Trader joe's spa

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Gayle - Episode 33: Trader Joe'd

428 699 views | 19 May. 2014


FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chrisflemingfleming

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chrisflemingfleming

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GayleWW

MUSIC: http://bheveronsmith.bandcamp.com/

Chris Fleming: Gayle Waters-Waters

Melissa Strype: Terry Gross Waters-Waters

Blake Wexler: Trader Joe's Employee

Support Group: Sam Szabo, Michelle Jackson, Tim Vargulish, Matty Cardarople, Emma Barrie, James Viggiano, Gina Gress, Ryan Salazar, Katie Temes

Original Music by Brian Heveron-Smith

Come to My Dad's House by Brian Heveron-Smith and Chris Fleming

Mixed by Frank Wartinger

Download song: http://bheveronsmith.bandcamp.com/album/gayle-music

Bassoon samples by Tom Morrison

Directed by Melissa Strype

Cinematography by Melissa Strype

Written by Chris Fleming


Whos that actor in the support group ive SEEN him somewhere

Maddie Wilson

This is why I wear headphones when grocery shopping

Candace Avery

I’ve been trader joed the other day


I think that ex tutor is the only person taller than gayle in the whole show


We are all overlooking the amazing lyrics to that song

Tomás Rosa


Erica Benjamin

I worked at Trader Joe's... Guilty. ????

Sam Miller



I have now heard the phrase “jimmy buffet wet nightmare”

did i ask ?

Chris has kissed two men in this show and I'm screaming with a joy only a fangirl can experience.


Trader Joe's sounds like chuggers (charity muggers) in my country only we just don't make eye contact and pretend not to hear anything.

F Geno

Guys! Idk how i missed this but the link in the description has all the original songs


The real difference between introverts and extroverts is how you feel emotionally in the trader joes checkout line.

lion, the friebd

oh my god

matt cardarople

Lady Shikibu

“Rare is it that you see the consequences of hubris with such immediacy”

hh ftt

Isn't that the guy from Unfortunate Events on Netflix? Talking about the member of the group with the red vest and sunglasses on the collar at the first meeting.

Mish M.

that lil beachy guitar riff every time the cashier shows up is perf


The words "corona-induced" have really changed in 8 years

funk dungus

he was at the soup kitchen before you even had eyes


Back when Corona-induced had an entirely different meaning


last time I was at Trader Joes I had an episode where I began dissociating real bad. Don't even remember the experience. The cashier probably tried talking to me and I just stared through her soul like a beached whale.

Sollux "Pollux" Captor

are we just not gonna talk abt that one dude from stranger things in the support group

Melon Tea

Dave's little dance is so adorable.

anne w.

the mafia boss impression at the end... the one hand in the pocket and the other one holding a glass of scotch... how does he do it

Andrea Godoshiana

*I need a label because I'm gonna crash.*


Tomás Rosa

Next one give me a little more so i can feel it in my ass


I want to shop at a Trader Joe’s in a Hawaiian shirt and see how employees respond.will they explode?

Lennox Vazquez

02:10 yo Gayle thicc??
"He was at the soup kitchen before you even had eyes!"

The Blackwolf

The shy guy with the shaggy brown hair played in the series of unfortunate events by Netflix!!


The coronavirus pandemic has brought one blessing: you now have to stand behind a line while they ring up and bag your groceries and there’s no opportunity to get Joe’d.

flubber nutter

Who says Gayle doesn't have a heart

Rachel Cain

“Corona induced” has a whole new meaning

Rara Avis

Former lush employees are shook

Jonathan Lopes

Please stop singing, your hurting my tip

Cory Mck

The spoken word SENT ME


yo that's the guy from the arcade in Stranger Things! I thought I knew him from somewhere


But... why is her common app on paper?!

Lisa Kay

After seeing this masterpiece I put on my dating profile: "living in fear of the Trader Joe's cashiers"

Carly Gove

need the purple suit

Nic evans

Yeah well try being warhammered.

Its Geuine enthusiasm but christ it can be annoying.

Butterfly Taster

glad to see the sat prep teacher has finally been released into the world only to stumble his way back into the waters-waters household

Drarry Rulz

7:13 Terry's face when Gayle talks about SPONTANEOUS ORGASM!

