Korean moisturizer for dry skin

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korean moisturiser for dry skin+klairs rich moist soothing cream review

235 views | 6 Jul. 2020

In this video,I rate this

In this video,I rate this korean moisturiser for dry skin ,klairs rich moist soothing cream review. Its an honest review of my experience so far with this skincare product and whether it's a good Korean moisturizer for dry skin

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My name is Lucia I love all things beauty especially skincare,self care and fashion in that order,I'm a curvy girl so I'm all about body positivity and I hope to share that on this platform.I believe in looking good but most importantly feeling good.

I like trying out new products and brands so I decide to bring you along my journey.

I love eating out,exploring new places and most importantly family.

I hope I live you inspired to live your most authentic life.??

Music by DJ Quads


Teresia Munywoki

Which cleanser do you use?

glowtouch styles

Cream look very moisturising keep grinding

Mariska Nur

I have a dryskin type. But, so verry dizzy to choose 1 of them; klairs rich moist cream or klairs supple preparation all over lotion??.

lucia andeche

I'm always looking for skincare products to improve my dry sensitive skin,if you have any other products you would like me to review,comment down below
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Sheila Olayo

Nice, very informative..

Korean moisturizer for dry skin

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Korean Skincare Routine for Dry Skin + Tips!

294 980 views | 26 Jan. 2017

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° Christine: https://www.instagram.com/christine_glow

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° Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Blooming Cleanser

╰ Glow Recipe: http://bit.ly/2f2NyP8

° Blithe Vital Treatment Essence - 5 Energy Roots

╰ Glow Recipe: http://bit.ly/2j890ph

╰ Sephora: http://bit.ly/2kwMbfo

° Huxley Oil Essence

╰ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2j8oSYL

╰ Glow Recipe: http://bit.ly/2fDW3Sv

° Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream

╰ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jiPGAN

╰ Glow Recipe: http://bit.ly/2gnRxmn

° J. One Hana Cream

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° J.One Black Jelly Pack

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° J.One Jelly Pack: https://youtu.be/SHWuqp_FdQ4

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╰ Glow Recipe: http://bit.ly/2isrMqW

╰ Sephora: http://bit.ly/2kwR8Vc

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Sarah's Blog Post on the 7 Skin Method: http://bit.ly/2jK18u7

° Toner Recommendations:

╰ Blithe Vital Treatment Essence: http://bit.ly/2kwMbfo

╰ Klairs Supple Preparation Toner: http://amzn.to/2j89eNg

╰ Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula: http://bit.ly/2jAZPJY

Basically, choose any toner that is bouncy, alcohol free, and full of hydrating ingredients!

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╰ 3CE X Lily Maymac (Holy Rose): http://bit.ly/2jb85n3

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many said applying toner on dry skin ca make it more drying out but this is 7 times? which one to follow. im so confuse. bcs i have dry skim, whenever i wash my face, it tends to so dry out.


Had to let you know. Dr. Oz recommended SEVERAL YEARS AGO - ALWAYS CLOSE TOILET LID BEFORE FLUSHING! If you do that, you'll prevent bacteria from flying all over the bathroom, onto your towels, toothbrush, etc. I've done it for FIVE years.
Also, I love your suggestions, but think you should give ALTERNATE products for those of us who cannot afford products that START at about $45 dollars. That's a lot to spend when you're on a budget. Thank you.

Angela Hynes

Amazing! You two are so beautiful with or without makeup. Incredible skin, can’t wait to try this method.

s.u xo

what product would you recommend for exfoliating dry skin?

rice leaven

hi , i have a dry skin and pigmentation can you addvice me a right korean skin product.thank you


What does "chok chok" mean?? I always hear it in Korean beauty videos :')

Jw Loy

Where can I find J one products in Korea ?:)


my skin is normally dry anyway, but I recently had jaw surgery and my skin literally has no moisture in it now -_- add winter on top and my poor face is cracking T_T

Najib Rahmat

do i must use this thing only at night or at the morning?

