How to tell what colors look good on you

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Universal Colors Explained - What colors look best on you?

4 512 views | 31 Jul. 2019

Universal colors

Universal colors explained.

The links Jen refers to:

Color Analysis Quiz ~ https://YourColorStyle.com/Quiz

Color Palette Cards ~https://yourcolorstyle.com/product-category/color-palette-cards/

What are Universal colors and how do you wear these colors? Jen explains universal colors based on color theory and Your Color Style methodology.

Come on over to https://yourcolorstyle.com/ where there's even more content!

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Thanks for watching!


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I liked this video but would you please do a video on universal colors using the soft warm medium color card to explain it? That would be great and very helpful! Thank you.

Cindy Warnick

Thanks for the great lesson.


interesting, I like the universal colors on me but magenta or orange, I can't do those

How to tell what colors look good on you

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Does This Color Look Good On Me? | What Colors Work For You | Colour Analysis Toronto | Stylist

10 273 views | 31 Oct. 2016

Free Shopping My Colors

Free Shopping My Colors Mobile App at http://www.shoppingmycolors.com

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I'm Carol Brailey and this is my weekly video series - "Inspiring Individuals to Wear Their Authenticity". In this episode, I walk you through 4 questions you can ask yourself in a fitting room, clothing shopping or at a hair salon to answer the question - Does This Color Look Good on Me?

Have you ever stood in a fitting room, hair salon or makeup store asking the common question "Does this color look good on me"? In the video above, I share with you 4 questions you can ask yourself to immediately solve this question for you.

Assessing the colors you choose to wear in your hair, makeup, clothing and accessories is a key ingredient for your appearance to give off its best. If you choose to wear colors that are not in harmony with your coloring, you could be making yourself look dull, washed out and as you will see in the forth question in the above video, you could also be losing out on an opportunity for an automatic natural facelift.

What hair, makeup, clothing and accessory colors make you sparkle?

Help me get to 1,000 subscribers - Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/gUZdAC


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Click Here to Link to More of My Color Analysis / Colour Analysis Videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMywYwW43xgsQoxq5XfnpL_5iNBEOvbnS

Get Your Colors Done Online at http://www.virtualcoloranalysis.com

I hope this video inspires you to wear your authenticity!

alicia savino

Carol, those 4 question made so much sense to me..!!!!! .Thanks so much. I can tell you know your business. I have been going nuts listening to so many people that dont have the background but do have the good intentions.. I live in USA.. I think am a winter but is possible to be a little of fall.? thanks Alicia

google one

Thank you! Perhaps (remembering something learned from landscape painting) in regard to accentuating the jaw line, it was due to cooler colors receding and warmer coming to the forefront?
(funfact guys: not only are distant mountains always a grayish blue but walls painted cool colors are done to make rooms appear larger)

Cristina Hamilton

If black and white look great on me, what does that tell you? Winter?


Good questions!

Michelle Legault

Although I really enjoyed the content, I was so distracted bc your camera was so out of focus. Nothing was clear at all :(

Wille k

I'm colourblind and this feels hopeless. xD


This is a great video, really well explained and very useful for when people are shopping.

Carol Brailey

Get my new free phone app on Google Play and the App Store - Shopping My Colors - http://www.shoppingmycolors.com - I hope this app inspires you to wear your authenticity!


Love turquoise on you.

JHG India

Confidence, matters more. Wear what make you more confident.

Jenni Lynn

I'm so confused because I thought the brighter blue looked nicer on you. No wonder I can't figure out what my best colors are. I'll have to watch more videos and hope I get it eventually.


I'm confused too. If you are cool skin do you go cool in hair color or opposite? No one seems to clarify it though.

How to tell what colors look good on you

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Can You Hear Colors? (TEST)

9 055 503 views | 9 Mar. 2016

Have you ever heard of

Have you ever heard of synesthesia? GMM #874!

Check out real-life synesthete, Anna Akana, here: http://youtube.com/annaakana 

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Chesquik Man

Me seeing this video in the sidebar at 3AM.
I don't need sleep,

Addison Meehan

When you slapped yourself my face started to hurt


I saw that music as purple...
Also the first thing when I saw the table was also turkey.... ?

