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My 14 Inch Nails Cost Me $20,000

2 466 515 views | 28 Nov. 2013

My 14 Inch Nails Cost Me

My 14 Inch Nails Cost Me $20,000

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LARUE Drummond has not cut her fingernails for eight years - costing more than £10,000 in upkeep. The mum-of-four says her 14-inch talons are like her babies and she spends up to 12 hours at a time getting them pampered. LaRue, 54, shells out hundreds having her nail coloured and adorned with rhinestones. The grandma of eight says she attracts attention wherever she goes from people curious about her extreme nails.

Videographer / Director: Uri Schwartz

Producer: Jack McKay

Editor: Ben Churcher

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Greysballinger6 or Liz

i tried growing my nails then i just cut them

Jacquelíne R. Baj

Larue's gorgeous

luxaholic anonymous

She looks like BLove who does the seafood broil mukbangs

mr bander

Can u imagine how long it takes to do her nails?? I'd be fustrated everytime I see her show up. I'd come up with some excuse! Not today, just not today. And what is it about $20,000?? I know she dont spend that everytime she go do her nails, so...what was that about?? $20,000 for what??? Somebody pinch me!

Cassandra Kite


Sjhdudh Shsvsuh

خاب وجهك

Bob Jolly


Michelle Mcbee

Too looooong!!!! How do you wipe yourself? Cook? Clean? Get dressed?

Ashley Angel

Cut them

Valeria Bukuru

How do you wipe your but


She puts all that bling and glitter on them because of how disgusting and yellow they really look.


I choked on my coffee when the narrator said she "has it nailed" in the beginning.


Looks like a witch off of left for dead

danielle brown

Lol she is skill tho , how do they wipe their asses with those and shower lol not a hater tho??

Plutoswife Life

Which man find nails like that sexy......super gross.

QBee Bee

Does she has a husband/Boyfriend/partner???. I'm just wondering how she takes a proper bath or do personal care


Omg yuck. Looking discusting.

Ray Ray

Y’all got your opinions and I gots mine. I gotta say those nailzzz it’s cringing ?

Tamika Love

She needs to teach her oversized kid to make their own bed.

Leanne Adams

Are you kidding me ? GROSS!!!

Mom Dayo


Nor Azmi Zainal Abidin

For some activities its very difficult to handle and troublesome others

Leanne Adams

Unreal. She’s a pretty girl for 60 but that makes her totally FUGLY !!!!!!

Amanda McCallum

I find it a real turn-off they look gross to me but I don't have to wear them.

Accalia ***

Ugliest nails ever, I don’t get how anyone thinks these talons look good, they just look nasty


So gross ewwww

Bonnie Peele

Disgusting. There is no way these ladies are sanitary, anywhere. For me, they are not beautiful.

Dee 1

they look like spider legs..

Josian Resto

I don't have no typa problem do you, but how do you wipe and bath


Viver assim precisa de babá! ?

Charlotte Walker

She seems nice and all, but that bit about ‘we get judged’ is stupid. If you get a tattoo of a huge butterfly on you face, you can’t get cross at someone who dislikes it or judges you for it (to a certain extent). She can do as she pleases, but she did also say she loved the attention....

Yuno Gasai

Feltu"no"se'gi. Viszketegse'gben. Szenvednek. Amu'gy. Fel. Nem. Figyelne. Ra'juk. A. Kutya. Sem

Denise Ruffin

Go lady my nails almost that long

Maria Leal

There have to be a bit of everything to make a world; the only way to know there’s logic and smarts is to have illogical and stupid.


Not clean. Don't care what anyone says. Do your nails touch the water in the toilet when you wipe yourself, had to ask.

Sjhdudh Shsvsuh

كيف تغسلين عمرج يععع

Yuno Gasai

Nem. Tetszik

Emily Wiebel

I’m impressed her nails are as strong as they are! My nails barely get anywhere and break lol.

eclipse build

omg goodness how do you wipe your butt with this nasty nails

Lovie Brown


Christine Mutono



I wouldn't be able to manage daily tasks with those nails....especially dealing after number 2....would be a mess ?

Monica GSG

Me gustan las uñas largas pero así no!! ??

Chea Chung

It brings her incredible joy. God bless her...I wish we could all find that joy.

