How to keep natural hair straight in humidity

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How I Maintain Straight Natural Hair in Caribbean Humidity (for longer than 8 hours lol)

224 views | 23 Sep. 2020

This is the first time

This is the first time I've gotten my flat ironed hair to last this long in the middle of the rainy season in this humid Caribbean weather. Check out the video to see the tips I implemented to help me achieve this.

Products I Used:

ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo


ORS Replenishing Conditioner


Ren Pure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave in Conditioner


Matrix Mega Sleek Iron Smoother


Chi Deep Brilliance Hair Spray


Kiki Ever Naturals Chuffy Twist Butter


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Tsahi Hair Goals

I'm impressed girl!! Those curls are cuteeeee too ?? and you're right, straight hair isn't for the thin. I can relate ?

B Kandy

Love this look ❤️

Monique P

So beautiful! My last time straightening lasted approximately 45 mins ?.Definitely going to try some of these products

Ariyo Omotola

Okay MUA I see you and also I really want to get a silk press just to see my length and now I know how to maintain it ?? next year for it

Sheri Approved

Lorsh I don't even have natural hair and I am sooo super excited about your results lol! Great video

Leah Tilokee

Loved this book on you

Naturally Nishy

I made it to day 10 y'all...I can't even believe it. The curls will be back soon though ??


Was wondering how your hair will hold up with this heat and rain ? lol still looking fabulous and your makeup flawless!

Kanya Kali

The outcome beautiful ?

How to keep natural hair straight in humidity

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MOISTURIZE & SEAL Straightened Natural Type 4 Hair with NO REVERSION! | Simply Subrena

32 071 views | 8 May. 2019

HI LOVES! I wanted to

HI LOVES! I wanted to share my moisturizing and sealing routine that i use on my type 4a 4b 4c natural hair when it is straightened. This routine does not revert my hair back to curly but it does moisturize my hair and keeps it soft and flowy! I hope this helps someone! !SUBSCRIBE! NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUES & FRI @8PM!


Lotta Body Coconut and Shea Oils Moisturize Me Curl and Style Milk


Organic Jojoba Oil


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Kay F

You legit have the only video about this !!

call her bunny

Thank you for this video? i just flat ironed my hair using your tips. Now I'm running out to purchase the lottabody to retain length. This girl is underrated for sure. Thanks.

Dianne Saint

I was just looking through your videos (recent subscriber here), and another moisturizer that might work for your hair is the one from Melanin Haircare that Naptural85 made. I straighten my hair often and this doesn’t revert my hair no matter how much I put. Just another suggestion in case you wanted to try others. Thanks for sharing!

Sasha King

Very helpful, thank you! :) I was using a cream based moisturizer to moisturize my straightened hair but it reverted it a little bit. I will definitely try out the lotta body!


Love your stuff! New subbie!

Loani Castillo

I do not like feeling any products in my hair... Any ideas?

crystal beauty

beautiful hair

Loani Castillo

I have a real problem with reverting.

Charisse J

Chileeee I be so heavy handed! No wonder I get build up

arts قناة منوعات

love your sexy armpits


Hey girl hey!
Your hair looks great!
What products you use for Straightening your hair recently?
Your videos and tips are my go to.


omg finally someone recommends a product i already have ?

Movies Over Matter Productions

Now this is what I’m talking about! Thank you so much Gyal! This is very helpful???
I’m just starting to regularly straighten my hair... tried curly for a while to get it healthy and a little length...

This maintenance video is so KEY!

Many thanks again, take care & be well!

Nia Lia

I really appreciate you sharing this!
I just had my daughter's hair flatironed and I am concerned about her hair not having enough moisture. ??

Ash p

You saved my hair...I had no idea I could moisturize with straight natural hair! Thank you doesn't seem like enough...


Thanks for sharing.

Lise's Pieces

Thank you ? now I have a way to moisturize my hipo blowdried hair lol. #Inches2019 ?

Maya Sayonara

Can I use melted Shea butter to moisturize straight hair?

Tania Bore

omw girl, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge for free!! how often do you moisturize it with this routine?

Shane Accented

I'm literally using this cream as my regular moisturizer so I live this and thank you


Great tips!

JMocha 74

Beautiful hair! Glad I found your video! My hair reverts no matter what leave in or hair milk I use. Going to try this. Love Lotta Body! Thanks for sharing! ?

