How to stop using shampoo

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48 193 views | 15 Dec. 2016

So, for over 2 months I've

So, for over 2 months I've been shampoo and conditioner free in an attempt to simplify my life and stop using so many nasties on my body. This video is all about the various methods I have tried over the past few months - all to varying degrees of success!

Head over to my blog to read more about each method in more detail: http://www.mamalina.co/how-to-give-up-using-shampoo/

Give it a go folks...I'm persevering...come on, join me and use the hashtag #saynotostuff (I'm over on Instagram @mamalinauk using this)

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Brandi Andrews

coconut oil will make your hair greasy.

Matilde Bergano

jfc the music made my ears explode


I've just started doing something similar with my face. Not using any product to wash, just soaking my face in a bowl of hot water (as hot as I can stand) to dissolve the oil. It's really good! My skin feels good and not dry or irritated, and the hot water stimulates my skin and brightens it. I then moisturise my face with coconut oil. I want to try this no poo method on my hair.

Aquarian Sarah

aww this was really helpful . I'm on week six and still experimenting . I've only just realized I made a big mistake by not washing the sulphates out before I started . so I'm just about to start again by washing my hair with a sulphate free parabens free shampoo just once ?

Disha Mehta

Have you yet tried soapberries to wash your hair?

r damien


Bryn Parkin

I did Baking Soda & Apple cider vinegar, I did just apple cider vinegar, then rye flour and gave up and went back to just water washing


I washed my hair with dish soap and lemon to get a bunch of stuff out of it before starting, now on to day 1

Chalantika Fadikar

You should use Shikakai with Reetha power

Araceli Pippin

I use a mix of chickpea flour, Shikakai, and alma


Great video very informative.

Brad Lightcap

I think you're adorable ?

Madeleine Olivia

Great seeing all of your experiments and trying out the different methods on your hair! I am considering trying out a soapnut bar in the future!


i could not watch this cause the music was soooo loud omg

Lance Baker

Everyone is posting comments about how horrible the audio is, but THEY NEED TO VOTE THUMBS DOWN, and never subscribe, never view to the end, because that's how you award her with money for a poorly made video.

Nancy Gurish

Hi! Thanks for all the work you're doing - in experimenting
with this no-poo thing! You're saving us a lot of footwork!
I've ditched the shampoo - because I was out of it and - in the
shower. I used only conditioner - and I got a very cute new look!
I made a video about it!
I love it!
My Latest Video!

My Latest Page!

Lance Baker

STOPPED VIEWING AT 0:35, due to EXTREMELY ANNOYING LOUD MUSIC. PLEASE, learn how to control the audio in your videos. If you use some wacky Windows software that has no option to change audio clip levels, borrow a Mac and use iMovie, where you can control the levels of the audio clips. THUMBS DOWN for no video making skills at all.


Didn't know there are so many alternatives to try out, thanks for sharing! ?
Your baby is super cute!

Bryon L

You might want to reduce the volume of your music during transitions

Hanna Wieżel

Music is too loud

Um Loiro

Shat about the co wash?


Your hair looks great! Mine didn't fare so well with the no poo method. I tried several different things but my hair always felt grungy, thick and yucky! I'm back to regular shampoo now.

Katrina Smith

Try washing with the soap bar, primarily at the roots where its greasy, rinse with water, then apply the vinegar rinse, leaving it in. The soap will remove the oily buildup and the vinegar rinse will combat waxy hard water build up, moisturize, and leave your hair silky smooth and detangled :) I've had great success with this method, and I also live in an area with very hard water.


Do you use a hairdryer? I’d like to try this, but I use a heat protectant spray, so I’m kind of concerned about that.


The volume is toooo loud if you are NOT talking,the in between bits:) My poor heart:)

Ishrat Jahan Chowdhury

Good advice..But the music is quite loud. I can't hear you properly with the volume down, so had to keep it up. But every time that music plays it startled me..Lol

Rach C

Yeah that volume ??

Houda H

Do you expect us to switch the volume up and down during the whole video depending on whether you are talking


I love seeing you try all the methods. Please update on your hair as it is now!

