Textured straight hair

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Quick Straight & Textured | hair tutorial

39 861 views | 13 Nov. 2011

Here's a quick way of

Here's a quick way of getting natural looking straight hair & NOT perfectly pin straight hair. It's all about looking messy and effortless, kind of like runway model hair. I hope you like it :)

More hair tutorials: http://bit.ly/AL-HAIRTUTORIALS

Hair routine for long healthy hair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l53X5C123M

Websites I Love:

Sigma Brushes http://bit.ly/Sigma_Beauty

Haute Look http://bit.ly/_hautelook

Beyond the Rack http://bit.ly/_BTR

Conair titanium tools straightening iron

- I got it years ago for 99$, I'm sure there are comparable ones on the market today ;)

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Antonia Kiran Gällentoft

My hair is like urs, dip dyes- ish ombree with outgrown bangs haha and wavy curly kinda xD

cassidy rose

Your hair is sooooo beautiful! But please, beware of biosilk! It's actually bad for your hair :( I used to use it all of the time until I tried this stuff called Organix Coconut Milk and it definately works a lot better!


@stealingbeauty oh no hard feelings. :) but from my phone's screen it just looks wavy.


i love your hair! from where are you ?:)

princessydrianne vlogz

wow your beautiful

Karen .Greenidge

haha!! "and if you have to do your bangs thats life!!" lol. i love your hair!!


Love your hair.. el mio estaba asi pero me lo corte y aora crece mas lento k una tortuga lol

Alexa Likes

@Starbuckeuz <3 it's one of my favorite tops


Did you dye your hair two different shades ?

Alexa Likes

@girlnature707 I use CHI straight guard, that helps before styling (I didn't use it this time). I find that it helps to wash your hair, let it dry, then sleep on it. Sometimes I like to use leave in conditioners on my ends to weigh down my hair a bit, but overall - since I don't do this too often - I haven't found the perfect product for that. :P

Alexa Likes

@teampotter100 <3 aww thank you

Alexa Likes

@mimiyomoma just meaning that I bleached the tips of my hair. :)

Alexa Likes

@kaymalisha yes! I always wear hooded jackets in the rain because it's annoying lol

Alexa Likes

@Emmilita I have to block commenters like you, who tend to cause a bit of a "trend" of mislead negative comments. You add nothing to the conversation because your clearly haven't even listened to or watched the video. Goodbye :)

Amour Parisien

I've been feeling really depressed lately but for some reason watching this vid lifted my mood so thank you. Just subbed :)

Alexa Likes

@amaririi it helps to some extend, it diminishes damage but it doesn't stop it completely. You need to spray it in, then work the product by running your fingers through your hair to spread it and let it dry a bit before ironing. It's sizzling because it's still wet when you pass the iron over.

Emily Jane

@stealingbeauty oh nooooo. :( so its expired for me? -.- ugh i should just throw it away i guess but its like throwing away 10 dollars! bc i used a bit of it.. ugh.


I think is true.. my mom told me the same thing . But i never listen :(..

Only Hollis

i love you your cats just chilling

Alexa Likes

I ombred the tips in August 2011. When this video was filmed, I was growing it out my hair and trimming off the bleached tips because I got sick of it lol


your hair is so pretty

Alexa Likes

@LovelyBessy87 I have selective hearing too :) lolll

Girlnature707 Beauty

do you have any straightening products that keep your hair from waving up?

Alexa Likes

@mimiyomoma like I said, I'm really not sure. :s I've only used bleach once and when I did, I used it right away not knowing about expirations dates :p

Emily Jane

@stealingbeauty awh well you just gave me a great idea! ive been thinking of how to get rid of all my bleach tht i bought for $13 but only used a bit of it on one part of my hair -.- haha but i never thought of just bleaching it a lighter color and not all the way to blonde. idk if my bleach is expired though bc i threw away the box! do you know how long it takes for bleach to expire? i was thinking about dipbleaching for thanksgiving and i bought my bleach on april 1st of this year.

Melia Toailoa

i shall go try this right now (((:

Leah Kreiter

I love your videos!!!! they are the best!! You have the greatest styles!!! luv Teampotter100

Marsiepars A

You're gorgeous/

Alexa Likes

@itsniquenique45 None. I take no offensive to being told I used the wrong word, I think my comment came out wrong. Words never sound the same in text as they are said. :p

Alexa Likes

@LetUsFloatLikeAngels @LetUsFloatLikeAngels This was filmed 2 months ago. I cut my hair 3 weeks ago. Length is my last concern when it comes to hair, I'm the first to advocate trimming hair: I have 2 hair care videos that mention it and I have 2 hair cut tutorials. I kept my ends because I like ombre hair, it only shows damage after a few months of wear. I didn't bleach it to just cut it off 5 minutes later. It's fine if you don't like it. Maybe your advice can help someone else, thanks anyway.

