Non toxic beauty brands

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250 views | 23 Jun. 2020



Hey guys! In this weeks video, I will be talking about my favorite non toxic beauty products that I have accumulated over the past year! If you're interested, I will link some articles down below, as well as a link to the list of ingredients you should probably think of avoiding next time you're in the store reading labels. Enjoy!! xx


Articles about toxins in skincare:

1) https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/327318#list-of-ingredients-to-avoid-and-why

2) Study about deodorant & its link to breast cancer : https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/bcr2424

3) Article about the "fragrance" industry: https://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/doi/pdf/10.1289/ehp.112-a461



Products mentioned:

Jane iredale mineral tinted moisturizer: https://amzn.to/2AW1qs2

Mascara: https://amzn.to/3dsZ011

Shared planet makeup (non an affiliate link): https://sharedplanet.com/

Acure shampoo (only 9$!!): https://amzn.to/3hOsiuq

coconut oil supplements: https://amzn.to/2Z1zZVE

Body wash: https://amzn.to/3fQjbHR

La'bang fluffy body scrub: https://amzn.to/2YsGsK1

Body lotion: https://amzn.to/2VbunHc

Pacifica perfume: https://amzn.to/2ASWtAd

Homeopathic muscle gel: https://amzn.to/3hVQdbu

Face Wash: https://amzn.to/3fXnnG1

Mad hippie facial oil: https://amzn.to/2Z0QtNL

face mask: https://amzn.to/3fUVoqr

Interested in the oils I used? Check out Young living here : https://yl.pe/corihurm


Some links listed above are affiliate links, and I do make a small commission if you do choose to shop through them! This just helps me be able to continue providing you guys with free content :)

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional , I am just sharing what has worked for me personally. Please do your own research, and do whats best for you and your body!

The Primal Desire

The toxic stuff in cosmetics is brutal. We've got a couple non-toxic brands that we love:

Deodorant: https://youtu.be/h76jY5mwJ8Y
Beautycounter: https://beautycounter.life

Yes To Tech

Omg!! I am a beuty fanatic! non toxic is essential!! loved your choices!!

Pamela Coon Naturally Beauty Naturally You

Great produts ?

Stella Em

Thank you for sharing this!! Much need it! Love your make up and hairstyle in this video!!

Coach Simona

I love non-toxic beauty products! It's so nice to find natural products that actually work :) Thanks for the suggestions, Cori, I'll definitely check them out!

Kendra Perry

Safe products are so important. Toxicity is such a huge issue!!!

Cori Rae

Thanks for watching friends!! If youre reading this, do you have any tips for me on ways I can improve on my #nontoxiclifestyle journey? xoxo

Giulia Halkier

Great video! I never know what products to buy that are non-toxic so this was incredibly helpful :) excited to try them

madilyn miller

such a helpful vid!!

Your Plantiful Life

I'm alll about non-toxic beauty. Thanks for all the great suggestions<3


omg Cori! your space buns so cute! Love a tutorial on this! Function of beauty sounds fab! I will need to check out this brand!


Such great choices! I’ll need to find where I can get some of these products! ?

Cally Tran

Love the varieties. Thanka for sharing

Doc NatureLover

Love everything about beauty & I loved your choices as well!!!

Vixen Beauty Vanessa

You are such a beauty♥️ I loved this ! As a makeup and beauty artist this is great to Know!! Thanks for the content! ?

Emma Alexander

Thanks for sharing. Great products! ??

Non toxic beauty brands

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TOXIC Beauty products! I THREW AWAY $1000 Worth of MAKEUP! NYX, Fenty Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics, ETC!

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These products are from

These products are from brands that have TOXIC CHEMICALS in makeup products so I have decided to throw them away and find some non toxic makeup and beauty skin care products!


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Fenty Beauty Foundation 440

Nyx Lingerie Matte lipsticks

Nyx soft matte lip cream

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Wet n wild catsuit matte lipsticks




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To all my new subscribers, my name is Antasia, also known as Amor Antasia here on Youtube! I'm just a regular young Science teacher who likes to upload different videos related to VLOGS, fashion, beauty, Christian lifestyle, advice videos, storytime videos, Cooking, health & fitness videos, & DIYs. On my channel you'll find videos of different makeup looks, everyday makeup routines and makeup tutorials I have created as well as how I incorporate different pieces of clothing into multiple outfits like lookbooks, OOTDs, OOTWs, and a ton of back to school videos and regular content. Also check in monthly for favorites and clothing haul videos!

