Medium tone skin

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My Favourite NUDE Lipsticks for 2019! | Indian/Medium skin tone

27 392 views | 5 Dec. 2019

Hey guys thank you so much

Hey guys thank you so much for watching this video! I really hope you guys enjoyed and liked the video ! If you did then don't forget to like, comment and subscribe !

Catch you in my next video - Aishwarya!


1) Loreal rouge signature lipstick - https://www.nykaa.com/l-oreal-paris-rouge-signature-matte-liquid-lipstick/p/435110?ptype=product&productId=435110&skuId=435110

2)Revlon Lipstick - https://www.nykaa.com/revlon-super-lustrous-leather-collection-lipstick/p/34663?ptype=product&productId=34663&skuId=34663&pps=4

3)Nyx Soft matte - https://www.nykaa.com/nyx-professional-makeup-soft-matte-lip-cream/p/2374?ptype=product&productId=2374&skuId=2374

4)Huda Beauty Lipstick - https://www.nykaa.com/huda-beauty-liquid-matte-lipstick/p/208047?ptype=product&productId=208047&skuId=208047

5) Nyx lipstick - https://www.nykaa.com/nyx-professional-makeup-lip-lingerie-liquid-lipstick/p/173611?ptype=product&productId=173611&skuId=173611

6)Faces Matte Lipstick - https://www.nykaa.com/faces-weightless-matte-finish-lipstick/p/466327?ptype=product&productId=466321&skuId=466321

7)Loreal color riche - https://www.nykaa.com/l-oreal-paris-color-riche-moist-matte-lipstick-3-5gm/p/338316?ptype=product&productId=338316&skuId=338316&pps=1

8)Mac Taupe - https://www.nykaa.com/m-a-c-matte-lipstick/p/90344?ptype=product&productId=90344&skuId=90352&pps=1

9) Nykaa Jade rose - https://www.nykaa.com/nykaa-matteilicious-lip-crayons/p/116489?ptype=product&productId=116489&skuId=194488&pps=1

Follow me on social media! I'm super active there !

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aishwaryabala

Snapchat - aishwarya_bala

Disclaimer - I can't guarantee that all of these products I recommend will suit you. It works for me and I like them so I recommend. Please test these products out on yourself before purchasing .

I only feature products that I like and use .

Please do not use any photos or content without permission .

Contact me - [email protected]

nayantara borsaikia

Hi...one query.. is loreal I explore a dupe to huda trendsetter

Shreyosi Bala

Try colorbar outrage

all thing everything

Love it

Urvashi Kanwal

Please improve the way you talking ❤️ baki sab thk hai?

Ml Aayurved samadhan

nice information plz wps

We the WOmeN

The watch you wore in the video can you provide the link or the brand

Srinidhi Balaji

Alright we need a tutorial for this makeup routine! It's so chic and simple!

Ankitha Y

Thumbnail shade?

palak g

Please mention shade names in the description bar too! Would be extremely helpful ? Loveee your choices

Aditi Saha

Pls do vedios in natural day lights pls request

shreya sinha

You are so beautiful ?❤❤❤❤

Unaiza Hadi

Very nice effort, and the collection is also lovely.?And yeah, you looked good in each one of them?

smriti kumari

but aab nayka pe cabrate show nhi milta

Preeti Singh

Which lipliner do you use ?

Aishwarya Anand

But you could have mentioned the names while u show the lip swatch ?

Seba V. Maria

Please, do something about the lighting.. it made it difficult to get a clear idea on the shades. Even with all the shine and brightness, loved your selections ❤️

P.A. Pooja

What your Foundation shade in MAC??

Aarushi Sahni

Nice lipstick collection, ahelpful video... ❣️
I m NC 40... I don't know but my mind has stuck on a particular shade which is in my imagination.. i don't even know that exist or not.. ?
Brown, specially with lots of burnt yellow undertone. Is there any matte lipstick/crayon in your mind? ???

N. Rajeswari


Garima Negi

I just don't like nyx lip lingerie formula it's so drying for me and i dont have dry lip still it's very very drying lipstick. Plus i love the shade rome and trendsetter both are gorgeous ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Also you should try miss claire in the shade 58 Or 63 both the colors are? and they are very affordable too.

Aishwarya Anand

These r awesome ❤️


Can you please give the names of all the lipsticks in the description box? Not with the links but only their names!!

nishtha verma

Plz remove your filter effect. Coz usk wajah se actual color Ni smjh aa rha...
Although ur collection is really beatifulll..?

