anti-Aging: 14:57

Product Packaging: 15:57

Symbols: 16:50

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Very helpful!

Meraki by Aditi

So informative I loved it Thankyou so much . I've been educating myself on skin care and this definitely is one of the most informative and easy to learn video . can't thank you enough.

Spread Love

Soo helpful thank you ♥️

Lauren O’Connell

Feel like skipping ahead?
General information about cosmetic and skincare ingredient labels: 1:02
Ingredient categories: 5:48
Emollients: 5:48
Humectants: 6:33
Antioxidants: 7:08
Exfoliants: 7:52
Binders + Emulsifiers: 9:14
Surfactants: 10:15
Texture Enhancers/Thickeners: 10:54
Solvents: 11:52
Stabilizers: 12:15
Preservatives: 13:02
Opacifying Agents: 13:40
Fragrance: 14:25
Buffers: 14:51
Absorbents: 14:25
Anti-Aging: 14:57
Product Packaging: 15:57
Symbols: 16:50

Makeup ingredient checker

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Lifting Our Voices - SNL

999 905 views | 7 Feb. 2021

A BET show spotlights

A BET show spotlights stories of the Black community’s "white allies."

Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock: https://bit.ly/3j1IRUk

Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM

Stream Current Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live


Google Play - http://bit.ly/SNLGooglePlay

iTunes - http://bit.ly/SNLiTunes


SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl

SNL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snl

SNL Twitter: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl

SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/

SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/


Like NBC: http://Facebook.com/NBC

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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nbc

NBC Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbc

#SNL #DanLevy #PhoebeBridgers #SNL46

Love, Live & Laugh

Love this ? white people pay attention and

Ashley Spence

They walked right up and took my friend to jail.....lol I can't even so funny.


“It’s Al Roker.” ?

Fierce Fitness ATX

I love the titles of the BET shows and stories that Kenan rattles off like he's seen them


this isn't in the playlist

Siva Gurram

is this even funny?


Kyle Mooney is too many things, all of 'em cute.

Addison Pakenham

Keenan's reactions gave me family feud when somebody answers really weird vibes

saphyre 1

Mooooooowooooowoooovee my hips man?

Vince F

2:58 He didn’t just “post on Instagram”.
He “CONSTANTLY posted on Instagram”‼️
What a HERO‼️

Brave Concepts

SNL HAS GUTS. ? This somehow takes me back to the Fresh Prince and Chappelle Show. ?

Michelle James

The kente scarf killed me!


Every one of them looked like a parent whose kid cursed in church. like you already know people are judging you.

J Esi

Kyle was the mvp...Shea Butter kisses, mooo-ooo-ve, #replayseveraltimes


Omg Kyle Mooney looks and sounds like a guest on the dating game

Lucy Andrade

I can't believe that I have been watching Kenan since he was a child and he still makes me crack up the same way

Damn Void

Kyle just underlining how terrible he is, yet again. hope that dude is super appreciative of the fact that he's been getting paid to suuuuuuuck on live television for the past 8 years....

Personal Acc

I hope this gets more views

Ouching Tiger Limping Dragon

I almost threw up from the cringe. ?

Sagan Thacker

Just when you think it can't get more cringe...IT GETS MORE CRINGE

Aja Kennedy

Dan and Kyle both brought it on this skit.

Nikki Linscott

Keenan makes this show ?


Oof Levy's character made me physically cringe, too real

Amanda Schumacher

When you know the married couple is going to be Ego and Kyle and SNL proves you right ?

Aj Ajaj

White people do this with asians all the time.


OMG cringe humor is hard sometimes


this leonard look alike is not funny at all

Cuz I'm the Mom

Just dying right now, because the truth smacks you right in the face, doesn't it?

Liza Gates



I wish Kyle was in every skit! He’s the best ???

Curtis Clayton

I love SNL more and more each season wonderful cast , sending love to the writers behind the scenes ?????????? I am so ?‍♂️ #Thursday


I literally cringed at Kyle's ponytail


dan is giving off strong darren criss vibes here

Chaeli St. Bernard

This was so goodddddd

scott Benson

This skit is weak. Unfortunate.