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Enn Vee

Taking the pill is worse...walking outside breathing in polluted air as well.just to say that we cant avoid all carcinogens. I guess what we can do is eat healthy and exercise so your body will be better to fight those carcinogens

Amor Antasia

Please comment below with any product suggestions that don't contain hazardous chemicals! ❤️❤️??

aubrei conner

why not just give them away ? just divide it between all of us ?

gernise f

Get your money back, retail has to throw them out anyway

Blendedbeauty 1010

Thank you so much, this is news to me. I will need to watch this again to make sure I have all the products you mentioned. You were very informative


So it's harmful to wear makeup? Well i'm glad I don't wear it everyday then ?

Light Noir

Can you name the natural organic makeup used for brown skin

Lee Achille

Why don’t you return the fenty? Girl get your money back lol

Lexi Danielle

I just switch to organic, clean products hair products and skincare. Even had to throw out alot makeup. I changed toothpaste, deodorant, and lotions. I make diy cleaning products as well out natural products.

Suki Szn.*

Thanks for doing this video! ❤ I need to check my products.

Josephine Slocum

Amor check out the ewgskindeep database. It rates products and ingredients that are toxic from 1 to 10 being more toxic. Once you go down this path you have to leave a lot of store brand out. I suggest you check out Zulu luxe here onYouTube.. I work in oncology data and the numbers are staggering in African Americans with endometrial and breast cancers.

Mavi Malik

i dont care if its hazardous please give them to meeeeee!

Jaclyn H

Yes ! Even though your views are low do not think for a second it is not valued. There are just a lot of women who still are operating with little awareness and a desire to become aware as they place vanity above health. It does catch up though, you can not keep polluting your body without it hurting you and displaying that harm at some point in a variety of ways. Kudos to you, have you seen STINK on Netflix too? That is another area people are so uneducated in, fragrances etc. As we all have become aware our lungs play a pivotal role in our life and most still are unaware of the dangers of wearing fragrances and spraying so-called "air fresheners" and the impact it has on our health. Anywho thank you for creating this video. We need more people like you to share this information.


Noo, You can send them to me. I really don’t mind. I need to add to my small ass makeup collection lmao. I’d really appreciate this, seriously please don’t throw it away. Email me
[email protected]icloud.com
so I can go ahead and send you my shipping info..if you would like to get rid of these in a different way lol.

Tammie Currie

Well if ur subscribing to this thought, then u will need to cut out not only make-up, but uh meat, yes all meat, research has shown that meat is harmful to the human body, and u might want to add medicines as well, because all have harmful radicals in them, anyhow I guess one would have to go holistic, the point is very few things in life are without some percentage of possible harm!

Alana B. TV

So have you researched all the other chemicals in the products as well? I'm sure they aren't good as well ...if you're going to do this you might as well give up all makeup that has chemicals and only wear organic naturally made makeup

Arianna Jolié

Ugh it’s so sad that these brands are putting out cancerous products. Like come on now y’all got money? I really liked this video btw. I loved how you were honest and gave up all your makeup that contained that chemical. I wanted to try Fenty foundation but I don’t know now?

Samantha Hibberd

What are you using now?? Great video

Yvonne Burkart, PhD, DABT

Thank you for bringing light to the situation with toxic makeup. As women we use so many more products than any other demographic. Many conventional cosmetic ingredients actually cause accelerated aging too :(

Tanisha Kirk

Send it all to me....

Monique Boyd

Ok so what is good makeup to use?


I can't wait to see what products you can use now. I have been changing what I put in my hair even my gel and face products because I realized how many dangerous ingredients are in so many products. It's sickening!


Girl bye. If you don’t send this to me wtf ????

Ms Wisha 5

Wooooow. I’m ?

