My hair is falling out what can i do

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3 032 views | 15 Jan. 2021

Hair update - its still

Hair update - its still falling out and im getting a mullet ? do i shave it all off???


Aw Sam, your hair looks fab, keep safe luv.

Gillian Ferguson

Sorry that should have been god bless xx


Oh and as for products, nothing will stop the breakage, the hair is weakened but products with proteins in them and argan oils etc will be your best chances to delay it happening, the hair is over processed and had all the structure and pigment removed. Avoid any heat at all if you possibly can when your not leaving home or filming. ?
I've used and liked Matrix products in the past, it's a brand salons use, they have recently brought out a rebonding trio, I don't know anyone that's used it yet personally so can't say yeah or nae but it's a fraction of the cost of olaplex ?

Aziza. S

if you don't have any problem with dyeing hair so it blood issue maight be you've poor iron in your blood or one thing.... maybe you should change the shampoo and conditioner take like a baby shampoo I use it less chemical and without any falling for my hair.

Carol Hydon

The colour looks great Sam. I guess it’s bleach breakage. But, I don’t think it’s as bad as you think. The bob really suits you and the cut disguises the breakages as it just looks like layers. I’d try and keep it in the style. Maybe you should try colours in foils, as at least it’s not your whole head. But seriously, it looks great and not as bad as you think.....xx

Emma Pilkington

Your hair looks amazing

anna johnson

Love the colour but maybe only way to do it is to have something like a pixie cut Sam x?

Mary Lodhi

Nice colour on ur hair

Louise Macleay

Go as short as you can and no hair dyes for a good few months. Get some hairbands and clips xx

Kim Barrett

They’ve brought out an olaplex 0 which majorly ups the potency of the no 3 ?

Being Penny B

Is all that actual breakage? Or is some of it where that woman cut it? Xx

Alena Keegan

Love the colour

PewDiePie 2ndChannel

Hairburst might help

charlotte bradbury

I think you should shave it off for charity and just start fresh xx

Suzanne Ross

That colour suits you so much better than the mousy!! My opinion? Cut it short, bit shorter than the length of breakage then the can get strong again. Keep colouring but avoid bleach. X

The law Family

You got a big patch on your neck right at the back

Jane Friel

Sam your hair just looks like it was butchered.I don't think the test of you hair would be in such good condition if it was breakage?I truly think it was the cut.

Lynda D

due to meds i have the same problem I have been using ogx biotin & collagen shampoo and conditioner for a year and my hair improved almost straight away, still taking the same meds had more added and doing ok on the hair loss front now x

denise dick

Hiya looks lovely really suits you

Haj Shahzad

Hi sam like the colour of yr hair it really nice it suits u I started hving same prob as u and iv started using plantur 39 its really good xx


So... If you go in to a hairdresser (after lockdown) and are honest about the amount of home colouring and bleaching that's happened any responsible hairdresser will NOT colour it. Unless its a product that's using no peroxide, so if you need to mix two bottles together it's not safe to put in your hair unless you get it cut right down to the brown (you might get away with a cm or so of what just now is pink) but your better just committing to that short pixi cut and by next year you'll be back to a head of healthy hair.
Go on Pinterest and tag a few shorter styles.
You mention shaving it, now... If you think back to how upset you were with the last short bob you got and your saying it being all bitty is having an effect on your mental health I'd say dont shave it off as it gets to that inch long standing on its end stage it will likely affect you even more. Lovely thought and all...
but you wouldn't see none of these big ceo's of charities part with a few quid off their yearly wage nevermind shaving their heads to donate money ?. 'charities' grind my gears. So look after YOUR own mind first ?

Jayne Vassar

Hi Samantha I've had those issues I'm trying to stop bleaching mine but took mine along time to grow and blend in, try not to tie it up which puts extra pressure on it. I used to be anaemic and that can make your hair thin but from the scalp I definitely think your hair is bleach damage. Love the colour on you, I would leave it that length just have regular trims it will take time but you'll get there. Someone once told me eat jelly its very good for hair which is good I love jelly lol. Take care you still look fab, your hairs more noticeable to you than others but try not to worry about it cos that's not good for it too, sorry that was alright waffle lol xx

sharon stewart

Love it ?

