Lebron hair plugs

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Hair Transplant Experience: Afro-American Guest from Los Angeles

134 348 views | 27 May. 2019

Hair of Istanbul is a

Hair of Istanbul is a hair health clinic specialized on FUE hair transplant.

This video is about our curly Afro-American hair transplant patient from Los Angeles, United States.

For more before/after and contact visit our https://instagram.com/hairofistanbul

In this video our valuable guest talk about his curly hair transplantation experience in Hair of Istanbul. He states 'Hair of Istanbul is the one of the best not because of the hospitality but also the experts that they have'.

He also share his observations through the first-day consultation, the hair transplant surgery, first wash with shampoo after two days and our punctual transfer services between airport to the clinic and hotel to clinic for every procedure.

It was a pleasure for us to be your hair transplant clinic Shalom!

We love you!

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▶L'expérience de notre patiente sur la transplantation de cheveux https://youtu.be/OkWDGP_9Bl8

▶FUE technique by using maximum ZOOM PERSPECTIVE. https://youtu.be/eeyVBusnxVg

More Hair Transplant Before and After


About Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul is a health clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since 2014, hair transplantation with FUE technic is our specialized service for our patients from all around the world.

Our health service portfolio includes; Hair transplant, beard transplant, facial hair transplant, PRP, mesotherapy,detailed hair care.

We accommodate all our patients with VIP service policy (5 Star Hotels, VIP airport pickup, personal assistant etc.)

For More Info and Free Hair Examine Contact Us Instagram DM or WhatsApp

??????:+90(534)352 21 21

??????:+90(530)452 44 14

????:+90(530)688 42 47

????: +90 (530) 408 52 00

????: +90 (530)6782421


#hairofistanbul #hairtransplant #hairtransplantturkey

Ace Guy

Is it cheaper to just pay for a receding hairline then a balding head

Jack Thenga

I got a decent hairline and im 23. Genetically men in my life lose hair from 30. Definitely gonna consider this one day

ZoroX -

Bruh forehead still big ??

Shaun Mpiko

How much was it??

Mine Kuş

Videolar neden hep yabancılar için türk müşteri kabul etmiyormusunuz. Yada fiyatlarının türklere cokmu geliyo

NewK 9Vibes

Thanks for the great customer experience video.

the Mario

How much tho?

JaLeel Thomas

What was the price?


He is Ethiopia America not afro American

Gotham Seoul

Can you please post before and after photos. And how long have you grown your hair since then. It would be helpful to see. Thanks.


Bruh how much is inexpensive 5k or more?

Awot Haile

Dude I need your help I talk to some doctors in USA it's expensive is he'll be for I decide to do my hair transplant in Turkey I want to see your results respect brother

Robert James

Since there have been zero updates or response from HOI, despite the overwhelming requests, are we to assume this was not a success? I guess if it seems to true to be real, it probably is

To serve kids


ممو ممو

اسطنبول لا علاج لا شي لا تروحون يع

Eritrea Red sea

I am from Eritrea ?? and I live in Germany but I want to do my hair like him so I will come soon ?. Can u give your address?

Tony Texaco

So how much we talking? Like my shit ain’t dat bad but I need what he was stressin line wise lol just cuz

S Jinvestors2

You talk through out the whole video I wanted to see before and after

Xx Official panda squad Lily

I will be there in december this year insha allah

aka meng

Ethiopian forever


Do they do the needless pain free anesthesia? How much was total cost out of pocket?

Robert James

Talked a mean game then never showed the results. Lol Bozo

Brandon Gipson

He's Ethiopian-American, not Afro-American.

züğürt fabrikatör

Akon hair transplant Turkey's
Serkan Aydın hair transplant Center in Istanbul

Inufbi Goughrgu

He is East African not African-American you idiots!

Celestin Junior Nkoumou

Hello technique FUE or DHI?

Yg Bodybuilder

What was the cost

young grasshopper

But u guys only got like 2 black people that you did fue on!!!????...so that wouldn't be a good look for us to come there... your ig page has only 1 before him...lol..

Hylas Maliki

I seen this guy's after pics and my god ! What a transformation

R z

Hi shalome how ru kemye endate newe i am habesha too i plan to have hair transplant we got same type of hair do u recommend after the result are you happy ?

Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul will share Shalom's result's, after the hair growth procedure done. We will share his results on both of our Youtube and Instagram account (https://instagram.com/hairofistanbul). Thank you! (Sample Afro-American Hair Transplant Before-After https://www.instagram.com/p/BvwgY4PJXaN/)

The Hokage

After pics?


Really don’t care about the hotel you stayed in show more of your head and the pain afterwards and the recovery

Leo M

What’s the point of posting this video if we can’t see the end result?

Celestin Junior Nkoumou

Your technique lorse DHI or FUE? Please

Darren Morris

This clinic is wank and only people who know nothing about hair restoration would go there.

Wane HD

Plessss how much ?

Demetrich Stokes

He got Nipsey Hussle label All Money In tatted on the hand . Nay-ba-hood .

Hair of Istanbul

Reach us from our WhatsApp Channels to get FREE EXAMINATION! https://instagram.com/hairofistanbul
For More Info and Free Hair Examine Contact Us Instagram DM or WhatsApp↴
??????:+90(534)352 21 21
??????:+90(530)452 44 14
????:+90(530)688 42 47
????: +90 (530) 408 52 00
????: +90 (530)6782421


This is Khalid's Brother.

Sanchez Maquina

How much is it?

ras tiger

I have only problem in front from two side , I need to know how will be cost front side ??i m from Belgium

Habesha Love

How much did he pay

Atahan Özen

Turkey is cheap

Marathon Man

Most East African have that big forehead and we intend to loose hair quickly

Awot Haile

He advertises really good better than the origin ppl for real ?

munir amir

I'm Ethiopian too right.. and I wanna do my hair transplant right, your video helps righttt

Qurbac Mo

I am going after Corona done 2 fix my forehead insha Allah from Vancouver Canada ✌#imsomali

Filimon Berhane

Can we see any result after he has done his transplant

Mr Obrian



Your research should have told you that your hairline was not from you dad..

Roland Roland

What was the point of this video ? No before and after ?? ??‍♂️

Pretty ladie83



Can we get an update?


What happened to the before and after pics he mentioned, I was waiting to see that not him eating at the end


7:40 that guy is scared l0l

Trigga Troll

Does this guy have an update?

Mr Black

He's American...... Not Afro-American, Asian-American, European-American, etc....

Evan E. Rogers

Anyone know his ig handle or Twitter? I’d like to see his progress and what it looks like after. Also, when you get a hair transplant, what does the donor area look like if you cut your hair really low like a skin fade? Also, are you able to cut your new hair down really low if you wanted to?


He threw shade at his dad lmaooo??


Why does there some dark spot obviously

Visual Artistry By Northe

He’s walking around with open scars all over his head how are these good results? Where’s the update.

Nigãseru Aiseru

Does anyone know the name of the music/instrumental used in the ending.

Jeremy Andrew

If you say “right” one more time I’m going to kill myself


I would like to see the results .. Can we see some before/ after picture comparisons please ?

Saal Husain

where are the results??

fuad ahmed

Honestly i don't think he needed hair transplantation instead he needed to do Tummy Tuck .
I'm Ethiopian and i don't have problem with my forehead at last not all Ethiopians i guess ? ? ? ?

Trigga Troll

I'm going to try to get out there by the end of the year.


Grand Bazar. Amazing place. Next visit i will def.. do one more session and visit that place again.

Saal Husain

can we see the after results please?

Khalid Mohammed

@hairofistanbul...any update ?

Honest Jaye

I'm trying to see his update


Thought that was teddy from black ink crew at first

كرسي تلفاز

he thanked his dad for the big forhead

Tyrie Carter

Damn where is that at never went there


I love the edit of you drawing the hairline lower than the doctor did lol like "gimme that shit "

Jeffrey Mbelu

The outro funny asf?


I can’t lie, id rather keep what he had before, all that nice thick curly hair.... to nothing ??

Anthony Reed

After the consultation, is it a long waiting list to get the procedure?