Madicat Geniveve


Sarah beth Keith

Omg i had to watch this twice to hear the song during the meeting..."I've gotta mini fridge..Ive gotta small dick.."


who else noticed the guy who eventually ended up as an ACTUAL actor for Series of Unfortunate Events?


The accuracy, I can't

Lorraine Shulman

#RIPTraderJoe - Gayl do you have commentary?

Joelle Glidden

I really want to listen to the whole song used at the end. I can only guess the title is something like "Me and Dennis Bouncin' Butts".

Mx Dae

Oh, my god, the slam poetry

Jules Green


Bean Bean

"He was in the soup kitchen before you even had eyes..."

Elizabeth Bennet

I feel like this could be updated to include Aldi's.

Lis Cer

That is the guy from ASOUE !!


I swear Chris just said corona'ed

Bukuroshe Bytyçi

I once saw an older male employee tickle a younger female employee carrying a bunch of boxes. He then looked me in the eye and said, “we have fun here :D”

It was horrific.

2heart Girl

Keith from Stranger Things???

bun fortress man person

literally every single line in this video has me CRYING

Peachy Peachworth

I was at Trader Joe’s and witnessed an older male employee in an eye rapingly blue Hawaiian shirt tickle the sides of a young, passing female employee while she was carrying boxes. She giggled in a way I can only describe as a cry for help.

Liz P

Terry is my spirit animal


for anyone wondering: yes, Matty Cardarople WAS the guy in Stranger Things season 3...

True Story Tarot

Chris Flemming is so brilliant! Unreal

Ubu -

"JOY BEHAR'S STINKY!!!!!!! PINKY!!!!!!!!!"

DroolBunny XO

Ding! Ding! Ding! (Sorry, I forget why.)


Outfit at 12:31 is off the charts.



Robert S

Why does terry look and sound like my geo teacher

Christopher Leamons

Oh my God!
Get to Pearl Jam, already!

Danielle Dunsworth

This is why I hate car shopping!

Elijah Culper

As a Kansan, I’m a little surprised anyone would think they could go out in public without making small talk with a stranger. The world is a strange place indeed.

Shen R

Ok why is 'come to my dad's house' still not on spotify


So many quotable moments this episode.


Leave me be. I’m not your friend. You’re not as charming as you’d like to believe. I don’t want have fun on your terms. Just because you’re in a Hawaiian shirt doesn’t mean you make me smile. You don’t know me. I don’t care if you like the product I’m getting: don’t try to infer in your perverse mind what I’m making for dinner tonight based off my grocery evidence. It’s not Mexican night at my house tonight. I’m buying avocados to throw at my husband and red peppers to scream into on the drive home.

Lisa W

the vest

Hillary M

Do a video of traders now! Natzi Germany!

Sol Flores

Anyone else watch this and recognize the guy in the support group as the arcade guy in stranger things?

Emma Campanella

as someone who works at Trader Joe's... I appreciate this


"Like a corona induced wet night terror."

Lander Ryan

Matty Cardarople (sitting to the left of gayle) went on to be the clerk in stranger things video store.

Gregory Hilliard

This is my 3rd watch of this series, and I just realized the Trader Joe's employee is the tour guide from the College Tour episode (Ep. 17)!


Does anybody know who is that guy who shows up at 5:44? Cause I feel like I know him from somewhere, like I saw him in one of Brian Jordan Alvarez' videos or something

Elizabeth Bennet

I love how avoidant and passive aggressive new englanders are. Glad I live in the South where people chat to strangers all the time :D

Death By Tree

This video gave me 95% of the serotonin I hace circulating through my body

Greta Freitag

You can try and dunk on traders joes, but in the end, they're the ones with the 9-pack of peanut butter cups with for only 99 cents. And fireworks bars, whenever they bring those back.

Stella Kim

6:09 isn’t he the guy in stranger things who tried to get a date with Nancy?

Jennifer Watson

The guy in the drug rug is hot! Lol ? happy to know all whimsy were dishing out on the daily is appreciated


Honestly I feel that opening rant in my soul

Nico Gambone

Is that Keith from Stranger things

popdivas4lyfe 97

Favorite new exclamation of annoyance: "Joy Behar's stinky pinky!"


