Lip plumper gone wrong

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85 653 views | 29 Dec. 2017

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Tati did a video on this too, and she had the same reaction with her nose and eyes and how much it burned

Natalya and Winston

You had a réaction lol?

JT Creates

I’m a little late to this video lol but I feel the same way regarding the problem with social media.. I do get very skeptical when I see “influencers” with a lot of followers but barely get 300 likes on their photos... I’m currently in a field that sometimes works with these “influencers” and it makes me a little sick knowing we’re giving them a ton of stuff for nothing ?

Shannon Graves

No Tati did a video on this product with James Charles and it was awful for her.


Ministar professional makeup lip extreme 3D lip plumping gloss.....NEVER USE IT!!!!! It burns sooooooo bad. Dried out my lips after it stopped burning then felt like they were going to fall offfff.....


We don't even see you putting on the freaking product

Summer Weldon

Awe Lizzy ?. I seen reviews and they said it was intense but nothing like this. I wonder if there’s something in it that you’re allergic too??

S Harrison

baking soda neutralizes acids....


thank you for your honesty , I'm sorry you went through that ugh! that's so f**cked up

Maria Almaraz

OMG I need to get that!!

Lynn L.

Always take Benadryl when something swells

Kiara Baker

Maybe you were just allergic to it

Marlen Soto

It’s happen to me but with the Too Faced one ???????

Alize Rodriguez

I just saw this video because I bought a similar one and it was the worst feeling. I felt the exact same thing you did .

jenifer wendt

Wow, that is terrible.

Egla Oh

That is horrible!!

Kelleigh Deeds

I love that you keep it real girly, you a real one ??


How long u had it for maybe it’s old ??? Or prob allergic .. thank god i don’t do plumps lol


The Stila lush Water Plumping primer fills in lip lines without any stinging bc it's not actually a plumper. It's amazing if you're just worried about lines (and liquid lipsticks apply amazing on top)

Harlee Bossert

Tati did a video on this too and she hated it so much. I would never try it! She said it hurt so bad


That sucks that happened to you. I will definitely stay away from that one.

Alejandra Chacon

soooooo dramatic ?

Maddie Walker

this reminds me of la girl tinted lip plumper.. honestly it makes my lips look gorgeous but it burned my lips so bad i was bawling. it was hell. even when i washed it off it burned for a good hour. ughhhh it’s awful.

Andrea Maxine

My eyes started watering while watching the video... Thanks for posting this video so we all know about this product!

Anna Chéri

Lmao.. I knew this was going to be about Plump It! before I even played. This stuff is insane

Shauntai Corea

I've wondered about this product and even considered buying it...now i'm not

Annie P

I saw the thumbnail and I had to come over for a laugh. I can't believe this happened to you. I know it's not funny but it's crazy.

Tina Marie

WOW!! Thanks for telling the REAL story. Glad your ok that's so crazy!!!????????


Its supposed to burn lol


Wow Thanks for sharing! Hope you feeling better.


Looks really painful ?
This can be a back up pepper spray in your purses.

Amelia S

I bought the product and for me personally it didn’t burn as bad although my lips only got a tiny bit bigger which pissed me off ngl because I saw all these good comments on it and it was working for everyone and not me, idk what I’m doing wrong here

Arianna Bird

I love this! I completely agree. Literally instagram and facebook ALWAYS promote BS products!

Hannah Lilly

THE GUMMY BEAR SHADE AHAHAH. And I’m sorry that this hurt you)):

Lorie devlin

This review is far from honest, unless you’re just allergic to it. After watching your video you had me terrified to try this product LOL Good thing I went ahead and tried it anyway...wasn’t bad at all and it works beautifully!!

Beautifully& Wonderfullymade

It worked tho

Jessica Sam

You’re probably allergic


Like gummy bears will really make your hair grow...okkkkk.....?????????? girl I'm now a subby. I love the realness you bring to your channel!!!

jasmine Atkinson

I have just received a lip plumper that I didn’t even buy in the mail and I decided to try it on it wasn’t the same one but my reaction was very similar my lips started burning straight away it literally felt like they were on fire it was horrible I ran to the bathroom to take it off and had to stand over the sink for like 10 minutes with a cold flannel on my lips because it wouldn’t stop burning my lips felt like they had been sliced open no exaggeration it was horrible

Helene Jordan

Tati did this too and it was awful. Her and James Charles. ?

Honeygirl K

Omigosh girl... that looks like it was painful. Your lips look so raw. :( I'm sorry.

