How to make glycerin soap with liquid glycerin

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2 recipe Making Liquid Soap or Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap.

3 999 views | 21 Jan. 2020

3 main ingredients that

3 main ingredients that will blow up your skin to maximum beauty. Try it in this 2 recipe which is Liquid cleanser or hard soap. Which one do you prefer?

صابون سائل أو صابون سائل أو تذوب مع 3 مكونات نشطة قوية تحبها بشرتك

Thank you. Will update soon on description and my blog. Thank you so much. Are you a blogger? Please feel free to use this video on your blog. Please do not download, just share it?. Thank you so much for your support in @kingofhomelabTV. If you need any helps just let me know! [email protected]

1. Aciatic Centella Honey Tea Tree Liquid Cleanser:

-100gm - Industrial Liquid Soap Base. https://youtu.be/w3XaNXFShas

5g - Pure Raw Honey

5g - Aciatic Centella (Pegaga) Extract

1g - Tea Tree Essential Oil

1g - Polysorbate T80

5 drops (Yellow Gold Color)

2. Aciatic Centella Honey Tea Tree MP Soap:

100gm - Glycerin Soap Base (MP) https://youtu.be/fi-AKjUtVKU

2.5g - Pure Raw Honey

3g - Aciatic Centella (Pegaga) Extract

1g - Tea Tree Essential Oil

3 drops (Yellow Gold Color)

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? Making Industrial Liquid Soap Base formulation use as a base for DIY shower gel, Facial Cleanser and Shampoo too. https://youtu.be/w3XaNXFShas

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Thanks for sharing your video, I really enjoy watching. I do hope you will share your formula for industrial base liquid soap. I have SLeS 70% active and cocomidopropyl betaine and ammonium lauryl sulfate as my surfactants. I'm from Australia and these are the ones I can get locally.

usama ahmed

Nice video...
Kindly make the peel off mask...

rachida boulassaid

Assalamo alykom baraka laho fik

Fatima Zahra

Thank for your effort sir .

Sharanam English

Sir aloe Vera soap base please


Salam encik..blh buat video utk faminine wash?

Erwin Gil Castro

Sekali lagi, seperti biasa, saya terkejut dengan video anda, kecemerlangan anda keluar, selamat, dan terima kasih kerana berkongsi. KING OF THE FORMULAS.

Pamela Denis

Hello tuan, another awesome video. ??????Can you guide me what kinda of colorant can be used in making this wash? Tq for your reply.

Organic Chic

You didn’t show the link for the liquid base soap

muizza dalvi

Toooooo good

How to make glycerin soap with liquid glycerin

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glycerin liquid soap

100 172 views | 9 Mar. 2011

glycerin liquid soap.

glycerin liquid soap.


poorman standing

nice video and clear tutorial soap maker i think. ya it's like magic.. thats help me alot .... but i am still curios about final product look like... i would love to see the next video.... thx


OMG!!!! It's crazy!!!! Can't believe it!!!! Wh;en I thing about all the hours I spent watching over my soap to reach trace and cook it...ToT THANK YOU, i'll try it right NOW! ^^

Como Antanio

This looks fantastic!! thank you for the recipe, I will try it.

Sharon Alex

Hi the whole process went jus as I watched it. However now when u use the liquid I get a white kind of a layer on my hands ..wonder why?

Carrie Petersen

@MrFarmacie sure you can...just formulate it like you would formulate a bar of soap for the face.

bytheSEA Soap Mella

Great first out of the box video and how magical the change is.  You got that on tape so nicely!  TU!


I tried your method for liquid soap, and I love it! It's very easy, but the results are really different from a recipe to another. I made one with mango butter, about 5%, and it's really thick. The batches are curing now ;) Thank you for sharing <3

Pink Cupcakes

can i use pure vegetable glycerin to make soap by itself with teatreeoil or do i need that other stuff you used?


3:15 HO MY GOD! My speakers were turned up way to loud. FYI to all watching, the audio kicks in half way. lol Cool video though! I'm a nerd of many sciences and might have a go. Do you do this to save money or just for fun?

Eyes WideOpen

This Thread is Ridiculously Fascinating, I couldn't take my eyes off it! Omgosh ? You poor girl! Wow that was your first video!?! I loved It, and learned something new, thank you! Can't wait to see some more!