Bella Graham

I had no idea that the mirror touch synesthesia is a thing! I've always felt pain when I see other people get hurt, like tingles in that spot and aches. I just thought it was normal?????

Inez Canil

nope i dont got any lol

Mocanu Matei

I have mirror-touch synesthesia


4% of the population has this. Came to the comments to see all the people who "have" this. Apparently it's way more then 4% lol

Magical Duck

Is shapes colors is that a thing

Abeer Ralhan

I have the second one, and the third one. The third makes sense because of my love for food, also, my foods were very similar to the foods that the people guessed, for example, the first person said that the table reminded him/her of a very dry cake, and I said that it reminded me of bread.


I have ALL!!!!!!!!

Daniel Jones

I have chromosthesia, I heard the music and instantly painted something that felt nostalgic,like I was there.l

Amelia Swiftwild

why do the 5s look green. I dont have synesthesia.

•Nightmare_ Angela•

for test number 3 table tastes like honey, jail tasted like tea barbie tastes like sugar(powder sugar) , and college as pasta

Axew Fakemon


Table: Pineapple
Jail: Dragonfruit
Barbie: Feathers
College: Waffles

VanDeBoom 15

1:14 yes definitely that


wtf i have chromostesia

noob gaming3321

1 is red


Um... Numbers and letters are male and female... 9 is a girl...


6:26 i painted it in my mind and its the exact same colors that i think...

Dominic Nieves

3:09 yes

Emma Mitchell

i have mirror touch

Jack Clement

I feel almost a subtype of the Mirror Touch Synesthesia where I don't feel the sensation but I feel my hairs in that certain spot feel both ticklish and itchy. Sometimes, especially during movies ill actually feel the sensation.

Sophie Lane

This reminds me of that scene in the sooubway anmaition where the guy goes
“Woah dude...my sandwich tastes like colors...”

Pearl Sykes

every time i think of barbie i think of salmon. idk why, but its not with anything else, literally barbie = salmon

Laura Orrico

Lol now I get it why my teachers in art school tell me that I have a very peculiar taste when I pick colors

Willow E

Table: Juice
Jail: Cantaloupe
Barbie: Lemon Cake
College: grass.... I-


I definitely have the whatever it’s called something stysia

sunie babson

Same colors - was given only the colors that were similar...


Psychedelics are known to give synesthesia experiences

Christina Stevens

I thoght cake for the test 3


Oh my gosh that reminded me of How to train your Dragon with the twins haha he slapped himself and she's like hey that hurt do it again and harder hahahaha


By the way are you a psychopath is what I’m watching

Gigi Carrara

what happens to me is that sometimes i can taste smells and vice versa, i can smell tastes, like, x food will taste like a smell that has NOTHING to do with the food

Nii Yon

I have no synthesia lol

Willow E

table comes up Me: JUICE
My family: wtf


Welp, i can see words as colors

Dominic Nieves

well i geuss i got all of it


I can feel the slaps and the knee one

Abdullah Fayyaz

Jokes on you 'I am ColourBlind


Colors and feelings for me


My opinion: the letter A is always red. A is the first, so it's quite obviously the best. Therefore, it is red.

Connor Underwood

I have aphantasia, which is kinda the polar opposite ?

Kason Siney


I think they're linked

catr angeline

i didn't felt anything in those test but i can feel people emotions, like when they're feeling sad i can see cloudy on their face. when someone overthinking of something i can see the emptyness, darkness and foggy. thats weird cause what i saw on their face it's really happens to them. idk what it calls :0

Grace Crowsen

"Which food comes to mind?"
Me: "chair" my mind can not function

XxGoodVibesOnlyxX li



Synesthesia = automatic perfect pitch

Skylar Green

Idk for test three i got
1. Watermelon
2. Ice Cream
3. Marshmellow
4. Strawberry
Good to note ive been reading Auras since i was a kid. Im 27 now.