Νάσoς Κ

Fix your sound differences. It's awful to put me in position of changing the sound all the time


I'm curious, didn't the soap nut bar leave your hair all waxy and gave you dandruff? With London's water it left my hair so horribly bad, even after using vinegar :(

niki reynolds

Really interesting video.. I wash my hair every two-three weeks, most my life and my hair never seems to get greasy and is in great condition..
When I do wash it I use Neal's Yard Nurturing Rose Shampoo which I find beautiful and natural. I like your suggestions of alternatives..
I wanted to pass on a tip..
I buy a shower head filter from this website..www.thewatersite.co.uk
It costs £31.50 and it is fantastic! It softens hard water and removes chlorine and other nasties.. You can replace the filter cheaply from the site. You order online and arrives next day! I have been using the filters for a few years and they make a huge difference when I wash my hair.. Great for London homes where the water is so hard and of poor quality..?xxx

Malaika Tauro

do you still use the no poo ?

Lynn Stewart

I like using baking sofa and a lime to rinse.

Jen H

Have you seen lulastic and the hippyshake blogs/vlogs about no poo? She's started a fb page too. Id love to try this but I'm too scared ha. I would only ever use coconut oil on the ends if they're feeling dry it's so hard to get off the roots x


Didn't you say that the banana mask had coconut oil in it? Wouldn't that be the ingredient that made your hair feel oily, not necessarily the honey? Good luck with your no poo journey.


For the rye flour method, you need to dilute it more and rinse it a ton. It works like a charm in London's hard water, which is a nightmare for shampoo bars and other no poo methods. It is my favorite :)

mehrzad sepahi

you stupid idiot made me deaf.Jesus christ

george bush

hi emma...forget the hair....just wanna say you are too beautiful....and cute

Anne Kerubo

what you could try is soak the shikakai in hot water overnight and the leave all the granules to settle at the bottom, then pour only the shikakai water gently into another container. do not use the leftover. I use this shikakai water as shampoo for my. :)


Please check your volume levels before posting in the future. Almost killed my ears.

How to stop using shampoo

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Why I Quit Shampoo 4 Years Ago (You Can Too)

3 046 views | 24 Nov. 2020

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? Next, learn how I'm staying healthier by tracking my blood glucose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQe3ar2g4DM&t=6s

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My name is Nat Eliason, I'm a writer and marketer living in Austin Texas. I run the marketing agency Growth Machine (https://growthmachine.com/), write on my personal site (https://nateliason.com), and teach people how to use Roam Research (https://effortlessoutput.com).


00:00 Intro

00:18 Why Quit?

03:58 How to Quit

Farshad Murtada

I’m sold!

andrew kim

what a completely new idea that never occurred to me... i've always used small amounts but i'm excited to try this Nat, thanks for what you do keep it up!

Arvind Ramachandran

I will defiantly give it a try . thanks nat . ?

Sayee Saran

Okay, I'll adapt to no shampoo after my next haircut for sure! ??

I've seen some of the chemicals actually being harmful to hairs, but never really got around to stop using it.

Elisberg Lior

I can't understand how is that working exactly?
I have an oily scalp with fine & thinning hair, so staying with that feeling of greasiness sounds horrible

Michael Svenson

Them: All chEmicAls are baD
Me: Hold my lsd........

Samarth Khurana

Next video: I don't use soap and didn't get COVID

Mary H Tyler

Great video. I am two years in of no shampoo and I will not go back. My hair is healthy and I am so happy.

Jason Larsen

SHAM is right in the name. Com'on sheeple.

Stan Sarber

Your latest videos look super professional. Did you learn to edit them yourself or do you outsource?

Benjamin Maniere

What about hair wax (or clay, pomade...)? I'm sure those products are made from a similar chemicals cocktail. Are you using any product to style your hair?

I only shampoo once a week and I'm quite happy with my hair, but your video makes me want to go all in. However, after a week of only water and daily styling using pomade, my hair get stiff and tend to tangle in bunddles of hair. And I feel that a shampoo gets them to flow nicely and independently again. But it might be that the stiffness and tangleness of hair is what is actually natural to humans.

Thanks Nat.

Sheshank Reddy

What about for people with dry flakes ? If I don’t use shampoo it gets bad!

Stan Sarber

Pro tip: if you’re concerned about your hair not looking great on zoom calls in the beginning, then that’s literally what they invented baseball caps for

Varun Dharmavaram

I've got a dry flakes on my scalp issue.
Should I go the no shampoo method or use the medicated shampoos?

