Sea breeze face astringent

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SKINCARE VOL. 1 | Normal/Dry Skin Type

77 views | 27 Sep. 2019

This is an everyday

This is an everyday Skincare Routine for Normal/ Dry Skin types.



- Seabreeze Astringent (Sensitive Skin)

- Garnier Micellar Water

- Elf Daily Face Cleanser (Cream Cleanser)


-Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extractor Toner

-Kiehl’s Avocado Hydrating Nourishing Mask

-Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment

- Joisie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizer w/ SPF 47

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storm clemons

This was so cute !!!!

Trey Savage


Sea breeze face astringent

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Affordable Nighttime SkinCare Routine for Sensitive Skin | Kera Nichelle

227 views | 9 Oct. 2020

Today’s video is my

Today’s video is my nighttime skincare routine. All the products I use are extremely affordable. Make sure to like, leave a comment, and subscribe. Also watch in 1080p.

Products used in the video

Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser

St. Ives Soft Skin Scrub

Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Astringent

Tea Tree Therapy (100% Pure Tea Tree Oil)

Freeman Renewing Cucumber Peel Off Gel Mask

Ultra Repair Cream

Broadway Mango Butter Lip Gloss

Wig https://www.michelleshaircloset.com/all-products-store.html#!/Messy-Bob-INVISIBLE-LACE-Front-Wig-*Pre-plucked-w-Bleached-knots-MHC0001/p/87036637

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Jesie Tripp

i loved this video! your skin looks so amazing and this video is sooo pleasing!!?


You got beautiful skin

Real life in Lucy’s kitchen

Great skincare routine video. I love that sea breeze. I totally agree with you about tea tree oil. It’s a game changer to me as well . Thanks for sharing


Always looking for a great night skin care routine thank you for sharing

Pretti Rissa

It’s the brows for me!! Your brows are perfect! But I’m definitely gonna be grabbing some of these products! Especially the moisturizer you used! Because the one I use leaves my face greasy af! ???

Sabrina in Storyland

I’m always looking for a nice skincare routine! This looks so relaxing!

I'm Ethan - Youtube Tips

Nice routine Kera. I'm also a small creator ?

Yanna Tan

Kera! Sharing these skincare steps means a lot so kudos to you! I struggle with acne all my life so I know the feeling and I also posted my own skincare routine and how I cleared up - in my channel. I subbed to your channel already because I love your spirit and hope you can do more videos like this! Hope you can sub to me too and let's be buddies here! Cheers to goodness!!!

Sea breeze face astringent

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Pampering Skin Care for Oily Skin | Detoxifying Face Mask At Home

218 views | 12 Aug. 2020

Pampering Skin Care for

Pampering Skin Care for Oily Skin | Detoxifying Face Mask At Home

TEAMI BLENDS #teamipartner

25% code: YANELY25


Hellossss, I'm so happy to share with you guys my Self Care Pampering routine ( Oily Acne prone skin care ) I don't do this every single night maybe once a week or whenever its needed. With oily skin its important to stay on top of your skin with good products that actually work that is why I love this detox mask by Teami Blends. This mask really cleans my pores and leaves my face feeling soooo smooth. Make sure to use my discount code when making your order. Don't forget to like this video and SUBSCRIBE.

Products Used:

Derma Suction https://bit.ly/33RlyY4

Teami Detox Mask https://bit.ly/33ROhMI

Sea Breeze Astringent https://bit.ly/2FfX00S

Teami Vit-C Serum https://bit.ly/2PKRTrm

Sea-El Miracle Kept Eye Cream https://bit.ly/30ORKJQ

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Rafael Amadis



I definitely have to try this.??

Maria Amadis

Quiero esa mascarilla



Jeane Kitchen Vlog

Está muy linda tu piel, debe ser por esa mascarilla.

El Photographer

Awesome routine! ??