Intense hair treatments

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OLAPLEX No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment | OLAPLEX No. 0 with No. 3 Tutorial and Review

18 270 views | 16 Aug. 2020

This OLAPLEX No. 0

This OLAPLEX No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment tutorial shows you how to use OLAPLEX No. 0 and OLAPLEX No. 3 products. OLAPLEX #0 is a bond building treatment that primes your hair for repair, rebuilding hair bonds, strengthens and protects hair integrity and maintains softness and shine. In this video, I will show you how to use OLAPLEX No 0 ion a step by step tutorial. After using this, you should use OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector. OLAPLEX #3 reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, which will improve its look and feel. At the end, I will give you my review of the OLAPLEX No. 0 and OLAPLEX No. 3 combination and the final look on my hair.

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Products in This Video

Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Builder - https://www.sephora.com/product/olaplex-no-0-kit-P461483?country_switch=us&lang=en&skuId=2382513&om_mmc=ppc-MSN_357022454_1299622905710260_pla-4584826053421687_2382513___c&country_switch=us&lang=en&msclkid=30aea073c6b5169e8c87ff4b5f5704b7&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Sephora-USA-USD_CWORL_PLA_CONV_X_M-SHO_All_X_NonRLSA_X_EN_Monthly-Merch-Priorities&utm_term=4584826053421687&utm_content=Merch%20Priorities&gclid=CO3I9dHWnusCFQw9fwodY54JmQ&gclsrc=ds

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector - https://amzn.to/3kRHoAP

Wet Brush - https://amzn.to/2XZVfvh

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Blow Dryer - https://amzn.to/2AaLiBT

Equipment I Use for Recording:

Canon EOS M6 Mark II 2 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 is STM Lens - https://amzn.to/3dexFRb

Fovitech Portable 2-Light 600 LED Daylight Panel Kit - https://amzn.to/2A2OoYN

Deco Gear Universal Mini Shotgun Microphone - https://amzn.to/2A7uiN0

Selfie Stick Tripod, 52" Extendable Tripod - https://amzn.to/3egsm3C

Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Only for Voice Overs) - https://amzn.to/3elCLLA

Thank you so much for taking time to watch my video. I hope you learned how to use OLAPLEX No. 0 intensive bond building treatment! If you did enjoy the video hit the thumbs up button!! Also feel free to leave a comment below if you have suggestions on topics for future videos or if you need help with products for your hair type. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Hilary B

Should I wash out the products from previous wash day?


This seems so good, but I have a question about the number 0 product: does "the number 0 " has the function to open the cuticles so the nr 3 can be absorbed better? And if so... if the hairtype is highly porous, is it true that it actually don't need the number 0 while the cuticles open so easily or are already engough open with this hairtype? And a little suggestion: wouldn't it be easier to apply the number 0 with a spray bottle? Hope you can answer my 1st question, thank you.

Esra G. Pertan

Thank you for your video! I am planning to bleach the end of my hair in gradient, and dye it blue. I got this product as my hair is a bit dry, the longer it gets and it's very frizzy. I want to counter-work the damage my hair will get from bleaching. Should I do this treatment before I bleach my hair? Or after I bleach it but before I put the colour blue? Thank you ?


loved this! Thanks ?

Liz Blues

Hi how often we can do that treatment I just ordered those product and my hair is damaged and dry :( if I use no 0 and 3 (3 times a week and waiting it longer on my hair )?


I’ve gone though four videos before hitting you. Your the first one to mention how often to use it.

Sarah Norton

Does it matter if your hair is a bit oily & u havent washed your hair in a few days or do you need to apply to clean hair? Thanks so much your videos are great! Xo


Omg I just put no 0 on my head and it’s so freakin watery! Lol I feel like I was dripping it everywhere!! Did you by get any on your skin? Do you think it’s bad if you do? I’ve tried rinsing off anywhere that got it. The damn squirt bottle is so janky I feel.. it just kind of leaks out any which way. Idk why I’m worried about I’ve definitely got box dye all over my body before... haha!!!! Just wondering!!! Thanks for the tip about squirting into hand omg it was taking ages. Haha

Victoria Lynn

Can i use my Olaplex shampoo and conditioner after I use both of these ?