Chad Chad

I need to see the after results. On your instagram you have lots of Before and After photos of those with straight hair, but you basically only have before photos of Black Americans but no after photos. I need to see results to make a judgment

Ghosty official

Hey umm.. do I get to choose where my new hairline will start from?

james pruitt

im going

Game Tight

How much is this

Jimmy Bee

Did he say “they will treat you well, they are very aggressive...”?

Eyuel Yiferu

I am born in Ethiopia Addis Ababa

Awot Haile

You know what this guy if he doesn't do be for and after pic it's hard to make decisions ! I never seen any afro hair after hair transplant results I been in this thing 4 yeas

Real Truth

I wanna see the one year results man come on.


Amazing video!!!

NoCap 150

His original hairline werent even that bad

Mehmet Bakır

Gerard service?

Noah John

I like it please what’s the name hospital

Chal Chal

They don’t have that many followers on YouTube or Facebook dude

Athony Nesbitt

I want to see his result

Arafat Askhatsson

Would live to see him know with his grown hair

Baki Vlogs

His ig is :ethiopiannn

Lilo The Libra

he made me want a hair transplant and im not even losing hair LMAO

Popoy Sapwet

I thought he was a regular black?

Moo WWs

Take a shot every time he says "right".

Mati show

I want to ma hair transplant where can i get information?


Perfect ???????? very nice

Lebron hair plugs

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Celebrity Hair Transplant Transformations! Why shaved head doesn´t suit everybody! PART 3

68 352 views | 14 May. 2018

▶️Hair Transplant

▶️Hair Transplant consultation with Matt: http://bit.ly/2mwoB4S

▶️Subscribe to my VIP list and Get Your FREE Copy of my e-Book: https://mattdominance.com/


▶️ 00:40 Jamie Foxx

▶️ 02:08 Calum Best

▶️ 05:54 A.J.Mclean

▶️ 07:34 Jason Gardiner


➤Celebrity Hair Transplant Transformations PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn6FV0-NYtw

➤Celebrity Hair Transplant Transformations PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D5ZtLxB4rg

Why every guy can´t just look as masculine as DwayneJohnson or Jason Statham with shaved head. Even one of the top looking guys like George Clooney, Adam Levine, Enrique Iglesias, Matthew McConaughey or Johnny Depp look much much better with a hair transplant than without it! Hair transplant is a great way for an average looking guy to gain more confidence and become above average looking just in couple months! Results are permanent!

I tried bald head but I realized very fast it won´t work for me like it does for Jason Statham or Vin Diesel. Hair transplant was the right decision for me and let´s see maybe it can be something lifechanging for you too!


? ➤My Hair Transplant Clinic: https://elithairtransplant.com/?ref=5

Marty McFly

You mean American comedian, actor, singer and song writer, just sayin.

Azz Seu

It looks like a hair piece

m x

Good video and info

U. F. O.

black afro = lol


It’s crazy how they always talk about lebron’s hairline but dont mind the shit jamie got on his head

Michael Brown

Don’t believe him
Those Jaime Foxx pics are from two different time periods. The one on right is a younger JF and on the left is JF playing Mr Staçks in the 2014 movie “Annie”

Bachatero Lion

also jamie foxx uses concealers...a lot of people don't realize it because black hair concealers work magic and are extremely hard to detect!


Look at David Silva's hair transplant, amazing results

Gold Wolf

AJ McLeans transplant looks good. It looks so natural and makes him look young again. Jamie’s looks good too but a bit too square, not quite so natural looking.

Thomas Stewart

Matt, I think I just saw you in a supplement commercial on TV doing arm curls, is it you?

RARII music

He wears a hair unit. That transplant didint work. The hair unit is used by lots of celebs like Ben affleck Rob pats mat Damon Nicolas Cage John Travolta etc the list go on an on. Lol

dan tan

this guys hair looks horrible. bald is better than thinning after a certain point

Josh Panda

I like Calum´s result! Very natural and he actually has a similar hair to yours Matt!


Jamie Fox looks unbelivable. Is he having ton of hair makeup or what? because this kind of amazing density where the hairs are like 0.4 cm long or even shorter you cannot achieve that by hair transplant right?

Art Magic

Your information is good for everyone....Keep going man


I think this is a man weave not a transplant....

