Oil gland

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Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia

5 566 views | 27 Sep. 2017

In this clinical video we

In this clinical video we will discuss an interesting case of Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia

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Oil gland

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New Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment - The iLux for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

46 304 views | 6 Aug. 2019

Looking for the best dry

Looking for the best dry eye treatment? The iLux is a new dry eye treatment that helps relieve dry eyes and prevents dry eyes from getting worse! ?SUBSCRIBE? so you’ll know when I have another video! http://www.youtube.com/doctoreyehealth

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Want to Improve dry eye symptoms AT HOME? I use the NuLids device daily to prevent blepharitis, improve oil gland function and relieve dry eye .

?Check it out here: https://bit.ly/NuLidsQuickStart

⚡ Show Notes and Resources ⚡

✅ Looking for more information about the dry eye syndrome? Check out the Doctor Eye Health series here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6ClIdFb3IY&list=PLzi60fSuOmPD0tlkRU2L-wENRdE3Fb9Vj&index=2&t=5s

Learn more about Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD here:


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Dry Eyes and Dry Eye Treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6ClIdFb3IY&list=PLzi60fSuOmPD0tlkRU2L-wENRdE3Fb9Vj&index=1&t=1s

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Tear Restore Heat Compress https://bit.ly/TearRestore

Omega 3s and Eye Vitamins for Eye Health https://bit.ly/EyePromiseVitamins

My Favorite Dry Eye Home Treatment device: https://bit.ly/NuLidsQuickStart


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About This Video: Are you researching dry eye treatment options or how to cure dry eyes? Here I review the iLux device, a new dry eye treatment from Alcon. The iLux helps fight dry eyes by treating meibomian gland dysfunction also known as MGD. The iLux heats the oil glands of the eyelids and then treats dry eyes with meibomian gland expression. By releasing the thickened oils from the meibomian glands, the healthy oils from the glands can begin working again, preventing the tears from evaporating. If you are suffering from dry eyes, definitely check out this video and ask your eye doctor if the iLux is right for you.

The Shadow

Hey doc, do reading glasses varies?and what is the right grade for me im 53...


Is this the same as Lipiflow?

Bolivian Prince

There is a new french device call Lacrydiag that is approved in the USA. The one using IPL might be an expensive equipment therefore might not be available in my country in the short term :(

Faisal Bhura

Hi Doc, does it work good for Post LASIK dry eye ? I have dry eyes for 5 years now

Yvonne Vasquez

Awesome info as always Dr and thank you! Any similar devices available to purchase for home use ...besides normal heat masks..?

Katy Miller

my eye doctor wants me to tape one eye closed at night because it does not close all the way while I am sleeping, Both my eyes do not close completely, but one is worst. I tried to pull my top lid a bit over the bottom one to tape it down, as he instructed. I just could not do it. do you have any suggestions, so I cannot


What do you think about Supplements like Maquiberry, grape seed extract (both antioxidative) and hyaluronic acid?
I have come to believe that my dry eyes are getting better and better since I supplement those.
No need for artificial tears anymore. I believe my dry eyes partly came from oxidative stress which I feel I now mostly got rid of.

Also I believe my body didnt have enough hyaluronic acid since I'm vegan and now since I supplement this hyaluronic acid I feel like the eye fluids don't evaporate that fast anymore.
There can also be many other health benefits in these supplements so would be cool if you investigate this.

Sudiksha Sharma

Hlo doctor.
I have eye twitching and I am fad up of it. Please give a method which end up this irritated twitching

Kirk Lazarus

A recent study showed no improved result between Lipiflow and this iLux treatment, so go with whichever is either covered by insurance (most likely not) or is cheapest.

Lucas Oliveira

Hi doctor! Would you be able to review a product called Aurai? It's a eye massager

Tammy Gravis

You are an amazing doctor. You have really helped me What a way to use your talent and education. I suffer with dry eye and use celluvisic and drink a lot of water. I can't afford Restatsis. What are your thoughts on laser for eye floaters? If mine doesn't clear up I hope to do it. Aging is not fun.

Lokesh Prajapat

i have inflamed Glands on my eyelids,every other day a few glands appear like toothpaste secretion, it stings in my eyes and my eyes burns too..what treatment would be better? please suggest.

Doctor Eye Health

? Eye Health Question of the Day: Do you have any other questions about dry eye that I can help with? Do you have any questions about the iLux??


Is this treatment available in india??

Slappy K

I've had LipiFlow and it felt great for a few days, then I noticed the issues returning. I wish the cost would come down; $1200 a pop is not sustainable for multiple treatments.