Hilla Adams

I'm super late and idk if anyone has said this yet bc I didn't check, but coconut oil if something like this happens again

Bella Jae

Thank you for the footage and your honesty

Jamie 0xJxxMx0

Yeah, it lists Capsicum as an ingredient. That's capsaicin. It's taken from hot peppers. I once burned my leg with a pain relief cream that had that in it. That was my leg not my lips!

yes big

I found this in my draw and i put it on and i’m in so much pain

Cyn A

I bought this and the same thing happened to me, it went straight to the garbage.


I've never tried this but when I worked at Victoria's secret we had two types of plumpers a cinnamon and a peppermint. it is always better to get a peppermint one because while it plumps it hydrates the cinnamon or any type with peppers just burns. sorry you had to experience that!

Evie M

Makes me wanna buy it


I have this. It’s the lipgloss equivalent to a flamethrower

Shirley Cranswick

Thank you for being so honest about the products. I am a woman in my late 60s that now needs help with my lips but it's hard to judge what would really work for you when the person like you is trying it already has such gorgeous plump lips. I have subscribed to you because I really liked your honesty but I need to see an older person with not much lip volume try some of this stuff but I can't find them. By the way, do you have a lash growth serum that works as they are now very sparse and thin. Thank you.

T Marie

Girl, I can tell you are mad as HELL!! Thank you so much for this! I will definitely avoid and I hope your lips are ok!

coline the one who motivates


Amanda kay

Omg i got a sample of the "Wunderkiss lip plumping by Revlon" Nude, in the mini black tube, and i literally thought my lips were going to burn off my face!!!!! I have never had any product do that. It blew my mind. Never Again!!!

Katie Galloway

WHAT LIZZIE SHOULD DO....get some q-tips and remove the big black globs from the corners of your eyes...get a manicure and clean the dirt out from underneath your nails...disgusting but a good place for you to start!!


Thank you for keeping it real & informing us. Wish more ppl on YT would do the same & show us the real deal an uncut clips. Sorry this happen to you ?

Maria avila

I hope that you had a speedy recovery from that

Natalie Martinez

Your complexion/foundation looks great in this video!

Brit Brat Street Rat

I love your personality. We could hang lol

The Ordinary Gal

At first I was like.... I'm like, Lizzy you're being a drama queen! But I have a gift of me being able to see if people are lying, cheating, or just straight bullshiiiiiiiiiiit. However you look sincerely pissed the hell off so I will definitely encourage people that I know not to buy this contraption! Thank you so much! Always? my Fine?!

Maria vassallo

Makeup industry like food industry have loads to answer . Buy this buy that not always the answer . Wishing you and your family a happy new year ❤️

Burger Mister

Try the fish plumper tool

hayley malesa

I have mad respect for you, Lizzie! You’re one of the youtubers that I truly believe wouldn’t promote or sell something they don’t believe in, you don’t just do it for the money! Love you Lizzie!

Rory Dee Carkuff

I had this same reaction to the Too Faced one, It scared me so bad ?? It took a week for my lips to heal, I am so sorry you went through such a horrible experience.


I tried this an Ulta today and it worked, the burn wasn’t that bad at all

Bridget Collette

LipSense burned the hell out of lips! They went numb!

LILY Ortiz

Love your honestly.

heather palmer

I got project lip and it’s the same all red and burning ?


I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad you are ok and went with your instincts to remove it.

Thalia Maddocks

But did it work?????? ???


It’s supposed to burn idiot

nancy torres

I think your just allergic to it. That's how i get when i use Tarte anything. Everyone loves tarte but it burns like tht me.

Kristi Hernandez

Thank you for being you and keeping it real with us all the time! You're the only you-tuber I honestly trust and I actually buy my products based on your reviews! So again thank you for being so honest with us!

Rosemary Gonzalez

YES LIZZY , Look at youtuber Wayne Goss Smooth Laser video I bought that devise $600 it fukk my facial nerves that are all connected to the cranial. I developed Bell's Palsy on my Left side. People don't know the facial nerve branches are crucial. Trigeminal Nerves take care of the facial nerves chemicals can cause damage to them too. Enjoy having small lips but able to swallow cus your nerves can get damage look at the animals some are put to sleep after these tests because these chemicals are put in mouth but swallowed and get Neurological Conditions. Becareful Lizzy

Controlled Brettboy

I swear to God i.had just got this as a gift an I tried it thy should be out of business my lips looked so so chapped thy burt for like a hour it is sick what it does to u i was so pissed off

gloria rodriguez

It's not even that bad.?

