Keto diet acne

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HOW THE KETO DIET DESTROYED MY SKIN | 3 ways I cleared my acne for good

115 views | 6 Aug. 2020

Hey y'all welcome back to

Hey y'all welcome back to my channel. If you are new here welcome welcome welcome!!!.

In this video I'll be sharing my acne story of how the keto diet messed my skin up. I will also explain the three main things I did to completely rid my skin of the acne. I hope you enjoy my video. Thanks for watching :)

See you in my next video !!!

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Raffiya Chokhandiwala

Hi mics, love all da information uv provided us wid , really want u 2 upload on hw 2 treat da scars tat remain from acne.

Candace Goodson

Oh hon! I'm so sorry you went through that! Yea I get skin issues with dairy And eggs smh the worst!!! I'm glad you figured it out!

Keto diet acne

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QUITTING KETO and going ALL IN | Weight Gain, Libido, & Hormonal Acne

3 655 views | 27 Sep. 2020

Quitting Keto and going

Quitting Keto and going All In. I’m back and happy to be sharing the intimate details of how I made the decision to quit keto. I’m discussing weight gain, libido, stress, energy, body positivity, hormonal acne, and more. I’m looking forward to sharing my lab and DUTCH test results in the future and as always, thank you for being here with me along this journey!

The TLDR:+Quit keto and intermittent fasting in June to reduce stress on my body

+Sought treatment for Orthorexia

+Found new food freedom and body positivity

+Got my first period since giving birth to and breastfeeding my daughter (we’re still nursing, but I now have a regular cycle!)

+Did not gain weight and enjoyed finally “eating normal”

+Got Covid and recovered

+Began having lymphatic drainage and hormonal acne issues

+Saw both a mainstream and holistic practitioner to begin treatment and find solutions

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Samantha Evertsz

Aww yeay im so excited that your back!!!

Leslie Reeves

I’m so glad you’re back! I missed watching your updates!

Lyndsey McGuire

This was a much needed video... I started doing the same thing. I have not gain weight but have the acne ?. I am just happy to not be afraid of any food, I love food and just want to trust myself. I am 9 weeks pregnant and was craving sweet potatoes and rice so glad I gave myself that freedom. Thank you again for your awesomeness and honesty!!!

mn200 30

I also didn’t think I had amenorrhea doing keto while breastfeeding either. I got my period back after two years after going all in. It was after seeing seeing something online talking about getting your insulin response up long enough and high enough will kickstart your period while breastfeeding , not reducing feed frequency as previously thought. the LAM theory is commonly accepted but other cultures know it to be true that it is more based on food availability or carb availability for fat storage for the next pregnancy.

Melinda Mercier

This is such an important video. I feel like this is proof positive that not everyone thrives on the same lifestyle diet. It's so important to eat according to what your body needs. I never recommend keto/carnivore to anyone because it's so individual. For me, I actually have major hormonal issues when my carb amount is outside of the guidelines of ketosis. I did keto for 2 years, had an event in my family that lead to immense stress, anxiety, and me not eating at all, and then the pandemic happened and I caught covid, and the public panic also left a shortage of meat, so I had to force food into me in the form of carbs. It was my worst year since before keto. All my inflammation flared up, cysts, sciatica, joint pain, insomnia, PMS symptoms out of cycle, spotting out of cycle, gained all my weight back, etc. Things in my life finally stabilized, and I'm back on keto. I found out I'm also genetically predisposed to carb intolerance/insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. My father and grandfather are both suffering from advanced type 2, and my mother's side is no better. I found this out only after getting into keto, but I realize I am so grateful that I enjoy this way of eating. I struggled with keeping a healthy weight on a SAD or even a low carb diet, and before keto, I was on the verge of an eating disorder because of it. Keto changed my mindset and made me less neurotic about how I ate, even to the point of being able to finally eat intuitively. This is not always the case with everyone, and it's imperative that people realize this. I'm glad you did!

Nicole Butler

I too have been trying to find the right diet "recipe" post breastfeeding for 20 months. I've been playing with a few different carb cycling methods. Right now I'm liking Dr. Mindy Pelz's schedule. I still need to get some hormone testing done though. Unlike you though I do have some gut +skin issues so going back to the SAD is not an option for me (right now) and I do quite a few zero plant food days in a month to give my gut a rest. Let us know, if you dont mind, what tests you have done ?