Suryanshi Gupta

Yar pehle to filter hata k review kiya karo..

yena pandya

Hi Aishwarya, you're really amazing I've been watching you for a while. Can you make a video or tell me about your set up, lights etc. It would be really helpful. Thank you??

Surbhi Goel

Nice video. But it would be really helpful to see all the swatches on hands for comparison. Thanks ?

Archana Rao

All the colours look the same to me :(

Maleeha Sheikh


The Pariah

You deserve so many subscribers I swear!?

moon 2

OMG all of them are sooooo beautiful literally drooling rn ?? and your hair OMG so healthy and shiny


Please do a video on lipliners.. i really want to buy some lipliners but I do not know where to start from !

sushmita parashar

instead of removing lipsticks from a towel use a cotton pad with makeup remover, i think it will burn ur lips least.

Sushma Kunwar

Please make video about all the nude lip liner you use...as I'm a lip liner gal...please do

Princes Of zainab

Lovvvveeee from Pakistan ?❤❤❤ you got a new subscriber? reallyyyy gooodddd collection

Mrinalini Tegwal

Does anyone else thinks that every lipstick looks exactly the same ?? I mean no difference at all

nazera begum

Mention the lipstick name on screen plz

anonymous 123

Please do something about the lighting. It's very hard to decipher the colors.

Archana Rao

Please mention your foundation shades in the description. It will give a better idea as to how it will look on our skin tone.

Jade Esther

Have you tried NYX Soft Matte in Leon? Been searching for something with a similar shade ? it's my fav. shade ever.

Medium tone skin

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Top Mac Lipsticks For Medium Skin Tone|Swtaches of Taupe,Whirl,Ruby Woo & Viva Glam lll|Lubna's Vlog

2 144 views | 29 Dec. 2020

My Favourite Mac lipsticks

My Favourite Mac lipsticks for Medium and Olive skin Tone

1.Viva Glam III



4.Ruby Woo

abir khan

mac is my favourite product as well

Beauty & Fashion Secret

Loved the entire vlog thankyou for sharing the swatches with us.

Morning Sun

Keep it up ,keep uploading more

Nisha N

Wow dear so lovely colours

Disha P. Latifee

Wow amazing vlog absolutely loved it thank you for sharing the video with us, best makeup products

Makeup Secret

All colour are lovely ☺️

San Madhu

Beautiful lipstick shades grt lk❤️

Merry Mom

khub sundor ekta video

yash singh

nice content keep it up

Disha Paul

Wow amazing vlog absolutely loved it, MAC is my all time favourite product ?? loved all the shades, my Favourite is the Viva Glam 3 and the Russian Red is my love. Also I love the NC series Concealer and the Lip Gloss. Amazing. Waiting to see more such cosmetics vlogs. Thanks for sharing.

Nikita Sharma

Wow I love your video so much, the MAC products are the best. Love all the swatches.

RP Jamal

Top Mac lipsticks for Medium Skin tone. Loved it

Muna Muna

WOw my favourite lipstick

Angel Doctor

Thanx for this helpful video

Saira Rahman

Absolutely they are best.thank you for sharing.

Sifati Islam

It looks so beautiful.

Nusrat Sharmin

Excellent review ,MAC lipsticks is my favourite

Anamika Aporajita

Love to see your videos,thanks

Hamida Karim

Amazing video thanks for sharing with us

Hafeza Begum

it's really important info for all ladies

Rishi Sanjib

Mac products r best beautiful shades

Rabeya Moni

Wow so good video.

Pure Spice

Darun vlog keep it up

Nabila Akter

Wow Apu my favourite lipstick


Elegant product ..thanku for sharing ❤️

Tahmid Prantor

So so beautiful apu

shazfa uddin

i also love mac lipsticks

Mafuz Rahman

good job api nice review

Roasted Coffeebeans

Elegant products. Can feel even from screen.

Bilal Ahmad

I really liked this vlog :-)

luky aman

Wow those are really beautiful...

Amit Mc

Wow nice lipstick

rubaiya khan

Wow thkz for sharing

Najmin Laskar

Nice content, thanks for sharing ❤️

Banoj Panda

Very nice lipstick.thanx for sharing

Nigar Sultana

i love mac products

Nusrat Mou

Amazing vlog thanks for sharing

Bindu Ahmed

Looking forward to see more videos

Tuli Roy

Thank you for sharing this Vlog

Op Kia

Nice Video Thanks for share

সম্পূর্ণা সম্পূর্ণা

Tnx for the review

Rezaul Rahman

Good content keep it up

Shuma's life Uk


Roja Islam

Mac is all time my fav lipstick ?