Effie Ess

Kyle gave me weird Lin-Manuel Miranda wannabe vibes, like the white people that try to rap Hamilton and insist it’s the peak of rap music and culture

veronica ruth

Hilarious. Coming from a biracial family and many neighborhood encounters with people who "want to understand", This is just good fun at their expense. Love it!!

Jessica Whittle

Kyle is one of the best on the show


SNL writers so black-woke and female-hateful.

NfamousK Games

By the time the last couple came on my friend and I were like “oh it just got worse!” ? ?


It seems SNL erases any negative comments... cause this sketch was total TRASH.

M .O. G. Swggaarr

Beast mode beast mode bro https://youtu.be/qtgRY1tmmfk

Kamilla Parker

Kenan's faces are my fav

Rebecca Jones

"We're all trying"

Alex Mena

Ego holding in the laughter was an athletic achievement.

Tman Tran

Pretty accurate...white folks goes over board with BLM.

Cinestar Productions

Wow, I can’t believe they got Hasan Piker to fill in for Dan Levy’s part!

Music Laboratory

"white Ally" is about as stupid and ignorant a statement as it gets.

Jennifer Haining

Kyle... absolutely crushed this.


Best Blackman Wig Ever.

bigpink pencil

Kyle is great in this. His character is the fetishist white guys i see all over youtube.

N-word Jim

I got permanently yeeted off twitter for calling out a white, ushanka wearing idiot who shot the driver of a car during the BLM protests. I called him many names, one being "white", and pointed out he's using black people's cause to act out his sociopathic dreams, KNOWING black people will be blamed for his violence and Twitter said that was race-based hate speech and banned me xD




Anybody one what dress Ego is wearing?

Aj Ajaj

Pretty edgy for an snl skit. Kudos

Josiah Hult

i involuntarily turned my volume down about 2 minutes in. that skit hit different and i want more please.

Eva Schiller

I'm from louisville. That wendy's joke made me wheeze.
Too close to home.

Tiffany Smith

“Everyone looked like they came back from a cruise from Jamaica with their parents” SNL CAME FOR THEM!!! ??????? cause all my white friends did they when we would go on cruises w my family growing up ??

Dustin Schneider

Is this going to be the new Black Jeopardy?


OH that's so funny, another skit where they make fun of white people! How original. However you can't make fun of blacks, asians, Indians or any other group of people. The hypocrisy is palpable. I'm all for respecting people but can't stand when people are hypocrites. Fucking disrespectful.

Barbara Wilson

My does Kenan look a decade younger?! I always say he doesn't age but now I think he's Benjamin Buttoning it. Ok now I'm actually going to watch the skit. Just wanted to point that out first.

Notlife alt

this is so fake why does an artist have so much money

Andrew Fox

Dan's character is straight-up the same as this song that starts at Nineteen Minutes Five Seconds: https://bitesizedbroadway.indieworkstheatre.com/1340977/6745729-the-last-magic-negro-or-chad-s-great-awokening#.

Kamilla Parker

He's a kind man and he has a lot of money ????

H. Flores Hebert

lol ppl trying too hard lmao

Kizmet Booker

The finicky willow feasibly gather because precipitation partially reply absent a roasted thread. rapid, splendid michael

Michelle Fu

Keenan's face at 5:38 made me spit water! ?


I know Leslie has left the show but I miss her



Emmy Arellano

No one gonna mention that Johnny Gill line at the end? That was obscurely hilarious!


Keenan is pure comedy magic without even saying a word.

Mariah Masters

This is exactly how white liberals act when they try to prove how woke and caring they are ? spot on

Jessica Goodman

This is so accurate about allies. Lol


NOT THE SHEA BUTTER KISSES ....dear lord that takes me back to university ???

Neghie Thervil

Kyle had me on the floor. I know a guy like that. ?

Golden Goddess Cosmetics

High key underrated

Honey Badger

I can’t even laugh anymore.

Dani Masterson

They need to put Kenan in bigger wigs more often


I've never disliked Kyle Mooney this much while also being irrationally thirsty for him...

