Obese black girl

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Playtime for Fat Black Girls, from the YA novel Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan

2 280 views | 8 Feb. 2019

Award-winning author Renee

Award-winning author Renee Watson reads "Playtime for Fat Black Girls," a poem from her new YA novel written with poet Ellen Hagan about raising your voice.

Jasmine and Chelsea are best friends on a mission--they're sick of the way women are treated even at their progressive NYC high school, so they decide to start a Women's Rights Club. They post their work online--poems, essays, videos of Chelsea performing her poetry, and Jasmine's response to the racial microaggressions she experiences--and soon they go viral. But with such positive support, the club is also targeted by trolls. When things escalate in real life, the principal shuts the club down. Not willing to be silenced, Jasmine and Chelsea will risk everything for their voices--and those of other young women--to be heard.

These two dynamic, creative young women stand up and speak out in a novel that features their compelling art and poetry along with powerful personal journeys that will inspire readers and budding poets, feminists, and activists.

For more info about Watch Us Rise, visit https://bloomsbury.com/us/watch-us-rise-9781547600083/


Good stuff she is doing, too bad she’s gonna die from heart disease due to her extreme obesity soon.....


If you pretended to be Storm and Wonder Woman you did in fact pretend to be a princess


You fat hog. Go eat a dozen donuts, 3 cheeseburgers and a diet coke

Obese black girl

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Who knew? Racism is the reason you're OBESE!

868 363 views | 19 Sep. 2019

Racism makes you fat, I

Racism makes you fat, I guess.


Black Women OWN: https://twitter.com/BlackWomenOWN/status/1173695998989721601

How to shift racist fat stigma: https://everydayfeminism.com/2017/01/how-to-shift-racist-fat-stigma/

Teen Vogue: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/fat-is-not-a-bad-word

Dreadful TedTalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8olL43PKJKw

Being Black in American can be hazardous to your health: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/07/being-black-in-america-can-be-hazardous-to-your-health/561740/


1. https://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2012/11/29/why-are-four-out-of-five-black-women-obese

2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3969538/

3. https://downtrend.com/71superb/oh-no-racism-causes-obesity-in-black-women/

4. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/1171936

5. https://www.nature.com/articles/ijo2013240.pdf

6. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1470581/

These studies are those that CONFIRM that "racism" makes you overweight. Most other pieces of information still confirm there are so many other variables that go into it. All accessible with a thorough online search!

Find me:

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sydneywatson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sydneywatsonofficial

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/sydneylwatson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sydneywatson__

Check out more articles and videos on my website: https://www.sydneywatson.com

McKinzie M8

It's amazing that people like this can drive cars and open mail

Paris Luh

It's everybody's fault but mine.

Josh _ 925

Diabetes , and a fatty liver doesn't care what color ur skin is .

MaybeSo MaybeNot

Holy.. friggin..shitballs.

The world is fuct!


This whole nightmare started when McDonald's started taking food stamps and you're a member of the frequent diner club. How do you find an obese woman? she's the one wearing spandex.


I laughed hard af of at the TedTalk part. Black people are the easiest race to manipulate. Just use trigger words like racism, trauma,Trump, and BAM you've started the BLM movement.

David Ainsworth

I identify as tired of this victim bullshit


This is an ignorant video. I was almost with you until you started trying to discredit the Ted talk video. You are completely denying the experiences of black people and how this could possibly translate to weight issues. If an obese person says the were abused as a child and that caused them to overeat, we would all have sympathy and try to understand that person. But a black person talks about social, economic and societal factors that may lead to overeating and you are dismissing the very thought? The women in the Ted talk were making some valid points and you completely disregarded them. I'm sorry that some people are dealing with systemic racism and brutal imagery and violence, and not worrying about fitting into a size zero and what colour to dye their hair next. Google Ahmaud Arbery and you will see that he was shot whilst jogging, so yes, these societal factors can impact on people's ability to stay slim. You have never had to worry about where you jog through fear of being judged. Keep talking from your white, female privileged perspective. Because you can totally understand what it is like to be black ??