Emily Clark

Wow.mac is always my favorite brand.i love all colors

shirmin subnum

very nice lipstick colour ?

tawny close

Wow Just amazing lipstick swatches for medium skin tone

mowna tewa

Nice cosmetics collection

Rohan Rohan-12

nice content keep it up

The Clementine

can you make a video on the eyeshadow palate? i really need a gorgeous glittering eyeshadow palate

Jesmin Sapla

It looks so beautiful.

High Speed

Useful tips thanks for sharing

Shooting Stars

Thanks for sharing....love your all review videos

Farid T


Amir Hamza

mac product is my favourite as well

মায়ের রান্নাঘর

Thanks for sharing

Shahriar Manna


Mokhlisur Rahman

Nice product

Arisha Ahmed

খুব সুন্দর একটা ভিডিও..

world flicka

Thank you Apu.. i was looking for the lipstick which will suit me and your video helped me a lot

Israt Jahan

So beautiful ?? video

Day Rose1

Wow... superb review Apu

hanif bijoy

Keep it up
Keeep Uploading more


It looks very beautiful thanks for sharing this vedio

Xunayed Janbi

Wow nice apu


wow..amazing video...really excellent!!

sumaiya sumrafi

Very excellent and wonderful tutorial


Nice collection thank you

Sylheti American blogger Nusrath

Wow lubna Apu onek valo laglo

Adil Fahmida Adil Fahmida


Kids Food and Family vlogs

Apnr video gulo khub vlo lage..ajke 1st comment amr channel theke..thanks for sharing your helpful video..stay connected

Imrana Hello

I like taupe color.

doctor faria

Thanx for this Swatch video.... It will helps to Buy nicw colour for me


very excellent your videos

Shonchita Rohman

Wooow nice lipstick colour..... Mac is best brand


Apu your lipstik onak sundor

tania rahman

Wow amazing lipstick collection ?

Ayana Noor

Tnx for sharing

pay mit

lovely vlog and the lipstic shades was so pretty

Medium tone skin

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Best Red Lip Shades for Brown, Tan & Medium-Tone Skin | Deepica Mutyala

79 418 views | 20 Feb. 2018

Over the years I have

Over the years I have gotten to try a fair number of red lipsticks and these ones are at the top of my list! This time for my lips not my under-eyes ;) lmao but hope you enjoy my picks of the best shades of red (all across the spectrum) that I find work for me xo




-Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse: http://bit.ly/2CvbwL7

-Wander Beauty Lipsetter Dual Lipstick And Liner in Bold In Beijing: http://bit.ly/2FgKnhV

-Maybelline Lip Studio ColorBlur Cream Matte Pencil + Smudger in Partner in Crimson: http://bit.ly/2EOavTJ

-NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Starwoman: http://bit.ly/2BGjq7M

-Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400: http://bit.ly/2EEdwT3

-Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 202: http://bit.ly/2EFhUkG

-Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint: http://bit.ly/2DQR3Fn




Snapchat: deepicam

Robert Jones

I like red lipstick.


Can you do a video about the best eyeshadows/pallets for brown girls?

Quotidian Spice

MAMA by colourpop so pretty on brown skin!!

Shweta Vijay

Fenty all the way for me Deepica. It was Sephora 01 always red that was my go to. Since they fell off the cruelty free list, it is now stunna! My true love


Tom Ford Ruby Rush, NARS Cruella, NARS Starwoman and Pat McGrath Elson. I'm a brown girl red lipstick fiend! Your yt channel is brilliant. Im Indian-Australian and love finding out what other women my colouring are rocking ?

celine soosai

Please don't get lip fillers. You are one the most natural beauties here. So happy you own your lips... that's how it shd be. Full lips don't look natural unless God gave them to you.


Need more eye tutorials from . you....your crease game is insane. May be that you're blessed naturally with deep set eyes, but still would like that tutorial though ;-)...so pretty



Maryam Cobennoordien

Omw thank you . I love this video. Thank you for making such amazing useful videos for us brown chicks. I might not be your shade but its really helpful. Oh, and girl u rock ur small lips. Please don't be like other youtubers and go for lipfillers.

Xoxo love ur videos

Boi English bulldog

??‍♀️I’m brown !