I just got this done today. It was very very painful and 7 hours later my eyes are still on fire. Really hoping it works because it was 600 out of pocket


Thanks , how much is ilux? Just got dry eyes n it’s hell

Melly G

Isotretinion aka Accutane caused damage to my glands. I need to use warm compress, massage, eyelid cleaner, and eye drop 2-3 times a day. Would this treatment replace this long routine? It is frustrating. I never had this problem before taking accutane. It permanently made my eyes dry. Oh well, at least my skin looks great :)

Aymene Mimouni

Where can I find this machine doctor ?

M Mc

Are autologous drop the very best for mgd?

Iva Ban

would this be helpful for excessive tearing?
i do not feel like a human any more constantly battling with my tears :(

should tetracain drops be put before the treatment or there is an alternative to tetracain drops? i suspect i had really bad reaction to tetracain drops few years ago.

Max Meier

What do you think about NuLids?

Christodoulos Borodimos

Hi! What about the IPL technology about MGD? Do you think that this is a superior treatment?

Chiara Lombardo

Would you consider making a video about the possible dangers of cosmetic procedures on eyelashes such as eyelash extension, lash lifts/perms or eyelashes tints? I feel like a lot of people might be interested and maybe there are dangers that aren’t necessarily talked about or well known to people who get these done.

Gerald L

I'm excited just found a clinic that does the lipiflow treatment and got my appt for the eye scan.yaya.

Rodrigo Silva

Thanks again for the info, doctor! Currently I'm struggling with blepharitis in the upper left-hand corner of my left eye and hot compresses have done little for it. I've noticed having papaya as well as espressos have helped a bit. I wonder if the former has to do with vitamin A and the latter an increase in the body temperature or just a coincidence.
Hope to find this novel treatment in Brazil.

Gigi Micevic

Hi doc, any of your dry eye patients have success with scleral lenses? Do you recommend anything else for a aqueous deficient dry eye patient who has already tried artificial tears, restasis Xiidra omega 3S sleeps with a humidifier uses a bruder mask twice a day, has increased flax seed in diet, and has a regular lid hygiene both morning and night and is also using moisture chamber glasses but still suffering ? I am a PA student at southern Illinois university who has been suffering since mid March with DED. Mostly burning sensation as the predominant symptom. Thanks. Hope to hear a response.

Josefina Born

What about inflammatory dry eye? would that help?

Nour Dine Khachabi

Hello doctor I'm a big fan of you . I want to mention a treatment which I'm sure that could help of the eye treatment is when you go upside down and you feel the pressure on your face and your eyes that's benefits a lot and I'll tell you how I find out that if you want to know doctor

annette Sereno

can any one buy it?

Aynge Mackay

I have this sudden urge to pluck all my eyelashes out.

cassandra briggs

The screen on the device says LED -- does it emit LED light?

M Laniado

Is it good for sjogren syndrome eyes dry auto immune syndrome? Thank you

Aida Bond

How many times per year should treatment be performed for MGD not associated with other diseases.

Joan Krueger

Hello and thank you for this information. I have suffered with dry eye because of several eye surgeries from pterygium. My ophthalmologist practically scolded me for asking him to check my meibomian glands. He said he didn't need to do that and that I looked like I had some blepharitis and to be more aggressive with artificial tears and hot compresses. I don't know if this iLux would help me but I'll try anything right now. I'm so tired of my eyes being tired and. sore. Where in the Wisconsin area can I find a doctor that has this device?

Revat Singla

Sir Is this I lux device treats Dry eyes permanently ?? .. Nd if yes then how many sittings required ? Or is this technology better than ipl technology

leslie goodwin

My eye doctors are always telling me not to express my Meibomian glands..they say it will cause them to atrophy. is it harmful then to express?

Paula Hall

Does it hurt?

Nature Luv

I used a makeup sponge that I think I should of thrown away . Now I have what looks like a lesion on my meibomian gland. Perhaps someone can inform me more because I don’t know anything about this. I don’t feel like my eyes are dry. I am starting to get swelling under my eye.

tonette casilla

Hi Dr. Joseph I'm a big fan of yours, always awaiting you're new vlogs. Ilux caught my attention cause I've been suffering from dry eyes some 2 years now and an optive eyedrop user. may i know where i can purchase ilux and how much is it. Keep up d good work doctor Allen you're a big help to us subscribers.

D'Wan Tucker

How often does this treatment need to be performed? My doc recommended it, but I’m reading online that it last 6-8 months. I’m not willing to pay for it that often...

Bina Altera

What kind of doctor should I see to check if I have dry eye? Also, can dry eye affect the skin around your eyes?

Kevin St. Pierre

Hands of a surgeon (To hold that item) Very cool!