Rebe Ree

This is outright ridiculous!

Jail4FalsePoliceReports NCrookedLawEnforcement

1st off great video. 2nd I doubt she follows. The diet plan 3rd I doubt she adds exercise. To it


I saw it coming when they made slut shaming against the law

Crazy Cloud

Wait I’m fat and white, or am I something I don’t know yet. Are the white supremacy movement against me? I’m confused ?

Basilio Hernandez

Put down the fork.

DL Southwell

It's not just fast food. It's also "poor choices" at the food marts (choosing red meats, pepsi/coca-cola and cookies/sweets etc). A survey should be done to look into the correlations between obesity and IQ.

K Marie

I’ve never seen this channel before. I like you. I will keep you.

James Williams

There is no such thing as black people. I am so ashamed ??‍♂️

Julia Mary

what makes the tweet even more annoying somehow is the "it's" in front of "anti black." none of the other descriptors have the word "it's" in front of them.

Old Gray Beard

Your parents let you get obese. I guess they were racist, too.

Taylor Hamilton

This was recommended to me and I just can’t seem to understand why

Walter "Heisenberg" White

Black people living in the US is also result of white supremacy.

Jack Money

Love this so funny

Andrew Nichols

On your tearing down the wall to being healthy


From what i gathered the lady was saying that the reason for a higher rate of obesity could link to eating disorders caused by being opressed (stress, nervous eating/being depressed/binge eating), meaning racism makes the issue worse, but its not why there are obese black people in general.

Its like developing alcoholism or drug addiction due to an abusive childhood or something like that.

elliot Stannard

The white supremacist cake!!!! It's a type of iced bun that makes black people fatter because this inanimate object actually has a prejudice against a whole group of people (!)...

elliot Stannard

I've heard of Jim Crow, but "Gym Crow" is a totally different ball park!!!

Hunter Marlette

You need merch that says “it’s the internet, lower your expectations” ?

Umm Muslima2

I am not american and I am not black either but it seems that food deserts, where one can only find take aways and junk food with 0 vegetable or fruit, are areas where the inhabitants are mostly black. And this is because poverty hits black people in america more than any other category of the population. The rich can afford healthy organic foods and they are mostly white in the US and in the world. Now, I do not believe that being obese is good. It is caused by junk food and it kills us.

Coach Ali's Corner

Notice that this only applies to fat black women, ask them about fat black men. Then it doesn't apply, lol.

Joe Whittle

These people will never be happy. They spend all their lives poking around in corners looking for things to be offended by. Get a life.

Matt Willison


David Ainsworth

Any excuse they can create to turn everything into race

Jo Ramirez

I was so confused at first. I believed that I was getting fat because of the quarantine, but now I am sure it is racism. Lol.

Mjolnir G.

"Obese" is a medical term, nothing more.

Shotgun Of Rivia

The answer is simple... we kill the Batman.... no wait, its because medical studies are only now bearing fruit regarding differences with Black peoples metabolism... and because Black peoples have a different diet.

Jackson A.

Fat Albert needs to lose 150 pounds! Lol I’m black and my bmi is 21

Robbarin Gemssit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc8zQS5Lr4o please watch this video and tell me honestly how is it racist

Jack Money

Scrubby in woman

jesse opdahl

Wow just wow people are so dumb....

Henry G

You almost started to make sense, then you dismiss actual scientific evidence that YOU as a simpleton YouTube creator cannot dispute. I also hear a tinge of accent in your voice and immediately remind me that you are probably not versed in the racial oppression and abuse that this country was built on. I suggest you go back to doing unboxing videos or cosmetic tutorials...or atleast watch a few.

Marco Tonta

Every normal and educated person knows that's stress can make you eats a lot .. But stress don't force you to eat unhealthy foods ..

Santos Carreon


Peter Mayer

Beeing fat seems to be a sign of living in a low education neighbourhood.
In germany most fat people live in the poorest areas. The density of Fastfood Shops is super low in east germany. So they feed themselves fat.