I was out for a month without my phone...and here my sis/role model/world is on fire ❤❤????? really proud of youuuuuu depica❤so many more videos I have to go through to seee what else I've missed ??


pls do blushes!! I really wanna wear corals/ peaches but it's impossible to find one that shows up on the skin and doesn't look ridiculous


I LOVE BAWSE.. at first I was intimidated but it looks and feels amazing :-)

Dolphy Bhosle

I really like you... really.. keep inspiring

sheen dhar

Yess love this video every tint needs a good red to feel ?? ! My fav res is actually from KAY von d everlasting lip stain! I can’t wait to buy/try fenty

Can you do series on blushes/bronzer cause that is so hard!!

Ramsha Raza

Do try Missy n fierce from wet n wild you will forget high end ones

chara leo

You talk like drew barrymore. It's adorable.


You are beautiful and your dark makes me miss mine ... ???

Ronni j

Love smashbox great colors and formula..

Haitch Elle

Favourite red? Had to be nars dragon girl until huda heartbreaker came along ??

Tiara Joseph

Love bawse ❤
Dance with me by MAC is such an OG for any brown girl in my opinion ??always go back to it

Zahiya Hassan

Loved the video! Love you and your beautiful family. I enjoy your home videos it’s like therapy! Please do more of those. I wait for your videos kind of relaxing and enjoyable! Thank you

BF Mangal

Beautiful reds! And those cheekbones girl wow!!??

Amina Mookshah

Thanks for the reds, can’t wait to splurge

Vinja Khan

Ruby woo from Mac is missing ?

P Mahal

Please do one on Concealers for Brown, Tan & Medium-tone Skin!

Zinab Rizvi

You look hoot!!!


Hi! Are you cool, warm, or neutral toned? Always been trying to find a good red lip so I’m trying to figure out if your suggestions would work for me :)

Jen M

MAC! Ruby Woo! My first ever red lippie and I haven’t bought another red since. Fenty’s looking da bomb though...Hmmmmm ?


No best red lipsticks for brown skin video should be without Ruby Woo. Just saying :)

Just Kim

Ruby Woo by MAC


My favorite is the Armani . I have the same color 400. I bought it in Dubai I’m obsessed. There is no other lipstick like it .

mani karki

nice video mam

Arshee Eunus

can you do a bronzer and highlighter for brown skin tone video please? <3

Thulsy Eziranax

Do blushes for brown skin girl pls ❤

Sravanthi Selvarangam

Thanks for this Deepica! Could you do one for Orange and one for Corals please?

Shefali Bahal

I NEEDED this! :) <3


You have the prettiest most delicate looking lips♥️

Deepica Mutyala

My go-to red lippies! Let me know some of your faves below xo


I would really like a hair tutorial from you! Hugs!!!

Yuri Diaz

I love the eyeshadow you have on in this video. Which eyeshadow is it? I love the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick btw

kirtika chhatwal

Bawse ???

Oogle at Luxury

Can you do brown girl bb creams?

Afra M

You are on fire girl!!! Since you moved to LA your life seems like that of a magazine.Every page screams success and awesomeness. my fav red lipsticks is actually from a brand called color bar that is available in India. I like that it's super pigmented and loud lol. PS we need more mama Pandu videos!! Pass on the message Deepica!

Sonal Raikwar

MAC Ruby Woo .
Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint And
Mayblline Siren in Scarlet .!
By the way .. Deepica Nails it as Always.❤️

Pragati Bansode

hv u tried sugar, colorbar, pac, lipsticks ?

Yaseen Diaz

Hi!! You looks beautiful n sexy with red lips!!! And i love your eyebrows!!!!??

The Glossy Banker

Deepica! Did you get rid of the last video? The full coverage one? I know I gave some feedback on it! I hope that didn’t upset you! I’m not a makeup artist but I recently just came back from India and everyone complimented my makeup. I would love to do your make up - you have such natural beautiful skin and you really don’t need so many layers!

Melissa Romein

have you ever tried Ben Nye lipsticks?

Tina Fermin-McKnight

My favorit Red is Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color in Carnivorous.

Pooja Shah

Your makeup looks beautiful in this tutorial. ❤️ You are stunning. Love your confidence. Your so inspiring ???????

Tiffany Aldridge

What eyeshadow were you wearing

Jovina Andrea

Where’s that full coverage base video now?

Prachi singh

Do a affordable.. Red lips

jane jacob

Yasss! The struggle is so real to find the right red! This video is gold. Thank you!

P.S: Lots of love from a (fairly recent) new subscriber. :D You are amazing. xo

Bzee day

Wonder why you didn’t include ruby woo....