Chris Kioone

This segment was too fucking funny

bigpink pencil

1:14 - lmao that she is putting on a foreign accent

Chris Williams

that Johnny Gill reference was GOLD and will not go unnoticed! #MyMyMyStory

Jackie Gigliotti

Did i see the same snl unless i walked out of the room but not long .i think. S n L sucks .im only watchingvthis to see dave levy dan levy i meant .now they have this one white women looking like a goof why r they talking about racism.i dont like it at all

I’m trying my best

Kyle made me actually curl in on myself oh my god


Ellie mistal needs a check from kenan.


black woman with the white dude... I aint mad at ya... get that bag. lmao!!!


I love anything Chris Redd XD

Jeff Capell



Kyle knows what's up. Love how we switches up his characters..

JamaicanEmerald Queen

SNL Never fails to reference Jamaica in a sketch.

Groove the Earth

Now this is satire


The white ally describing a woc as food is very familiar. You get that money ma'am

Levi Smith

Kyle mooney we don't deserve you

Luxr Remodeling Professionals

LOL, I’ve met the last guy many times!!

Colin Harrington

"Lewy-ville"!?!?!?! Come on, get the name right lol.

Drew Duncan Radio

Lol white knights


eyebrows up

sister salads

dan playing a performative activist is my favorite thing


Dear America, racism will take a break in February to honor black history month. But will come back next month just in time for St. Patrick's day!?

Yellow Hail

OMFG, has Kyle been taking acting classes. He has been so funny lately or either they've been giving him more opportunities to expand his range. Either way, he had me laughing the most. He was so accurate.

Makeup ingredient checker

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Full Face of the BEST Fungal Acne-Safe Makeup

9 348 views | 26 Feb. 2020

A lot of you have asked

A lot of you have asked about fungal acne-safe makeup so I knew I wanted to try out a full face of FA-safe makeup and share my favorites with you all! Everyone's skin is different, and I haven't read much about makeup when it comes to fungal acne, so I don't necessarily think you NEED to only wear FA-safe makeup if you're prone to malassezia folliculitis. I was able to clear my skin by switching to fungal acne-safe skincare products. However, using FA-safe makeup will probably help maintain your skin. (I hope to eventually start trying to introduce ingredients that feed malassezia back into my routine!) Hope this helps you out since it can definitely be difficult to find FA-safe products that perform just as well as any other product!



MY 100% FUNGAL ACNE-SAFE SKINCARE ROUTINE (I have newer videos that show snippets of a more updated routine!)






INSTAGRAM ‣ https://instagram.com/byallisoncorinne



Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation


Nyx Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil


Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer


Nyx Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer


Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Contour Powder


Huda Beauty Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream


Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer


Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze (In the Nude)


Glossier Play Niteshine (Pale Pearl)


Nyx Dewy Finish Setting Spray


Elf Cosmetics Lock on Liner & Brow Cream


Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara


L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Eye Shadow


Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eye Shadow


L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara



FTC ▹ The rstyle.me links provided are affiliate links. I make a small commission if you choose to purchase through these links, which goes back into producing more content for my channel! ❤️



My skin is dry and sensitive to malassezia - I get fungal acne on my forehead. My main skin concerns are dryness, congestion, and PIE (post inflammatory erythema). You may have a different experience with a product I mention if you have a different skin type or preference. My reviews and opinions are based on my personal experience.

Chloe Farrow

Wearing nars tinted moisturiser for 2 days in a row broke my fungal acne outtttttt ?

Алфина Адила

I loooove essence make me brow so much

Taylor Timmerman

I just found your channel and I'm so happy~ Yeah I've found so far that powder bronzers, blushers, and highlighters don't affect my fungal acne that much. But concealers definitely do, like if I wear a non-FA safe one then I'll immediately have a spot the next day


Ur so pretty!!

taemin's taemint

Yeah Sezia.com is so helpful by just copy and paste the ingredients list to know if a product is FA safe or not ?Also I've read a blog from simpleskincarescience.com about The Fungal Acne Treatment Bible (2020) that's very informative. Thank you for recommending Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer coz it's really hard to find a concealer that won't aggravate malassezia. especially here in the Philippines, I need makeup suitable for a humid weather plus FA safe.