Alexandra Dietz

watching this right after i dried my face with a towel after cleansing and now have a face mask on


Be careful on what type of water is in your country though. I live in France and water here tends to be hard water which pulls moisture from the skin. I have to wipe it off and spray thermal water on my skin instead

Cecilia Par

Can you please tell me if an 18 years old can apply these? Will it be bad for the skin for an 18 years old?

Alice Vula

My first time to hear of this 7 toner tapping and I will definitely try it. thank you guys.

Chloe Ngo

omg this mẹthod method is amazing!!!! i have only used 3 items which is toner, oil essence, and the anti-gravity cream it literally saves me from my freakin dry skin.

Susanne Gyllengård

Very good video

Miranda EL

Hi. Do i wait til the 1st layer is absorbed before i apply the 2nd, 3rd so forth?


The moistraizer toner 7x tapping everyday??? Or are all these products for every day use? Can u use makeup afterwords

Nayni Paung

After applying all the products. If I want to wear makeup, do you think it is necessary to apply primer if I want to wear foundation?

Ms. K G

@glow recipe love your videos! I really want to try the J.one White and Black bottle... insta @littlemskg

Apnita Rosanti

Hi Joan Kim ☺ I wanna ask, How about the recomendation layer toner or essence for oily-combination skin? Thq


do u do this everyday?


i feel like i have oily dry(?) dehydrated skin and its just the worst because all i wanna do is layer a bunch of moisture on my face but i dont wanna look blinding reflective

Sandy Garcia

I struggle with absorption. I have to go in the front of the fan for it to dry or my skin stays wet and foundation moves all over the place. I do have the Huxley products and j.one etc

Nimra Ejaz

Can we get these products in Pakistan?

Mane G

Okay I am subscribing because this channel combines my favorites: Koreans and skincare ?? very informative and helpful video, thank you very much ❤❤❤❤❤


Is this routine for the morning? or Night? or both?

rina limbu

may i know these all products of name please ?

Lizz Lizzie

has anyone tried that 7 step exact this toner? i am not sure i should buy or not. in the reviews some people wrote it has a hardfragnance in it and ....

Nimra Ejaz

Wow that's so nice of you guys to give such nice tips for our skins I loved your way to explain that what these products actually do I just loved this routine and I will soon try this routine once I visit Korea love you ❤

joankim fanclub

follow us in instantgram @joankimfanclub suppprt joan

Mollika Khun

Idk y im even here i have oily skin? but i love ur videos anyway?❤️❤️

glenda duarte lugo

QUESTION: What about body? What would you recommend for your body? I need something for my husband's dry itchy skin? Thanks:)


When she said mochi, jimin popped up in my head ?


I like you girls

ulfat ariba

How can get this cream

Alia Hazrin

Truee af,dont ever use towel in your face??

Jesii Fetzer

Need to try this!!!

Donna McLaren

Please share your favorite cleansing balms to remove makeup

Nadine Hong 유경

my skin has been so freakishly dry and my dry patches are really tough especially during summer months. i bought some of these products (klairs toner, huxley oil, huxley anti gravity cream) right after watching the video about a few days ago and oh my god. my skin feels so moisturized and the dry patches from my cheeks are barely there even after a 1 night use! it's hard to find these brands in the philippines but after working hard to find online shops that carry these brands, i can really assure you that they're worth the hard work and the price.

Christina Andrea Rosamilia

Which product hidrating that you know is fragrance free and parabens free? Thansk


I've been trying it for like a couple of week, and I only use what I have which is body shop aloe calming toner. And it's so.much. different. It's so moisturizing. Looove it.

My skin is always dry. And I'm almost desperate. But this is a game changer. Thank you Joan n Christine ?

Yeyin Lee

Hi JOAN! Can u share a few toner that can do the 7 skin method?