Theodosia Pagan

I think her nails are beautiful if she’s happy then let b happy

global princess

Very interesting


How does she itch her skin-

Rashidah’s Place

I grew up with her hey girl

AlleyCat TheQueen

Imma just say that this is a lesbian’s worst nightmare.

Janet Dee

Low key dangerous for her to drive

Glow with Ola

Wow 57 and GLOWING ??? I’m a boy with long nails- video on my YouTube channel- and I think she’s amazing!!!



Taylor Small

Me: Edward scissor hands

Her: nail goddesses

Carly A

“They’re all different legnfs”

Anthony Word

It's her right to do whatever she wants to do with her body. But her daughter's still have to be available to help her do things. Plus,how sanitary can this be? Is this really worth the attention?

Ricky Ferguson

Her nails, her body! She is a very beautiful women!

Puddin Pop

How does she pick her nose

Delilah Mullen

How does she scratch when she itches?


That is just revolting.

anna Lewis

????? cut them off toooo long

Fozia Issa


Catherine Mackenzie

Obsession is obsession. Your life revolves around this thing. Interesting but dangerous. They are not normal just like everyone else and certainly do not aspire to be which is ok.

Stephine George

I love your nails

Pretzel Logic

Doo doo nails

Amanda Share

Hate them!

Susana Cervantes

How does she wipe her bottom?


Are they Real nails?

Davida SS

Not cooking for me with those hands ....sorry

Splaza 0211

All that bacteria growing underneath those nails. No thanks


Those girls are as beautiful as their Mamma!

Ghost Writer


Diamond Lexis

My nails be falling off

Asia' Valenciaga

So maria really did come far!!

Accalia ***

Corona virus is coming for those nails, how you gonna keep them bacteria free easily....?

mr bander

I will never understand why people do such stupidity....14 inch nails!! ?

neeta Sinha

They cost you 20,000 whatever and they ain't even pleasant to watch!

Laura Vevers

Is it Me or do her nails Look ugly?? ??‍♀️

Tormented Soul

Your solution ... is to have everyone else do things for you. There is so much bacteria, food, and crap under your nails. It is completely unsanitary. You look like an alien. Grow up....

You say she does it all by herself WHAT? she can't even put her shoes on... you are trippin'

Davida Whiters

0:41 me walking into hell:

Chj Fhj

That is so disgusting she should cut them . There is bacteria.

Lauryn Hughes

Bruh when I grow my real nails as long as they can they end up breaking either way

Fuck Off

well uh how do u open a car door

Jen Belushi

Those nails are so long the only thing I wonder is how they wipe themselves & not accidentally get their fingernails jammed up their asses & accidentally break a nail & have it get stuck up in there?
I mean no disrespect whatsoever

Jennifer H.

I do my own nails took me a few years to get good with acrylic and gel and bling but its been cheaper doing it myself

Swimming Dolphins

Its her brightness in this horrible world. Let her live

Jenn C.

Nobody talkin about how she lyin? Ain no way she wipe her poo off properly. Sista gots some grape size dingleberries an you know it. Goin roun smellin like a nursin home dumpster.

Hanna Hafizzah

I just proud she can do anything even with that nails..

Babydoll Jim

Must be great during this pandemic...

Sarah Monaghan

i wonder when she wipes her arse after a shight, does she get it stuck in nails, I know it sounds gross,I not being horrid,

Baby j charles

How do y'all wash the vjj, then yuh kids have to help out after

critic for the uploader

Infection control, she shouldn't bring anything to the potluck...

Darlene Anthony


ැමෝම බලන්න පටන්ගත්තා askance එකිනෙකා දෙස. විලෝ Kramer වෙනුවට තිබූ

solidarity thrives

How could she make food

Dandy Lion

I would NEVER eat anything this woman cooks.


Seems like a really nice lady but sadly there's got to be a whole universe of bacteria under those nails.

Peachy_ Girl

Whatwould happen if she played the piano like james charles on tiktok-✰

Evans Eva

What sense in that long nails madness

Tea Sea

The amount of germs and bacteria those nails carry ? but each to either own tbh

Judy Sanchez


GAD-x2 Oo

?????????????? discussed

Look nails

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How to Create Natural Looking Acrylic Nails

89 610 views | 21 May. 2020

Suzie loves mixing

Suzie loves mixing acrylic powders within brand. Sometimes just a touch of one color powder can create a very different look. Join Suzie as she custom designs natural looking nails.