Symone Elliott

I'm scared to go off keto. I still have 40 more pounds of baby weight to lose. Staying at this weight terrifies me. The only way I've ever lost weight is extreme eating.


Have you tried doing a month without caffeine? That stuff wrecks you long term.

Honest AF

I also quit carnivore/keto because of hormonal imbalance.Best of wishes for your health dear. #omnivore

Dhynasah Çakir

Can it still be an eating disorder if you are strict with foods based on autoimmune and thyroid disorders? I am very strict about being grain free. Also I think intermittent fasting is unhealthy if you have a history of eating disorders. It kinda seems like a branch of anorexia.

Sara Folkerts

You were on my mind yesterday and I didn't know you posted this video until the day after. I was just thinking of you and wondering where you had been. I was going to reach out and then here you are! I need to share my appreciation for you and this channel. I have always appreciated your openness! I love your perspective of trying new things, checking in with your body to see what's working, etc.

I"ve been keto for 2 years and it's the only "diet" that I ever actually felt GOOD. I'm going to keep doing it for me, but in September I took a break from the "weight loss" aspect of it. I even un-followed some keto "celebrities" on social media. My focus needed to be on getting my kiddo acclimated to online school and giving myself some grace. While I"ve been eating mostly keto during that time, I haven't been perfect. But I have learned that keto does make me feel good, even when not losing weight. (I'm also currently breastfeeding...and this is the longest I've ever gone without a period post-partum...my other pregnancies were not keto...hummm)

A quick tip for lymphatic drainage - you might want to look into kundalini yoga. Lots of great breathing and lympahtic exercises. My dad has practiced this form of yoga for nearly 30 years! ;)

Rachael Milne

Wow wow wow. I could cry ? this is exactly what I needed to hear, I’ve been punishing myself and hating myself and staying in such a depressing state bc I can’t get keto carnivore done perfectly and I’ve got baby weight that won’t budge. It’s embarrassing how much time I spend on what you were saying about “the hobby” of searching how to lose weight. Thank you for this. Thank you for your honesty. I was literally looking up your page wondering about you the other day, thanks so much girl! I needed this powerful reminder. ❤️

mn200 30

Good job! Way to not get confined in a diet, especially since you’ve build a platform! I hope you heal and you’re setting a great example for so many people watching your channel, me included. I feel like this is just the video I needed to see. I really wish you the best.

Allison Awunti

What in tarnation! Something in the universe has struck us both lol. I have been doing the EXACT same thing after being keto for a couple years AND having 2 babies at about the same time. Lol. We are twins. I'm feeling great as well. I'm so glad u r doing what's right for you. I feel very freed as well!

Joshua Castillo

I do relate to this mental food obsession experience on keto. And the quote “you only control what you don’t trust.”

2021 resolution “TRUST my body!” Eat healthy - but trust our own body’s intuition on what is good fuel for YOU.

Thanks for sharing.

Ps - also experienced lower libido on keto as well, which was confusing for me due to the supposed testosterone boost


It's funny that you post THIS I was thinking the same. I've been off of KETO for about week now. I'm 3ms Postpartum I also got off coffee I feel much better & FREE but I still eat healthy but freely meaning if I eat a cookie I WON'T beat myself up!!!

Thanks for posting.?❤️

Mary'd To Keto

I'm so happy for u girly!! It's so important for u to be happy! Glad u have been recovering =)

James Mansfield

hey thanks for mentioning food- SAD standard american diet is quite deadly so be careful.

Bella Mills

Wow, I resonate 100% with everything you said. My body obsession (which is a weight obsession) which became a food obsession started when I was so young; I don't recall a day that has gone by (and I'm 28 now) since about middle school age that I haven't obsessed over, constantly thought about, and been upset about how much I weigh and how I look! It's sad and has hindered me in so many ways...I also think it's disrespectful: to God, my husband, my parents. I don't want my daughter to have a dislike and obsession for herself like I do with myself. I've always wished to just be able to eat normal, as well. I think the shift needs to be from body/weight concern to just a desire to be healthy in general.

almas rizvi

This is your best video ever....u look grt n happier than ever....??❤❤

Que Sera, Sarah

I never put together that I have a hobby of learning the best way to lose weight. Worse yet I've actually lost my weight and I keep looking up videos on maintenance. It has become my hobby. I really need to try to trust my body. It's way more capable than I give it credit for to know what it needs.