Drip drip

such a beautiful smile

Vaishnavi Singh

MAC Ruby Woo is my favorite ❤️

Karla M

you are sooo beautiful!! <3

Annaliese Quinones

Gurl you were looking like a young Salma Hayek in that Fenty lip.

Miss Khan

You are here for us brown girls and I love it ! The struggle has always been real to find the red to match our skin tone , thank you so much Deepica for continuing to do this for us #tinted?

Hasna Khandekar

Do pinks next!!!

Jazmine Diaz

I am SHOCKED you didn't include any MAC lippies. My faves are Russian Red and Brave Red.

Pooja Sinha

did anyone else keep getting distracted by that insanely gorgeous eyeshadow like damn which palette is that teach me your ways

Nagashriya Aerasala

Arriba! from the ILUVSARAHII collaboration with Colourpop! It's matte, a beautiful true red with a blue undertone (to make your teeth look WHITE) and it's like £4!

gabrielle khan

U should do a drugstore red lips favorite

Vaninder Padda

This was so super helpful! Please do more of these types of vids (especially for the best eye shadow looks)!


I personally recommend Stila's Beso <3 (another true red) and I love how you love your natural lip shape/size. I personally have thinner lips too so it is nice to see a person without fillers for once.


omg I soooo needed this THANK YOU :)

Adlin Kujur

She kinda looks like Victoria Justice

swetha vaddi

Dior liquid lipstick in shade 999

Shazia Khan

You have amazing features

harini m

Nice video Deepica!!My fav is Russian Red from MAC love it !!!!

Anantha David

Thank you so much Deepica! You’re rocking those red shades. My favourite red lip matte is from Sephora in the shade 001.

Unnati Jaiswal

Yass thank u for making this series

Hetleven Iskort

Colorpop Avenue

Nicole's Place

I liked your info, but it was all high end ....

Anu K

Nude/brown lipstick series too please deeps

Manisha Reddy

colourpop creeper and arriba

Run it with Robin

Really enjoyed watching this! Now I’m definitely going to try some of these red lipsticks b/c it’s not easy to find the perfect red for brown skin? Thanks for making this vid??


Your lips arent even thin...people on the internet suck for making women feel like they need kylie lips in order to be considered attractive

Almas Hussain

Urban decay , mrs mia Wallace. It was from the ‘pulp fiction’ line but I think it’s permanent now

Anathema Device

I just can't wear red lipstick and look normal. I just look like I'm a little child playing dress up lol. I'm gonna stick to my brown/mauvey nudes. But you look gorgeous Deepica!!

Aishwarya Net

Those Red Lips though ???

RiderBoy Kunaal

Wander beauty
Lipsetter dual lipstick and liner
Shade bold in beijing
How could i buy this plzzzz tell me??

Dilini Perera

Smashbox Bawse has orange undertones.

Risky Biznuts

i dont know if i was imagining it, but your eyelids were LITERALLY SPARKLING as you put on the lipsticks like wow i've never seen that happen

Smart Telugu Housewife

Hi Deepika, I must know makeup tips from you as I am very new to makeup routine.

Rakhee Tiwari

Thank you girl. U have very good choice. I have smashbox and maybelline. I'm happy ?????

Sharmistha Saikia

I sooooo love you

Velicia Hiley

I have the worst time finding a great red lip shade.
And how do you keep you lippies from moving?

radioactive ood

But u wear such a dark foundation I don’t get it

Karishma Virmani

Girl you are beautiful and really proud of you!! I love your confidence and the way your family supports you in everything...
Can you make a video about Nude by nature cosmetics and suggest best products for Indian skin tone from this brand

Lady T

Ruby Woo by Mac my fave!!


I saw you in the L’Oréal El Vive commercial a few weeks ago! I had to rewind it because I was like “what??? Deepica?!” So happy to see a beautiful brown person during my soap opera haha love from NYC!


Love the Fenty beauty- Uncensored color on my Indian skin tone but it smears and transfers all over, anyone have any suggestions for this please!!

Jyoti Suri

Omg! Each & every one of them look stunning on you.. but I have to say I wear the Ysl 202 & have loved it for a long time , Nars is lovely and Armani is my new fav so velvety ❤️

La Silveira

I love these ??❤ my favorite is MAC Driven By Love Prolong wear lipglass. I have 3 tubes and they don't sell it anymore, so I use it on special occasions ?

Moonlight Trails



I've been trying to find a youtuber who I can relate to and whose makeup I can follow and I'm so glad you're making a series cause I always have trouble finding the perfect colors for my skin :)