I bought a little travel kit a while back that came with a mini spray bottle and now I finally have a use for it!!!
I’m totally using that to apply No.0 when it comes next week! That way I can measure out how much I’m gonna need to use to make sure I can get 3 uses out of both my new No.0 and my full sized No.3 (since I have very long and dyed/damaged hair and i can’t get more uses than that out fo that tiny No.3 bottle) and also so I can ensure that a bit of that watery liquid is getting onto to each strand.
I definitely leave it on for no less than an hour, 20 minutes just isn’t enough time for me and my dyed/damaged, very long hair ?

Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

So is the number 0 like the number 1?

Sidney Sidney

I just got this today. I LOVE it!!!! OMG!! My hair feels awesome!!

Jessie Guerrero

It says to use on clean hair... I always use some leave-in products (either Pureology 21 benefits spray or Olaplex 6/7, plus Redken 06 thickening lotion). Does having these things on my hair no longer qualify it as "clean"?

Levsky Poops

So can I leave the 0 and 1 on all night ?

Nick Prince

Just an FWI, Olaplex is not a conditioner. It is just a bond builder.

To Be Determined

I'm headed to buy this TODAY!! since i can't get to you for a hair appt this has to help!!!

Cheryl Marshall

Thanks for posting the video. I was just going to do my hair with the kit. Your hair looks great. I'm a lil nervous about using the kit. My haidresser told me to use the entire contents of both bottles ??‍♀️ mmm... now I'm confused lol


Wow! Amazing results!!


Thank you for this video!!! Question; did you use the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner afterwards, or was it another brand? Blessings ?

Intense hair treatments

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How To: Intense In-Salon Hair Treatment | System Professional

44 717 views | 15 Dec. 2015

Find out more:

Find out more: http://bit.ly/1YhzwWb

Discover our unique 4-step treatment for an intensive hair transformation.

The Intense Treatment includes our Professional Intense Massage which ensures that the ingredients penetrate deeply, whilst simultaneously stimulating the scalp and relaxing daily tensions.


An insider view at System Professional life, join us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Qlsgtn

For the latest company news from System Professional, follow us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1TN3DTU

Website: http://www.systemprofessional.com/en-GB/

Find a System Professional salon! http://www.systemprofessional.com/en-GB/salon-finder#/gb

Silvia Baptiste


Jarixa Martinez

Wish the salon I go to would do this on my curly hair..

nguyen nguyen


Lucas Walter

What was the name of that song that was playing?

Karen Rayburn

want that on my hair she is so gentle

Intense hair treatments

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WOW This Protein Treatment SAVED My Damaged Natural Hair!!

227 066 views | 1 Jan. 2019

Hey guys! In this

Hey guys! In this video I'm showing how I finally got rid of my dry and damaged hair!

Products used: https://amzn.to/2CIBApj



Instagram: amber.ansah

Snapchat: amberadomako

Twitter: amberansah



- Ethnicity: Belgian and Ghanaian

- I live in Belgium, Europe

- I have an accent because English is not my first language, Dutch is.

- Hair type: 3c, 4a

CONTACT (business inquiries only)


[email protected]

Veronica M

Look at you feeling yourself lol. Good job ??????

Jasmine DreamsYT

Your hair kinda looks like Dora?

nedrienne johnson

You too Red for your hair to be so NAPPY??


Wow you just did 3 protein deep conditioners on your hair at one time! My hair would've snapped off and fell to the floor. Lol ☠


I think you should try a ghassoul clay treatment it’s great for curl revitalization.

Brittany Hill

I know I’m late but I see people still commenting confused on how to use this! Just follow the directions EXACTLY on the bottle. She didn’t follow the instructions on the bottle—you can actually buy a Two Step kit with BOTH the Protein Treatment & Balancing Moisturizer together so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong thing! This stuff is AMAZING (So is the Keratin 2Min Reconstructor!) ?