Astrid Lance

They reformulated the Bourjois Serum but it's still FA-safe

Shaks Jcb

Hey, love your video ❤️?? Was just wondering what do you look for/how do you check if a product is safe or not??

Katy White

I love the NYX dewy setting spray it's so good

Gulce ale

Hey Allison, do you use fungal acne safe make up products except for foundation? If not, do regular concealers, powders, blushes trigger your fungal acne?

Kevin Lin

Such a great video!!

Fatima Isa

i love this so much ? + the video was so beneficial like always but i wanted to know if there is any really nice fungal acne safe press powder highlighters that you have tried ??

Ali Khan

Hello dear . I suffer from fungal acne too that left hyperpigmentation on my face . What treatment are best to take if you are prone to fungal acne .. please guide me

Café con Dulce

Thank you sooooo much for this!!! ❤️ what do you use for sunscreen? Do you use tinted mineral sunscreen at all? I have heard the Supergoop CC cream spf 35 is a great FA safe sunscreen and also the Cotz tinted mineral sunscreen...

Fatima Isa

are all the nudestix blushers fungal acne safe or only the one you bought ? i just wanted to know because i have been struggling to find a fungal acne safe blush + i really wanted something that i can guarantee is safe because mine started making me breakout a little ? i always find myself coming again and again to this video it is very helpful to be honest thank you for the amazing video again ??

Lame Ash

Hello, I just recently discovered your channel and I’m just so happy with the amazing content. I’ve been looking for a makeup review that is fungal acne safe and I’m glad I found one. Thank you for providing links, I look forward to seeing more videos.

Danielle Peterson

I ordered the Bourgeois foundation, but could not use it because it’s so highly fragranced. That was disappointing because the texture seems nice.


thank you so much
i will try the tantour
hourglass veil powder is fa safe
loreal true match lumi glotion natural glow enhancer (it's kinda of dupe for charlotte tilbury flawless filter because flawless filter is not fa safe)
fit me loose powder and foundation dewy is safe also
you can find product in skincarisma they have filter bar for fa but you have to make sure to
look for the ingredients in sezia too sometimes skincarisma is not 100% accurate
do you have any recomendacion for glowy luminous blush?? other then bareminerals cuz it's the only thing that i found

Janina Delos Trinos

I wanted to buy but I just checked the Bourjois foundation today and it has Ascorbyl Palmitate (ester) and Glycine Soja Oil (Lipid) in their formulation now. Not sure if the older batches were different.


honestly im super confused if i have FA or KP or just closed comedones... and honestly i don't know how to test it. i have KP on my legs and arms (usually its only on my legs but because the weather is dry it got worse) but they're like dark pimples and the bumps that i have on my face are skin-colored. they sometimes itch a lot and i'm not sure if they're getting worse in hotter months :( i wanted to try nizoral shampoo to test if the bumps are getting better but should i do it with a FA safe skin care or not? and my country's dermalogists are the worst ugh

Stephanie S

Hello , do you know if the LA girl pro concealer is FA safe?

Andrew Phillip

Hi thanks for sharing your FA safe makeup products ? . Thought you should know that Fenty Beauty pro filt foundation and setting powder are FA safe aswell. :)

Katy White

Great tips on the Glossier Niteshine, so glad I bought it ??


Several of the Natasha Denona (including Love and Sunset) and Viseart (every viseart one I've checked so far in fact) seem to be safe! Also for any Aussies or Kiwis reading this, the Australis Fresh & Flawless Foundation appears to be safe, too! Many MUFE products seem to be, too, though ingredient lists of some products are hard to find. Their blushes and artist rouge lipsticks, and artist pencils, at least seem ok, as well as some of their base products.
Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayons are apparently fine also, and the NYX lip lingerie glosses. I also checked the Essence Shine Shine Shine clear lip gloss and that seems ok too.
Just found the Sezia site thanks to another commenter and they list several Fenty lip products as safe also.

Allison Corinne

What’s your fav fungal acne safe makeup item? Leave your suggestions!! ❤️