Soft wave perm

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1 729 963 views | 6 Aug. 2018

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I’ve been super swamped with editing my videos. I can’t promise them anytime soon but I promise I am working on it!

Thank you as always for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.



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♪ :

video details:

camera -

canon g7x mark ii: http://amzn.to/2hSMEoZ

canon 80d: http://amzn.to/2oL0c9G

old camera - sony a5000: http://bit.ly/2AnjdFT

editing software - Final Cut Pro X


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Jayla Moua

That must have tooken a lonng time

fuck off

This is the only video that actually helped me tysm oml?


That’s literally how my hair looks like when I wake up ?


if i did this hairstyle everyone would think why i didn’t brush my hair lol


Step 1: have light amount of hair


you’re gorgeous omgg? also thank you !! ive been looking for a soft wavy hair look but couldn’t find any :(.

Bambski :

Im glad i have wavy hair

Xiuwan GT

Am I the only one who's scared to do dis >_<


Where is your top from? So cuuuuuwte


Idk if this is just for me but I do braids and idk if it’s the way I do them but after I take them out, it makes my hair wavy and I just comb it out for that soft volume wavy look. So if u have thick hair and don’t have time to do this try loose braids. If it’s more curly than wavy try sleeping with it till the next day.


First step: be beautiful

Me: fails

chloe georgia

youre so pretty omg ??


Ok so i did this and now my hair is broken

Charlize Dial

okay but ur natural eye color is so gorgeous


It would probably take me forever to curl my hair ?

Eléa Agdäl

Your natural eye colour is gourgeous

Miriam Alexandra


My pacience: its a no from me

joanna mtz

omg it's sooo cute

Amy Y. Fan - Fashion, Dance, and Lifestyle

girl your lashes are SO long! omg I just filmed the same tutorial and hoping to reach 400s soon ??

Leah Williams

Imagine being that pretty ??

Snow River

My hair is so weird he’s either wavy some days or super soft and straight at the point where I can’t even curl it cause it goes off 5 min later

im ugly bye

My hair wouldn't allow me curl it. It would stay straight no matter what. If it would curl then, don't even think about as if it will stay for lOnG ;-;

fernanda zepeda

útil pero latera

Lakeland ruion

Ever considered blow drying your hair with wave formers?

TrashForBTS _

Damn I would do this but I have hella thick long hair it would take me a whole ass year to do it

Adasu Yilmaz

Im 15 and my mom never teached me these should ı keep the heat at 200?


Why I'm watching this when I don't even have a "flat iron" (whatever that is. My english is bad)


Whats the wavy soft hair with side bangs on both sides of forehead called?

ashley powell

she’s so pretty what the hell save some for the rest of us


omg im crying you're so beautiful


y does it have to take so much effort to get curly hair ?

Laura Pham

My hair is like hella thick both in structure and volume so it would literally take hours to finish... I tried this look once but after 10 min with 1 1/2 waves I gave up

Mystic Clover

Aesthetic ?

Kayleigh Newby

I tried it and then we're soooo good than you


Your eyes are so pretty omg

hoai an dinh

chị xinh dã man

Jordane Lewis

Wish I had the patience ??


step 1: time


i am weirdly attracted to her voice


i was so disturbed by her beauty like omg i think im in love her voice is so soft and so cute pls send help

Meow Meoww

Lazy people is like

how the fuck im gonna do this its so loooong

Rosé é

Ok but why do u remind me of lexie liu

Maryam Imran

this is my natural hair it's so annoying lol

nanay mo lylia

My hair won’t curl


This video was supposed to be uploaded in conjunction with my "Juicy Makeup"/"Passionfruit Makeup" video but I haven't finished the editing for that yet. It'll be uploaded later! I hope you guys understand


her voice is so pretty omg


After watching this video, I'm very glad to have naturally wavy hair

imyoursinshine bxch

Me: watches how to curl your hair videos even though I have curly hair
Me after I watch the video: Oh that looks like a lot of effort

cherry_ buns

u look so cute with this hairstyle ? I just did this hairstyle and I look like Isaac Newton ?


Me: follows this perfectly
My hair: LMAO nope


oh my god you are so beautiful?

As a Fox

It's take million years


damn my natural hair is like this hut thicker and less soft


360 degree wouldn't that fry your hair?

슬픈 소녀

Can you do this even if you have curly hair?

Theresa Tench

With my extremely fine hair by the time I get to the other side of my head, the waves will dissapear ?

haha yeah

Why am I watching this my hair is naturally like that ?

Park Mara

Damnnnn you‘re so Pretty :(


Hyularl: *sections her hair one time *

Me: laughs in thick hair

Marlena Joyce

how long did this take?

Iqra 2939

Why am I here I have wavy curly


u give me rihanna vibes ♡

blum ma

lmao when you don't have a curl iron

Safiye Şahin

Step one:be patience

Hafizah Hairi

aaaa soo pretty...


Thing with me is .. my hair will be wavy all day and when I need them curly wavy they will be straight?? like why.. btw I have natural straight

Ellie Johnson

I literally gasped when i saw this video in my suggestions...

koru leemi

как только я выхожу на улицу, мои волосы тут же выпрямляются и становятся грязными до ужаса
как это работает


my arm is going to fall off if i do this to my hair

Nihayet Halitoğlu

Omg you are so beautiful

mei mei

Vietnamese ?


The easiest way is to braid your hair over night

Zoe Casarin

Love this video! And your dress! Where did you get our dress?! ??

cry everyday

Omg you are my twin your face looks like me ^~^

Meerab Zaidi

My arms would give up :'(

Damaris Suarez

I love ur voice !! It’s so soothing ?

Rinky Koshta

i actually read it WAYV instead of wavy lmao sorry

Taylor Krystal

Perfect.?? ??♥️❤️


Your face kinda looks like Jessica Vu!


when i do any type of curl, they always end up straightening themselves up in like four hours, despite how much hair spray i use :(

gespenst existieren

omg ur smile is so pretty...


Wow how could be beautiful like that !!

Tea partlytime

Dang, good thing I already have soft waves, this would take forever

Risma Adelia

So pretty


Thank you for closed captions. As a deaf person, it means a lot to me

Damaris Suarez

I love ur voice !! It’s so soothing ?


i just wanna know how asians get their hair so soft and long and pretty wtf ?

Almendra Salas

te quedó preciosoooo


Wait but what are the products you normally use like shampoo, conditioner, etc.?

Anvi Kerkar

Your eyes ......


wait this is kinda random but the way she talks and her body language resemble Rihanna in some way???

Catherine yanthan

Whhaatt that's her natural eye colour ? So beautiful

Yenniii Ah haha

Wow you’re gorgeousss


oh my god 1 inch of hair at a time?? pls i do not have the patience ?


why am i watching this when my hair is naturally like that (but a little bit more curly)

Alex Waiba

I have super natural silky straight hair thats why i cant do anything what i want cause its remove esaily

aleighn :D

pls im literally using the same one rn w/o realizing

tory h

why am i watching this is don’t have long hair lmao

Madison Mendozaa

Would this work for already curly hair?

I have wavy hair but it never looks pretty when I want to leave it wavy


i wish you would come back to youtube i love you and your videos and watching you makes me happy