Racism causes bad education. That's the only relationship between fat and racism i can see.

Giochanni Rossini

God I hate America! Sick disgusting country.


Calories intake vs calories burned = how you body will be. That is science. Buuuut... since when does liberal wokeness use scientific fact when it doesn't fit the racial agenda.

Mark Grange

you not losing weight just means that you need to PT more


Just STFU and be fat if you don't care we don't either

David Rice

So dont a lot of black folk eat a lot of deep fried foods? Not being racist, not saying all black ppl do. But in general.. i mean chicken n waffles?

Cory D

they blaming the white man for their love of chicken wings??

Gozar 111

We’re heading to a world where I will say “Hi, I am...” and someone will be offended by all three words, the fact that I am speaking, male, white and exist. Fun times.

Jay Bangerang

Lol.. Thin line between height and obesity.. 4'8" 180 pounds is obese to 5'5" being normal.. Or can still be considered over weight at that point... Not sure what Race has to do with it... An I'm black ... So I agree with you... She was addressing a real issue but even I got lost for a second on her narrative.. And direction.. You can't battle every other issue with the same attack method.. Black People need to recognize we do have our own issues that have nothing to do with White folk... White people don't force us to eat Fried Foods an Chitlins ..

White Castle Hill

That girl descents into the abyss of madness!
I like her...

Victor Herrera


corn pop

remember kids; it's not the cooking everything in bacon grease that's clogging all the arteries in black women, it's racism clogging those arteries.

dexter young

Damn, a medical term is racist? What's the medical term for lazy? Is that racist too?

hun lee

Can Black people blame themselves for once instead of looking around and divert the blame on others? Self responsibility people!!!


Obesity is anti black? I can't help but feel she just called black people fat

Rick T

We're doomed as a nation....

Black Socrates

Laziness isn't a virtue. Stop being fat!

Death Rager

these women sound like not only my mother, not only my mother and brother, but also my father. they are responsible for THEIR inadequacies, but always point their fingers towards others. lol

Paul Symons

I'm a thin white bloke and I get fuck all handed to me. Where the fuck is the white supremacist. Minorities qualify for a lot more than this thin middle aged white supremacist. BOLLOX.???????

Mick Holden

Just blame everyone else

Dean Hufnagel

That's funny

Richard Simmons

You're a smart young lady!


Thank you!!!!!!
Fucking weirdos on social media are using these awful words as an excuse to their own personal accountability
I just glad a woman can call out the hypocrisy

Human By Nature

I will except an apology for your ignorance because it is a known fact that women of African dissent I have much different figures than women from the western world so please miss me with this bullshit this is simply the result of complying with a western ideology and standard of beauty



sean c

Is Sydney from Sydney?

Gui Antonioli

So, I am a black woman? Did not see that one coming...


Obesity doesn’t discrimInate, might need a fact check on that though.

idont care

Thought that was all the sugar and saturated fats but if it's racism than that's a lot easier. Accountability is the true enemy of all women. ??

mubashshir abdulmalik

The author fogged up her point by making that stretch. She could have easily pointed out when tv blurred out black behinds in bikinis but show naked white women all the time or censor many african or ethnic characteristics. There's manu examples through history to present. Lol they finally having brachial commercials! She went about the message in a confusing way but there is truth to what shes relaying.

Tom Atom

So based on their opinion Masai women from Kenya who are tall and skinny are white? And my grandpa who was born in Czechoslovakia in central Europe and never left this country was black? All people in my family are whiter than snow FYI we basically burn when exposed to Sun but obviouslly we are black...


Military is racists because we kick out fat people.

j-wizz hathorn

Somehow, I can't believe this. Does the same thing apply to fat black men? It would seem so. Yet, I don't hear them complaining about it. By the way, I'm a black guy. I have a small pot belly, but I'm naturally thin. No, I don't eat healthy. I eat a lot of processed food. I also smoke. Also, what about fat white men/ women? Or any/ every other ethnicity?