Deborah Cain

I would have a good cut so that your hair is short and in good condition and then maybe use the coloured waxes in your hair instead of bleach to get your funky colours, or even the spray in colours. Good luck x you suit the pinky colour

Ayesha F x

I would say bleach damage , maybe not dye it in some time and put coconut oil all over it and leave it in overnight (aloe vera is really good aswell rubbed in ur hair ) the burgundy colour looks lovely tho x

Sue Hallows

Your hair looks gorgeous and the colour is gorgeous xx did you have it layered last time you had it cut
Maybe it’s the layers

mags ferncombe

I have to keep a home dye in mine but I've gone back to a pixie cut it's easier to manage at my age 57 the dye I recommend is the ones with no ammonia in them if your having to do it regular.i use nice & easy no ammonia dyes they last as long as the permanent ones just dont keep washing your hair as often all looks good when you use the straightener but the next day you have problems with dryness just get a leave in conditioner that will last once a week is plenty to wash your hair..xx mags I'm doing mine since 17 and learned many years ago stop using the permanent dyes .

Sara Cotgrave

Hiya Sam.. I know how you feel my hair fulls out.. and I've never found anything to stop it so sorry I cant help but thought I'd tell you so you dont feel alone

Midnight Kitten

The breakage is likely bleach damage so there is nothing you can do to fix it you just have to let your hair grow out. How ever as for the previously bleached hair that hasn't broken off yet there are things you can do to make it less likely to break off. For instance keeping the hair as healthy and hydrated as possible and don't use heat on it as that will make it more likely to break off sooner rather than later. Personally i love the dark pink your hair currently is and there is no reason you can't keep it that way. Direct dyes are not damaging to hair. My suggestion would be to keep your hair that colour until your regrowth virgin hair is long enough that you can cut the pink off and have your natural brown in a style/cut you like.

Amanda Botterill

Sam why dont u ude the nurtitrint one u can get it online or holland n barret its realy smells good n doesnt harm ur hair honestly it works i used blonde one if ur hairs n trpuble max strentgh viviscol hair tablets they are amazing 29 pounds 4 months sipply holland barret supply they realy realy make ur hair syrong n nails check reviews i saw a tticologist at one point he perscribed minoxidol that foes work i assure u but its obs like gosh its been few years i went to a clinic as it hot real bad n minoxidol works totaly costly but u can feep the new hair growing in

Brookelynne's Beauty Corner

You suit purple hair. You should permanently colour your hair that colour. The hair breakage is definitely from bleach as I’ve the same issue. I stopped bleaching my hair over a year and a half because I had over processed my hair with lightening sprays and bleach. I now just colour my hair dark. My breakage is growing out but it’s gonna take years as I’ve waist length hair but I’m planning to cut it into a long Bob after I get married in summer. Try hair burst healthy hair vitamins they’re amazing and will help your hair grow in faster. Also lee Stafford hair growth scalp serum is amazing xx

Louise Macleay

I ended up having mine cut into pixie and its grown back so thick now. I hated it but it worked. Just get rid of old hair and restart. Oh and get some good Vit D3 and B vitamin supplements and use Plantar shampoos xx

Rj Pender

Love this colour on you xx

Amanda Botterill

yrah defo get bloods it could be hormone imbalance premenopause xbut u can get viobiotics for premenopuease too

Gina McVeigh

I know how u feel hun with ur hair and teeth, my hair bin falling out a lot more over last 2 years and my teeth, oh god, one of my front top ones is broken in half and i have been trying to get the dentist to see me to sort that and all my other broken teeth out since last march and they wont see me , just keep saying its not an emergency, i know for a fact that i will end up having wats left removed and have false teeth, im 52 and have chronic illness like u, one thing i have come to realise is that hair and teeth have gotten worse over the last 2-2.5 years, maybe i need my bloods doin again and get them to check it out, bigs hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxx

vicky Greenhalgh

Wow lovely colour samantha x

Chloe Bird

I had bleach damage. I am certain that's what you have. It really ravages the hair. I've not bleached mine since January 2020 and I'm still getting breakage. The only way to cure it is to grow it out. You'll get there x