Alli Meyers

Dr. Mindy Pelz has a YouTube channel that is so good. She has so much info for ladies. Here is one of her videos that is really good for ladies and keto....we do need carbs the week before our period.

Katelyn Ralph

Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing. So much of what you said resonates with me. Godspeed to figuring out your hormones.

Rachel Spear

YEAH!!! I am so excited you are back to making videos. I love your attitude and the sarcastic flare you add that makes me laugh...I feel like the dogma is worse with everyone obsessing over dieting from the quarantine. There is keto, meat only carnivore, and ketovore. Then there is high protein or high fat. Some carbs, absolutely no carbs. Fasting, no fasting. Major electrolytes, or only salting food. Its exhausting trying to figure out who is right or what path to follow!! ? I tend to stay more towards the ketovore side, but we also just went out for ice cream with the kids after our hike. I am still going to enjoy moments with my family❤ So happy you and your family are doing well and cant wait for more videos?

Mama Benzing

I have hormonal acne now too! It's basically the same for me too with the acne! I feel like a teenager again!! There's a YouTube video on how to drain your lymphatic system yourself. You have to drink lots of lots of the day you do it. I was just thinking about you yesterday!! I was like where or where have you been?? I thought you probably just needed a break! Glad you're back. Very interested to see how the non keto eating goes for you. I'm hoping after my health is healed on keto, I can do back to a little more carbs (rice and oatmeal basically). I did try to increase my carbs last month but my body isn't ready for it and I had so much inflammation. I'm still trying to get rid of that now. Today I actually do a keto restart (non dairy restart cuz I can't actually have it ?)!

Anna Drozdowska

girl eat more bananas and mangos, they make you feel grat!

Angela Smith

Your video made me teary, and it's been on my mind a lot since I viewed it. In an older video you remarked that with eating you are all or nothing. How are you trusting yourself not to binge? I grow weary of the parameters, but I also recognize that I need the parameters.

Christie Rose

Still as gorgeous as ever. ❤️

Jill Strayer

So excited to see you on here again! I loved this update and it resonated a lot with me.

We have so much in common. I can eat anything too and never really have adverse reactions. The only thing I can’t clear up is my skin. I went totally junk food crazy for a couple months and I’ve just gone all beef this month because we have a full cow in the freezer. The restriction doesn’t feel right to me either, so I’m hoping to start just a whole food thing next with Weston a price recipes. I just don’t want to fall into my sugar/gluten addiction so hoping I can find some food freedom and enjoyment with whole natural flavors!

Also agree that quitting social media does wonders! I deleted IG and Facebook completely and I don’t miss it. I have so much more time to enjoy my own life and what’s right here around me.

Best of luck with everything and can’t wait to see how everything goes for you!

Grace C

I got breast cancer after doing keto and intermittent fasting for 2+ years. Now I am having acne, hives and heavy periods. Can you provide the link where you purchased the Dutch test?

Rosa Lee

Oh my goodness, Tamasin! I feel like you’ve made this video especially for me? The only reason I didn’t realize you weren’t on IG anymore is because I too unfollowed all but 40 friends and family (comparison is the all time killer of contentment?). I’m so glad I caught this video, I’ve loved you and your stuff since early 2019. Today’s my youngest daughter’s first birthday and for the past 2 months I’ve been struggling with keto- not in the “carb cravings” or “not hitting my goal weight” way, but in the “my cycle won’t return, I’m loosing my hair, and I’m just not feeling as great anymore” plus my libido was also non-existent ? I stopped fasting about a month ago and finally ovulated, now I’m trying my best to not beat myself up about eating grapes (and other whole carbs?) in order to reconcile my other problems. It pains me to admit that keto’s not serving me as well as it once did, but it was such a relief to hear you say this as well. Thank you! Maybe my relationship with food (and coffee) still does have hope after all!❤️


Sometimes I tend to think that someone might be a bit too obsessive in their intensity of the frivolous trials...while there are so many more pressing issues all around. But yet that sounds mean, like I am denying one the ability to vent their frustrations, which is a very healthy thing to do. But your dialogue also reminds me of Demi Lovato who had the looks and the talent and the world at her doorstep and just kept obsessively complaining and whining about her imagined shortcomings...from looks to weight...and how things weren't exactly how she wanted them to be (perfect)…more like a spoiled kid. She even was physically abusive to her person as if needing an additional punishment! I would ask if this is you? But it is obvious that you are far more intellectual by your final summations. And this is probably a case of just thinking out loud to clear your head. And your frankness sure makes it interesting!!