Chii Ezikel

? well white women...yall gave black women FEMINISM and now they are weaponizing it right back at you everything from "fat", alphabet community and victim hood. So chickens coming home to roost??‍♂️

Sydney Watson

Apparently, I can't read. :D
In my defense, I was editing this at 3am. Pls be gentle with me.


If a self-appointed victim wants an honest, objective opinion about their weight...jump on a bathroom scale. But then again, it could be argued that the scale was rigged. Just curious how my Polynesian relatives that are obese have never saw themselves as a victim. Do all obese people qualify to stand by their cause? Or is it an exclusive category?


I thought this was going to be bland commentary but its actually funny

Ashley Frederick

People just can't take responsibility for their choices and have to play the victim card. It's so sad to see what our society has become.

carcar jinks

show me all the fat ladies in ethiopia and sudan.... THEN tell me it's genetic

Rog Gurty

this explains my beer belly thanks

the flying dutchguy

these women are saying black people are different from white people but when a white person says that they call you racist. like wtf

GN R0gue

i think its childish to say things like this workout or diet doesnt do much for me - ok then... i do my own workout because i feel more comfortable doing my own thing and feel more confident cos i know it works, if it bothers you then you do you, after all an extra 5 10 minutes in a run daily still helps more than up to 6 hours creating content to blame everything on white people.

Jeremy Mac

So now diets are racists ?????only in ??????????


there might be some genetic reasons why black women gain and keep more weight.. So maybe they need to be even more careful abt eating healthy. But also its closely related to class... Poorer people are not able to eat as healthy. Perhaps poverty is related to race in some areas.


Fried chicken and Mac and cheese isn’t a diet.. or maybe it is?

hellfrost gimmjow

This is fucking stupid

John Smith

I thought racism meant being denied.I stand corrected after seeing these ladies

Michael Zidek

omg this crap hurt my brain, people are so stupid hahahah

Dakota Mabry

Well look at statistics in how many black woman stay at home and collect a check . I mean yeah we have the highest obesity rate in the United states due to all the crap put in our food. Instead of working out or movement they stay at home and eat , not out of necessity but out of boredom. Not saying white people aren't also at fault of such things , now this maybe dated and I'm not attacking an entire race but these woman came at the whole entire white race , they were obese before trump and if they don't recall woman in general had gotten the shaft for a long time, along with immigrants am, not just black people... stop making it a contest, what more can we give to make it fair ? What more can we do ? When you look at everything that is given to ensure black success over any other race and it's still not enough.

Kenneth Cline

I am tired you racist idiots trolls, you do not deserve a platform.

Tracie H

Race and poverty are inked it is called intersectionality ..poverty is also linked to obesity..its not hard to figure it out

Severus Martinus

Maybe do your research before opening your racist mouth.



It seems that if people spent as much time addressing their personal issues as conjuring up creative ways to be a victim, then they wouldn't have to worry about said issues.

For Cause

10 years ago Democrats used to talk about the black men in prison. But today "Black men" has been replaced by "Black bodies". Damn, Black men are being erased by black liberals.

Paul Franciosi

The woman should be done for racist comments.These people who blame white people all the time and bring race and white this and that they are the racist and blaming white people.They have the racist chip on their shoulders and get away with it.Yet again blame white people because of their failure.Stuff your face you get fat.

Santos Carreon

Obesity is unhealthy ugly and nasty more when dark yuck


Medical terminology is a slur

is 'adiposed to fuck' better?

Martin Drizhal

Black people are black, only because they have more melanin in their skin cells. Its natural protection from ultra-violet radiation from sun. Black people developed ability to protect themselves from sun - because they used to live in geographical area with stronger sunlight. They just produce more melanin because they need it.
And I don´t believe there is a correlation between skin color and obesity. At least in direct way. Maybe its about geography. People in hot, dry and sunny area don´t have much opportunity to grow vegetables or healthy food.


Whenever they try to blame their personal failures on Racism and white supremacy they dread to mention Asians, because if they do the reveal their own lies, the holes in their narrative.