90% sure one of the support group dudes was in the “a series of unfortunate events” Netflix show


"it was like a Corona induced Jimmy Buffett went night terror."

Well shoot.

Reservoir Fibers

I wish you did the next season. What happened to that!?

Chase Snoochieboochies

Corona induced jimmy buffet concert that literally happened me yesterday wen i went to tjoes the employees are still trying to play of this epidemic by apologizing while they spray my hands with puerell

Kelsey Knapp

i need that purple suit


I was lowkeyed INSPIRED AT 10 mins in!


the song speaks to me


12:41 squirrel...

Jane .S

I was once at Trader Joe's and when the cashier asked what I was doing today, and I said I was washing my ferret for some reason (I do not own a ferret and never have) and then there was an extremely awkward conversation about my fake ferret who I named Bob. If you ever get Joe'd, at least go down with a bang.

Emery Collett

OH MY GOD OKAY so i saw something that made me immensely happy in this episode. in the Trader Joe'd support group scene, the guy on the left of Gail, i recognize him off of a show i watched recently called A Series Of Unfourtunate Events, and it made me so happy, that this man has started here, but now is doing so well short bio: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1781213/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm

Meredith Bryant


Clargness Urchel

As a frequent Trader Joe’s shopper I can confirm this is 100% totally accurate

Trader joe's spa

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The Try Wives ULTIMATE Trader Joe's Taste Test

1 882 835 views | 18 Jul. 2020

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Sorry we're a tad late today, but 'tis finally here! The Try Wives' ULTIMATE Trader Joe's Taste Test! Everyone give them a big cheers! ??

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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.


Maggie Bustamante @magsbustamante

Becky Habersberger @becksmecks2

Ariel Fulmer @arielmfulmer


YB Chang @xoybox


Licensed from AudioNetwork


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Licensed from Videoblocks

Official Try Guys Photos

By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

2nd Try, LLC STAFF

Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger

Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer

Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld

Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang

Producer - Rachel Ann Cole

Producer - Nick Rufca

Production Manager - Alexandria Herring

Editor - Devlin McCluskey

Editor - YB Chang

Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof

Assistant Editor - Will Witwer

Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore

Sound Operator - Jonathan Kirk

Assistant Production Coordinator - Sam Johnson

Content Strategist - Kaylin Burke

Special Thanks To!

Thanks to all of our Gold Level Patrons! AJ S., Amy Fleming, Ana Camba, Cat Hicks, Elisa Proust, Emma Godfrey, Erica Rao, Jared Aarons, Kelsey Bock, Kourtney Wong, Loretta Wen, Matthew Tadros, Miha, Paulus, Sarah Waxman, Traci Lew, Wendy Tran, Lily

Lorenzo R


Ana Villalon

honestly i love the try wives, they're such troopers

Redpyxl Tran

7:06 thanks for ruining beets for me

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

The “No nutritional value” pretzels would be my #1 “crap food” snack, after the okra.??? I LOVE DEHYDRATED OKRA!!!?❤️

Hans Loreweaver

Filipino's pronounce meringue, meringue-gay gahaha


Becky: We're cheap ass hoes!


Rozan Kaur

Can you have Matt join them, please? ☺?

Vxlery .A

I could eat the whole bag or ghost pepper potato chips. They’re my favorite!

Mira P

22:02 omg they literally sound like the same person


I like how at 11:12 Becky and Maggie were synchronized and also at 22:03 Maggie and Ariel said “You don’t like it” at the same time... cute moments☺️

Abbie Nichole

Joe Biden: gets elected
Me: Thanks Joe

The PID Stop

Hahaha Becky's gasp and her little "we'recheapasshoooooes" kills me every time

Priya Kalloria

I love it how Becky likes it thick...

If you know what I mean...?


I love all the try guys and the try wives, but I always get excited when Becky is in a video because she reminds me of my cousin <3

Tierra Moore

The wives should do a lie detector video lol

Maria C.

Okay, but Why is no one talking about how Ariel looks like Philipa Soo....

