Mustache wax recipe

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Strongest mustache wax in the world

12 066 views | 17 Dec. 2016


Wolf cry has now perfected a super hold mustache wax that will be $10 1/2 ounce

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Jason Roberts

Love your beard balm and oil wolf blood is awesome

Raj Aditya

will It help to Grow Beard from None To Some....?

josh Cordova

I can't order from your website please contact me

gym pump

10 dollars for half ounce...?‍♂️??‍♂️?‍♂️??‍♂️?
Lanolin and beeswax rofl

josh Cordova

You guys are awesome

angela nadeau

Lanolin over shea. Got it?


Why don’t you have a product named after Beowulf?


Your smoke detector needs a battery man........what scent is it?

josh Cordova

Thank you so much . I received my moustache wax and am so happy with it

Kevin Morrice

no offence, but ive never tried a wax stronger than death grip by vintage grooming co

Ricky Gassiott

did you just sell your product and then sell a competitors' same product in the same video? lol

Bible Digger

Where can I buy

Jim Laing

Dude you are LEGIT ! Your passion and your honesty will bring you ahead of the pack. Keep doing what you are doing. YOU ARE LEGIT !

Mustache wax recipe

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How we make Mustache Wax

795 views | 3 Mar. 2020

I mustache you a

I mustache you a question...do you know how we make mustache wax!? Come hang out with our production team for this behind the scenes look into the process. Check out the products in this video and more at wetshavingproducts.com

30 Day Reviews

great little video
and good wax

3 stooges

Awww Mel why you not in video? We miss that smile!!!!!!!:-)

Mustache wax recipe

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I Learned How to Make Mustache Wax!!!

29 822 views | 17 Jan. 2018

This week, I learned how

This week, I learned how to make mustache wax! Now I can finally fulfill my dream of looking like a Civil War General. I found that the best ratio for what I need of beeswax to coconut oil is 2:1. Maybe you'll find that you need something different! Give this a try and let me know how it works!

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I made a batch using unrefined virgin coconut oil. This was a mistake it came out gritty. I do not recall it pointing out it was better to use refined coconut oil

Alexander Sandoval

Awesome video, new subscriber

WW Suwannee

you can make seasonal beard oil too like bayberry or frankincense for x=mas, or pumpkin and cinnamon for thanksgiving etc..........go big:)


Did you trim your moustache at the end?

martin winther

haha cool this is better then buying that expensive brand name stuff


great video.. Going to make some right now !

Kevin Hadfield

Great vid dude. I will try out the 2:1 ratio for sure. Cheers!


great video!

Elena Gisa

Did you just put the coconut oil directly on the scales? You are so lucky we are not married!

Mortimer Snurd

Or...how I'm bored out of my mind so I decided to make some stache wax. Next up, my video on the art of watching grass grow.


This recipe is NOT a very good hold at all, and it seems to be the "go to" recipe for most people. For once i would like to find a recipe that was actually for a strong hold wax, but that wont happen because It doesn't exist ANYWHERE on the entire internet! Only the same old mushy recipes over and over.

Andrew S

You can microwave it instead of double boiling; just keep an eye on it while it's melting.

Huon Heta

i just went down a Mustache rabbit hole, looked at 4 videos before yours, you are easily the better video, showing how the wax worked and experimenting was really helpful, sense of humor and cadence made it easy to stay to the end, really well done, got a sub and a like, keep them coming

Sandy Castles

Stache wax removal tips

Lutz Nothen

Hey, Luke!
I loved this vid of yours and made the wax myself together wih my 12-year-old daughter.
She was responsible for the scents (sandalwood + lemon), together we put it into cream containers.We had a lot of fun following your hints and testing your recipe!
Thanks a lot!
Luke (Lutz) from Germany

Jonathan Bailey

thanks mate love the presentation my wife had lavender and eucalyptus. man the shop was closed well gave you time for an early beer.

Eli Vigil 710

I look like a pirate of the Caribbean haha

Sandy Castles

1:1 thumbs down
2:1 TBD to be determined

TheBrowLift By Maloy

loved this, im going to try for brows

Mr Fawcett

Dude, are you still making that? I would love to try some and rate it

threat_level: Orange

Ron Swanson and Dwight Shrute had a baby boy

Carter Mauldin

Glad you figured out about the essential oils. Also, try melting your wax first since it takes longer to break down then add your coconut oil.

gym pump

With no rosin it wouldn't be tacky.