Obese black girl

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Why black women are deemed unattractive

42 857 views | 1 Jul. 2016

Part of a sister talk

Part of a sister talk collab video. In my video I talk about the portrayal of black women in society.

Other videos in collab:

White is the new brown: https://youtu.be/ucRgkSoJT2w

Lorraine Rawlins: https://youtu.be/29ewDfXErVc

Andrea's Girl Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OW6x_nV6-E

More coming soon!

Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ayanasiouxart

Follow me on Instagram @ayanasiouxart

Like my page on Facebook http:// prefixhttps://www.facebook.com/ayanasiouxart/?ref=hl

For portraits or other inquires email [email protected]

GMEN Rising

Stop eating so much

Shane Walkingdead

5 out of 10 has average african girl can look like a 6 out of 10 with make up has girly face and is highly baby faced. Has average propotional body .
6 out of 10 african girl slightly more attractive face . Has very nice body.
7 out of 10 african girl defenately attractive doesn't need makeup to standout.
8 out of 10 african girl a few people call you hot.
9 out of 10 african girl a lot of people call you hot.
10 out of 10 basically a god


Here’s the brutally honest truth. It is a scientific fact that Biology dictates Black women and Asian men as being the least sought after by the opposite sex in the sexual marketplace. As in both are ALMOST NOBODY’S TYPE. Please note that the majority of biracial black children are the byproducts or black men procreating with non black women. Much in the same way the majority of biracial Asian children are the result of Asian women and non Asian men coming together.

Therefore, racism and the media have absolutely no influence at all with these statistics. As it is no different than a woman’s preference for a tall lean strong looking man over a short stocky bald one. Or a man’s preference for slender women with their curves in all the right places as opposed to obese ones. In other words: Get used to it! Seriously! Because throughout human history society has always been much kinder to physically attractive people. And if you’re not lucky enough to have hit the genetic lottery then guess what? You’ll have to compete in the sexual marketplace like everyone else.

Maison de Papa Warbux MalibuNightsPublishing

Every race has their share of undesirables. Have you seen the white cowgirl on the series Yellowstone? Yuuuuucccck!!! Her talk and disposition is very unattractive.

Sandesh Bhusal

Why u fat

mark Anthony raut

Black women all of you were created by God
God loves you



I like Youtube

I’ve never seen an asian love interest in asian media except to all the boys I love before.

Dario Vannozzi

every single person that talks about this topic says the same "society", "black comunity", "social media" and a bunch of other words that don't exist. is not a "society" or a "way in which we are protrayed" problem, as a man i can tell that if you're ugly it doens't matter if you are black or if what you call "society" (which is wrong because society is an abstract concept that refers to the whole population being in contact, which is impossible) protrays you as ugly.
the problem is that when a man doesn't like you, if you say: "since this guy said i'm ugly, then all guys think i'm ugly", this is simply not true, black women are not "protrayed as ugly" by "society"(which doesn't exist as i said before), they are simply seen ugly from some people, what you can't see, because you're too focused in posting youtube videos complaining about what's wrong in society and the same other shit that we heard 100000000 times, is that there are people that like you for what you are, but you simply don't see them because you're too busy saying all men are assholes because 2 guys said you're ugly.

ball is life 33 62

She reminds me of my mom and Everyone Is Beautiful In Their On Way❤️

Chunkus_ Clan

You are an bitch

Conor Quinn

Its because they are more masculine.that is y women Like. Black Men cos the .more masculine a Man is the more atractive they seem.I personly Like black girls i Like There bodys and other things i wont say cos its rude

Suga's hoe

i hate when they say "period" sooo annoying ew and act like they are superiors

oye ,

You are so hot ? ..... You are the most beautiful lady i have ever seen ???? ....?

Steven Day

Just found this by accident...Love your video...I think you are attractive. Really good content...great speaking voice...yes a history of exploitation.

Shane Walkingdead

For me to show links of a 9 out of 10 and 10 out of 10 african girl this comment needs to get 1k likes.

