If there are any doubts about the safety of a food product, you should

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Food Safety Training Video

717 950 views | 7 Jan. 2014

Create Common Good uses

Create Common Good uses food to change lives and build healthy communities.

Tasha Rose

katy nasty?

Harsh Rawat

mam where hairnet ???????

Gemma Ibisate

Reaction paper ?


Who else came here for online class?


1. she did not wash her hands when she got into the kitchen

2. she did not put her hair up

3. she sneezed into her gloves

4. touched raw chicken and onions right after

5. katie went to the restroom and did not wash her hands properly

5 ways to correct it

1. she was suppose to wash her hands before touching any of the food in the kitchen

2. she was suppose to but her hair up in a bun

3. she was not suppose to sneeze into her glove but when she did she did not change them out and put new ones on

4. after touching raw chicken you are suppose to wash your hands and change your gloves

5. after katie got out of the restroom she was suppose to wash her hands properly for at least 20 seconds

Hai (Dan) PHAM

Me: breaks every single existential rule possible

Unfinished Comb Studios

Fire her. there are 17 different mistakes, and most of them I didn't include because I don't know kitchen safety, but I know common sense, and she breaks every rule there!

prashanth s

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xd slugzz



I put my dick in a bag of doritos

Go Tamura

I like this video



Josh Macaraeg

2 page reaction paper

Gon Plays

hindi kayo marunong mongi

john austin


Damon Parker

Food safety is good. I am a Culinary Graduate of May 22, 2019 @ ECC city campus Culinary program. I love what I do and do what I love.

Jerome Felizardo

Food cross contamination..


I cant find u

Dr. Esther Lydia

COVID-19 Food safety tips

Liam Reyes

Fuck :-)

tape ball cricket

Nice work

Wolf Princess Skyleana

online classes


She had only one job: cut the onion! :D


have u seen joe

Matthew Ramos

yo she got that rona passing it on and stuff

Faqeer Muhammad

Lot mistake

Melijandyl Delatina

Hello good day! Can i share this videos to my connections? Thanks


Why did I just watch this


Me to from online class

Help With Food Storage

Great Safety Tips.

charm willis

Am here from online class

Victoria Lim

Tidak sakit
Sarung tangan
memakai baju bersih, dan hairnet
tidak pakai perhiasan
rambut dicepol
Cuci tangan
jangan batuk/bersin
mencuci tangan

AspireFoodSafety Standards

This is great information and it helps to ensure food safety, and that is why we have decided to share great content in our channel, subscribe to learn more about and support us educate more people on food safety.

Angelica Benavides

???? si no hubiera visto todo el vídeo seguiría aterrada..Ya comprendí la enseñanza de lo que se debe hacer y lo que no ..??

Bhagyrajsinh Zala

It's complete but save water don't waste it

Chris ver San Luis

About 6 yrs pls help


scooby doooooo?

Irondog 40

Ngl who came to the comments for answers

Jackie Robinson

Didn't wash her hands before starting the shift , rubbing nose with gloves on touching food then shaking the lady hands , after rubbing her nose repeatedly ?No non slip shoes, no hair net

Maddison Haines

Gordan Ramsay would have killed her on the spot.


Katie is a water waster.

Mark Clarence Caro Gorieza


Emo Demon31

3:03 when she’s about to give you that hand twist gawk gawk

Captain Deen2009

Online learning

Jaime Madam

watching the tap being on blast the whole time katy washed her hands made me so mad


2020? anyone? also this video link sent me to what old youtube looked like and the NOSTALGIA is amazing

Dante adger

3:16 perfect

Victoria Call

I'm just wondering why it takes so long for her to cut an onion and why she needs to do 10 thousand things in-between each cut

Aeron Gio Tiongson

Pov : You came here from online class

me : my teacher will probably see this so, hi teacher c:

( I lagged tho so I watch it myself c: )


How many of us came from online classes.

Chris ver San Luis

My teacher deliever me here for online class

Melissa Brancato (Student)

This music is amazing

John Sanchez

Great video. Thanks !! My students love it !!

Peter Marshall

this video made me ill

Jefferson Villarta

Hi BSTM2-B ??

Matthew Reda

me lol what online class u got it from


where r u


But please also do make sure that you preserve water properly during handwashing. Mother nature is triggered.

Amanda Serrato

Do I need permission to use your video for my business? Please reply.

John Dave Jefferson Ayuban

Subscribe to my Channel BISUANS ???


im just here cos of school...like i could just order food and not cook

Michelle Gordon

The chef in the video is wearing a watch, when the narrator has stated that you should take off jewellery and watch

Reza Bayat

poop heads

jom atok

Why was this in my recommended?


where should you put your apron when you go to the bathroom if there isn't a hook by the door?

Alex Agustin

Got a quiz on this


Nope they forgot a few things especially tie her hair back!!!!!

Christian Kozak

Who is here from Mrs. Fritz

Rey Paul Jacildo

oh my ghad, nag sneeze siya sa kanyang kamay, then nakipag shake hands pa sa chef? at tapos kinuha ang karne tapos ng slice agad? diba may tendency na ma contaminated ang mangyayari ?specially sa raw meat may bacteria yan . i think this vedio is lack of hygiene. ayoko kona tapusin ang vedio feel ko kulang sa Proper hygiene.



Shan Dong

Who's watching right now?

Angel Rose Toon

whos here from online class

Mr. No Probz

Michelle's ass would be done too! You're OVER Katie and allowed her to shake with you with a glove on...

Also, did y'all record this with a church microphone?


and Ladies you may have too tie your hair up...sexist. Where are the hair nets ? however is always important to keep your learning refreshed.

Kimberly Snyder

Thats good


Next to share, click the three dots and Open Transcript.
Now you can skim through that for answers to your online schoolwork instead of watching the video.
You're welcome :)

Islam Abdelhadi

Your explanation is very good can I contact with you directly

Tony Byrne


Thewanjith Seneviratne

Thank you. Very useful video


0/10 not enough Health Inspector Roy.

Uzr Uzr

Please more videos about food safety like further one for example (storage, probe temperature, update record and sanitizer) how to do and how much use it. By the way in this lots of helpful information thank you so much.

USS Enterprise CV-6

Quick question..

Are The Gloves Fine?

Neville Forbes

that is big FACTS

Matt W

I'd rather have Raj from HK in the kitchen than this lady.

Malik Shahryar

15 mistakes kaddy does

Simon Basalirwa

Please can we make a collaboration with each other .I want to get exposed to different people in my channel . I teach about food safety .kindly reply me

Lynne Rick

my friend just sent me this and i feel bad for him.


Don't Bully

Kristina Sivkovic

I came from my class I just watched 2minutes and then leaved :D

Raul Satian

En español por favor gracias

Gabriela Gonzalez

what is the transfer of disease-causing agent from one point to another called? My teacher sent me here from my online class and she added this question but I don't see it here, can someone answer it please??



Food safety management training for hotels

Spyder GOG

O hi u came to the comments to see who else came from online class

Shan Vaksman-Stovern

i got linked to this for online learning
i hate it here

Kim Pyrant

Thank You

Ekaterina Katerina

She dined in an apron. Possible contamination.

Aquafina Perez

Yo what did she do wrong , I need to answers for my online class

Mavis Chadwick

All thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube who finally cured me from Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

mark crisanto

In the name of my online class i watched this even i don't really do this at home?

If there are any doubts about the safety of a food product, you should

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If there are any doubts about the safety of a food product, you should:

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