SmileyFace WithSunglasses

Calum Best is H?T

Mike Maher

Sup Matt, check out Joey Lawerences hair, it looks weird, wtf?


Can you please tell me where you got your hairtransplant please and where you got it . Thanks !

Naam Achternaamm

He had a hairtransplant years ago. It didnt succeed. So he tattood the scar. But the result u see now isnt from that hairtrainsplant he undergo. I will reveal what he did. If you look al his fotos of hus hairline nowadays, u will notice that he hairline varietes from tight to a more rounder one. U can also see that the line isnt done by a razor. His hair also looks very shiny. So what he did is this:
- ghost bond (very strong bond that is used for hairsystems that will be transparant after its dry) this is applied on the shaved scalp above
- after the bond is dry, the barber applied afronamerican hair
- then heb shapes it up with the clipper
- after its done the contourlines get fixed, also with a clipper
- and the finishing touch is Toppik hairfibers

If u dont believe me. Look up on youtube. U will be stunned

Graeme Davin

What about Paul Stanley from kiss, please Matt do your research on him. We do know he uses a stage wig in kiss, but off stage his hair still looks awesome these days.


Lewis hamilton also did.

Frances Walker

Man weave or not! At least Jamie Foxx's hairline isn't as bad as Jermaine Jackson's! LOL


Jamie Foxx has a FUT surgery. He has even a scar tattoo on the back of his head to cover it.


I always thought jamie wore a hair system.


Great video Matt, if you haven't already done so please do one of British actor Noel Clarke. Somewhere along the line he receded really badly and then in 2010 he even posted on his Twitter that he was going to have to adopt the shaved head look, and now suddenly after a little time out of the limelight he's back with new hair.

Also...does anyone know which movie of Jamie Foxx was his last before his hair treatment and which movie he did first with a brand new hairline. Thanks in advance:)

andres perez

Machine gun kelly

Bachatero Lion

Check Jamie Foxx's pics in his IN LIVING COLOR DAYS!! Check out his hair there and you'll see the big hair loss from back then!!



Kwame Dukes

You should do a vid on Lewis Hamilton

FaQ Hue

Your Jamie Fox analyzing is way off.. you clearly can’t tell he’s wearing a wig? He had a hair transplant but it didn’t grow in dense enough so now he uses some kind of wig when ever he has to..


Jamie uses concealer I believe.. not a HT. Could be wrong. Also matt, I sent you a whatsapp message. I'm looking for a recommendation in Istanbul for HT :)

Wayne Rooney

Daniel Odhiambo

Lebrons mentor lmfao

for you

J. Foxx SEXY as HE double hockey stick ?


Jamie's before Hairine frame... is the weirdest thing ive ever seen

Chris Burnz

How much did your hair transplant cost?

Estelle Sery

First time watching this channel. Host's accent is so sexy.

Christian Benett

I heard eye shadow works well

kris swai

I went to see calum bests Dr Asim Shahmelak, mainly due to calum probably having the best transplant I have ever seen and I didnt want to travel. I have just completed my second ht 2 months ago but thanks to prp and the first ht I have pretty much full head of hair so Im hoping when second ht grows out I will have great results.

I look really good.

Dr Shahmalak is quite a build up dr he does not push the limits too far which is more common in Turkey and why calum had three transplants. He might have done it in one in turkey but I think Dr Asim is good at the hairline.

Hopefully for me I will know in 6 more months ?


Jamie fox has a fail transplant. He now wears a wig..

Jared Harvill

Shaved head can look good on everybody if they do other things workout, clothing, maybe a beard.

SenuSenu Senay

His hair is artificial


Micky mouse ? lol 3:07

Morgan Carl Davies

Do Lewis Hamilton


Think he got FUT that's why he has a tattoo back there


What’s weird with Jamie foxx is that is constantly changes

DeOne Gregg

Jamie’s didn’t look natural on the bet awards.


Jamie Fox had a man weave.


Why do we care? People can do whatever makes them feel good about themselves.