Rj Pender

Have it cut short, it looks thick to me, it's lovely xx

Livvy Costar

The colour suits you Sam however the pink suits you the best andn enhances your skin tone. Thre brown colour I feel drained you..youI look so much brighter and have good skin.Take care and stay safe you and you lovely boysxx

Rosina Speakman

I had same problems with my hair.. One was because was using a dye with bleach did to meny times and then found out needed vitamin d as was not going out ? its a lot better now taking vitamin d plus I use philip kingsley hair mask. Good luck. Take care xx

GothicKisa- Kisa's Kastle

You could give avons reconsteuctive hair shampoo and conditioner a try it helps with breakage xxxx

Alison Colman

I have blonde hair buy do bleach it in the winter when it goes dull and I've never really had breakage, I've got mega straight hair so I don't need straighteners, maybe it's the heat along with breakage together that's causing it? The colour looks lovely xx

annemarie gracie

love the video Sam, lovely colour you should get it cut I think you would suit it. x ❤️

Claire Rosey

Whatever you put onto your hair it will only be a temporary fix. If you want to have truly healthy hair you have to feed the roots and it will only change the hair that is being produced from that point. You’ll need to increase your magnesium and zinc for sure as your meds will deplete those. Collagen (beef is the best but go veggie if you prefer) is important in hair growth too. The need for B Vitamins may be also worth looking at too as B1 and B12 can cause problems. Topically try caffeine shampoo, it really does help. Don’t cut your calories to be lower than optimal for your lean body weight, hair is not necessary for survival so it’ll be one of the first things that a calorie deficient diet will effect. Obviously putting things onto your hair will cause issues but nowhere near as much as not consuming the correct micronutrients. X

Heather McConnell

Samantha watch Nadine Baggott on YouTube she had het hair ruined a while back and she did a video of what she's used to fix it it's her end of year video i think x

Lucy Obrien

My hair kept falling out and I saw my GP she took some blood tests and it was due too lack of iron so now I'm on iron tablets. If your worried see your doctor it could be an internal problem not just over styling xxx

Pauline Willmott

Love your colour. Xx

Moo Moo

Hair skin and nails tablets may help love the colour x

Carol Milligan

I love your hair as it is now. Please be patient and all the healthy thick hair will come back.


With them layers dont worry. May of been cut that way. Adds shape. U look gorgeous xxx

Devlin Devlin

Nothing is gonna make your hair grow faster buuuuuuut getting it trimmed every 6 weeks is gonna keep the split ends away in turn making it look healthy and longer . Just keep doing treatments and invest in good shampoos preferably repair ones tailored for what you are looking for . Maybe try not to use the straights as much if that is possible and when you do use a heat protection spray . Sometimes people make the mistake of not getting it cut because they want it to grow but end up getting really bad split ends that eventually work their way up the hair shaft . Kinda like a rope when it starts to unravel . Then when u straighten it it is frizzy a 1/4 the way up and just doesn't look healthy so regular trims would be my advice . I dunno tho with covid what the deal is with salons . Covid sucks.

Oh and not to forget the scalp . You could try exfoliating the scalp . That can help with hair growth you would be surprised the build up of oils and what not clearing the scalp can help. Some salons do them or u could make ur own .

Amanda Botterill

it doesnt look as tho its falling out or thinning it could be just her cut growing out sam

Louise Macleay

Dont bleach it again!!

Jacqueline Wilkins

Chop it into a short pixie cut!! You've got great bone structure and can definitely pull it off. The colour it fab ? x

Ingushkka 86

What brand is this colour ? It looks amazing on you!!

Tracy Burns

You'd suit a long pixie cut x

Marie Murphy

You really suit that colour and your makeup is lovely ?