Sincerely Leshawn

great routine


Can I use coconut oil instead of jojoba?

suada lul

Thank u so much ? sister i need oil or cream for grow hair relaxed
And i need to tell me when i relax my hair after one month or two plz help


Thanks for the info girl
Your hair is so beautiful
How often do wash and deep condition?

Mimi's Craft

Deep conditioning has changed my hair alot than i moisturize it with a moisturizing hair lotion a cream based heat protectant and a lil bit of hair grease.Thats it lol i do this every two to three weeks.Any humidity any type of moisture the curls are back in action and it takes me nearly 4 damn hours to do my entire head i have quite a bit of hair and its very kinky, coily, and curly so the shit takes time if i want the press to last.I take my time.Coconut oil and water is and will always be my my friend!

MoonHoney Mami

Thank you so much ??❤️

Williams J

Notification gang gang ❤

Dalecia George

How do you keep your scalp moisturized while your hair is straighten without it reverting?

How to keep natural hair straight in humidity

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25 836 views | 23 Jul. 2019

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Bolu Ojo

Do you think the dry shampoo would work on protective styles where you have access to your scalp?


Hi!! Thanks for the video, I wanted to know, so during 3 weeks you can't do any mask right ?

Alexcia D

Whew I needed this, not trynna re straighten my hair every week??

Imgoingbackto 505

But if you don’t put water on the hair before the oil, the oil will just block out other moistures. If your hair is moisturizer or damp it will seal-in the moisture. If you apply it on dry hair it will just trap the very little moisture in (which is what you want) but will also block other moisture from coming in. So technically if u apply it on dry hair it will just keep it dry but appear moist from the shine of the oil and anti-frizz factor.

Jasmine Sincerely

How do you deal with roots that revert quickly :(?

mara mma

How do you avoid heat damage, do you have a video already?

Janet Smart

NICKY NATURAL " Name The One Bug U Step On The Most? & What's The One Footwear U Step On Them With The Most?

Nyomy Okito

Your hair is sooo beautiful omg

Nutree Cosmetics

Amazonliss Anti Frizz is the best shampoo. Make your hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free. Details on my channel


This is some plus sized hair, damn!

Moxie Me

I’m not too good at wrapping my hair either . I mostly use the top knot method of flexirods

heaven whitten

how do you keep your edges straight when you shower?


Girl I don’t wrap my thick long hair either. Sh*t is hard

Monroe XO

Thanks for this gem sis!

Montelle Bee

Ahh I am in complete awe of you!!! & your hair is just ??

Anti-JeffreyMcCray Community

Shoot....I'm a 4z. As soon as I flat iron my hair. it goes back to a curly fro before I even get my shoes on.

Nia V.

I have 3B-3C hair but I WISH my hair would last this long while it’s straight???‍♀️

Doris Balogun

I just love how long and healthy your hair looks, just gorgeous!

sonicmariodonkeykongzelda86 fan

Liked. Hope you're doing well so far.


Where did you get your silk pillowcase?? Its so find reputable sellers in the UK that aren’t overcharging you. Xx

Gabrielle Ezeudo

Are you low porosity??


Just in frickin time!! I'm planning to straighten my hair TODAY. So I'll subscribe to that.

ambrosia toay

Well I'm early

Isatis Rose

So prettyyyy

Lovieshea Ogunleye

Yass, I can't wait to see your hair revert back...

Boka Stark

Plzz go back to your old intro...???

Chelsea Earnest

This was very helpful!

Living Life With Frann

Love your hair. I’ve done some of these videos too

Alisha Alice

I had no idea that Cantu makes dry shampoo! I'm definitely going to try this next time I straighten my hair. Thanks for the tip! Xxx

Tayler Cmone

Your hair held up very well ???

Sashagale Mcfarlane

Gurl that face you make when using the co wash is so funny lol

Jennifer Trinta

Another amazing video ??


I saw you on the weekend in Busaba! ? I was like 'I know her' and then it dawned on me 'ummm, no you don't know her DM, she's a youtuber" lol ? I was tempted to come over and say hey, but thought let me leave her to enjoy her food and friends. So I'll hey you here on your video instead ??

Andile R

Your hair is a beautiful colour