Jamie fox has a man weave not a transplant

Bachatero Lion



Black hair may be better for hair transplantation, due to the hair follicle

Bado Ron

can i ask what happened to ur ears they are sticked to ur head unlike before:)


Look at Jamie Fox hair again, you talk about his before picture like there is nothing wrong with it.. "Oh its a perfectly good hairline" Look at his temple points.. In the before shot they are sitting in line with centre of eyebrows, then the after they are like a solid 2 inches apart, widening the forehead, that is not naturally possible. Straight up, this guy has spray on hair in both.. he just got better advice from his stylist over the years lol

Lebron hair plugs

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LOGIC Talks about Hair Transplant And Dealing With GOING BALD In His 20's

194 149 views | 21 Nov. 2019

#logic #goingbald

#logic #goingbald #baldcafe

Watch the full interview here (10:00) : https://youtu.be/KId52-bSZak

In this video I react to Logic talking about his experience with going bald and dealing with male pattern baldness in his 20's.

Shout out to all the guys who suggested I check this out and to the countless others who were inspired by the original video to rock the shaved head proudly.

My Favourite Head Shaving and related products Here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/baldcafe

This is an Amazon affiliate store and if you do make a purchase I will make a very small percentage at no extra cost to you and it really really helps support the channel. Thank you.

Thank you for watching. If you are struggling with hair loss then download my free ebook available at: https://www.baldcafe.com

If you have any questions about hair loss then you can contact me via

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baldcafe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baldcafe

You can also listen to the podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.


Dude let logic talk lol

rahul saha

What the fuck 100,000 dollar, it is fucking not possible for a hair transplant.

Mahan yea

I wonder who those 45 disliking thick hair bastards are ?

Darth Vader 1980 The dark side

$100,000 for a hair transplant are you fucking kidding me?


"the only person you need to please is yourself"
I find this very accurate

Ex Shenanigan

if i was logic i could rock a headless body no problem

Mr. W - The Wanderer

With 100.000$ you could have explored almost all the planet for months

Tha Baddes Electrician

No offense to you, but he folded and got a transplant! More power to the baldcafe for having the balls to shave their heads & not fold under pressure


I second the dude that said to Interview Pitbull! He's a real one too.

Tony Valencia

Interview pit bull Mr 305


im getting bald with 18 lol

j rod

Rite on logic


It's a personal choice ultimately. But, on the other hand, if Marc Andreessen (look him up if you haven't seen the guy) can live with his baldness, no one else should have any problem learning to accept their own.

Devin French

Very encouraging. Ima rock it while i got it!


FUE transplants don’t run $100k.


There always gotta be people using insecurities to take others down. Don't let it get through to you. ??


I can't do HT because my skin scars like shit. So if the result is not good, I can't even go bald anymore.


Your cut makes you look more masculine. Fits you

Andrew Denham

I'm assuming most guys try hair transplants not to please "everyone" but cos their scared of not getting women

Joseph Smith


Ігор Ониськів



Tyga and torrey lanez did it and o did mgk and they look good


But he got a hair transplant anyways. Have you seen his hair lately. Doesn’t look anything like this

Shelby Smith

Bald or not, sir...you are fine! With your bearded cute ass ???

Real Ninja

You look like a shaved testicle.

Sujay Banerjee

In India hair transplant is a lucrative business as babdness ls is a social stigma here....all people in India should watch this video.

Puia Mizo

is it the only me who thinks Baldcafe looks like Tyson Fury

osama been lacking

I peep the biracial hairline

Subo Copyright sin dubstep

Hmmmm after all he got the hair trasplant :/

nour al din

Wow ur message about not being able to please anyone, that talk was seriously so meaningful to me, thank you

Jonathan Lewis

Good morning bro it’s Jon I’m doing good today bald ?‍? is awesome ?


That sucks people give you shit for something you have no control over, and happens to so many people.