There really is a reason to spend SO MUCH time on studying what goes into your mouth. Because we were tricked and lied to about what to eat for eons and now we are paying the price. The fact that you sometimes want to eat whatever you want without stressing about it is simply not a realistic approach to looking as good as you do 30 years from now. If you don't believe it, look at the wrinkles, and the hip and joint replacements, and chronic manmade diseases that most seniors now endure worse than ever before. Even at younger ages. Yet in all of your studies it is revealed to you that if you stay courageous and eat only what humans were truly meant to eat and not throw a tantrum about not eating the junk food you grew up on, your body will reward you with being the very best it can be. Is that skinny enough...or will your skin be clear enough...or will your GI system always function kindly. Well, wherever it lands, it just can't get any better. I bet you will still be loved by those who love you now!! The food is the medicine that will make your body whole. That is what you should hope for. And you certainly can't buy it at Taco Bell!

I hope you're OK with my two cents...since you did invite responses... ? !


Glad to see you back! I'm excited that you are eating more and with less restrictions. Hope you find peace with food and health at the same time! I have my own struggles losing post-pardum.. thanks for reminding me there are other more fun hobbies..



Keto diet acne

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30 418 views | 23 Jul. 2018

*All opinions are my own.

*All opinions are my own. This video was not sponsored.

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Insta: https://www.instagram.com/coratheexploraa/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/coralovesglam

Saul Trejo

Sorry, but it's kinda hard to believe you completely cut out non-organic food...I mean, what city do you live in where you can buy only organic food all the time?

Amanda Long

woah, maybe that’s my issue?? too much fruit??

Megan Carney

You could try Spironolactone


Makes no sense, vegetables turn into glucose. You're still eating a sugar diet

Tina Gashi

Its so silly for me.
Avocado spinech and nuts milk sugar cause me acne ?‍♀️


It took me 15 years but I think coffee is a major factor in my breakouts...i started getting acid reflux. There seems to be improvements when i give it up for extended periods. I love coffee so it's a challenge! I try to replace it with tea every other day.

Cheyenne Farnsworth

This is amazing! I love that you found out everything that works for you to have clear skin by changing your lifestyle & in return it cleared your skin and it wasn’t just another medication thrown at you by a dermatologist! Truly amazing! And I’m so happy you found what works for you!!???

Radomír Koudela

You shouldnt eat spinach every day. It can cause kidney damage.

Jonny Frost

Can you provide a link to the supplement you took. Can't seem to find it online. Sulfur oxalate???

Emma Schmidt

Plz post your smoothie recipe ? I was on accutane last summer and now I’m getting some cysts back again on my chin area and I know it probably is bc of my terrible diet!

Nicole Blair

Sugar isn't bad for you just the combination of fat and sugar together. Read the book 80/10/10. I eat only fruit instead of fruit and fat and my skin is perfect now.

Adam Trew

How long did it take to clear skin?

Zaynab Shahzad

How long did it take for results to show

Azor Ahai

for 99% of people a healthy keto would clear 99% of problems .

cut out all sugar

eat as much vegs u can to stay still in ketoses. spinach , red bellpeppers, broccoli

drink alot of water and for some people green tea and other can help .

RayJ _99



Happy to hear that you ditched the poisons (pharmaceuticals) and started focusing on your diet. Regarding oils, do investigate the importance of the 3-6-9 omega ratio. Otherwise increased inflammation is guaranteed. Stay away from rancid oils. Try to get them fresh or grind them yourself. Also research biotin and Dr.Ohhira's very useful probiotics.


You're so pretty!

Dawn P.

Keto diet

little cat

Hi ! Do you regret taking Accutane?