Bee Bee

Instead of breakage, that top section could be new growth, it all looks about the same length, it could be that hair has snapped off in randomn places because of the bleach and has now grown to a length that its become noticeable.... You did seem to bleach it a lot during the first lockdown combined with the very hot weather we had too... All in all it looks like its repairing itself & that's what you can see

Laura Mcdowell

That colour is so nice on u really beautiful ur hair does look health until u point the wee bits out xx

Carol Armstrong

I'm so glad u coloured ur hair again as them colours suit the same as the pinkie one there ur colours for sure.. could I ask what the colour is an would u have a link it looks fabulous on u xx


Let it breathe for a year. Have regular trips. Thats bleach.damage which has snapped your hair. Only thing that will fix that is no bleach and let it grow with occasional trims x

charlie has curves

I’ve watched your YouTube for a while and I hate to say it but it’s bleach damage. I’d recommend to just stop dying it and leave it alone. Heat damage will be contributing to it now with straighteners and blow drying. I don’t think you need a pixie cut I just think you need to stop dying it and using straighteners for a long period of time. I don’t believe there’s a miracle cure, just a complete break of anything damaging. The cut itself really suits you, I think you could totally see an improvement after 3-6 months. Xxx

Sarah Fowler

I'm the same with my teeth I've lost the bottom ones and my top ones give me so much anxiety don't let it get u down hun your not alone

Fay Stalker

You should try hair and naiks ans sjkin cist you pound in savers if you bleach your it does come out with the bleach it might dyes or the shampoo try the tablets i suggest

Amanda Botterill

nutrating brilliant honest vegan xxx

Shaki Bee

My sister has been dyeing her hair for years and was noticing lots of hair loss. She started using Plantur 39 and absolutely swears by it. Her hair looks so much fuller now. Could be worth a try? XXX


Hi, my hair has been like that for 5-6 years , I’ve got thyroid issues and crps too. I’ve tried loads of different products but unfortunately nothings worked yet. If I find anything I will let you know. Hair and teeth are my worst issues too with my anxiety and depression. ???

Being Penny B

Hiya it looks even better now I can see it move rather than just a photo, I love the colour so much xx

Ann Beggs

Mines is the same I used 40/ vol proxide my hair has all breakege ...I used all dear shampoos and conditioners ..coconut oil...nothing worked I just cut most of the damage out...?

Fuzzy Felt

When you last bleached your hair it turned it over processed and you could see it breaking off, unfortunately it’s bleach damage. Any heat you use on it now will make it break off more, the only suggestion is a really short cut as the damaged hair is still there and will continue to break off where it’s been damaged

Gillian Ferguson

Hi Sam watch all your content , I have the same problem as you my hairdresser recommended I get biotin caps from Amazon & they really help so try it . Take care hid bless ?


I have suffered hair loss for two years, fingers crossed it's stopping now though, when I used to run my hands through my hair it used come out in handfuls, it was alarming. I used to have lovely thick hair now it's poor and fine, I have some hair which is either regrowth or hair that's snapped off. But like I say it appears to improving, I have come off diabetes medication as I'm in remission so that might be helping, also my age could be to blame. It's extremely upsetting though and worrying. I hope yours improves.

Ladybird 123

Love your hair I like your hair with a bit of colour .

Louise Macleay

What drugs are you on hun? Cancer drugs made my hair wispy thin. Not chemo but long term drugs I have to take. I changed brands x

lisa edwards

My hair went like that after bleaching and I decided to go dark again an it all broke so I decided to have it cut short and grow it again, lovely colour ❤️

Fay Stalker

My hair breaks of now because streAked alot still hairs growing fine maybe you should eat food for iron and b12 youablets get vitamins multi hv iron in it and savers hv for oound dont wash you hair before dye it just dye when it need wash it tk better some hair you need wet it with dye or do ut dry

Tracy Reay

I personally think that its damage from all the bleach and colours, appliances that you are using .Plus if your bloods are out of their normal level using all the things I have mentioned will definitely not be helping. When I had hair problems my hair dresser was amazing and told me not to use anything on my hair and just be patient. I would go to Holland and barrett and ask for advice about vitamins for strong hair growth. I take biotin. Sending you big hugs take care .