Alexa Likes

@jasmineroxmysox365 Maybe back in the early 2000s (back when celebs wore it the most), but I actually don't like the shape of my head with my hair has no volume. It makes me my hair look and become more damage; it also helps oil on the hair look more noticeable. I do think pin straight hair is very nice, but I find its just not for me :p


@stealingbeauty hahah my mom tells me the same thing!! i kinda do believe that though lol


Just wondering, does your hair frizz up if it rains?

Alexa Likes

@whatsnot2adore21 can you tell I'm fed up with them lol haha thanks ;)

Alexa Likes

@GirlsStateAlumni09 Aww thank you for the comment! I'm happy if this helps at least one person.. :)

Alexa Likes

@1L6veLex I'm half Canadian and half Honduran, but I usually just tell people I'm latina. :)

Alexa Likes

@mimiyomoma I think 6 months, don't quote me on it though. I spent around $10 on mine... powder and peroxide. :P

yo hey dur

your eyes are soo perfect


Why does she keep saying kinks.? Those are waves...

Felicia Dalton

I did this today, and I have ultra thick, wavy hair like yours, and I have never been more happy with the way my hair looked and felt. Thank you.

mette skovkær

love your cat :-D (and your hair!)

glitter all everything

0:55 kitty doesn't like da hairspray!

Alexa Likes

@AmourParisien <3 You just made my day. Thank you, actually!

That Girl M

and i loovve watching ur videos......plz dont eva stop making them love :)


your skin has been really looking lovely :) and I want your hair!!

That Girl M

im frm india.......n my hair looks totally like yours.........not colored but equally fried......... :)

Ab B

Oh my GOSH, you are so gorgeous!!!

Alexa Likes

@indiesgirl9 I promised that video months ago when I did it in August. It's even suppose to be "out" of style right now.. but I'm keeping it any way. I might do I walk through, or a tutorial when I do a touch up over the holidays to intensify it. It's very simple though. I only did the very tips on my hair but @heyyyjune on youtube does a very extensive video about it. I recommend checking that out for now. :)


Ok. Pointless girl.

Alexis Yvette

:) in the tags for this video it says "Latina", what kind of Latin are you?

Alexa Likes

@beautyisaweapon blame it on the lighting! Ever since I moved I feel like the camera is doing me more than justice! My skin has been better too, but thanks for noticing :)

Emily Jane

what dou mean by dipbleaching?

Jasmine Jo

don't you ever want your hair to be pin straight ? by like completely straightening every piece

Alexa Likes

@tubewaste00 As pointless as your comment? probably not.


you look so gorgeous in this video !

Alexa Likes

@LovelyBessy87 :( my mom use to tell me that some hair dressers have a "bad hand" .. I've always wondered if that was true




bellissima! ^_^

Alexa Likes

I recently cut my hair to a short bob. If you are curious about what that looks like on our hair type, here it is ► https://youtu.be/PFqkG0RNfGo

Alexa Likes

@juxaposed we use to spray her with water mist when she would attack the plants at home... so she'll hate that noise forever.

Alexa Likes

@itsniquenique45 I call them kinks because their waves that naturally only appear close to my scalp and not throughout the entire strand. Sorry if my choice of wording is not to your liking, that's just what I like to call them. :)

Textured straight hair

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Straight Textured Hair Tutorial

329 825 views | 1 Dec. 2016

I hope you guys enjoy this

I hope you guys enjoy this easy tutorial on how I style my textured straight hair!

Watch my last tutorial!

Gunmetal Eyes


Hair Tutorial

How to Get My Haircut!!


How I stye my hair!!


My Go To Glowy Look



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Products Used:

Fave 4 Hair Vertical Volume Root Lifting Spray

NUME Fashionista Straightener ***Get your own NUME straightener and use code SAVEFORME to get the Fashionista straightener for $41 plus free shipping and Argan Oil instead of $69!!! Click below!


NUME White Truffle Oil

OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray

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Diamond Revay

what is the name of your hair cut?


I'm literally becoming obsessed with your channel. <3

Zana Fields

Obsessed! So pretty!


Does she have a diamond face shape???

Ashley Franceschi

Love it! Recently chopped off my hair thanks.. do you have a tutorial for your makeup in this video?

Neha Biswa

I dnt knw why you guys talk to much while making the tutorial videos ???

Elle Belle

I love your make up. Do you have a tutorial for it?

OUAI Haircare

so good babe!

Maria Mendoza

So many steps to look messy ?

ciara hanlin

What would you say your hair texture/thickness is like? My hair is so fine that it just sticks to my head any way I try to style it ?? xx


I think it looked great Until you used the texture spray ! It made it look messy and like you just got out of bed


Holy god's the botox lips are real

Unreleased Music

Imma do this when I get my weave installed bruh these white girls have it easy they hair already naturally straight I have to get a weave to do this cuz I ain’t gon damage my curly hair for no reason the second I sweat my hair line reverts back ???