What should i do i got a. Big forehead and reciding hairline at 18 i tryed bald but i dont like cuz my forehead is big

Jordan Mitchell

I’ve been balding since 18, felt like shit and was hiding it for years under hats. Until a week ago when I shaved it off for the first time. I’m 25 and I’m loving the bald look frfr

Covid is a hoax

Anyone who says being bald is okay is lying to themselves. Deep down when see another man with a full head of hair there is jealousy and envy

Roberto Bandz

I've had a fucked up hairline since hs luckily it hasn't got worse until.now..im in my 30s now with a son and a beautiful girlfriend so it doesn't worry me as much any more

Mazen Waheed

Every time i watch you bro you are kinda healing me bro, i think you are a great person and a great looking confidant guy , i have lossing my hair am 23 years old and i thank you alot with all your videos and efforts ?❤❤


why does every guy want that straight, small forehead hairline so much?
logics hair line right there is actually universally appealing.. it looks good and its masculine at any age above 25. all he needs to do is keep his thinning under control

the only people who are making fun of him are erratic teenage boy.. and they are naive as hell

Chris Gomez

They got money they can get surgery or whatever ?‍♂️ like tyga and tory lanez did

bmxlover v

That studio/gaming type background’s getting me high af

Aleksa Ristić

Well, we got to roll with what we got I guess.

Adonai El-Rohi

Lol he ended up getting the hair transplant

Jason Bahal

where can you spend 100k on a transplant??


Logic ended up getting a hair transplant after all, smh, guess losing his girl right after losing his hair was the final straw

Matthew Brooke

The comments you made about if your doin a transplant for yourself kinda made me think about getting one, I meen Ive been heckled and bullied for having long hair and still chose to so I don’t really have long hair for anyone but me XD

Luckygsm P

i hate some people here in peru, after i shave my head. they always calling hey dick head. hey baldi.. u just answer with.. fuck u


Fuck! Male pattern baldness has just started its beginning stages on me... wish me luck on fixing this.

Chris Q

Fuck that it matters bro

mister guy

There is no need to push Logic down.

Because you know what? 80% of all people on this earth will experience hairloss at some point in their lives.

It is very normal and is not something you should be punished for.

live with it and embrace it

argenis rivas

I thought about this so manny times and very so often people walk up to me and ask “why don’t you get a hair transplant?” I always tell myself I feel great the way I look, if I do this I’m not doing for me I’m doing it for the people that have a problem looking at a bald head . Bottom line !! .

Le RoyalOmnivore

My hair isn’t as bad as logic’s but I’ve had a bald spot and thin top head since I was in about 4th grade and it hasn’t really gotten worse but I’ve always looked like I’m balding. I’m 26 now and I look about 35.

I feel what logic is saying on such a personal level because when you’re young and it’s obvious youre losing your hair it is the biggest blow to your confidence. And it’s almost impossible to get over I’m still trying to get over it. Especially cuz I have big ears. But I have a really good physique and extremely broad shoulders, I should have all the confidence in the world but the hair is like the most prominent confidence attribute.

Max Amillion

I did it for me and for other people, like it's the best feeling in the world to see myself in the mirror again, like it's me, with my hair, the way i used to have it. Nothing beats that for me. Because I see me. And the fact that it makes me more attractive is a bonus.

San Ray

i didn't know up until this video that logic was balding. he looks alright to me. "All this other shit I'm talkin' 'bout, they think they know it
I've been praying for somebody to save me, no one's heroic
And my life don't even matter, I know it, I know it
I know I'm hurting deep down, but can't show it
I never had a place to call my own
I never had a home, ain't nobody callin' my phone
Where you been? Where you at? What's on your mind?
They say every life precious but nobody care about mine"

Oscar D

My hairline is receding and my hair in thinning in the back. I finally buzzed it with a one guard and I feel so much better! Grew my beard out and I’m ready to completely shave it when the time is right! I’ve struggled with this for a few years now and it was all because I was worried about what people would think if I cut it off! I’ve come to realize that as long as my wife and kids are ok with it that’s all that matters! I’m 36 and wish I would have done it sooner but it is what it is I’m glad I did it and glad I found this channel


really !!
I live in a third world country
you won't believe what I can do with much of money!

Moon Man Jan

100.000 damn


Am I the only one who think nobody looks extremely bad in bald? I personally believe anyone can rock bald head!

Milan Blažek

i dont care i have full head of hair but i like my self whit bold head (sry for english)


Your head is made to be shaved. Lucky you

AI King

I have hair but my family is bald so that’s why I’m here

SlaM Ù

My friends bald or not it’s about confidence and real beauty is in the face not ur hair

Daniel Jahn

Lol your eyes when he said 100.000 dollars cracked me up man

Según Micha

Is important for people to know that you’re not dying. You r just loosing something that you are giving a meaning that doesn’t have. I start loosing hair at 21 and I went to the doctor and at the end I asked myself why I’m spending money on this?... just because what people gonna think. Now I’m 23, shave and happy about that.