Misty Aquafire

I'm very interested in making this soap, wondering what percent of superfat. Thanks!

Dottie Tobias

@brynpuppy was wondering if she emailed you the measurements i really want to try this if she did do you mind emailing them to me

me Oh my

I tried this and it bubbled over and ended up on the floor. Scared the hell out of me. I don't recommend this size pan for a first timer. Dangerous.

Dottie Tobias

@brynpuppy ----me too please if you can just inbox me it ,i would love to try it

Anwer Ashraf

when we add glycerin lye into oil what is the temperature of oil?

Jackeline Chorny

I see that is very thick......do you add water to make more liquid?? Sorry so many questions!! But I am really interested!!

Stinky Dancer

@dottietobias Loads of people just do water and 100% Coconut Oil for Dish soap.


if you're interested in making Bath Bombs...Coastal Scents has a great video & recipe.

Vijaylaxmi Sinha

plz tell the propotion you are using

Mrs. Ladybass4317

where's the sound


After cooking what amount of water do you use to dilute this for instance 10-13 ouncers per lb of paste? Thanks Barbara AL

Sharron Caitcheon

I made your liquid soap with coconut oil and glycerine replacing the water and its amazing, easy and looks as clear as :-) thanks so much


@dazygyrl05 I have done this recipe several times and each time, my koh turns amber. Hiw did you get yours to stay clear? Also, how hot does the glycerin need to be? I have talked to a couple other people who said their lye turn brown. How long should it take for the lye to dissolve? I love the method, though!

Dottie Tobias

@kbsmb ---please i would like the measurements also my give me something new to try today ..Already making bath bambs but i'm excited to try this..

Stinky Dancer

@dottietobias Lotioncrafter sells them.

Dottie Tobias

@misslya1411 by any chance can i get the measurements in oz's so i can try it please


how long did it take to make? just wandering

Jovica Lekovic

does anyone know how to purify glyceryn residue from making biodiesel??

Carrie Petersen

generally you don't take a water discount with liquid soap. always best to use the full amount. barbara...i start with 1 part paste to 0.75 part water. you can always add more water, but it's a pain to thicken up if you added too much.


Thank you for so generously sharing your technique! I've wanted to make liquid soap but I was intimidated by the process. I will have to try your way. I'd also like to know if you have to let it cure several weeks. Do you have to use phenol? Thanks again. Also, I hope your Braun stays "healthy" and never dies on you. :)

Bryn Draper

Here are the ingredients/measurements that I've tried, with successful results: RBD Coconut oil (87.5 ml) Glycerin (25.0 ml) Potassium hydroxide (18.3 g) distilled water (240.0 ml)


A NOTE TO ALL: This video was made as a response for inquieres about LIQUID soap making using glycerin lye Vs water lye in the well known forum sopamakingforum(dot)com. It was not meant to be a full tutorial for youtube but rather a part of a discussion in that forum. As a follower, I appreciate Carrie Petersen very much for having made this video to show us what we wanted to know.

Hani Butt

Kindly give the accurate recipe with their fix quantities

Dottie Tobias

where can you buy phenol drops if you don't mind me asking?

Anish Nair

what is KOH? Sorry did not know that

Nnenna Nwosu

Hi Carrie
Kindly give the recipe of this soap. I'll love to try it out.? thanks

Apsara A

"soaping101: has an amazing liquid soap recipe with ingredients and amounts, here on YT. I use it and it comes out perfect. Note it calls for potassium lye to make liquid soap...not sodium.  Good luck everyone.

Cupcake Queen

I'm sorry I don't know but does glycerine add more soap suds or does it lessen it? we need this for exams pls tell us!


Thank you 3bee's I will pass this along to a friend today. She will go balistic! :)) Great job! Whats next? hint hint!


Do you have to let this cure like CP soap?

NY Suliman

I don;t understand the point of dissoving KOH in boiling glycerine ,  oil can be mixed with KOH directly and then glycering can be add to the mixture , as formulator I don't think there is diffrence if oil mixed with KOH first , secondly what this soap can be used for , KOH is not sutable for hand washing ???