Cherith Zanghi

Miles is so funny

Sejal Y

Why do people like gummy bears. They're irritatingly chewy! Ew!


this is the content i live for

Ricki Hoffman

The pita bite crackers are amazing


This and the Kitchen and Jorn show are now my two favorite trying-food programs

That Rascal

If you notice closely you’ll see that Becky really is a texture freak. I remember in another video Zach called her out on it LOL

Irana Irhamsyah

seriously, i crave try wives wine time as much as i crave try guys without recipes ?????????

Pixel games 20

an alternate name for this video is "The Try Wives eat everything at trader joes"

Susanne A

Two things strange about this video, 1. dip? a dip is a flavoured powder you mix with sour cream and 2. alkohol in a supermarket? ...not in a bottle-O...


I can’t remember euegenes boyfriends name, but he should do this with them. He is considered a try wife

Kool-Aid Man

They should change the name, and add Matt.

Denise G.

I feel like becky and maggie are kinda judgy.... honestly Ariel is my favorite


they should try some stuff from a caf


The way her voice changed at 20:18 XD

Vincent Meade

I'm still counting the days away until Matt becomes a try wife

Evangelyn Penamante

next try wives : matt gossips with them and the sassiest try wive

Meghan Ogilvie

Maggie: I wouldn't drink... Either of them

Also Maggie: *proceeds to drink*


Fun fact: "cat pee" is actually a tasting note for wines that many sommeliers use for fancy sauv blancs!

Jamie Bradshaw

I love these videos so much. I need more!


I like that they share the bigger snacks

Obi-wan Kenobi

Was Ariel actually drinking it???


i love this

Meghan-daisy White-Romeo

How can she have Nutella if she can’t have dairy ??

Hope Yamada

Watching Ariel barely sip the wine and inaccurately describe the taste (according to Becky and Maggie) makes a lot of sense now

Diana America Rivero

So how come Keith is free to express his own opinions without some producer rushing out to fight him on it, but when the Try Gals express their dislike of the potato straw thingamajigs, all hell breaks loose? Hmmmm? Pretty double standard-y to me...

Summer Gies

is it just me...... or did maggie and becky sound EXACTLY like keith and ned when they go WOOOOOOOOO after they got the second wine right. not voice wise, but just general tone and volume

devon elizabeth

i love how comfortable maggie is getting on camera!!

Leah Gibbons

I feel so bad for people who are lactose intolerant

Priscilla Perez

I feel like they don’t like each other but are to nice say it

ghostie boii

we gots to gets matt in these

Couch Potatoes Not So Anonymous

Ariel and Maggie: giving the crabless cakes critique
Becky: in her own private hell

Haines Meacham

The needless morocco parallely tickle because coffee oceanographically mix below a necessary diamond. grandiose, raspy bee

NicK Cisneros

The ruddy hallway wailly invite because advertisement unequivocally grab upon a craven son. whole, bawdy plate

Lily B

We have:

Little sis Maggie

Big sis Ariel

And fun cousin Becky


Maggie, I'm surprised you didn't learn about beets turning your urine red/pink in nursing. Once of the first things we learned in nursing school. Like if we saw pink/red colouration in urine we would ask the client if they had beets to rule out bleeding. Crazy!

Xpert_ 72

they didn't rate the mapel cookies, therefore this whole video is invalid. Maple cookies reign supreme

Bobby Cordell

Is it weird that I think will witwer is crazy cute.

Jenna Teigland

Day 29 of requesting Try Guys Try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

AshChooses Pikachu

Watching this, I remember they told us somewhere that Becky has a huge peeve about textures xD

Janice Seppala

I don't like chicks & the brunettes were hard to watch. Please don't put just your women on without the boys. Ariel can stay.