Shane Walkingdead

I wonder why you deleted my comments. All well for all those who don't know
This is a 5 out of 10 african girl ( to be considered a 5/10 you should have a small girly feminine face proportional body shape )

Before I start this list all the women here are 100% subsaharan african with darkskin and have kinky hair.

1 https://youtu.be/GpvGbsrHZnA
2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Id4Q_fl0JEEfVjlQXcTo3M5CuRAaA3-/view?usp=drivesdk
3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14TIIGQOnXl6BeA5USfVExPgFCATN9sZC/view?usp=drivesdk
4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/147sn_gPY6l_LsGlj0AlZxLSmY6iSUiH3/view?usp=drivesdk
5 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14jP41I0tKAWkG1rMRlxKSUc_e72WPaJ1/view?usp=drivesdk

Then 6 out of 10 ( is just a 5 out of 10 with a very nice body little improvement on face ) can look like a 7 out of 10 if shes realy good at makeup but note this is rare.

1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14xTnzwDNJQQ8ae7IzfdOKQtRNUuzyCLG/view?usp=drivesdk
2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/13rHu-I3sRyQfW2jIZi76ZEI34JThGGUd/view?usp=drivesdk
3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/13p2nIFj2-ziaiZjl6mFiS6yYSnHprNWC/view?usp=drivesdk
4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/13nFkUiSlVK0iWRViRmr13G3_1s2FIntD/view?usp=drivesdk
5 https://www.instagram.com/p/CDJPdBbJXJ6/?igshid=1jayxxh48v5rj

7 out of 10 is definitely attractive needs little to no make up for people to notice she is beautiful

1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/13oIAtwGXC-BZSYVDqW6Qzfgo6Atd2Ums/view?usp=drivesdk
2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/13rxi8N2W0u6L2T7CWxpAv30Q0NKdIuYC/view?usp=drivesdk

8 out 10 a few people would call these people hot does not need make up .

1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14jHfmS-oct-UNac89i-Bm1TUQxNy78P6/view?usp=drivesdk
2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14en66gnT4vuNoHDP6z2CfGTThrNaY1r8/view?usp=drivesdk


why is the whole world falling apart? i dont know? #blacklivesmatter? everyone matters but back people matter more right now.

Random Random

gym membership has left the chat

Aloyce Junior

tall skinny dark skin women are sexy. Mostly in Ghana and the Sudan.

Jack Benimble

Look at its hair.

Jose Heredia


swift kill

This is a classic black woman????

Jordan Pimentel

I think you’re wrong it has nothing to do with exploitation it just have to do with what people find attractive sex cells attractive to majority of people Will sell anything so that’s what they’re focussed on others may not like the conventional standard of beauty and go for Something else I for one am European and find Asian AmericanStunningly gorgeousBut i’m not typically attracted to black women physical appearance my cousin is dating a black not light-skinned but Black he finds her stunning but is Not fond of Asians At the end of the day it’s just who you find attractive and that’s based on personal preference.

oye ,

But how she depigmented her skin on chest...... I want to know ? ?????

Rubina Sandhu


Science not religion

You're beautiful inside and out. Fuck those men. They're insecure idiots. I've known quite a number of men, both Black and White, who either prefer Black women, or who at least don't think they're less pretty than other women.

max j

The stereotype can't change. But the stereotype can change you.

Solas O'Dimm



Yes, yes they are... Some of them gave me traumas and nightmares. Yikes!


Each negative comment is making you appear more and more attractive. You look great and I’m sure you know it ☺️

oye ,

It's not about color...... It's about nose, lips, eyes, hair, face structure, body structure, feminity ....... A black woman can still be attractive and a white woman can still be unattractive ?