Naturally Shantel

Hey Antasia, could you please make a video for good make up supplies to use that isn't harmful for us to use. I would really appreciate that. I think what you're doing is great. Thank you so much!!!❤


Maybelline has parabens in their makeup, dump them

Gem Floral

This was a great video! Thank you for your honesty! When I started to get interested in makeup I wanted to find natural makeup brands but that's so difficult and black-owned? I have to be honest I gave up but what I think is that a lot of if we think about it we can say most makeup has cancerous chemical ingredients but ignorance is bliss.
I am in full support of what you're doing. I really gotta take time to research and check my products☆


Thank you for sharing this video I have a ton of make up and don’t wear it a lot but I’m definitely going to research all the ingredients and see what affects they have whether good or bad

Josephine Sears

Do you know if Fenty Moroccan eyeshadow palette, the lip glosses from Fenty, the highlighter from Fenty, the bronzer from Fenty or the setting powder from Fenty? Also the gimme brow pencil from benefit, the all nighter setting spray from urban decay, the porefessional primer from benefit, the milk blush stick and mascara and the taste creasless concealer? I just wanted to know if this was toxic or bad for you! Also, I’m proud of you for throwing away products! Stay safe!?


It’s a preservative Used in so many products. You might as well toss everything and start over.

Mandy Lee

What foundations are safe to use?

Creatively Star

Thank you so much for this video ! ?

May Davis

But l love seafood!lol I like new testament better than the old. Anyhow! You're such a beautiful lady. You don't need a lot of makeup or any at all. You probably should invest in a good skin care and good sunscreen and lip balm.

Jayna Finucane

THANK YOU !! <3 Check out Elate Cosmetics! Amazing natural brand <3

Melissa Poznikoff

what about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks? Are they toxic?

Judy A

Have you heard of the ordinary foundation does it have all this bad stuff

Jefe Sincere

do you have any tips on how to get more subscribers i see you have alot

Goldfish Fishysons

Thank you for this video. Just starting makeup late in the game and I didn't even know all these secrets.

mickey M

When people say “well we all gonna die one day” , I think about what I see from working in a hospital. Science and medicine prolongs most people’s life. So if you don’t take care of yourself you will more than likely have a loooooong life of continued sickness with medical bills, hospitalizations, and feeling horrible. Thanks for this video. I would love to find a natural makeup that works on brown skin.

Samantha Henry

Damn. I’ll be patiently waiting for s vegan makeup hall then. It sucks because too much of anything can cause cancer. In my opinion I think it’s wise to use things in moderation but this is still is really alarming.

IHeart Chaz

I'll still wear my makeup and just pray over whatever I buy because everything is harmless and cause cancer nowadays. I have a 4 month old and its been proven that arsenic and other deadly chemicals are found in the formula. I just bless it and keep going

Marilyn Washington

Wow! I know that there are lead in make-up but now we have to worry about this? Thank you, I will go through my make-up too and just start all over. I wonder if we can send it back to the companies or at least BBB for some type of refund.

Samore Beauty & Lifestyle

I used to use NK but I'm allergic to something in it. I used to feel sick every time I wore it. I stick to Mac but I guess that's not that good either at least it doesn't make me feel bad when I wear it. But yes girl so sad. I barely wear makeup unless I'm filming or going out

Caitlin Prentis

I understand the message you're trying to send but if you're going to throw away those products due to that particular reason, then you're going to have to stop wearing your regular deodorant, the clothes you wear, stop using your regular soap, your regular hair care products, and stop eating meat period.

Kimberley Givans

About the medical industry u are very much right. Pills in pills to make us sick and keep coming back. It's all about making money honey.... women daily put about 250 different chemicals on our body. I think of it n research ingredients n find it makes no sense because I like makeup and come to think of it I would stop wearing feminine stuff, stop using makeup and all hygienic products in that case but still be consuming poison through food.

Mony E

Thank you for this, I don't feel comfortable wearing certain cosmetics, I will be throwing away more products as well.


You've raised a valid point. These chemicals are not good for our health. It's nearly impossible to find organic makeup for women of color. If anyone has any leads I'd appreciate it.

Isthatso notsofast

Good video. You are one of the rare people that's bringing this subject up front. I wore lots of makeup for years and it ruined my skin. Now I only wear pure mineral powder or none at all. Thanks for putting this informative video out there.

Kristy Pleasant

Sale it

i.am. ria

Good for you sis. I’m doing the same. However, I feel like you should have donated the makeup.

Kanice Harris

Isn’t phenyl Trimethicone the same thing??


I feel like you could've returned some of the stuff that has chemicals, Sephora usually has a great return policy. Or even target, ulta, just try rather than just throwing it out, get some of your coint!!!!