Michael Svenson

Don't you need to still put some soap on your head sometimes though? What happens when you get sweaty and want to feel your hair clean again? I've stopped using shampoo but I still use a shea butter african black soap in my hair and its awesome but I've never considered just stop washing my hair all together, this got to be some kind of joke or your leaving some key info out of the video.


When I tried no-poo before I got really bad dandruff. I tried to look up if this was something that goes away with time, but I couldn't find anything on it. Did you develop temporary dandruff when you were going through the process?


How do you style your hair? Do you use any gel, sprays, or whatnot? I'm asking since your hair doesn't look natural. Wouldn't it defeat the whole purpose of going without shampoo while still using styling products? Those types of products also have chemicals in them that may or may not be harmful. If you use styling products, which again, I believe you do, how did you tackle that question? Do you have any tips on brands that make good styling products?

Giuseppe Giorlando

Hi Nat - Thanks for the video. Never thought that maybe we don't need shampoo and I will start to question other daily product. What's your opinion about toothpaste?

Faisal Jamshaid

Loved this Nat, super original to see videos about life hacks I've never heard before

Ben Latz

I'm a few months in (originally from your blog post) and with short hair it was really easy - haven't experienced any downsides. Who would've thought our bodies know what to do, ha. Nice video ?

Italian Food Boss

Thanks for the video! What's your take on the various body washes and the chemicals contained in those?

Michael Svenson

omg I need a coffee now

Michiel Nuyts

Starting today!


When you talk about going a period without washing your hair, you mean just not shampooing right? I can still shower my hair?

Stefan Jovanovic

I tried man, I'm 2 weeks in but today I washed my hair with shampoo...

it's winter here so whenever I go outside I wear a beanie hat which makes my hair even more greasy plus after a workout it's soaked in sweat and just running cold water through it doesn't cut it...

I'll try again when summer gets here. It's easy for you Nat under that Texas sun and dry air!! In the meantime, I'll use gentle or more natural shampoo...


The text animation/style is really cool!

Glenton Samuels

This won't work for certain types of hair, especially black hair, any hair that has a very curly or coarse texture or if you have locs. You don't need shampoo but a water only wash won't cut it.


I went no-poo after reading Nat's article a few months ago.

My hair has more volume, is more easily styled, and looks healthier than ever. I even get more frequent comments about it looking fashionable. I have found absolutely zero-downside to this choice, and I'm also saving that 5-10$ a month not buying it. ??‍♂️

Satisfied customer here.

Jayden Khuu

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!

Jason Larsen

Similar to shampoo: I moved to a high desert 10 years ago and became addicted to Chapstick™. I stopped using it now my lips are better than ever. It did suck for a while though. Pretty amazing how our bodies adapt.

A Giant Gutter in Outer Space

Do one about deodorant/anti-perspiration

Michelle Heegaard

You're literally posting this a few hours after I started using shampoo again after I went cold turkey no poo 8 weeks ago.

I found your articles discussing no poo and decided to give it a shot. First 10 days were BAD but after week 2-3 it started to get better. And then it just stopped. No improvement or change at all. It completely flatlined. Although it wasn't as bad as it had been at the 10-day mark (yikes) it just never recovered. It kept being far too oily for comfort (despite me following all the steps you mentioned here + in your article).

After shampooing, the COLOUR of my hair has completely changed. It's practically blond at this point compared to what I had before shampooing. (Which to me indicates it was the filth slowly colouring my hair darker..)

For right now, I've given up on the whole no poo-method. This was my second shot at it - using a different method than before - and still no luck. I guess it's not for everyone.

Михаил Колесниченко

I'll try!


finish with cold showers
go cold turkey,
do it on vacation ( or maybe in quarantine

david rivera

What if you have dandruff, lol?

L i d u

Hey, I quit shampoo almost 4 years ago too! I can't believe how much time I was wasting before that constantly removing and replacing the natural hair protection...

How to stop using shampoo

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Why I Stopped Using Shampoo

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So many of our everyday

So many of our everyday products contain so many toxic ingredients! Wow! So let's do a way with the toxic. I encourage you to go back to the basics! In this video, I share with you why I stopped using Shampoo. I pray that this video may serve as a blessing to you!

Visit: www.edenlifemarket.com to shop OLD BELEAF natural products.

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Marcus Traore

Hmm I don't like suspense but because of you I'll stick around for your next video.