Shaz Sharples

best thing i did was a nought with the clippers , my hair has never been stronger, i dyed mine for yrs i now keep it at a number 3 , i still bleach and colour now and then but no where near as much


Love the colour, you really suit funky colours but does look like bleach damage tbh. Once the salons reopen think you need to get it cut short and let it grow. Problem is once the damage is done it’s irreversible no matter what you try xxx

mary granger

Hi Sam,.love the. Colour of your hair . Maybe it’s the fibromyalgia as I am having hair loss at the front in my fringe and I have a small bald spot at the back, I have lots of thick hair and I have bleach on my hair well half my head now as not been done since October last year . It is a dilemma we have but maybe ask your GP . Have you heard of Brad mondo on YouTube he is amazing he will give you good advice check him out . He has his own range of colours out now . Hope you get sorted . Xx

Helen Georgeson

Blooming love your hair colour have you tried vitamin supplements for your hair breaking hun xx


Is your thyroid Ok? Could be that. Personal question but hows ur hormones "the change" allbu can try is massage scalp without rubbing at hair route. Just get good blood supply upto scalp. I lurve that color......xx u suit pink so so much

Sharon Short

Samantha it is breakage from the bleach. I would have it cut to a pixie and start again. No more bleach. Olaplex is amazing product, use every week. Or you could keep it longer and get regular trimming. Plenty of hair masks. I’m a hairdresser and I’m always changing my colour too but I don’t use bleach. My blonde colour is a professional colour, wella coleston perfect number 12..it’s the lightest colour without bleaching it. If you want it lighter and able to use funky colour I recommend foils at the hairdressers, they will add Olaplex to the bleach it makes a big difference. You have most likely layered bleach on top of previous bleach then it snaps. Hope this helps you xx

Tammy Mcgrady

It looks so much better with that colour in it and you suit colour rather than natural hair.....but definitely no more bleach. My sisters went the same way through too much bleach. I would just let it be and it will grow eventually. Have you tried plantur39 shampoo that's got great reviews xx

Kelly Marie W

I hate to say it but colours as well as bleach damage hair as its penetrating the cuticle into the hair but straightening can snap hair too if you doing it regularly especially if it's colour damaged. Keep on with the olaplex but invest in a professional heat protection spray for when you do straighten it xxx love the colour?

Hayley Chapman

My daughter is going through the same thing and she is 22 she has gone from shoulder blade length to your length since September shes having some bloods done Monday

Em Bee

I am 49, I bleach and pink or purple my hair all the time too ... I started menopace 6 weeks ago and my hair is much more shiny plus I have stopped shouting at everyone !! its just a combo of vitamins x


Low iron, b vitamins espesh biotin and hormone imbalances can affect hair but the bleaching def doesnt help I'm laying off bleach for now as it was affecting my hair too.

Kathy Butler

I love the color!! ?

Kat Tolliday

Love your hair colour! It’s come out awesome with a purple ombré effect!
Your hair shaft isn’t a living thing, the only part of the hair that’s alive is the root. Once the damage is in there you have to let it grow out. Give it another year with no bleach and your see a huge difference.
If your levels are low then your hair will grow slower etc just give it time xx

Lynne Clare

Love the colour Sam! I've had big problems with my hair was tempted to shave it off and bought the olaplex set and others that just didn't work I've recently tried christophe robin the perfect hair duo its a sea salt scrub shampoo and a regenerating mask i bought the small set to start with for £17 tried it loved it and there's a real difference to my hair! It might help Xx


I love the colour Sam. I really think you need to keep heat tools away from it for a while but I know that's difficult if you like to blow dry it straight, I got a pixie cut few months ago and I wish I hadn't as I can't really do anything with it, I can't find an end product that gives it any kind of lift/volume/style and i've spent a fortune buying stuff, it's a no win situation ?...You would suit your hair short hun, you have various things to fix your hair, maybe it's too much, i'm not sure? You look great anyway despite your hair problem xx

LIndsey Louise Webb

My hair folls out sometimes that why i had to get it cut before lockdown happend have very itchy scalp I use head and shoulders that helped

Iris Heller Philpot

Have a a pixie haircut I bet that would look nice with that colour love from Germany ??

Sultana Begum

Love the hair colour, it looks great