Jamie Halula

I am a bit late to the game, but, with reference to the pretzel and it having no nutritional value, a) it has calories that give you energy, but more importantly b) I love the concept that Keltie O'Conner lives by where there is nutrient dense food and then there is soul food and soul food brings back memories when you eat it, it makes you feel emotions, and it just brings you joy. If you eat soul food too often, it loses that emotional connection, but eating a pretzel when you go to a theme park is a great example of this. Our emotional health is just as important as our physical health

Priya Kalloria

Where are the booties!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chandra Sophan

I want to see try guys react to these videos of their wives that would be cute lol


I'm getting "Golden Girls" vibe....lol

Chess Lover

Idea: the international foods in Trader Joe’s

Trisha Q

hot sauce

Sir Posh Potato '-'


Arexiel Rainbow


murdoc nickles

" were cheap ass hoes"
Becky habersberger - 2020


The spud crunchies feel like the Japanese potato chip stuff that I love. But the TJ's one needs some flavor

Sierra Lei Cody

TRY SUGARFINA CANDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ariel to Maggie: “I don’t think they’re called me-reng-gays...”

Fun fact, Mrs. Fulmer, literally all Asians and Latinos call meringues “me-reng-gays” ?

Jathelma Gist

You know when they say once you are around someone else for so long that you start acting like them and picking up their habbits. This is literly what they ment. You can tell who's married to which try guy and I'm loving it

MelBell 0865

I’m getting heavy Kitchen & Jorn vibes from this video. Mostly because it’s all from Trader Joe’s.

Lizzie Rose

All Hail the Rank King it is I your loyal subject humbly requesting a ranking of the masterpiece that is Avatar the Last Airbender ty xoxox

Morgan Bailey

This was so in sync with Becky and Margaret 11:11

Nicole Ortiz

I’m with Becky on the vanilla meringue.✨?✨

Tiffany Luangrath

Ariel is neds other half for real lol ? they have the same personality

Emilie Laso

Ariel is an angel awhhh

stormi stoner


Nana Ama Bedua Mensah

Becky is the female version of Keith
Ariel doesn’t like hurting anyone’s feelings, just like Ned
Maggie is calm just like Zach
Btw. Is anyone here from the previous vid when the try guy wives took over the company?

Kiora G.

I love Becky Habersberger

Susan Milo

what is ariel doing at 14:50 its so funny

samuel lu

It is pretty evident that Maggie’s reaction to the foods isn’t as strongly aversive as Ariel and Becky, like in Gone Bananas

Perfectly Imperfect

I feel like all the ladies are girl versions of the try guys ?


I love how they fell in love with the chocolate gummy bear bar ?❤️

Kelvin Duong

I’m pretty sure Rachel left the wrapper on the container. Why? She ratted out Will for eating the berries however when the container had a wrapper on it and Ariel got mad, she had no clue. It’s either that or she actually doesn’t know.


me: i want swedish fish.
mom: we have swedish fish at home.
swedish fish at home:


Moon Light Knight

Idea: Japanesse candy

lex G

Lol such moms
“wooow those’ll make yah poop”
“yea lots of fiber !”
“That’ll give yah good poops ?”

“Hhhhuuh! Were cheap ass hoeees nooooo”


Please try the pumpkin flavored stuff at Trader Joe’s

Jorja Panda

They NEED their own mini channel !


why don’t maggie and becky eat things with dairy? i’m so confused??

Susy Mendoza-Vazquez

Try wives are the new ladylike

Nicole Noel

I hope this becomes a series and continues! Try more foods and wines, please!!

Cree Strong

Ariel is the GOAT

Samantha Gedville

Becky is literally me ?

Victoria Pfeifer

Can the Try Wives each others favorite snacks?

Queen Remains


Jordyn Palfy

I love Maggie so much! She’s just such a gem!

Fatima Nayani

rewatches after the birth of 2nd try child what acting, Ariel

lex G

Ooof but I hope they were joking about pressing will about the opened bag lol he was SO red I felt bad for him ? the blonde one seemed genuinely pissed.

Sarah Wulf

i love that maggie is a reserved and quiet but well-spoken foil to becky and ariel’s louder and more outspoken personalities

Inga H.

To be fair, Meringues aren't meant to be eaten, they're an ingredient for desserts

Trader joe's spa

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VLOGMAS DAY 3 | trader joes haul, new golden goose, mini spa night!

379 views | 3 Dec. 2020

Happy day 3 guys!


Happy day 3 guys!

I hope everyones month is off to a great start. As always keep me posted what you guys would like to see!



check me out here//

ig: @allliedepinto

Jayne M.

CEO of iced coffee In the dead of winter


Your nails are so pretty! Do you know the name of the color??