Semi permanent color

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If You Have Dry Dreadlocks, Try A Semi- Permanent Moisturizing Color! IT WORKS! + BANTU KNOTS

6 602 views | 28 Feb. 2020

Hey guys! I'm back with

Hey guys! I'm back with another video! Watch me as I use a semi- permanent color for my dry locs & do some cute Bantu Knots! Hope you all enjoy!

Watch In HD!

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Spirit Loves Locs Rose & Aloe Conditioning Spray: https://spiritloveslocs.com/collections/hydrating-rosewater-collection/products/rosewater-leave-in-conditioner

karine edouard

Hi there! Very beautiful! My locs are pre lightened and I use a semi black on my roots then indigo blue for the rest! If you have grays like I do, the same clairol collection has one for advanced greys. Unlike yourself, I one shampoo first, apply and keep the colour on from morning to evening then one wash again. Last almost 3 months!


You’re so beautiful! I love the pic in the thumbnail ???

Malecholy Spirit Guide

You look FORVER FIRE ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Nikia McPherson

Can we get a makeup tutorial?

Surana's freeform locs

Love the thickness ,fullness of your locs with the no retwist beautiful, hair looks great

Greedy Bedie’s LoveLeighLocs

My fav go to rinse EVER!

Rachelle B.

Does anyone know the product she uses?

S h a l i e a h

I do the same because love jet black too! It looks good on you!


What brand rise is that?

Tamaria Lakayye

Please where did you get your nose ring ???????


How do you know you’ve rinsed it out completely?

Eternal T

Beautiful locs empress ♾?‍♀️☀️

TravelwithT _

I just started my Locs and I heard rose water is really good to use. Have you tried it?

Pearl H

With this rinse, does it bleed on your clothes or sheets? Also does it leak a lot when you shampoo your hair over the next couple of months?

Carmen Felix

Love it! I hope they have blue black because I'm definately doing this!

Roz Christopherson

How long will that color last ? I’ve used some other brands of semi-permanent dye and gotten about 3 weeks before the color noticeably fades.

Big Fletch

You done came along ways sis keep going strong ya locs look great

Wanda Brown

That is so cute!

Cierra F

I might have to try this! I currently have brown tips from an old color i did and I’m tired of them ! I just want all black .

Nettie Nette

You can NEVER go wrong with Black ? classic color for a classy Lady?

Tevin El

❤️❤️❤️ gorgeous


After you color your locs do you shampoo your hair or just rinse it out? I’m going to touch up my color and I shampooed it last time so I’m wondering if this may have made the color fade?

Desiree Marie

Off topic lol but I’m loving this nose ring! Where’d you get it? & your hair looks beautiful!

Terica / TNR Solutions

Beautiful ❤️ love you videos thanks

E. Williams

I tried permanent dye and my hair broke off !! AND it dried out my locs?

Machelle Butts

When I was relaxed those rinses (particularly that brand) were life!!!

Semi permanent color

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DIY Wig Semi-Permanent Tutorial

3 002 views | 25 Jul. 2019

Anarkee is a sunset

Anarkee is a sunset dream in this Semi-Permanent tutorial!

Wig dyed using GDY Semi-Permanent in Riot, Ex-Girl, and Steal My Sunshine.

? goodDYEyoung is vegan and cruelty-free

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▪️ http://instagram.com/gooddyeyoung


this actually looks AMAZING.

Abigail Rodrigues

Looks amazing! Is this wig synthetic or real hair? I wanna dye a wig using this same process but not sure if it will work cause mine is synthetic hair.

Witch's Brew Views

That intro is still me. I can relate ?



Malisa Brielle

Thank you for this I needed this so much I’ve watched over 20 vids and yours was the only one that actually helped!

Marisol Aguilar

Beautiful and super colorful! ❤️??