Erik Gonzalez

Straight up! You’re videos have been far more informative than any optometrist I’ve encountered within the last 16 years! Love how informative they are and please keep them up!

MaryGrace Gundran

Would you know if this ILUX device is available to buy in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Kim Mugford

I have Sjogrens syndrome and have suffered MGD and have my glands manually expressed. Very painful. But I'm having to get it done every 3 or 4 months. How often would I need to have it done with this device?

outreach hmoob

How n where do i find a eye dr that have this treatment n where are you can i come see you for my eye?


Thanx for breaking it down more than I can say for the sorry ass Ophthalmologist that i seen about two weeks ago. I have another appt next but with a different Doc. I will mention the Ilux treatment. My dry eye began in May and suddenly. Not sure it was the drastic weather change to hot or because I was painting the interior of my house.

Navraj Poudel

Hello Dr! I have MGD from last five years. LipiView test shows that I have lost 80% of my glands on my upper lids. I have done Lipiflow treatment as well. And I use Mibo heating pad regularly. It doesn't work much. I have extreme heaviness in my head all the time. Is it due to dry eyes ? And severe pain in my eyes. Will you please suggest me some ways to get rid of this.

Mitos Mosquera

How much for Ilux

antonella compierchio

Is your eye frozen while doing this treatment? I have to do it soon and I was just wondering about it

K White

How long does it typically take to feel relief after an iLux treatment?


How much would this cost?

Cakra Gadina

Whether color-vision deficiency will heal a doctor....???

Otie Brown


Louise Helkowski

I had the iLux treatment about a month ago. It wasn't covered by insurance but thought the cost was worth it if it would help. Well, I am not seeing any improvement. I am not happy about this because the treatment is not cheap. It was not done by my opthalmologist but a tech. That being said, I have learned more watching your videos than I have with all my visits to my doctor. Thank you for these.

Big World Games

Hi I have dry eyes, is this available in Uk?

Che ese

I hope I can do this at home );

Suzi Hazlove

How many treatments needed on average???

Jake Hurley

Do you have any tips on stopping saponification caused by staph that occurs in mgd?


My doctor recommended this treatment today. What is the average price range? He quoted me $600.

Also, does the process hurt? I hope not!

Chakka Yashwanth

Great video. I do warm compresses 8-10 times a day and it really works for me. Is it advisable to continue at same frequency or to reduce it to 2-4 times a day.

Steven Craig

This looks interesting, though as a patient I assume I would need to book regular and recurring appointments for iLux treatment, and that isn't very convenient in this time of COVID.

J Hernandez

I'd give up anything for this treatment. I'm at wits end. My life quality sucks cause of how dry my eyes are.

C, dawnie

How much does this treatment cost...

Rio Hemmings

You forgot inflammation of the glands and autoimmune disorders where the neutrophils attack the glands themselves.


My optometrist jokingly told me it'll go away once i move to Hawaii ?? (I live in century Canada)


I live in Minnesota. I would like to try the ILux. My eyes are so dry and I've been to so many eye doctors and they only have me use eye drops. ?

Anthony Narain

What’s the price of this procedure

Elvira Guadian

I wish I could buy that apparatus myself! I am a MGD sufferer. Doing all sort of massages, steroid drops and having very little success. I will definitely ask my eye doctor for this option. Thanks so much for your great content.

Jeanette P

I've been struggling with MGD for years....Nothing has ever worked for me. I even went as far as to have the glands opened manually...it was not pleasant. I will have to ask my doctor about this. Looks promising

Gladys Gutierrez

Would you recommend tear ducts for dry eyes?


I can feel mine blocked

Luis Avila

I would like to know the cost of this treatment I cannot find people with ilux devices in NYC. I would not mind traveling to you just for this treatment.

Rachel K

That looks so uncomfortable.

M Mc

I lux is it offered for sale to the public?

Anne Henningsen

Shame that the price puts it out of a lot of patient's accessibility.


I do a Weird twitch with my etes

Ying Liu

Is it very uncomfortable for the patient when you squeeze the lids in this?


How does iLux stack up against Lipiflow?


Been suffering from severe MGD since 2017, did Lipiflow in 2017 and then was fine for 2 years, it came back in september last year (2019) did lipiflow again for a 2nd time and then I was fine for the last 11 months, now Ive been suffering from it AGAIN for the past 2 weeks and waiting for a 3rd lipiflow this thursday. This is honestly the most depressing disease that noone seems to understand and makes people think youre crazy when trying to explain these things to them. Im so over it that I often have dark thoughts to just end it all here, I swear if one day lipiflow stops working theres literally nothing else I can see to aleviate the suffering.

Annie Cory

I have Sjögren’s syndrome ?? I haven’t been able to cry in years and I’m really sad about it.