Brenda Banks

That's the same reaction I got no joke it burned for 1 hour. I had to re-do my make up my nose and eyes where leaking It made me madddd but no joke these product hurts like ? I was talking to my mom and I had to hang up bec I was in that much pain.

Jamie 0xJxxMx0

What's in that? Capsaicin? Geez that looks terrible! You're really burned around your mouth! Thanks for the warning!


Are you doing a 2017 beauty favorites videos???

Kaylise Ouderkirk

Did you do a lip scrub first?

Love and Leopards

OMG! That is so scary. ? I am so glad you got that crap off your lips when you did! Can you imagine if you left it on?! How can a company like that still be in business? Seems like they would have had too many returns or chargebacks.


Damn, she's pissed! You can even hear it in her "whoop whoop" ...... Thank you for being our guinea pig, I appreciate the honesty in your videos

Anita Martinez

Snapchat Fam,I saw your snap and you looked so freaked out.Good to see your doing better and there was no real harm.

Natalia Gallikova

I bought it a few days ago and I have to say for the first time it was same as your experience. But did go over it. And than your lips get used to it and they don't burn that bad at all ?

Rose Kimberly

love you!

Laura Arango

My husband bought this for me and I was so excited but now I hated it that shit burns really bad. Is not even worthy.

Veronica Baker

That's why I fuks with u because of ur honestly....we need way more realness these days! I'm sorry u went thru that but I fully respect it cus ur looking out for all of us #fineapples...thanks love??????????????


I think you’re being a little dramatic. Yes it burns calm down. No pain no gain. I’d rather do this than stick needles in my lips. But to wash it off and throw a tantrum? Girl please. Next!

Mary Perez

Tati Westbrook also made a review on this product, she also had a very painful experience!

alanna tubbs

Tati used it and it done the same thing to her

Monique Rivera

Thanks for making us aware!

Marinela Ortiz

At least you made this video so someone else wouldn't go through this like you did. I am glad the plumping side of the E. L. F. Lip Primer and Plumper is not as bad. Not sure what the company puts in the product but that shouldn't have happened to you and not everyone reacts well to many products.


Your lips have always been amazing! You don’t need plumper or filler nor ANYTHING! Ugh I’m sorry you’re going through this

Larissa Hostetter

I think this was the stuff Tati tried and she too said it was pretty painful. Im not sure if this was the exact stuff, but she too had buring.

CASSPurr Waspurr

what's a work out ring?

Joanne Sabourin

Well done Lizzy, I had seen Tati try this product with James Charles and they had the same reaction, fire!


People will do anything to make a quick buck. Thanks for keeping it real!!

Lisa Folden

Tati did a review on this product and said it was horrible and burned so bad. That's insane totally not worth it. No plumper should hurt that bad.

Faye O

But your lips do look plumper ?

Maria Hernandez

I’ve never used plump it brand I have ministar plumper and it dies burn but it is not that intense

Andrea Redondo

That looks like it might have been made with Devil semen

Lip plumper gone wrong

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72 views | 28 Apr. 2019

saw this diy lip plumper

saw this diy lip plumper on youtube and i had to try it for yall. little did i know that it stung alot, and it was had a burning sensation. i would not recomend people to try this at home

Itzy Silva

It worked but I feel the caca’s true potential shows up more after a weeks use ?

Lip plumper gone wrong

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24 361 views | 8 May. 2017

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Thanks for being the guinea pig for this. Looks like it burns way too much.

Steph McK-D

The end of the video was so strange... you were saying goodbye and the video was flickering... I watched it twice because I thought it was me at first. Anyone else see that??

kat r

Girl! I luv you but buying that from Forever 21 makeup section???? What were you thinking? ??

Shelbie K

The soaring lips! LMAO! You had me laughing so much, my Husband walked over to find out what had me laughing! Thanks, sweetie; I needed a good laugh tonight! It seems as if they need to hire someone like me - a Product Content Writer - to get their product descriptions correct. Loved it! As always, much love to you, sweetie! =) Shelbie ? (BeautyDaughtMom)?

Arle Martinez

Ooo child that looked painful. That's takin one for the team ouch!!! ?????????

Grethel Torres

Thumbs up ?? If anyone Ells notice the flashing of the lights at the End of the video. ???Or was it just me????

Isabel Amber


Keren Tanco

My husband made me some Chili  chicken Indian style once and  I end up with Angelina Jolie lips for a  whole week.

Micha K.