Suzie’s New Clean Acrylic Starter Kit, Premium Acrylic Brush and Files are available to everyone, both DIY’s and Pro’s! Also check out her Signature Series ‘Nuke It’ Apron?


Looking for Nail, Skin or Hair Products? Check out Joya Mia’s website and use the Coupon Code: SUZIE to receive 10% OFF anything you purchase in their store.


Disclosure: Suzie’s Nail Career Education Inc. receives a commission from Joya Mia when you use her Discount Code.


Suzie has a Free Online Digital Magazine with articles related to all things nails, including stories and tutorials by talented nail artists. Check it out:


Looking for a video Suzie has done? Check out her Instant Search Video Catalog, that makes it easy to find specific videos:


Follow Suzie on Instagram:


Suzie invites you to share your own nail design photos with her on Instagram with the hashtag:



You can also follow Suzie:




Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!

00.00 Better Off With You by Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman http://bit.ly/2TSu83E

00.52 Small Circuits by From Now On https://bit.ly/3bCEH0N

02.59 Elude by Senchi https://bit.ly/34dVvZz

07.48 Away from Home by A P O L L O feat. Homebody http://bit.ly/38yNM8G

11.28 Beach Memories by Sum Wave http://bit.ly/2Wo7yS9

12.09 Fiberman by Keppel Skies http://bit.ly/2S9v7Mh

19.45 Malin’s Song by Sum Wave http://bit.ly/2V5ukNQ

20.27 Better Off With You by Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman http://bit.ly/2TSu83E

Music Licensed through Epidemic Sound http://bit.ly/35xne79

Karla E

Thanks Suzie ?


I absolutely love this natural looking nail, and I love you Suzie. Thank you for your time, and teaching us all. I have watched you for a very longtime, and I bought everything to get started. I’m am new to this so I’m anticipating many mistakes. As expected, but I hate making mistakes. I’m going to practice with less quality powders so I don’t waste a lot of good product. I’m not sure if this is a good idea? As always Thank you for all your help.

Veronica Barnes

What’s your location an full set prices ?

Meru Ayano

Okay, so I bought your kit. Its so wonderful. The only question I have in watching this video is the fact that you say you use the pink tint + the natural tint, but the powder you put in first is white. There's no correction in the description, so I'm wondering if I'm not seeing things right, or if you actually used the clear cap or soft white instead? Also, do you recommend a primer that's available now?? I'm not sure what brand would be a good use.


Suzie you need to make your own sticky nail forms that say “Nuke it” or write some short “tips” on them, or “camera man”. Or just small pictures of your beautiful hand shot. Personal question: “Are you married “? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. ? ??????????

alysia bartusek

No offense but your products are really expensive but I get why because they are really professional because you are the best nail tech

alysia bartusek

I like oval ,medium length ,natural pink color ,acrylic nails

Sari lisa

I'd love to see the marble look, where you don't mix the powder completely?❤️

Ong Moua

I love the way you do your nails. If we lived in the same town, I choose you to do my nails. Keep up the beautiful work you do!!

Janet Grant

I love your files tried to order more all out let me no when got more in thank you

Elizabeth Spencer sucks

I am very disappointed at how you handled the criticism on Evie’s video. I doubt you’ll see this but it was certainly disheartening to see you act so unprofessionally towards any negativity towards your products. If you are charging 100+ for an acrylic kit and a women whose been experienced with many kits has a problem with your product maybe you should be looking into your products. Someone who is starting a brand for themselves should be more mature.

Öykü Elif Şare

I am always so jealous of these semi translucent nails. Theres no way to achieve this without getting acrylics or gel building ??? no polish no matter how good looks this good


Your work is just beautiful

Sandra Dee

I love your videos and watch them all thank you for the inspiration ?

chen chris

Hi it’s possible making acrylic power dry slowly,when I doing it,drying fast,or I can different brand of monomer or acrylic power?

Maxaroni Noodles

I would kill to have your acrylic Learning System and to take your classes but unfortunately when you're poor and your husband is the only one working 99.99 is a lot of money it's just not an option right now ?

Rianna SG

your voice is so soothing i love your videos :((

I'm Jax

Suzie! I need help. I finally recieved my nail kit and the molymer bottle is broken. The inside of the packaging for the bottle is drenched and the plastic wrap with molymer smells terrible. How do I get a new one? I really can't afford to buy another kit or pay more duty taxes. Please help me,

alysia bartusek

Suzie has given me so much confidence that I am now doing my own nails. I need more monomer and a new brush. The brush has seen better days!!?