Do you know of a good book that shows how to calculate a liquid glycerine recipe? If you do please do tell.

sihem smaili

hi .nice work.thank you.if Idon t add water to liquid the final stage can I have solid soap?please reply.thanks

leon w

This is an unusual method for making liquid soap. Although it looks like it works, there is one main problem with it. When you heat the KOH in the glycerine, you get LOTS of bubbles, right? That is because the KOH is not only dissolving in the hot glycerine, it is undergoing a chemical reaction with the glycerine:

KOH + Glycerine --> Potassium Salt of Glycerine + Water

The bubbles you see in the above video are the water produced in the above reaction (boiling off as we are well above 100 oC). The potassium salts formed may be harmless enough, though they would be fairly reactive (both with other glycerine dehydration products AND with the fats/oils used for the saponification) and could lead to the formation of a variety of weird chemicals. Depending on how much you heat it, and for how long, you could well end up with an undesireable soup of nasty chemicals!

I would avoid this method. It was a pretty cool idea to dissolve the KOH in glycerine, but unfortunately, it was a potentially dangerous one. Acrolein is produced by heating glycerine to 280 oC (ref: Wikipedia). Acetaldehyde and formaldehyde are also possible degradation products, but there are many more...

I just had to set the record straight. Stick to the normal method of dissolving KOH in water to carry out the saponification. Glycerine is naturally produced in this reaction and more may be added later in the process if necessary, but...


Btw I am qualified to make the above criticism. I have a PhD in Organometallic Chemistry, a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical science, and I am a soap maker.

Happy, Safe, Soap making everyone!


Saroua Mansouri

thank you for this great video,my question after having mixed all did you stopped cooking the soap or  no?
Good luck















Abigail Define

I liked the video but, I want to know when you calculated the ingredients did you include the glycerin or did you consider it like water in the calculation? Thanks, Abby

Evita Rustiyani

do you put water in the gliceryn?

Margo Long

What percentage of glycerin do you use in this recipe?

Dottie Tobias

and can you use it has dish soap?

Dottie Tobias

@Stinkydancersoaps i feel the same and mine never really turns out right ,,but i am a new soaper that's my excuse lol!!!

Soap Mistress

Great video but you could have shared the recipe it's kind of hard to try this with out the recipe and also you don't show if you have to dilute it with water and also how it works and if it works. Looks great but this video is very limited. Possible a new video in the makings with recipe and showing how the finished product works?????????


hi please tell me what is KOH stands for?

Carrie Petersen

i don't let mine cure before using it. phenol just helps you to know when all the free lye is gone. yes, it can be used for the face. glad the video was helpful! :)

Na Ta Re Creations

Please help. Has anyone ever made liquid soap using glycerin instead of water to dissolved the koh flakes. My problem is when i use a crock pot to heat my glycerin to dissolved the koh flakes, the mixture never turned clear. When i used direct heat the glycerin and koh mixture never cleared. Both turned into a white thick paste. Both temps were 200 degree F. I am lost.

Stinky Dancer

Wow- thanks so much! It's awesome- I can't believe how many hours I have spent slaving over liquid soap and this is amazing! Thank you for sharing it- Happy New Year! :)

Bee Beautiful Soaps

For newbies, liquid soap uses KOH (potassium Hydroxide) and NOT bar soap NAOH (sodium hydroxide)(lye)  You need to heat up the KOH over so that it will dissolve in the glycerin.  If you do not know how to use a lye calculator you are not ready to make soap. 


This is a fabulous method! I have now tried it with 3 different recipes---ah, yes, each of the batches saponify and look very different. And, I sub the glycerin for water both ways (fl oz vs oz)...the weight should be the correct way--both saponified but the paste was thick when I used oz per oz measurement of glycerin for water. And I diluted both ways (hot paste vs cool paste). Both ways worked.

Jackeline Chorny

Can I use a normal recepie for cold process and replace the water and lye for Glicerin and the kho ?

Jackeline Chorny

Is this The recepie to be used for a shower gel for example¿.


Thanks! I'll try that when I get some KOH. I once made a liquid soap from coconut oil but I used NaOH instead as it was on hand. I didn't get very much but it worked and was highly foaming. I wonder does anybody know a recipe for making liquid soap from coconut oil using NaOH?