4:06 bless u

Bissy A

3:13 LOL this video had me laughingggg

soran assad

I am new and I just realised you really look like Demi Lovato oh my God I'm so jealous!?????


When you sneezed I said bless you ?

Nene G.

hey Lizzy! I hope your lips feel better...I love your videos!!! you're so down to earth and hilarious!... and the editing! ??? the best!... ???;)

Minerva M. Jones

You were in so much pain that you started to stutter ?. Your lips did look a bit plumper and extremely red.

Laura Guegain

Love your videos!

Shannon Graves

Capsicum oil is hot pepper ? oil!

Lyrics by Michelle

If you do this? Does it goes Away agian?


What happened to your vlogs? Whoa and that strobing is real!!! ?


a little scary..

Cynthia Salmeron

i love watching your lip swatches because you have amazing lips no creepiness involved but every colour looks amazing on you girl!

Bonnie Smith

your a trooper Lizzy thanks ...hugs

Samantha Kandasamy

How long did the plumpness(Is that even a word? LOL) last?

Love from Canada. XOXO.

Jesenia Lopez

If you have epilepsy don't watch the end. Theirs like a glitch.

Jennifer Roman

LMAO ? SOAR!! Ooh man!! You are brave.. the things you do for us lol ?

Marla Lozano

Capsicum is found in all Hot peppers!! Thats going to BURN!!!!

sharon guerrero

almost 400k!!! ??

Nicole Gonzalez

It was at this moment Lizzy knew she fucked up... ?

Cecelia Molina

Amanda Dunifer

Your too funny

Yulia Chesnokov

I love this look! Do a tutorial please. Also, have you thought about doing a bridal tutorial look on your channel or after your wedding?


lol capsicum,is,just red pepper!!!-in Australia and Britain is called,capsicum

Laurie N

Soo brace girl! Lmao "At least I didn't fart." Your the best!!!! ❤️

Elaine Kim


Virgie Sexton

I'm sitting here in my living room with my headphones on and just started laughing out loud and my husband looks at me like I'm crazy. Lizzy girl you had me rolling. love this video & you and your personality.

Geegee Tii

I've used the lip tattoos by Violent Lips before, maybe my lips are just weirdly shaped or too full for the predetermined shapes, but I wasn't a fan. They weren't very flattering or practical even.

Aracelis Ruiz

That was hilarious! I laughed so hard ??? Hope your lips are better!


HAHA Lizzy your initial reaction had me dying ??


i live for your vids ?

salena ann

??? "soar" don't trust it!!!

MomNMe Beauty

My lips burn with the Too Faced Lip Injection, so I'll stay clear from this product! Thanks, Lizzy!

Melissa Young


Ingrid Alvarado

lmao... the edit on this video was like a horror movie <3


Thanks Lizzy ! This video had me laughing ? ?

shandi messmer

That is crazy! Love what you do for us!

? any small youtubers want to support each other?

lala La Crazy

why do i get exsited to see your videos pop up . i just do ok lol jajaj . your just so outgoing n motivated

Jen Schrock

capsin is in hot peppers like jalapeno, habernero....



Lashawnda Wise

Stop it... what we do for beauty...?????

Darla Gray

Big popsicle! LOLOLOLOL Soar thru the air!! Your face impressions were priceless!! Lol. Sorry it was so painful for you!! Luckily you don't need it tho!!! TFS
Love ya!!♡ xxoo. #SnapChatFam

Pearl Perez-Crooks

Dear Lord. Are you ok girl?

Perlita Zavala

What was the light thing at the end?

coline the one who motivates

Your gorgeous

gina ragone

anyone remember lip venom from doowop or something? that stuff worked!

Deepti Ghai Sharma

nice ? love your makeup

Jager Babe28

omg this video was hilarious!

Deanna Bustos

Bless you

Fernanda Lepe

Please what mascara are you wearing!! Are your lashes growing or is it just a bomb mascara. Had lash extensions & now i have poor little sparse lashes

Misty Hinds

It mostly looks likes ur lips turned a darker red.

Paola Lujan

I'm so glad I found you!?❤ I love all your videos. Your personality is so genuine and sunshiny! Keep being yourself girl. Also just a suggestion for another video; do a woop or womp on the Dior Forever foundation!!


Lizzy lol she's such a smart ass! "Lips soaring in the air" ?

Alexandria Laracuente

You are too funnyyyy. Love it

J Soto

How long did your lips stay plumped?

Marlenne Nabor

and then... what happen?

coline the one who motivates

Lol your hilarious


lmaooo! Loved this vid!