Tara Craig

Since ive been watching your videos. Ive learnt so much about nails. I want to become a nail tech thanks to you because it seems so interesting

Jessica Croteau

Remember when Suzie only wanted to wear squares?

Rhaine Solis

From the Philippines here and I can 't buy your product . I love watching you videos suzy!

Keri Brown

Can I purchase just the monomer alone? I have everything else but I’m sensitive to the smell of monomer and really want to try yours!

Alexandra Lawrence

Hey guys so I need advice. I’ve been doing nails for almost 10 years now from teaching myself & I wanted to do a course now with the brand that I use. I’ve done nails in front of an esthetician (she teaches nails courses) and people who are certified nail techs and none of them said I do anything wrong. (I’ve actually been told that I do nails better than people who have been at it for a while, oddly enough). When I do the course should I be honest that I’ve been doing nails for so long or not mention it at all?


That "Thank you" to all your viewers and fans at the end of the video was so sincere, and it really means a lot. You're one of the more genuine content creators on the YouTube platform, and it's nice to see that your successes haven't gone to your head. I wish you continued success with your line of products.

Teresita White

Hi SUZIE! 1st...I love you!!! And all your videos! 2nd, I recently bought your odorless acrylic system. It's wonderful! Now, I want to put it on my nails. What primer do you recommend? I have e-nail couture prep & acid free primer. Will that be OK until yours is available? You're the best!!! Thank you!

Tonya Dia

I’m curious, does it matter much to you the placement of your form?

Rosita Lamor


potato lee

Does the primer smell bad or does it have no smell ?

Jazmine Butler

Susie you should consider a dropper for your bottles to make it easier to use small amounts

cho chi

yessss this one too!! Anyway?? HAVE A BLESSED DAY! ?? The plan of salvation:
Hear: Romans 10:17
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
Believe: Mark:16:16
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
Repent: Luke 13:3
I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
Confess: Matthew 10:32
Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
Be Baptized: Acts 2:38
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
And then we all must live faithful unto death
Revelation 2:10 “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

Cammie Nelson

Beautiful set! ????

Carla Wright

Love her videos. Plz come to my house!!!!

Yesenia M

I wish I could have a nail tech like you! I always ask for a natural look and what they always do is put on a pink powder and white or nude at the tip. It does not look natural. How can I ask for what I’m looking for? Like which powders to use?



Her voice is so soothing, soft, and calm I almost fell asleep.

Nichole Clinton

Living for this ?❤

Melissa lambert

I cant find the CND Cuticle Away at my local Ulta. They carry CND cuticle eraser. Are you familiar with that product? Do you recommend? My daughter is 12 and a nail bitter

Syed Qasim

Thank you so much for this , I love it , bcz this so easy tutorial ^w^

Miss Nailz13

Love these ! So beautiful and fun

Cășuneanu-Bandl Gertrude-Iohanna

Suzie can you tell us how many pairs of glasses do you have ? I stopped at 13 but I'm thinking of getting a new pair already. ?

Nadine Duncan

Thanks your such a great helper helper though

Dien Le

Love it!!❤️❤️

Vee Bee

So beautiful!!! I’m using polygel and it’s practically impossible for me ??

Grace Bennett

what’s the intro music?



Baby Goose

I don’t even do nails and I wanna buy her products.

Latasha Payne

Does your acrylic starter kit come with brush and file ? Or just powder and liquid? Thank you

Liliana Molina

I ordered your acrylic set and the monomer makes the acrylic very runny and I’m doing it right

Stephen Sweeney

I love her aesthetic its so light and happy! I also have a question do you think its esier to start off with a tip or a form?

Cheryl Campbell

Love that natural look. Suzie I bought your apron and your files-they’re amazing- and next is your acrylic package!

Tia Burton

can you list just your monomer on your websit for sell?


Suzie, is the best

Susy Rojas de pas

Hi Suzie what kind of lap is good to use on small nails and what kind of nail polish or colour should I be using? Love your videos best day to realxing and how are you hoping with this lockdown business? xxxxx

sushma diwakar

Where from buy it???

vicky medina

Love it.