Stinky Dancer

@dottietobias I'm not new and I still use the excuse- it lasts for years. LOL! If it's creamy- it could be the oils your using or if your using a superfat it's too high. Try 100% Coconut Oil with no superfat- you will have to neutralize going this route though.

Jackeline Chorny

Where can i find the recepie¿.would Love to try. It¡

Lynn Davis

KOH is what?

Sheba skincare

Wonderful ,, God bless u

Carrie Petersen

@changingmyself i don't cure it, but some people do....it's up to you, really.

Basil Yokarinis

Ha! I'm not the only one who doesn't wear gloves ;-)


Hi... Though the recipe does not say you should people should be aware to not at any stage add water to the hot glycerin lye mixture. Glycerine boils at 290 degrees celcius and water added to hot glycerin would be turned to steam causing a dangerous wild reaction.

maria kavathas

hello, I am very new to this, I watch your video, is very informative thank you so much, I have a question for you please I will appreciate if you can help me. I have made liquid soap to be used for the shower with glycerin for the first time very similar recipe to yours it came out fine
, my question is to I have to neutralize this soap? and if yes , how ?

Sandra Antonio Huber

Please can your the recipe for me Write o don‘t understand english i use the translator please ?


What is koh?


My heated glycerin turns to a thick white paste when I stir in the KOH flakes.  The only difference I see is that my KOH are not actual flakes, they are small granules.  Is this the problem?  My glycerin is heated to over 200 degrees.  I'm using approx 3:1 ratio on the glycerin to KOH.  Any idea whats causing this?

Dottie Tobias

@dazygyrl05 Thank You so much i can't wait to try this !!!


I substitutated the glycerin for the water with the KOH by fluid ounces, no mention was made as to whether to do it this way or by the weight of each (glycerin weighs much more than water), I ended up with a taffy-like paste as the soap cooled. I am in the process of diluting with the final water & I don't know what I;m going to end up with--it's been 4 hours & its still not completely combined. should you dilute before the paste cools & thickens? did I wait too long to dilute? thank you

Debbi Edmonds

The one thing I don't understand is if you use the same amount of glycerin in place of the same amount of water.  What did you do?

Deborah Torain-Williams

Great soap did not know it could be don in less than 8 hours

Rae Elliott

Great tut! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. What water discount die you use and SF? Thanks! Rae

Debbi Edmonds

Making Liquid Soap with Glycerin for Lye Solution Instead of Water 
Youtube video Link 
glycerin liquid soap 
Recipe in video: 
10% castor oil 
25% coconut oil 
65% olive oil 
SBM calc using a 3% discount 

Jackeline Chorny

So you put the fragrance and color and it's ready to use????

Poonam Abbi

what are the quantities of coconut, castor & olive oilsud used?

Sandra Antonio Huber

Please Write the recipe for me you don’t understand english l have To use the translator ?????

Kayla K

Do you start your glycerine mixture from cold or heat up first then add KaOH?


That is fantastic! I am definitely going to make some! Question, though - I normally do room temp cold process soap, how warm do I need to have the lye and oils before I mix? Also, does the lye+glycerin reaction create heat like lye+water does? If I can make room temp liquid soap, I know what folks are getting for christmas!

Julie K

Oh my goodness! This is awesome! stoneheart was right about this, I am going ballistic! I love liquid soap but it takes so long to make, that I simply stopped making it. Looks like I'll be making some very soon! Thanks for the video

Dottie Tobias

@dazygyrl05 -- i only been soaping for 5 months now can you please give me the measurements so i can try this ..I really only have one recipe i go by scared to try the rest unless i have measurements...

Z zz

By mistake I made liquid laundry soap without heating the glycerine then adding the lye , it melted after a while then I added it to my 100% coconut oil and stick blended , it never went through gel , just stayed like custard , it tested fine and I use it all the time in our washing machine , for clothes only , all up takes about 20 mins to produce


Doctor Braun have die a few years ago


Great Video. going to try your recipe thank you. I just didn't see  how many Grams? or ounce? of  Koa / Glycerin?.. New in the Soap world:)

Ruby Ryan

Lol is there a better and Easter way doing what u did

Anees Khan

Can we use this process with Sodium Hydroxide to make soap bars?

Carrie Petersen

no, as the video shows, the glycerin must be heated, quite high, to dissolve the lye. i don't take temps, i just add the lye and glycerin to the hot oils.