Ashley Kay

So close to 400K! Wishing you an early congrats! You should vlog of the countdown to 400K. Awesome video! Love you! ❤❤❤ #SnapChatFam

Pia San

You are hilarious girl ??

Jennifer Yazzie Akinola

Omg Lizzy you are brave to try that product!! I was nervous for you!! I sure wouldn't be able to do it. So kudos to you Lizzy!! ?

Beth Foble

Girl I'm definitely giving you a like for going through that madness!! ?

Danelle Belgarde

lmao... Love your videos

Tori R

Lmaoooo you to glen. Will you still love me if I look weird?

Carly Larrison

why are all your ads in Spanish?! lolol

Ida C.

I think it looks good .. too faced extreme lip injection does absolutely nothing for me. idont even feel the tingle maybe just used to it been using it forever but I want to try this!! thanks for video. live and love u!♡

Yvette Quinones

Hey so I know you have mentioned doing a review on the Estée Lauder double wear but they have recently released that foundation in a compact version... Sooooo how about you do one side of your face with the new compact version and the other side with the original packaging of double wear just to make sure it's the same formula...Cuz I would love to purchase the compact if it's worth it...

kat herrera

Girl ! That's was hilarious what you do for the love of makeup and to slay ! Best video by far !

Amos Rae

??? The soar?...had me dying!!! Most amusing and entertaining video I've seen in awhile!! Loved it

Amy Franklin

That thumb nail has me shook! ??

Bellavoce 23

Love the video but gotta say I'm living for that lip color the strips left on your lips. So pretty!

Jade Jackson

speaking of burning lips have you tried lipsensnse? lasts all day, the best texture of liquid lipsrick ever, its like a stain×liquid lipstick. it's meant to be all natural nut it burned for 3 minutes each aplication. Next day lips looked fine with no lasting effects

Ashley Zaldivar

U always put me in a happy mood... always I'll pass on the violent lips though ? ?

PassionGel Nails

Love the editing!! So funny

Lol Dug


Kate Walker

This was a really funny video haha

Joana Gutie Cervantes

? ? ? ? ? ?


You are so cute! Love your videos! ❤️


Wow I was laughing ? so hard when you where reading the instructions. So many red flags with this product.

Genevieve Ferguson-Peña

Couple problems babe are you naked oh dont come in ?????

Kayla Middlebrooks

Makeup tutorial on this look!! ???❤️

LVoe bags

Lizzy you look gorgeous, would you do a makeup tutorial on this look please?

Nancy P

Girl this video made me laugh so hard with your face expression the things u try for us lmao love ya lizzy

Jessica Villanueva

Cheap ass IKEA chair ?

Reyna Peace

My daughter heard you sneeze and she was like bless you!!

Frog Push Eye on Weather

Oh sweetie no to capsicum:

Pain from rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis, psoriasis, shingles and nerve pain due to diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), when applied to the skin in the affected area. The active ingredient in topical preparations of capsicum, capsaicin, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these uses.
Possibly Effective for

Back pain, when applied to the skin.
Reducing painful tender points in people with fibromyalgia, when applied to the skin.
Relieving symptoms of prurigo nodularis, a skin disease, when applied to the skin. It may take 22 weeks to 33 months of treatment to see a benefit. Symptoms may return after stopping use of capsicum.
Cluster headache, when used in the nose. Capsicum seems to reduce the number and severity of cluster headaches. It’s best to apply capsicum to the nostril that is on the same side of the head as the headache.
Relieving symptoms of perennial rhinitis, a runny nose not associated with allergies or infection, when used in the nose. Sometimes the benefit can last for 6-9 months.

cynthia flores

omg no eww looks like it smells too lol

Jamie Lee

Omg. When you said they wrote "soar" instead of "sore," I was like yelling at the screen, "Don't do it!" It was like I was watching a horror movie yelling at the girls who are about to be murdered.

Nikki Molina

?Lol Love u ??????

Leah Baker

I just want to say You are amazing!! You're the only person I faithfully watch!! So real and honest! I talk about you to my friends like I actually know you!! Always put a smile on my face with your quirky personality!!!! I've learned so much about makeup from your videos!!!❤️❤️


there is something different.. seems like everything is blurred except for you face.. but still love you!!!!

Bri Gematria Wimz

I love how you can always keep it real and laugh at yourself. I got so scared for you though. When I saw you beginning to stutter I was like, oh, no- oh, girl.


Ummm... #1 Is the word VIOLENT in the name?!?!? ??? #2 Too many warnings for temporary plump lips! You are the REAL MVP!!! ???