Suzie, I’ve discovered your channel and I am a firm loyal fan now, thanks for your awesome videos. I’ve been doing my own nails for years, but when I’m too busy working I do go and have them professionally done. Well since watching your videos I have decided to go back to doing my own nails. Thanks for your encouraging words. Your an awesome instructor! I appreciate you so much. Much Love, TammyN

sanne van baak

hi! i know i'm probably not going to get a reply, but do you think you'll ever sell the files seperately instead of in a set? i just have my natural nails, and i'd really like to maybe get the smooth & shine file someday to give them a good finish when they don't have any polish. thank you! <3

Raee Martinez

Can you do a video on mixing your own acrylic powders?

Rabbea Idrees

My nail bed is too short my fake nails fall down always how I can secure them more

maria luisa perez

Hola. Como hace para hacer sus uñas una y otra vez y no dañarlas?
Usted es increíble!!

cho chi

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22 And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,
23 Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.

Kmiel Faces Mirrors

You are amazing with doing nails I actually watch you and buy the products as well as I go along. You are so talented. Boo?

Layla Boyt

You are good at crick nals❤️ my YouTube channel is Leyla boyt


this is almost like an ombre and i love it!!!!

Sheyla Brito

Hi I saw a video of your monomer turning yellow. Is it gonna turn the acrylic yellow or not

Rocío Jocelyn

Hi Suzie do you have any funny bloopers? ?

Natalia Klapp

You chat too much...

Vanessa Gonzalez

I post nail pics and so many other nail stuff on my Snapchat leave your snaps below to add you ??✨

mo mo

Thank you to you and camera man!
Two years I’ve learned alot

Raquel Louise

Hi Suzie, do you ship your product to the uk?

Latasha Payne

My favourite look.wish I had a nail tech like you here !!

Anna Chiara Azzarita

This is how many times she says "N A T U R A L. L O O K"

Aussie scrapper

Are you able to ship to Australia.?

Kimberley Fredricks

Can we all give cameraman a round of applause. ??

Lisa Anderson

Ur the best suzie frm kansas city

Cloe Corpse

Love u suzie

lei raj

You legit are the Bob Ross of nails. I absolutely love your videos, they are so soothing and calming and it teaches a lot about nails ❤️

Shilan Tatality

so soooo beautiful

Lisa McMahon

Do you ship to Ireland

pink penguin

Suzie , I love your glasses , are they new?

Klimts Cat

This is an excellent channel.

vicky medina

I noticed that you don't use the drill to much, I will love to learn all your technics.


Do you ever use nail tips

Brianna Stephanie

Who else is new here and is binge-watching all of Suzie's videos thanks to the shelter in place?! Lol!

Carol Klans-Cerda

Thank you for taking the time to create these tutorials.

Luzi fär

if only I had the money...

Allison Jade williams

Hey Suzie! I am a beginner looking to purchase a nail drill. What are your thoughts on the melodysusie scamander nail drill? You’re opinion is one of the few that I trust.


Can you make a video explaining the difference between natural and clear tips and when to use each?


Show us how to make acrylics with no ingredients and show us how to make acrylic powder with no ingredients

Mega Bitch

Your videos are like ASMR I love it!

Ashwini Lata Chand

hi Suzie I love watching your videos

M Ali

You give Cinderella fairy godmother vibes and I’m all here for it queen?


Beautiful Suzie❣️Gonna use your set today ...so excited ?

Kimberley Fredricks

I have been using CND Retention+ for years and recently tried Mia Secret because the cover colors are so pretty. It ran all over the place. I tried to turn the bead on the brush over and tap on a paper towel to remove excess liquid and it was still so wet and runny. Zero control. It was horrible and I tossed all the product in the trash. I want to try your system next. This looks like it gives better control and the bead stays where you put it - which is what I was taught to determine the quality of the product.

Meru Ayano

I just want to say that I love your personality and your work. You're videos are easy to understand and fun. I hope that you're doing fantastic in your career and everything else!


Ha ha look so easy but is hard to do ???

Paula Caudill

I love this look! ♥️

Carla Porciuncula

We love you Suzie, you are such a warm, talented and beautiful person. I would love to have someone in my family like you and share this passion a little closer. You are making this hard times a little better with every video you upload. Greetings from Argentina!

Jenn Glow


Fannie's Channel

This nails are so cute. Small youtuber. Hope you can go watch my videos and tell me my mistakes. Hope to get better like you.

