Sugar waxing salons near me

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Sugaring NYC Waxing Franchising Opportunities

1 967 views | 21 Dec. 2017

Sugaring NYC is an organic

Sugaring NYC is an organic waxing franchise business based in NYC, with salons across United States. We are now offering a franchising business model, where anyone interested can open their own Sugaring NYC Salons in their cities. To find out more please visit www.sugaring.org/franchising

Intagram @sugaringnyc

Sugar waxing salons near me

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25 720 views | 7 Jul. 2019

Welcome to my room tour

Welcome to my room tour of my business THE WAX ROOM!

I am a licensed esthetician in the state of Arizona and want to share this new chapter of my life with you all as a new business owner!

A lot of the items mentioned in this video are from Homegoods, Ross, Target, Ikea and Amazon.

How to find some of the items:

FULL LENGTH MIRROR - Target. Over the door mirror metal - Project 62 brand

MACRAME - Amazon. Search “macrame wall hanging”

PLANT PRINTS - Amazon. Search “unframed leaf prints”

PICTURE FRAMES - Micheals. Brand is Studio Decor


MASSAGE TABLE - Amazon. Search “massage table”

WAX POT - Starpil Wax. 5.5lb wax pot

IKEA FURNITURE & SINK - Besta and Lillangen

WALL STENCIL - Cutting Edge Stencils. “Leaves all over stencil”

Instagram: @thewaxroomaz



How much money did you have saved up to get a suite and furnish it?

Jacqueline Amaya

i love it ?

Cedric Dlamini

What degree do u need to do this

Taylor McConachie

Love it!! So practical and stylish!! Thanks for sharing!!

Beauty by TK

Thanks so much for sharing! I love it! Great job!!




What part of Arizona are you in?

Goddess In Color

With the wax pot being over there on the counter and your bed being a little over from the counter, how do you maneuver yourself when waxing a client?


I LOVE the table legs.. How can I get mine like that? Does your dad have any suggestions ?Mine are so flimsy I'm afraid of that. I would buy a new one but my brother bought this one for me and he has since passed away so it's dear to me. Also, how do you steam faces with that little steamer?? Im having thehardest time finding a nice face steamer.

Adriana Pruneda

hi doll! i love this set up? i wish you much success!❤️❤️❤️ do you by any chance have a link for that cabinet?!??

Aileen Betancourt

so in order to start my own business, i need a license?

Ginea Lockley

Beautiful room!! What products are you using ? Are you doing private label etc or are you getting products that you like at wholesale price and selling for retail ?

Monica S

Love the decor and the video great great job!

Cathy Knight

I just subbed! I love your channel. I hope we could support each other! Future esthetician here?

Shun Williams

I love your studio very pretty ?

melanie sophia

I can’t find the IKEA table :(

Teresa king

Great job! So petty

Jessica Krugle

Love it! Thanks for the idea! How deep are your shelves?

Tykeriha Henderson

Your dad should consider selling tables, I have one of those skinny leg tables and I'm concerned because I live in Louisiana and we have a lot of Thick women out here!

Lillian Isabel Buelna

Love it!! Congrats it’s beautiful!

Atiya Muhammad

where did you get that bed from? and was the wax paper holder already attached?

danielle gayle

Where did you buy the massage table sheet? I can only find woven

Lulu The Bunny

Can you do a video on all the supplies you need to become a waxer?? ❤️❤️

Val Awinnie

Love this.. Where is your corner long cabinet where you store your towels from?

Karina Ramos

Do you know approximately sq footage of your suite? It’s cute I love it!


I love it ???. My goal is to open up my own waxing suite as well. Waxing is my specialty ???. Kudos to you and your entrepreneur journey ?

Linda Rivera

I love your space!! Super cute and clean and simple! And that table your dad built is amazing!! I'm a new grad (Jan 2020) and looking forward to your video on how to start a business because I know nothing about it and want to start my own business as well.

Mani Williams

How much does an Esthetician suite this size normally run for ? Looking to start also

Timeka Simone

do you wax men (brazilian) ?

mckenze trachuk

Hey everyone! Please let me know how you liked this video or have any questions! Thank you so much for checking out my channel, join me on my journey!:)

Camila Gramondi

I loved this video! I am a fellow esti from Utah, recently licensed and looking to open up my own business as well! So I’m looking forward to your future videos! Btw the links aren’t working for me ?
Good luck on your YouTube channel! ❤️


I cant find the massage table on Amazon. Do you have a link? Thanks!

Melynna Ponce

im so excited for you!! im a newly licensed esthie in California, just got a job at a EWC but a future goal is to open up my own business! cant wait to learn from any content you put up ?

Stacy Hermosillo

Hello, just curious to ask about your massage table? Do you know how thick is your mat's foam?

Cynthia Davila

Can you do a video of showings your supplies you used for waxing and for sensitive skin too please:))

Devanie Calhoun

Oh awesome Arizona! Where are you renting your space from? I’m going to esti school right now hoping to start my own business ?

Sugar waxing salons near me

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HOW TO USE SUGAR WAX - Sugaring Tutorial

444 views | 24 May. 2020

Heres an easy how to use

Heres an easy how to use sugar wax tutorial, so you can all me nice and hairless, for much less than what youd pay anywhere.

If you want to learn to make the sugar wax, you can check out my video:





[email protected]


Raigna Vargas D01-072035

1603 NW 79th ave.

MIAMI, FL 33191-1116