. I’ve been using this stuff for years & videos like this (although she’s trying to help) are confusing & she didn’t use the product as directed:
1. Shampoo hair thoroughly (I’d personally use a clarifying shampoo)
2. Apply Aphogee protein treatment so that it is soaking your hair (SOAKING—so it is through all of your strands) And then do not touch your hair. Don’t comb it! No nothing.
3. You MUST apply heat after protein treatment is on hair bc it’s heat activated. This is on the directions. You cannot just let it air dry bc it will not give you the best results!
4. When your hair is dry—don’t touch it! Don’t want any hair to break off. When it’s dry throughly rinse out product. I do it for like 20 minutes or more & my last rinse is with rather cool water.
5. Apply a liberal amount of Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer (This is Step Two of the process) You will also massage this into your scalp by giving a small scalp massage as it says on the bottle. You can detangle hair with wide tooth comb or brush too. Leave on for ~2mins then rinse.
6. I always do an EXTRA deep conditioning treatment as well for 30mins w/heat or 1hr w/o heat.
7. Then I do a quick rinse Aloe mask (I’ve been using Garnier Hydrating 1Min Hair Mask, Aloe) Detangle again & use my Leave in in the shower as normal & style after. I make sure not to use any styling products that week with extra protein either.
Hope that helps some

A. L. Badgett

I actually have always like the Aphogee Two-Step Treatment. However, after watching many hair tutorials not many if any talked about it using it. So I'm glad you made this video. It is a definite must-have product to add to your arsenal. I have from 2C to 3C hair type all on one strand.

Hanaa Aitmaatallah

I looooove ur channel that I had to subscribe. I watched so many hair tutorials but urs were definitely the most efficient in my natural hair journey. Keep going sis cause u def helping me.❤️??

Rashida Davis

I would KILL to have your gorgeous hair!

Elba Adebambo-Hooi

Hi Amber happy new year. Indeed you should soak your hair with the first step than use a hairdryer. The heat is necessary to active the protein molecules. When it dried and super stiff wash it out without to much manipulation until you feel stiffness getting out. Continue rinsing it out and then apply the conditioner.

T Taylor

I use the 2 step protein treatment every few months due to coloring my natural hair.

Susanne G.

Are you a ghanaian ?

Latesia Michelle

You could of used the texture treatment from aphogee it’s boom as well just like all of their products

Chloe Gross

WhTs your hair type ?

Shereese Blackman

Gurrrlll..I knew you would bounce back after you did the treatment. But....Honnneeyyy!!! You GOTS to give the straightening a vacation! You might need to trim a 1/2 inch off cuz your ends look a little bit straight but you'll know better when your hair is dry. :)


i freaking love aphogee products. you were supposed to follow up with the moisture conditioner sis not the reconstructor

Sherfana Amsterdam

What’s your hair type hun???

Kathy Forway

Oh! Thank goodness for that, curls are back and as beautiful as ever, as are you!☺ ? love from the UK xxxxxx

Lasna 87

Lol ????. You always have me in tears. Your hair can withstand anything. ???

Kitty Giavonni

This is a serious protein overload

DD And Mookie

New subbie I’m soo happy I found someone with the same texture as mine ? can’t wait to watch your videos ?


Wow the end result reminds me of a wig ... That's crazy I'm happy it worked for you ?

He Changed me

You can actually do it more then once a month I did it every time I washed because my ends where straight. But in two months I was back to my curls


I thought you are not suppose to use a deep conditioner with protein in it after doing a protein treatment to prevent protein overload?

Jasmine A

Where do you get the pre-poo treatment?

In Out

Dear your cute.....

Shal Perk

2minute reconstruct is the short / milder version of the 6 week product. You doubled up on protien. I recommend a moisture deep conditioner ASAP

DramaKween !¡

Omg I cantttttt you brushing your hair ... DRY boo I’m literally cringing right now everybody with curly hair know not to brush your hair dry ... (btw this was in the beginning) that’s why your hair is damaged ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ I love u but plsssss don’t do it


You’re gorgeous! ❤️

Joshua Williams

I like that look u give when u perce ur lips together and u looking like I'm a bad motha

Cara Grobler

Do you think you could do a diy protein treatment?

Renee Knight

You are not following the directions of the aphogee protein treatment 2 hours too long


Yes i love this line its awesome


Omg your hair is the most beautiful hair I ever seen!! Dry or not queen WOW! ???

Jaida Tamaida

“Like Kuhr, kuhr, kuhr” we feel u sis ??

Kawaii Polyglot

I used to use this protein treatment when I was relaxed and it's a life saver.

Too Chey

Your last video of your hair reverting back scared me, but I knew you and your hair would pull through.Your hair turned out great and it made me want to try out Aphogee treatment and to get that brush because not only were you brushing it easily through but you also brushed through your hair in big chunks.