Mod Nom

Can I do this iLux treatment myself at home?

vaibhav arora

Hii doctor. Can we use cold gel compress for dry eyes?


I want to share with this community that I feel intake of vitamin A rich diet definitely helps and almost could rid of dry eyes. Went one week with out dry eyes, feeling surprised; unfortunately drank some flavored water which immediately dried my lips and eyes!!
So it is very important to intake good healthy diets.

This is an issue in today’s context for all are working long hours of looking at computers and your phones; notice reduces when resting your eyes!!!

Thank You Doc for letting know about the Ilux!!

Phillip Haiman

Where can I find MGD loss stages to show my patients?

Riccardo Nicoletti

see https://www.eye-light.vision/ ---> more comfortable, more efficient....

Nick Paul

Should this device only be used on patients who have MGD or can it help with simple dry eye?

colin macdonald

I have Sjorgins Syndrome dry eye and have had bleph in the past. is this any good for me?

Doreen C

The cost in my area for ilux is $450 not covered by insurance. Needs to be done once a year.

Matias Benavides / Digital Visualization

how long take to a gland to die? I have this problem like a year, for working from home

Ana Larson

So why is this not happening naturally? What in nature makes sure this continues to work?

Susan Hart

Is the I-Lux good for removing a small cyst from a hair follicle on the eyelid?

Adam Davis

i was told i have blepharitis but i can clearly see when light in the mirror my oil glands are not producing well. some days no oil, so days i can express some decent amounts of oil out my lower lids. so what is it? do i have MGD or blepharitis. I have been clearning my eye lashes twice daily with tee tree oil shampoo/foam, hyporclorus acid spray, all that stuff. i had a bad cold and developed it. it's been a month and it's still not gone. inner eye lids still inflammed. i'm only 27. please help, i've watched so many of your videos.

sameer k

Dr Allen you're amazing, I am seeing bright lights at night ,it's not glare,halos or photophobia,it's just that car lights,street lights, signals,have become bright than normal,this started 2 weeks ago,when I had constipation and dry eyes I'm 28, have floaters, plz help thanks

Nick Paul

How about blepharitis? Will this device work on that condition? Does this treatment need to be repeated over time to be effective?


What would be the cause(s) of MGD though? I’m all about finding the root cause and working on that if possible, while treating the symptoms. Great videos really learning a lot thanks!! ??

Krishna B

Hello doctor I had a question in regard puntual plugs . It’s obvious I have dry syndrome but can that lead do Sjögren’s syndrome ? Due to dry mouth

Lynn Coffin

You said that if the glands were clogged for too long they would atrophy. I "think" I probably had dry eyes ever since high school (long before TV & cellphones) because I was always squint-blinking, sometimes I looked like I was spastic. My parents were constantly after me to stop because they thought it was just a habit. But I've had dry eyes, I'm sure, into my 60's but now unbearable. Then I had cataract surgery and the dryness got 100's times worse. I have days I can barely stand to have my eyes open. So, I'm wondering, if my glands have atrophied, is there any point in my trying the iLux? I'm now 83.Or, what other remedies might you have?

Adam Sumner

Does this help with blepharitis as well? I know MGD and blepharitis often come as a package and are interrelated in a way right?

Oil gland

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Composite Skin Model - Glands

58 592 views | 29 Dec. 2008

This video was produced to

This video was produced to help students of human anatomy at Modesto Junior College study our anatomical models.


Why is not possible to block nerves from communicating with sweat glands regionally ? I suffer from hyperhidrosis on palms so I wonder why is not possible to block nerves from communicating with glands in palms. And not cut SNS all the way up at spine as currently all doctors do to stop sweating just in hands.


When neither the perfume nor the antiperspirant are not used,
black race and white race's body odors are very stink.

Maryam Baj

concise ! Thanks 

aiman izzat

i wear a hotshapers fitness thing for the belly.. my fault is, i wear it for 1 day..the next day, i feel my skin itchy and it started to become red..i noticed that when i sweat and my body want to release the sweat and heat but it can't because the hotshaper thing that i wear..that's mean it trap..now my pain is like 2 needle poke in one place of the skin..that's how i felt now..anyone, who can help me?? I'm suffering ;(..everytime i stretch my body or trying to move, i feel the pain..


What you must be talking about are the so-called apocrine sweat glands ( which don't really secrete by the apocrine method) and the eccrine sweat glands. The apocrine sweat glands are associated with the hair follicles and are found in the arm pits, example. The eccrine sweat glands are distributed throughout the body and have ducts that open independently on the surface of the skin.


thank you!! just what I was looking for!


thank you!! just what I was looking for!