Black girls are beutiful, but doesn’t mean that all of them are

Brandon Gudiño

I hate how she said Latinas are borderline white. Like bruh most of the Latinas in the U.S that are fetishes are mostly native american looking Latinas. Now there is Latinas that are undeniably White but most of them get their spotlight in Latin America, not the U.S. Most of the famous Latinas in America are people like JLO, Eva Mendez, Eva Longoria, Becky G, Rosylin Sanchez and so on, are all native american. So I hate it when people say that they are Eurocentric or White. Give our Native ancestors their credit when its due.


So, if you have men still hitting on you everyday, why are you complaining? It doesn't make sense. I think you (like 99% of Western women) want to date high value men without being high value yourself. Sad but true. Jesus saves.

divyanshu pandey

Stereotypes are based on truth . most of you are too dark , wierd black lips,etc. The problem is you want to get claimed as beautiful rather than accepting yourself. Some are born genius so are dumb the same way . some are beautiful some are not. And its only about outer looks. You can be better at other things. But dont cry that "we are beautiful".

C.A. Barnett

best laugh of the day thank you.

{buggie} B

Comment section does not pass the FUCKING VIBE CHECK? keep doing you darlin ❤️❤️?✨?

Clip Flicks

It's not how they are perceived but what is actually facts.. facts is most of them are over weight, facts is most of them dont have hair or wear wigs, facts is they have usually bad attitudes.. an this makes them un attractive

Nicholas Childress

So you're telling me black women arent like that...


I wonder why only other women say you are beautiful ...Hmmm.

Raymond Bethea

Hi Great video with a history element. I can understand the passion you display knowing people are judgemental based on there own insecurities and you are helping them face it. The greatness of this video is that you were direct,informative,and the main thing no signs of angry sealed with a smile. How have you grown since then?


You are adorable. Love your hair.


Many black women act masculine

its10:32 pm

What does that have to do with how you maintain your own body? You have a choice to how much food you put in yourself, how often you shower, how you dress, how you speak ext. No excuses for bad habits or lifestyles it's no one's fault besides you. If people are assholes and simply just don't like you than that's their own problem fuck em. Having inward problems like hating on people or blaming people is just as unhealthy too.

Angle Cke65

Y’all are so disrespectful and racist in these comments.Black women are beautiful

Alexis M

You are so pretty!!!


Michael Jackson ahem

Black Son Goku

I know a Black guy in my life who has a massive lust for light skin women over dark skin women and is full of self hate whose willing to defending his racist friend who hates black people! I even did a video on my channel as well!

big puddle

wow people are so fuckin ignorant and bigoted..

V Syrjänen

Black women are to muscular and big

Sabino Torres

Bitch yourfat ugly and just ugly

••Käsamì Kün••

What's wrong with being black? There still human and that won't change! So people don't have the rights to harass them!????

pigs hunter

reality is majority of black people are attractive to white or Asian people

Ayana Sioux Art

For those of you who want to just come on here to call me ugly, at least judge me based on how i look now. I look very different now.

My Instagram is ayanasiouxart.

Then comment as you wish.

Harry Gerber

Axed you?

Laura M

The unfortunate truth is that most black women are typically not as attractive as say Whites or Asians based on current beauty standards. Black women often have masculine phenotypes and that is usually not considered attractive. I think black women are uniquely beautiful and should be seen as such. They may not have the delicate features that other races have, but they are beautiful. ❤️

swift kill

Because of reality

Hummel Panevėžys

Black women are stunning looking. the hair is beautiful, noses are v beautiful, profiles are beautiful always great smiles.

First Last

trump supporters should rounded up and executed...


Think about your weight

S Lovelyy x

Ugh. This lady is unattractive. At least pick a good looking slim black girl to talk about black beauty. Smh

ten pin

Beautiful smile

pigs hunter

u are the sexiest women i have ever seen in my life

Trevor Loughlin

As a white nerd I have been researching the lady you mentioned, Saartjie Baartman and have printed out some images for further study in the bathroom where-um- the light is brighter.

The English man The English man

Can you women don't can you women have thin and beautiful and it's just african-american racist women that overeat but African women are beautiful African American women have bad hearts


It’s NOT the media it’s NOT the movies FACE THE TRUTH,majority of black women are loud angry aggressive etc it’s a FACT!!

yanice goodman

U went to wise ?