Caleb Ledbetter

If being a skin head is calling then answer like a boss


Thank you for this, 26 tryna follow a crazy dreams where appearence is apart of it. Doesn't mean I can't just means I gotta learn to be more okay with myself thank you ❤️

Darby Crash

Skinhead since I was born. Please God, save my sideburns...

Wolf of Wall Street

Bald is a social death sentence


im the same ethnic mix as logic and we have similar shaped heads and hairlines, im literally about to look like this dude in 7 years hahhaaha

bob dillon

It is tough when you are very young ...9 out of 10 people are just FNassholes and they will think it is funny...And forget about any girl giving you a second look.


Logic has plenty hair doe, sorry but this video is a missed shot :(


I’m going bald I’m 19 I recon I will be bald in 2 years I need to know how to stop it slow it down till I’m atleast 25-27 but at my age it’s hard I ain’t gonna accept being bald it’s not my agenda I love my hair I can’t accept shaving it I don’t mind the fact of being bald but just not before I’m 25 I love my libido soo taking finasteride isn’t a option soo need other options maybe save up for a hair transplant minoxidil? Really need some advice

Mitchell Kelley

Bless you

Hi Food

I am balding at the age of 16.


Heh, not even balding, and all this is doing is making me excited for when (or if) I do. I'm curious if I'd look good with a completely bald head.


I'm glad I embraced going bald quickly and I lost my hair in my early 20s. Still love these videos

Jhonny Cultura

im fucking done... am 23 and my hair keeps falling, even tho my head shape may not look that good, and i have very bad teeth and glasses too but i mean who fucking cares? am not getting no pussy regardless... so who fooking cares!

Ernesto Hernandez



What would this guy do if the word shit didn't exist?

Austin Duncan

Good channel but I’m glad I hoped on Finasteride quick enough before I lost too much ground.


Why am i here i have rlly thick long wavy healthy hair ? and both my grandpas havent faced any hairloss and so did my dad infact he has a manbun but yeah i feel sorry for the people who have to go through hairloss u have my respect ❤️


Mgk did the same I think


Hey. I'm 28 (no signs of balding), but i think I really appreciate this support outlet you've made for men.

Danny Lones

yo y'all i just noticed that a puppy sitting on his lap?

Caleb Ledbetter

Keeps guy needs a nose job

Edward Zaleski

100k for ‘the best hair transplant in the world’ is not a real thing

Adrian Sanchez

i used to have really thin hair but i was able to get it back in 6 months with keeps! i’m not an ad i promise but now i get so many compliments on my curly thick hair. i love coming back to these videos bc now my confidence has skyrocketed

Giovanna Moro

As sono as logic talks i find him attractive so my point is BUILD A PERSONALITY GUYS!!!

josh olinde

God he sounds like Eminem!


Who’s giving out HT for 100G?!


Most guys look better bald. Then trying to hide it.


Hello brother. I went from literally not leaving the house for years because of my hairloss to having a hair transplant to shaving it all off. I can honestly sit here today and say even if i had long thick locks, i would still rock the bald head look. I have grew a long beard and shave my head daily and at the age of 25, i can honestly sit here and say i am the most confident i have ever been. Thank you !

zio slim

I’m 25 going bald and completely shaved my hair off. People are telling I look good with clean shaved head. I’m happy now I shave clean every week. I loved it

Giovanni Penate

Logic looks 40 years old

b707almighty s903

Bald hair apologist

Aimad oubella

With a 100,000$ that could afford a new head transplant for me

David Zafra

but Logic didnt look like that now.. hair transplant? not logic at all


I'm ready to go bald for 100k

Caleb Ledbetter

You make it seem like he's actually talking to you lmao


I love how women judge balding guys. Yet, how much make up do most women cake on their face? Waking up next to a totally different person in the morning with faces like that...

Troy Trey

Doesn’t cost 100,000 ! They took the piss out of him because he is rich