Sara Kristine

Your skin looks so great!


gurl you are so pretty and as we arabs say "jameeelaaa"

Lily SE

Hey girll, thank you so much for all your videos on acne. I reached into youtube being where you were with your emotional vid, a fresh breakout after accutane and about 8 months clear skin lol (sweats). I was feeling really hopeless and fearful today for the next coming months with the sick feeling that I know whats to come... but your videos have really helped and this diet one is amazing! I'm totally ready to cut the sugar and up the good fats! Thank you so much, amen, respect xoxo

Sofia A.

You're beautiful and your skin is beautiful too

Utkarsh Tiwari


Kelly Savoie

I was on accutane 4 month , my acne is comming back ???

Cris Garcia 6

You Look so nice and even if you have acne. You still have a nice and a beautiful look. I hope that everything goes well

Azor Ahai

my history is the same . thought i ate healthy low carb . protein puddings , skyr flavoured . even tho it dosnt had much carbs the sugar was enough .

keto fixed everything . tryng to get as much skin boosting vegs as possible tho .


I'm confused by the sugar thing. I crave fruit ALL DAY. Recently i started making my own smoothies - no added sugars. I feel like i have so much more energy when i do that, and it helps with what i call my "chronic nausea" (nausea caused by stress). So it can't be that bad

Sergio Perez

The kiwi juice had nothing to do with it.


Glad it worked out for you! Since I did get off birth control 1.5 years ago I had bad skin. Had a feeling that sugar and dairy could be the problem. Went vegan for a month, nothing changed. I gave up and just accepted it
3 months ago I started a low carb diet that gradually changed into a ketogenic diet. And my skin was worse than before! Bad acne with lot of inflammation. It took some weeks until I figured out that I break out from DAIRY! Because low carb/keto recipes are so heavy with cheese and other dairy products. Once in a while I have a weak moment and eat a whole bag of gummies, but they don't break me out. But had a little bit of cheese and yoghurt twice and both times I had really bad break outs afterwards. I'm just a little bit confused why dairy gives me break outs so badly in keto, because before my skin was bad but not as bad as on keto! Didn't have extra heavy break outs after lots of dairy.

Emma Ferg

Kombucha tastes good on it's own without them needing to add fruit juice. It's like having a nice tasting beer. I've cut my dairy to almost none and my skin is glowing. I have just stopped takin birth control so that might change but I'm taking probiotic, dim and vitex supplements. Overall my energy is way better as well. Gut health is actually more important than I used to think.

Kalen Alexis Beauty

Your skin is beautiful. It always has been! Also that’s really interesting about coffee, my husband drinks like 3-4 a day, everyday and he has mild acne. Also since I’ve been working less I’ve had better skin, I work at like an American food place, loaded with burgers and pizza, and usually that’s all I eat since I’m working so much, but I’ve been off work since my sister in laws wedding and my skin is less unpredictable.

Lia Lei

Pls do the video about the food that we thought is healthy.

Ashley Russell

I'm taking minocycline right now and I really it. I would get nauseous the first couple of weeks but that side effect eventually went away. my dermatologist is starting to ween me off of it now tho. and I'm so scared I'm going to break out again!!
My dad is on the same diet that you are on and he's been trying to get me to eat healthy like him but it's so hard to start! I literally need something sweet/really sugary every day. it's just hard to get the motivation to start. because I know once I start it''ll get easier.

Alex Handshaw

Beautiful thank you for this


I’d love to see a what I eat in a day video if you are interested in sharing one!

Ambers Lil Rose

I always laugh when non-vegans think they are eating healthy or “clean”... Please, do your research. Research that wasn’t funded by the meat and dairy industries. As long as you are eating the ‘demonic trinity’...(animal protein, fat and cholesterol) you’re not eating “clean”.

Sarah Perkins

I loveeeee videos like this Cora, it's soooo interesting to hear stories on diet and acne. I've see suchhh a correlation between sugar/high GL foods and my own acne too. Since accutane I've also broken out and the only way I see long term remission is through diet and lifestyle - so that's what I've been making videos about too ☺️ Seriously need to pick up Kelly Leveque's book, sounds super interesting! xxx

Nicole Fettig

Cutting out sugar is soooo hard, but that is what is causing my acne. I love fruit and bread, would love to see a what I eat in a day!