I subbed as soon as I heard dry skin

Chrissy Moss

This needs to be updated ...... PLEASE! Only because it's almost 3 years old and many more products have been released.
Also, you're my "dry skin girl guru", ❤?❤?❤

Stella Ly

So now it's summer, can you do a summer skincare routine for dry skin please? ^^

mr 347 dale

Do you do this at night or morning?

Joan Reboja-Cruz

Hi! I would like to ask if Missha TIme Revolution Clear Toner is applicable or okay to use for layering 7 times? Hope to hear from you soon.

shauna murtagh

I just realised that all of my cleaners contain SLS ??

Izzy Lizzy

I’m having troubles with my dry skin! When putting on make up or skin care products my skin flakes over it! I look like a walking pealing scab! I need help!

r young

I’m now facing a bad situation because of my dry skin :’)


Hey Joan! I'm a little troubled as to the body lotions that are available and highly recommended for dry skin. My body skin literally feels like a desert and could peel anytime.. Do you have any recommendations?

Queen E-star7

But what about ??? We're their neighbours unnis


How can I use these products with the Retin A.1% which I've used at night since 1984? Also, what about using a Clarisonic?

Molly Hammar

Can I do the seven layers whit Klairs toner? ?

beauty with JOY

joan! how did you transition from teaching english in korea to doing this youtube stuff??? can you share with us your story?


"Let me cone back with my face on" -comes back looking the exact same and perfect lol you two are so beautiful! I loved this video a lot!!! Thanks so much for all the info!!!

Janelle Tejada

Will Mamonde rose water be a good 7 skin toner?

j. blanco

where did you get that beige long sleeve top?
it’s super cute!!


Did you ever announce the winner?

Rachel Henrikson

Joan, what foundation do you use? Your skin has such a dewy glow. I myself have dry skin and want a great finish to my makeup without looking flaky.

Elina Wagner

I tried the 7-skin method with the Scinic Honey ampoule in very thin layers today because it was the closest to a very hydrating, bouncy toner that I had at home and I'm honestly mind-blown! I know it's called an ampoule but it's more of a 3-in-1 product (toner, essence, ampoule) so I figured it'd be fine and my skin just feels so moisturized now, it's insane! Thank you so much for the tips!

Joseph Chao

Is there a way to get these products in Los Angeles?


about tapping the water after you cleaned your skin is not really good actually for dry skin... well it depends on where you live but I live in France near Paris and there's A LOT of limestone in the water which will make you skin really dryer. so what I do is that I just use a cotton pad to remove the water and I use a pure water spay (is that the name?) right after to keep my skin moisture

Ruela Joy Hermogila

I need to follow your skincare routine because i have also a dry and acne prone skin. ???


Has anyone tried the deoproce spider Webb skincare line??

Karla Celeste stein

I love this thank you ?❤️

Anna Toledo

I love it! ❤


Thanks for making this video! It’s really helped me better my skin and I love how knowledgeable you guys are!!?

C Tang

i was really hoping they'd recommend an exfoliator, just don't see many reviews of these from korean vloggers

Brandi Bell

Hello. Would you recommend buying any of these from Amazon? It's hard to know if it's going to be the real deal, compared to buying from Glow Recipe or Sephora

Jay Pascual

im still confused about skin cares


plz tell me these products names


But out skin naturally has more bacteria.. our body has 10x more microorg than numbers of our cells...

moonlight princess

same here I have dry skin too


Hi joan~ was wondering if you ever heard or try E Nature before?

Yen Nhi

can you layer the cosrx snail 96 essence?


Do I have to use to essences my skin isn't super dry like theirs

Kai Ong

New subscriber here! Can you do a dry skin routine with products from Nature Republic and The Face Shop? They're the most common Korean skincare shops in the Philippines right now, and others don't have acces to the products you recommend unless bought online :(

Mariumrizi Channel

Is it available in japan??


