How to get long thick eyelashes

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1 558 145 views | 21 Jan. 2016

toDAY I am teaching u how

toDAY I am teaching u how to get those long pritty eyelashes everyone wants. see?

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How to get long thick eyelashes

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Grow long and thick eyelashes | thick long eyelashes home remedy | how to grow long eyelashes

258 views | 7 Aug. 2020

Mix one tsp of aloe vera

Mix one tsp of aloe vera gel

One tsp of castor oil

Store in airtight container n use it every night before going to bed. Within 7 days your eyeslash will grow long and thick

Bing bong

thanx for sharing

Muda. Bir.

wow amazing

Umme gohar

In such low rates you shared these tips ...if they work ...really rocking


Will definitely try this soon
Thanks for sharing

humaira raza

Very useful

Spread. Education

Awesome remedy will try to get long and beautiful lashes

Ms Basma Aijaz

Mostly trying your remedies its wow??

Roar Simba

Looks effective and easy to make.

Anna Ali

i like long lashes ill try this

Abish Arish

Nice remedy ?

Mishi Abid

I must try this remedie this is amazing

Rohi Zulfi

Good remedy

Momina Majid

Nice sharing

Abeeha Mirza

Woww thank yu for help

Nuzhat's Art's

Very good remedy

Amna Jamal

I have everything at home. Will do it soon. Do you think it will also work on the hair on the head?

Merwa Bhutta

Wao amazing art

Foodie Ayesha

Amazing and simple remedy...I will try it

Ramsha Iqbal

Thanks for sharing


Tried this, really effective

aamir wadood

very good video for home remedy

Moon Light

Its really helpful thanks for ur idea

• Rainbow Berry •

wao thats sooperb idea u hv shared

suma salman

It's look very effective remedy

Pakistan Steel mill

Will Try this remedy
It's look simple and easy

SK Art

Nice remedy

Sana Imran

Nice share

Hazal's Amazing Kitchen Vlog Qaiser

Thanks for sharing

Mona Kitchen

Good work

rab khuram

Its easy and effective thanks for sharing ?

Fatima Fatima

Long lashes e achi lgti hai thnx for sharing

Pinky Pk

Thnx for sharing nice remedy I will apply

Qasim Sajjad

Natural always good

rabii angle

Effective remedy

Lubna K

Very nice remedy thanks for sharing

Umm e Ismail

I watched your remedies on and off

Usman Zabih

It is very effective...thanks for sharing Amazing Remedy

Afroz Sheikh

Thanks for sharing this video, nice

Munyiva Kakuvi

Will try

Amna Malik

nice remedy.....thanks for sharing....

Laal Pari

To goood remodey

Hassan Sardar

this reciepe really works. i tried,

Mahrukh Ali

Natural way of grow lashes v good

Personal account

Best remedy

Aftab Merani


Eshaal Fat

Very nice,,.thanks for sharing...

Tom& Jerry

Me and my family already has long and thick lashes. Alhumdulillah

Ayesha Khan

I will apply on my eyelashes Very informative video nice sharing

Sara Ali

I will try surely ?? thanks

Shak Niz

wow zabardast tip

pretty pink

How long can this lash serum last outside if I want to sell it.

Noor Fatima

Its very useful & good home remedy

aamira samad

Thanks for sharing this tip

Saadia Khan

I hope it will work.. I will try

Jaweed Ahmed

So no need to use maskara now

Azm Azm

Thanks for sharing

Amal Ali khan


sadaf Imtiaz

Nice information thank you for sharing

Sara noor

Good job

Flying Flower

Effective remedy.... also easy way to grow long lashes

My kitchen My style

Amazing remedy

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Wow Masha Allah beautiful...

Babli Parveen

Wow amazing and good video


plz some remedy for dandruff


Your Remedies are amazing????

Madina Shah

Thanx for share this remedy