Bryn Draper

Wow! Looks really neat! Would love to try it. Can you email me the recipe with quantities of glycerin and potassium hydroxide? [email protected]


How do you do this without melting your blender? I got 30 seconds into blending and the bell of mine had melted :-(


That was amazing.

dea lagidze

hello everybody! im an absolute beginner at this , what is KOH flakes?? thanks a lot for help

Carrie Petersen

i see there are a lot of requests for the recipe. this method can be used for any soap recipe. you must run your recipe through a lye calculator. i highly recommend summer bee meadow for liquid soap. remember to choose KOH for liquid soap. i put this video up to show the method...it can be used with any soap recipe. after it sets up and is a hard paste, then you dilute with water. i always start with 1 part paste to .75 part water and adjust as needed.

Celia Gallardo

Hi! I'm just amazed. Is the glycerin what accelerates the process? What is the smallest batch size you can make? I just can't believe my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing.

Celia Gallardo

I just tried it but made a mess, can somebody help me. I don't really know what went wrong it got really hard, and it's been 5 hours and Phenolphthalein keep making it pink. Can I get the exact recipe to see what I did wrong? Thank you

Dottie Tobias

@Stinkydancersoaps---I've tried and tried to make liquid soap for dish soap it never turns out for me ,wanted to make dish soap,mine always turns out creamy linke lotion.Going to have to try this,but i am a new soaper that's always my excuse lol

Debbi Edmonds

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How to make glycerin soap with liquid glycerin

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How To Make Liquid Castile Soap Using Glycerin And Water

4 776 views | 4 Apr. 2020

Hi everyone, Today I am

Hi everyone, Today I am making homemade liquid Castile soap using glycerin and water from scratch! Learn more about the process and the recipe on this channel !


600 grams extra virgin olive

100 grams vegetable glycerin

100 grams distilled water

107 grams potassium hydroxide

where to buy ingredients for this recipe

Extra virgin olive oil https://amzn.to/353BKnE

distilled water https://amzn.to/2KyFBzG

potassium hydroxide https://amzn.to/2Y1K3ip

stick blender https://amzn.to/2yGB1ga

crockpot https://amzn.to/350CCcX

vegetable glycerin https://amzn.to/2yKR9gw

pyrex cup https://amzn.to/2yD5ig3

spatula https://amzn.to/2x317cK

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Title: Lie 2 You (ft. Dylan Emmet) by Leonell Cassio

Genre and Mood: Pop · Romantic

Free Download: http://bit.ly/2D2yvzx


Obaapaakuaskinny is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on this channel . Testing is your responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes i provide, it is your responsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations if applicable

Tttworld ogunbadejo titilope a.

Can you please share the quantity

Fa Ouat

Thank u for sharing my dear God bless u ??

Mama and loseny

Nice video.I always use this method and it works really good .

Theresa Anyanwu

Thanks for sharing this tips.
Pls is vegetable glycerin same with the normal glycerine for soap making?

Also can I use olive pomace if I can't get extra virgin olive oil?

mami Kenzo

Thx for sharing dear.. Long time ooo... Please which quantity of water could we dilute on all the pate of soap?

Ukeme Mendie

Great video, I tried mine buh it never turned into a paste?

Fatou Sacko

Potassium hyadro..... it's the same as lye?

Josephine Ahulu

Thanks for sharing. Its been a long time since I saw a post from you please keep sharing. God bless you.

Nene Zion

Hello maam can I use any pot apart from this crockpot?

Azeez Rodiat

Tnx for sharing


Splendid ?..Great Content!

Tulla Gborfu

First to watch

Ajokeade alisaayomide

Wow thanks


Yay??..Am the First to comment!

Nel D

Perfect. Wish I got on your page before now

Azeez Rodiat

Pls can we add any whitening serum or powder to it

Folake Akintujoye

Thank you for sharing

Viki Sotiriadou

Hello!!!! I want to ask, the olive oil must be at a certain temperature when we pour the potassium hydroxide?


Splendid ?..Great Content!

Denisah Amenyo

Pls Obaa, what if you don't have a crock pot, what do use?

Dafa MG

Where to get your products? I checked on one of your website almost everything is sold out

Kareem Sheff

Waww ll jux giv it a try