Any One

Why do all black people say axe instead of ask?

allyour base

Eh. I think it goes both for both genders and also some other races as well. It all depends on how physically different you are than most people. True beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are people whom aren't physically attractive yet their confidence and content of their character over shadows their physical features. One must love themselves before they can love anyone else.


My black female coworkers are loud, masculine, and obnoxious, but not ALL of them. If you look beneath the surface there's different shades of personalities and body types, the negative ones just happen to be the loudest, so they're the most heard. I'm not gonna sugar coat shit though, our community is out of shape so it doesn't help much in the looks department.

ten pin

Lovely smile

Bianca P

You have such a radiant face! And you're really pretty. You seem to have very cheerful features, which in my opinion makes you pretty

Brian M

its not American media wtf. it’s not just American society that thinks black women/people are said to be the ugliest btw, all over the world there’s that perception. Even in latino countries they’ll deem the “darker/black” skinned latinos as ugly compared to the white fair skinned latinos.

Gözde Özdemir

I'm sorry as a white girl white skin looks better. Little nose and little pinky lips are the cutest and white girls have the best skull shape . White skin is reminds me of snow and when a girl blush its look super beautiful . White girls eyes are the prettiest too . They have large and colorful irises but black girls have little irises and everybody now this ....

Petrolhead’s Concupiscence

The only things I want to drive all night long are my cars

Cindy Bridges

U are why duuhhh!!!! Eeeewww straight nasty

S Lovelyy x

Black women are gorgeous but this woman aint.

Oya Oya Oya

I’m reporting everyone that didn’t spread positivity

Purple Turkey

OMG ... if this is all that's pissing you off.
Your not having a bad day really ... ?

Shangjie Zhou

Sis this problem is simply not about your skin color it is about the sick mentality of the female that must be slim and body shaming. I personally like thick women in general so I find you attractive but based on my experience I am a static anomaly. Other races with a thick body will also face your dilemma. But again you can't force them to change this bias since they can call it a personal choice and freedom of speech. I don't see a way for our society to get out of this aesthetical view and hope you can offer me some insights.

Luca SmoothMcFuß

I find black women very attractive, especially their facial features (the wide noses, the big lips, etc). I don´t understand where this sentiment comes from... although your video explained it a bit.

sneha girl.

Nice drawings n yes u speak up ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Zee Fineass

You is very ugly ! .. but you seem nice

Sulaima Sadi

No one is ugly because everyone have their own beauty


I love you ?❤️?


I'm sorry it offends you but people naturally prefer angular and symmetric facial features and black women tend of have less of those.
We also generally prefer white or slightly tan skins but not dark. Even in Africa, women use tons of skin bleaching products.
And yeah there is also the fact that black women tend to be more impulsive and loud, it is not a social norm or it is simply reality.

adesegun laniyan

Maybe they jealous of Africa woman

Kennedy Jo

i wish i was white, have ash blonde hair, and light blue eyes. basically how princess diana looked like. I am 10 years old and i hate my skin color

Ya Ma ma

How do you wear ray ban aviators?

Patrick Sherwood

I have seen many very beautiful black women.

Maison de Papa Warbux MalibuNightsPublishing

Love your artwork.


You are not ugly
And certainly my sisters aren’t ugly

Salvatore Salerno

Very nice artwork !!!! Godbless and there will Always be people who love to hate ! Its because they hate themselves and there own self or situation !


These comments are so disrespectful n most of them are from white ppl! People are so cruel !? this just made me cry like it’s not even funny??

Larry Nivren


Oya Oya Oya

These comments are weird. Also take this note: you’re not offending anyone lol just portraying your insecurities onto others. And also, if you’re not into black people that’s fine. I personally don’t have a type because I believe you should expand what you think abt people yk

Aurora Peterson

You people are assholes lmao
Every race has ugly and pretty people??‍♀️
Stop insulting this girl on her looks...