Judy A

Can you also do research on fake hair with all the chemicals too


Subscribed! Like your values.

tyra nelson

You can send it to me, I had a fire and lost all my make up... I'm serious

Hangin With The McCuins

hey Dawl!!! I just threw away all my Mac Foundations!! I am a working artist in Houston and throwing all that away my God!!!! but this video was so empowering and need to be said alot of people aren't aware of what chemicals they put in alot of these products! they are just concerned about what's in "trend"! anywho I replaced all my Foundations and skin care with the brand called the ordinary! look it up here on yt???

Pretty Parker

Thank you for this information sister! God bless you! ?

Kenia Rodriguez

Honest Beauty is a good brand!♥️

blue kitty

Pacfica and burts bees, you can also download apps to check how toxic products are in your house.
Well they don't have most of these but I do not have the money to spend over 20 to 30 dollars on 1 product. They still eliminate some toxic ingredients

Vbena M

I honestly appreciate you

Shar Wells

Can you do a video breaking down some of the common harmful chemicals people should be cautious of using? It would be really helpful!☺


You are so slow. Jesus....


Thank you for sharing this information. I will definitely be checking my makeup products, asap for this chemical and any other harmful chemicals.

Tonya Bullock

This is so DEPRESSING:(


You should try BeautyCounter.com if you need a consultant I can refer one.


Are u seven day Adventist?

Sonya Baker

Girl wth? $1000 worth of makeup in the trash??. WHY NOT GIVE IT AWAY TO A SUBSCRIBER? ??‍♀️?‍♀️

Peretimifa Odu

Now i feel like ???.. Thanks for sharing dear, I really need to go check every makeup product in my collection.


Thanks for sharing this hun I will be checking mines ?

Debra Carrier

Hello Amor You Educate me on beauty and even biblical information everytime  I watch your channel I really appreciate how Detail and straight forward you are. Thanks!

Joanna Sherrod

Good for u. I did the same Thing and my skin went from constant breakouts to one to none. It’s for the best.

ladyT H

Thank you for sharing Girl.


Why not give them away to a subscriber who genuinely doesn't mind?

Moxie Jae

What other chemicals in makeup are considered harmful? That can't the only one right?


100percentpure.com sales great products! Thank you for this video I have been using fit me foundation smh. That site isn't cheap but its worth it I think.

D. Rae Oreos

Loved your video I just discovered you! I just discovered how toxic almost all my favorite makeup brands are and let me say IT TICKS ME OFF. It’s just so angering how they know the toxicity of these ingredients yet use them anyway. Like mascara. Which has coal tar and Parabens which are proven to cause so many problems. I will be spending my money elsewhere like on organic Paraben free makeup. If you mention any off this to the beauty community, you will get SO much backlash they’ll think you’re a health nut and it makes me mad because there’s nothing I can do


118 College Drive #5064, Hattiesburg Mississippi 39406

I signed up for this life but I don’t wear it everyday either. This life is free will and predetermined.

blue kitty

W3ll people, 100% pure, juice beauty and etc cant remember the rest, you can easily look up.

Makeup by Cherish

pray over everything and trust God he got u always and forever. ?


I'm surprised nyx was on the list because i thought there ingredients wasn't harmful like other makeup but i got to check clinique makeup ingredients since i only use that


ewg.org tell you if the product is toxic ingredients. I find out the cheap makeup like sleek and make up revolution have toxic ingredients in their eyeshadow

Kimberley Givans

Iron oxides
Chromium oxides Any coloring added is hazardous
Any form of sorbates and sulphates
Retinyl palmitate
Not sure about silica and silicon dioxide
Benzoyl benzoate
Magnesium nitrate
Behemonium methosulfate/quarts
Alpha-isomethyl ionone

Those are the dangerous ones I was able to write down. Most likely in hair products and some releases a very dangerous gas called formaldehyde which absorbs quickly into the blood stream and also can cause cancer and harm unborn child.

Bianca Muhammad

I subbed off this video alone sis

Kimberley Givans

There are a lot of toxins. Parabens and urea are endocrine disrupters. Mostly the ingredients are irritants, cancer causing, some messes with ur reproductive organs (endocrine disrupters) also your respiratory system.

Jo Joh

Can you send them to me. I don't mind using them. Thank you in advance?