Deathfromabove Deathfromabove

Well I just followed your instructions and I now have a really good moustache wax. I used Sicilian lemon and lime as scent. Thanks for uploading.

John Johnson

Dude, you’re sexy


I’m originally from Hot Springs

Alex Martinez

The Cheech Martin sniff ?????


Seriously handsome.

Henrik Bæckström

I've not made a wax myself yet.. But I've bought some equipment and ingredients to start making beard balms (first and foremost) and beard butter. Thinking of making some mustache wax as well, having it in a lip balm container ? if the stache gets messy during the day.


I've been wanting to make some for about a month now (Movember). I always have coconut oil but just found beeswax last night. I've been eyeing which essential oil to use at my local grocers and am going right now. I think I'm going to get vitamin e as well

Devin Stromgren

Firehouse Wacky Tacky is WAY better than Captain Fawcett.


Achievement unlocked.
Make your own ‘stache wax.


Use something more conductive than glass, and glass won't explode unless you have a major pressure or temp change. For ex: I had a jar of jam blow up on me and I had no shirt on... Melting sugar is the worst down your abs and... Pants

Oh and boar brush will spread out that wax evenly

Nugget Prich

Can't like you because you have 420 likes. Right?


I just tried to melt 50 grs of bee's wax in a double boiler. After 45 mins it did not melted. Input welcome

Jeffrey Jamieson

Convert your scale to grams not difficult a lot more accurate

Casey Brown

11:04 oh so you just made moustache wax using moustache wax as an ingredient? Cool (j/k I know you meant beeswax lol)

Does your mustache smell like the Lord, with all that frankincense in it? You can get myrrh essential oil, too!

J Gomez

? common sense approach very very cool gonna do this right away

Wood Hughes

Love your personality! I made a 1:1 TBLS with 2 drops of Bergamot. You’re right, not tacky enough. Looks like 2:1 is too tacky for me so I’ll try 4:3 next. Also, the essential oils don’t last. Did your 12 drop actually yield 12 drop per container or was that before some of it vaporized off?

art corbett

Thanx i liked your idea, I will try it. You are right the cost of this stuff is High.

Eli Jay

I haven’t read through the comments, but in case someone hasn’t mentioned it... substitute mango butter. It seems to me to work better than shea butter. It feels less greasy and works just as well.

Ok Boomer

Handsome nigga

Eusebio dePaolis

Hi dude, some weeks ago I did it the same, but with almond oil and bio beeswax, in a 1:2 ratio.
Quickly melted directly in a pan.
It results like glue, with a white layer on the hair that disappear with breath heath (or mask heath during corona ahahah)
Now I see your video, looks nice anyway

Sandy Castles

Bees wax, odor not welcoming : l

Benjamin Grassel

Send me some! I need me some sandlewood though

Rodger Cooley

Try adding one part lanolin to your 2:1 beeswax/coconut. That's some tacky stuff, and good for your hair/skin. Great video, good editing too.


I don't care about mustache wax AT ALL, but I still watched tf out of this video. Bro, you should do some vlogs, you make me feel chill with your good vibes!

Bill French

i have use wax from a sented candled and girl friend complained about the wick. she gave me some bees wax. im off and running

WW Suwannee

The big sniff cracked me up.

Reid Whatley

That's a great alternative to a double boiler. I was about to bring out mine but then I thought, "That's a lot of water to heat up for just an ounce project." Then my wife asked, "Why don't you use the microwave oven." I'll try that next time. Medium to low power, of course. The 50/50 blend is working well. I might stiffen it up. I didn't use any essential oils. The beeswax and coconut oil has a subtle enough aroma. I think my next step is trimming issues. Thanks for the video.

Berlosabido Pronto

Great video man, fig and nurmeg is grat for aroma, Iḿ a rose man my self, roses are living dinosaures so for a paleontologist with a mustache that woks for me very good.

Goran Marinic

if nobody mentioned before me, it lacks some pine tree resin. thanks for your video


Convection oven


Great video. Stache looks good bro.