D. Richardson

Ive been using Aphogee since 2007. Love it on my natural hair the curlific in the yellow bottle is life

Natalie Stevenson

Glad your curls came back. But it looks like your ends could use a trim though. That always bring my curls back to life.

who's Albert aretz

Would you still recommend this or another natural way

Luther Taylor

You have such beautiful hair I love it


When you use this treatment, it is important to follow instructions. I have to use the balancing conditioner, because my hair is matted until I apply it. I use a moisturizing conditioner after that because, your hair will feel like straw. Very good video.

yvette Shelton

Amber, Aphoghee is the best repair care system on the planet. ? It is best used with the balance moisturizer after to stop the protein process. The Keratin Reconstructor is for mild repair needs. I aware by this always. You are doing an awesome job. Keep it up and stay beautiful!

Rose Smith

The instructions tell you not to touch the hair to the dryer cause it will stick to the dryer as the hair drys. You can do the whole process with a hand held dryer, or just dry the outside layer of the hair with the hand held dryer until it’s hard on the outside and finish with the hooded dryer. Using heat with this treatment changes everything. Congratulations on your baby ??

Doris Godwin

Just trim the damn hair?


It’s still kinda damage

Divya Sasidharan

Wait so u used protein treatment on top of protein treatment instead of moisturizer? Thank god u later on added mayo ?

Lola Ad

الحمدلله الذي عافاني

እናቴ ናፍቆቴ ውድድድ አረግሻለው

What is the neme of teritiment can u reght me


Can it be used on damaged, dry, frizzy/wavy/curly hair that’s been bleached and colored.?


Yaaaayyy!!! No more heat damage ??

frenchie girl in the usa

Hi, Amber, I noticed that you have the pink tangle teezer detangler brush. My daughter has thick, curly, fine hair. Do you think that the new brush works well with your thick hair?


Don't you have some shrikage ?

M Craig

Is the protein treatment for all hair types? I have thin straight hair and am looking for something to deep condition.


Girl yes, it can be overwhelming with that treatment...but it works. And now we know what can happen with the 2 mins addition to...lol Thank you?

Demi Ajijola

I got the African Pride pre poo, and it is amazing. Guys you definitely need to add this to your wash day. It makes detangling so so easy.

Mimi's Craft

So much hair ???when all else fails.Back to the basics ?

Anita G

You your hair to much

Maya Papaya

you're hair is so amazinga nd beautiful

Jennifer Osterhout

Happy new Year... Long story short... Thank you for helping me... Your videos have helped me SO MUCH!! in September 2017, my head was shaved due to surgery... Since then my hair has grown back and is resistant to relaxers... After the second attempt to chemically straighten it, I gave up... My hair is about 3 times thicker than it was before it was shaved...  Even with my current cut (about chin length), it was taking 45 minutes to detangle after washing... I now use the Pre-poo that you recommended and the Hair mayo...  Washing my hair used to be an all day traumatic event... It only took about an hour this last time... Thank you so much!!

Juwairiyah Umm Abdullah

I like this one too but after some time the effects wear off and my hair is a hot mess again :(


I'm natural for over 20 years now but when I did get relaxers and dye my hair, Aphogee 2 step treatment was a life saver. When I was in high school I was crazy enough to let the mother of a friend who was a beautician both relax and color my hair in the same day. You would think my hair would fall right out but did not. Now I did not have the healthiest hair but it had minimal damage for what I put it through.


Please link the first video in the description.

Chaunique Martinez

I wish I could try !!! I feel like it would be way to heavy for my fine hair

Lee Chandler


Debra Rivera

Thanks I need to go back to the protein treatment your hair looks great

Victoria Prude

what hair type do u have⁉️

Sarah Al Jufaili

Aphogee saves my extremely damaged hair . My hair loves it

Beedy Bee

Why do people comb through it after applying. The treatment make my hair hard as a rock.

Stephanie Morris

I used to use Aphogee and it was effective. I've switched to using Green Beauty REAL Protein and I love that product so much better (it's a one step protein treatment and it doesn't make your hair hard like Aphogee, which always made me nervous). My high porosity hair needs a protein treatment every couple months. Too often is too strengthening for me.
Oh, what IS the name of the pre-poo you were using? I usually pre-poo with warmed Vatika oil or coconut oil.

Alexis Allen

Girl that balancing moisturizer is everything after the 2 step protein treatment. It really brings your hair back to life after a harsh treatment like that . & Try blow drying your hair after the treatment.. the heat activates it instead of air drying .... you'll see how wonderful it is to follow up with it. But I'm happy u found another way around it. I love your hair it's beautiful and Poppin.