Look nails

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How to do Sweater Nails!

36 735 views | 29 Oct. 2020

The easiest way to to the

The easiest way to to the sweater nail effect with gel polish!

Products Used:

- Aprés Gel-X Sculpted Coffin Medium

- Ugly Duckling # 044 White, Matte Top Coat

- ASP Clear Acrylic powder

- striping brush

Please follow me on Instagram and TikTok


You can purchase my Water Decals and press-ons at Sadlerupnails.com

Ruby Bhelay-Haynes

Wonderful - TSMFS ??? Have you tried Nailchemy’s Velvet Matt Top Coat??It is very decadent - you will love it!!! I do ☺️


Omg. Thank you makes it so much easier.

Santina Sangster

These are so cute ?thanks for sharing

The Better Marsha

Thanks for sharing????

Chloe next door

Literally so easy and descriptive!!! Thank you and the set was gorgeous!!!

Andy Cummings

Woohoo a great design. Going to try in next mani

Nicole Mikoski


Mz. Mercy

Can this be done with dip powder as well??

Sum'a Rayne

This was a big help!!! Thank you for sharing!!! ❤

Jana Russell

So cute and relatively easy. Great tutorial, kudos!!! ?

Jolene Yao

wow ive seen a lot of sweater nail tutorials and this one is the best one ive seen so far. the brush tip makes a huge difference in how the sweater look comes out. i will definitely be trying this exact design out.

Karrina Tomassetti

Did anyone who tried this have a problem with the acrylic powder getting dirty not even a day after doing them?

Maria Perez

I made some and they came out so cute! But they get really dirty. Especially the white ones they attract all the lint. Should I just put a clear top coat.

Suman Jaiswar


Tiffany Jones

That was super cute. Not polish have a really good matte topcoat and a high shine gloss topcoat

Studio Silver Sage

Super clear. Thank you for the tutorial.

Ashley Rodriguez

U wipe off with alcohol?

Beadtrix Knotter

You made that look easy, thank you

Jennifer Tharp

So pretty! How do you get such lovely height on your designs? My gel flattens out and I can barely see it after I apply the powder. Darn it. I'd love to get mine to this level of expertise. Tips, anyone?

Samantha Carranco

Great tutorial! These are one of my favorite designs :) thanks for sharing

Mieke van Well

Hey, this looks really cute! I do have a question, I didn’t saw you seal the whole nail at the end with a topcoat. Is this not necessary? Also, if I make this design with a pink nailpolish, does my acryl powder also have to be pink, or just clear?

janelli villafane

Super cute. Loved this video very short and right to the point.

Evy Paris

thank you!!! this is amazing!!

GlitterGlam - Nail Artist

great easy tutorial thankyou

Katie Unwin

Do u top coat this???

Denise Moore

Dang u made that look so easy

Exclusive nails with Vonne

Awesome thank you ?

Tonya Florence

Can you use dip powder or does it have to be Acrylic

nay nay B

White was hard to see on detail. Nice results tho

Karen de Armas

Thank you for the tutorial!
I want to try it. I would like if you can tell me where to buy the skinny brush for this manicure. ?

casandra Lynn

I wouldn't recommend dipping to most people because your going to flatten or mess up the wet paint ?

Elena Luengo

Se ve fácil en la uña postiza pero imaginen ese trabajo en el pie de una persona en vivo y en directo ???

Danielle MacDuff

Will be definitely be doing this once Halloween is over, thank-you for sharing this, can you do this with different colors

Dalesha Monea

These are amazing???.... I think I’m going to try it


Love it.... thank you ?

Pomchi Productions

Wish I could do this without the acrylic

Emoretta Robinson

I pretty much watched this out of curiosity. I've never heard of a sweater design on nails before. And I'm glad you shared your process. I have a couple of questions. I saw a woman with these beautiful pink nails. She said it's Tammy Taylor p3. Is it possible instead of having that applied directly onto my nails that i can put it on press on nails and remove them when I want a different color? Also have you ever created nails with the northern star, snowflakes, a lavender and pink plaid design, the Superman logo and/or Winnie the Pooh? I'd like to learn how to do all of those as well. And for everyone except the plaid design I wasn't sure if you'd need to create a decal or if you can freehand the design. I'd really like your input if you don't mind.