I am 1,2,and 4

Willow E

I have mirror-touch synesthesia, its not just with touch though when someone says they have a stomach ache or their head hurts the same thing happens to me but its only if I'm aware of it. (yes I got diagnosed with it dont come at me bro)

Heather Duke

I felt everything he touched and smacked

lemon-lime twist

me at test 4: ow OW oW Ow OwiEeE

Samet Talha Şahin

Sunglasses to the sun. This is an idea, too.

Spinny Boi

when i heard table i taste my school desk and i tasted my school desk

Joe Berndt

The correct answer to the College pic is obviously Ramen soup ?

Lee Carcavella

I doo :(

Hello mornin

Plot twist: its not morning

Meg an' Fox

Not gonna lie I kinda felt the 4th test o_O

Leila Horn

8:19 lettuce, I'm why tho

Joey Strittmatter


Dominic Nieves

i saw colors on 1:14 or whatever

B boi

I can feel a tingle when you slap your face

Warriors Phantom 2

My nee was tagiling

Juliana Cugler

barbie is strawberry

Lumikki Husu

Interesting. I didn't think I had any of these but I got some reaction at mirror touch. I have been practising massage for years, so now I'm thinking about whether this would be an innate or acquired trait... But I agree with lizeth on the colour test. Re-try with a bigger selection of paint tubes?

Dominic Nieves

4 definitely yes and others yes

Student Tanya Mahesh


Aiden D

I have the mirror touch one

Fiona Davis

I’m very confused because I think I have 2 of these!

Toga Himiko

table: pie
jail: Fudge brownie
barbie : spaghetti
college : slightly burnt toast with peanut butter
broom:stale goldfish crackers

Ruby Cordero

Woah I have chromosthesia ?

Karli Miller

I can also taste some colors too


13:05 was so smooth

Megan The Architect Brown

I never realized this but when I think of the mountains, I think of liver. I taste it and everything.

Random Cookie Hooman

I have every one exept the food thing, but uhm, o the table I was thinking breakstick fyi sooooooo also i am 10

Ash Fenyx

so apparently i have multiple forms of synesthesia. i feel thing from other people and i taste colors

Bahar Sipahioğlu

I have a question tasting smells aren't a disorder like this right?

lina h.

I'm not sure but I think I have some form of mirror-touch synesthesia. I've had this since I was little-- whenever I see someone get hurt or someone ~mentions~ something painful I feel a tingle and my knees get weak. but only when it's something painful, not every touch. Although I did feel my ear being tugged and my kneecap kinda tingled- didn't feel the slaps though. aNywAys


i felt a hint of a tug

The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie

i associate months with colours, does it count ?


man colors taste good

Carli Ocampo

i felt tugging in my ear!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohade3 D

I don't think I've got this condition but my head is really sensitive. If I see someone itching their head, my head starts itching like crazy. If they bump their head my head actually hurts but other than that, I have no sensation whatsoever in other parts of my body. lol. My husband makes fun of me and always itches his head in front of me and watches me struggle as I try to resist itching. I thought everyone was like this and now I'm confused. ??

Molly Cwian

Bro for the table, i thought of bread, and for jail i thought of cold pudding. I think I’m on to something ?

Kiana K

Table : a chocolate biscuit
Jail : jello
Barbie : rubbery marshmallow
College : a tasteless chip or noodle


Barbie pizza
I'm a carbie girl in a carbie world

Enlongated Muskrat

i literally just started laughing when i saw the table image

Emily Gibson

I sort of have this. That's pretty cool.


idk why but if i imagine something, say, a burger, i can taste it for some reason

• P̸x̸r̸i̸s̸ •

See yall in 2023 when this gets recommended ???


All i felt was a SLIGHT tinkle on my knee


I definitely got fire vibes from the concerto

Ana R.

What if I can feel colors on my hands?

shayla ford


Marissa Lemon

i have mirror touch....

jeffrey kline

I can feel it in my knee

Zachary Saja

I have it apparently

Rachel & Leann

A mango shaped space is a good book that talks about synesthesia. its so good

Mr. Riddle

I think I have the first one.

Beatrix Lozach

Whoa everyone’s so woke for gatekeeping a condition that is a random genetic experience!!
(Sarcasm, people.)