Kyphosis treatment

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Scheuermanns's Disease (Kyphosis)

36 314 views | 19 Aug. 2014

Presented by Daniel M.

Presented by Daniel M. Sciubba, MD, FAANS

Published as a resource for neurosurgeons by the Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation (NREF) and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

Recorded at the AANS/NREF Spinal Deformity Course for Residents.

Daniel Dahdah

Good video. Thank you. There is a natural way to redress curves of extreme magnitude. It requires vigilance and discipline and is not beyond the scope of human endeavour, especially with the use of screens. Search Habit Driven Appearance to see what is possible.


I'm a 10 year old kid, I'm currently using my dads acc rn, but... I have sheurmmans rn, and all my favorite hobbies include physical movement, like dancing, sports, etc. i have plans for my life, being a doctor is my dream job, but now i feel hopeless but i thank my mom for comforting me when i feel like the world is turning down on me, but all i want all the people who are the same as me to be hopeful, prayerful, and especially careful.

Be safe everyone, I hope we pray for one another for fast recoveries, stay strong?

dale schreppler

I have sheurmanns kyphosis it’s 106 degrees waiting to hear what my treatment options are have pain in top of spine near the neck and constant stabbing in lower back that runs down my legs


the cause of my depression woooo


Great explanation ! Thank you !

Powlin Manuel

Informative, especially for practicing physicians!
Powlin Manuel MD, MBA, MS.

phil johnson

Diagnosed with severe kyphosis at 15, had a fusion at 17 and it was the biggest mistake of my life. From 17-21 I had undergone 6 surgeries from broken hardware to them hitting a nerve with a screw to eventually getting staff infection and having all hardware removed. If I could go back I would have done yoga and natural therapy to try and correct it. Getting spinal surgery was the biggest mistake of my life and how now left me with broken hardware in my spine they can't remove. I know some people have positive outcomes but I highly suggest trying all natural healing not surgery. Now I have a hunchback with more pain then I was in and since my back is fused I can barely do anything that I was able to do before the surgery. I'm 32 and I have to live my life like I'm 65.

Maria Delgado

Hello my name is Mary my son was diagnosed with 4 herniated disc at the lower lumbar and doctor said he had sheuermann but didn’t say what type. He is in a world of pain every single day and doctor will not do any surgery due to him being to young he’s24. Is there anything to help him.

Robert Partridge

I was just diagnosed with this does that mean i should be on disabillity im 18 and in extreme pain in physical therapy but cant take nsaid perscriptions


I had this and had surgery done when I was 16 I’m in more pain now then I was before the surgery but I have more confidence. I also wore a back brace in high school but kids made fun of me so I didn’t wear it often that’s y I had to have surgery. I’m 28 now and I can honestly say that if I didn’t have the surgery done I would probably be to self conscious to be able to go out of the house.

Dallas Tex

I was told to keep surgery as a very last resort , but if you see the guy at 17:00 the difference in looks after his surgery.. that’s what I want. This has destroyed my self esteem. I was diagnosed in the 10th grade, and that was over 15 years ago, and it’s still on my mind day and night. Im very very self conscious about it. I wish I could get surgery done!

dhairya parekh

I have kyphosis along with lordosis, is it possible to correct it with exercises at 21 years of age?

Sebastian M.

Why everyone who have this is in depression? i have it also, it's painful but 90% of the days i'm happy, i try to ignore it. Does it get worse with age?

WitPit 7

I hate this disease it hurts like hell


Hello I'm not a native English speak so can someone help me with the 20:45 slide ? Does he either talk about patients who had a surgery or patients who dont had a surgery but just a long term follow-up during their life ?
That would be very kind if someone can help me


I'm 13 and i have kyphosis and lordosis it doesn't really hurt but it gets hard to breathe when i run and im really embarrassed i always wear baggy shirts hoping it will be less noticeable.
I really hope it won't hurt when i get older.

Dallas Tex

If anyone has any advice please feel free.. i not only am very self conscious, but I do have daily back pain. As of now my back is throbbing, and I do get chest pain. I have an irregular heart beat as well. My sister has this disease as well, and her back is curved worse than mine, and mine was at like a 63 when diagnosed, and a 65 two years later. I can see that it’s definitely worse now I’m in my 30’s. It’s really crazy, because I’m a major back looker, and I hardly ever spot anyone who has a curved back such as myself, and when I do they are usually really old people. It’s not a very common disease. I definitely won’t be caught at the pool, or without my shirt anywhere. It’s getting to the point where my thick cotton shirts aren’t hiding it as well as they once were, and I’m definitely more comfortable when I’m in a coat, and the thought of bending over in public gives me crazy anxiety.. I thought as I got older I would get used to it, but nothing has changed. I pray that one day the stars will align and I’ll get corrective surgery done.