Help please ! Omg I'm so confused . Some videos say put the protein treatment after you clean (shampoo) your hair . Should I do it before or after ??


I am so happy to see that your hair bounced back... I was mortified when I saw your other video because I recently bought and used the same straightener. When I washed mine I didn't pre poo. Stood under running water for about 7 minutes and it was still bone straight. The reversion didn't go well for me either... It looks fried? I'm going to try the Aphogee and pray it works as well as it did for you.

Musical Keys

I have Low Po hair, but like I'm part of using Protein products so I use Shea Moisture's Low Po line, but I'll definitely look into some products with some protein, also I noticed the tangle teezer brush if I'm correct, Do you prefer the brush or the hand held thing lol?

Janiurlyn De LA Cruz

Does the pink tangle teezer with the handle or the red smaller tangle teezer make a difference? Which one is better

Denise Conner

Wow I was so nervous for you and glad it's helping to get your hair back on track! I'm used to seeing more coily curls but in sure with a few more applications it will all revert back!

Maria Wardini

I have the same exact hair

Ms. Und3rst00d

It looks like you need a trim

Que Que

I am so sorry but do you have heat damegd or relaxed hair??


Thank you for mentioning how often yo use the protein treatment. And also do you use the ORS weekly as a deep conditioner?

Vicki Cameron

You look so unhappy at the beginning, but it was great to see your ?smile in the end!! Love the vlog???


Any link to order it online

brazil riogroup

I'm kamil, Director of a Cosmetics Factory in rio de janeiro, BR.
How can we work together?
Hair protein .We look for Importers and Distributors.

whatsapp +5521976674201


I just wanted to let you know that you are incredible and funny. I am now your #1 YouTube follower. Please follow me and give me advice to help me get my hair Journey on track. I am just starting out!! Please

Angelica Williams

But the sulfates and silicones. Aphogee is a no for me.

Tai's Journey

I also bought those two??


I tried this product when I first started my natural hair journey and it did exactly what it was suppose to... LOVE YOU AND ALL YOUR VIDEOS AMBER!!! :)


Dear Amber, I’m glad this worked for you. Definitely try a beer rinse and try Beautyklove’s DIY hair masks. She has amazing recipes for dry and damaged hair. They worked on my type 4 kinky coily hair, they might really work for you too. I loved the coconut milk mask, the castor oil mask, the shea butter and the mayo mask ? With these, you will get your softer hair ever!

Bisss 916

The treatment is heat activated? you have to give it heat and then rinse it out

Shereen Powell

3 protein treatments and no balancing moisturizer, this video is dangerous if your going to share videos with people please make sure you follow the correct instructions. The manipulation of the hair while the treatment is being used is insane girl

الواوي كافر سوداني

I adore very long hair

Shallane Mouton

My hair dont like protein treatments. I have to mix it with my oil mixture.


I’m a first time user and I’m scared to use the 2 step treatment. I want to use the keratin 2 mi Ute treatment

Lic. Esme

Wow, soooo much work...I respect that. If I were to do all of that to my hair, I would just cry...I use only shampoo and no heat pins....you really invest on hair a lot of time and money......

Jessica D

After you wash put the treatmen/, you SHOULD have used the Moister Moisturizer. The Keratin Treatment--in my opinion does so anything. Since you shampooed your hair after the protein treatment, you kind of washed the treatment out. However it is SUPER strong. So o ly do the protein treatment ever 4/5 weeks if you have badly damaged hair. For regular hair 7-8 weeks I ABSOLUTELY love Aphogee!


You're so beautiful

Black Panter

Is your hair 3a/3b? Also have you tried the rice water thing for hair growth??

e star

I wonder if you have reused it and followed the instructions as everyone else is saying ☝️

Genisse Franklin

I've used the aphogee protein treatment a couple times along with the second step conditioner and I love it!

Tesha Barnett

Those are two protein treatments u used. The hair mayo is a lite protein and the aphogee is a hard protein. So next time be sure to use a moisturizing conditioner. If you dont have one use some olive oil or something. Too much protein will make your hair hard and it can fall out. Once per month for the two step protein is too much. The bottle says use that one every 6wks. You can use the 2 minute aphogee protein treatment once a month as maintenance but always always use a moisturizing conditioner after a protein treatment. Good luck.