I hope you'll review whamisa toner :)

Armand Federicko Aquino

Why do I feel like Christine is giving off the Martha Stewart vibe

Sanjida Parvin

Can I use the product simple toner ?

Mell Condro

Wait Im confused and feel stupid, didnt beauty blender needed to get wet so they dont absorb so much stuff?? And when they dry the absorb alot ??

Sudha Gunasekaran


I'm from India ?. I'm having dry skin and it becomes super dry during winter. I would love to use korean products, can anyone suggest me a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser, any serum which can make me look fresh and healthy when I wake up in the morning. Loads of love ?


i want to do this 7 times toner method with avene thermal water, can i? it is 7.5 ph and i am not sure it will be good or bad

Mia Ash

Would be great to make a video on the most popular South Korean skincare products, ie the bestsellers and the widely used Korean products.
Thanks a lot

Sofia a

It was so interesting, thank you so much!!! I'm dealing with a desert too ahahah

ari d tommo

can you do the 7 step method with snail mucin essence ?

ChokChok Calm Life

I hate the exposure here. Joan please don't do this again. I love your vids but ...yeah


I've never knew that we shouldn't use towel but now I know??.Thank you so much you two for this very helpful video.I really want to try J One jelly pack

pham thuong

oh my god. the 7 layers method, it really active for me. oh great. I already try 1 week and it's helpful. thank so much. I known this video too late

Kiva Kk

Can you please give some tips to brighten/remove acne and pimple scars from the face ?? I also have dry skin ❤️❤️❤️

adriana zaj

hi joan, i'm just wondering if these routine is suitable for teens too or it's for a mature skin only?




My face except for my nose is dry. My nose is oily ?

Macky Suson

Thank you for sharing! I am really inspired to have watched this! Can't wait for the next video! Keep it up!

eya zaki

This routine for day time or night time?


So i will apply it at night and in the morning i will just apply the cream is it right?!

Yen Nhi

can i do the 7 skin method with the son and park beauty water?

A slayer

Is this blithe essence more hydrating than the brown one

Korean moisturizer for dry skin

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my korean skincare routine for dry skin.

3 831 views | 13 Jan. 2021

hello, i get asked to do a

hello, i get asked to do a skincare routine all the time so here it is!

my skin was extra irritated the day that i filmed this but the mask calmed it down :)

follow me on instagram!


business email:

[email protected]



lip sleeping mask


all in one ampoule spray

(not available online yet)


zero pore pad


tea tree relif serum


black snail restore serum


tea story mask - black tea mask


30 day miracle cream

cnp laboratory

dr.r2 real madecassoside cream


lotus aqua bloom eye serum

(wrong name in the video)


Music by Ryan Little - Think About You - https://thmatc.co/?l=9E7E382D

not sponsored.

#korean #skincare #routine

moonlight princess

Yasss just what I needed I have dry skin too

Jessica Vu



I luv your vidss?

Evie Jynx

Plsss make more videos on nails! That was such a relaxing video to watch

Reve 29

I’m gonna say it, it must be said ....... I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!

Katie Lee

much needed esp with winter time


Been seeing Iunik products a lot recently, intrigued to try their products!

yassir yassin

Your so prettyyy

Helen Troy

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Denise Lim

I need to buy all these products except for the lip sleeping mask !!


Thank you sooo muuuch baby ?? I need their products ? ?


so cute!!! do you use a sunscreen?

Valentina León

Hermosaa ❤??

Lilith Scythe


ayesha ali

Girl protect the barrier
Sun Jung barrier repair moisturizer can be good for winter time
Anyways so pretty :* ❤

Jeremiah Brown

Thank you so much for the video it helps me out with my dry skin your a inspiration to all of us we support you and love u thx for the video

크리스탈 Krystal

언니의 미학과 영상이 정말 멋져서 감탄하며 봤는데 터키에도 많은 팬이 있어요 ????


You are very beautiful, I have been following you for a while
I am from Yemen ??❤?.

Charlotte Hay