Queen Reaper Gaming

Great video chick! Love how your hair looks when it's straight! I have a beauty channel as well. Maybe swing by and leave me some tips? Giving you a thumbs up!

Jasmine Airdelle

Your hair looks so gorgeous!

Grow together Glow together

So gorgeous I swear!!! You are beautiful

Shasta Kirkpatrick

I'm definitely trying this! Thank you for sharing this trick!

Amy Sumner

Thanks lovely! This is such a great tip x

Allyson Peffer

Can't wait to try this tomorrow morning! Your hair tutorials are my favorite and seem to be the only ones this hair-challenged girl can follow. ??????

Dee Luther

???????DamN your Make-up eyeliners Look Good????????
Ur Beautiful???? SelF???????
??Love this Video as well??

Sara Grace

You are a hair genius! XOXO

Millie Rivera


Sherry Valdez

Will you be posting another NUME coupon soon?


People want to know how to make their hair looks messy like this? ?

beauty love

wow ur so beautiful ?


Sexy !!! I love her eyes and hair and lips

Pyro- Prophecy

Did you know you say "whenever" a lot?

Casey Stockbridge

Your blouses are always so cute. Where do you shop?

R Joy G

I was so excited for this video! I've been wanting to know how you get all that volume with straight hair. Thanks for sharing love! ? ????????????????????

Nikki T

I need this flat iron. Am I the only one who can get thru to Nume with your link? ?

lil Ray

thank you so much, I styled my hair like this today and it,worked!



Abigale T

Another awesome texture spray is one by Kenra! You can get it at Ulta!

Rachel Weiland

YESSSSS! I needed this. Thanks girl! Love you!

Rosy Lopez

Hair goals! I been contemplating doing a bob since I have curly hair (but straighten it everyday ?lol) and every time I watch you I feel a bit more convinced ?

Hannah Pederson

Okay, PLEASE oh please tell me how I can make this top mine! Need. I need it. Now.


new subscriber here??

AJ Trades

Do you have any layers in your hair?


How do you NOT have 1million subscribers!??

BashBeautyXO Britt and Ash

new subscriber! love your skin!! I would love to see a skincare video

Rikki Quay

Hi, where would I buy QUAI Texturizing Hair Spray?

Ugly Clown

Great. *praying I Jesus h. Christ.


Yess! Thank you for posting this! I know you had a rough day & still manage to pull this video off! Thank you! ❤️

Tracie O'Grady

At the very end you gave your hair lovely texture but disheveled. I liked it with no whispers. Thanks for tutorial

Little Miss Obvious

I can’t do that your hair is thicc

semi 1313

you are so beautiful :-***

One Step Closer

I am trying to use the Nume code, and it is telling me it's "not valid".... Took me forever to find the new Nume site, so does this code work for the new site?!


Where is your top from?! I honestly click your videos before even reading the title just so I can see what you're wearing ? really excited to try this, I have very flat hair that just sits on my head.


at the end her hair looks as if she just woke up..


ty for this, love your videos! :)

Tara Arnold


Alisha Aquino

what would I tell my stylist to get this hair im totally in love with this cut!!!!

Cynthia Lechuga

You are so pretty like ??all your videos ?

Maria Gonzalez

I just subscribed to your channel!! Your videos are amazing!

Rosie Bess

beautiful as always!

Merlena Leaser

You kinda look like Demi Lovato


I just discovered your videos and I'm so glad I did, I've learned so many great tips!!  Thank you!!

Taylor B

What temp do you keep your straightener at??

Jill Lewis

I always comment on how much I love your hair on snapchat and I'm so happy to have seen this video! Need to get my hands on that flat iron ?


Pleaseeeee give a natural make up look I would veryyyyyy much appreciate it and I love ur videos ??

Pyro- Prophecy

Weird like maybe your makeup is what's off i can't tell... Something looks weird about you. Maybe too much makeup

jenn ross


Emily Flowers

I have that shirt!!! love you hair I'm thinking of going short like that ??

Lucita Magana

My go to hair" is straight aALWAYS! But these tips I'm YET TO TRY! Love ❤️ the way your hair came out,,, you have the nicest healthiest hair...,,,my hair was same length as yours but Iv let it grown out so now it's long but she cuts it still will texture but just maybe shoulder length I'm wondering if this will still work?? I also need a cut coming up soon. Xo

Carolina Martinez

have you ever tried blow it up by sexy hair? best product i have found for volume. I have tried lots of them and it's the best. no teasing needed..

Taylor Gayhart

What lipstick are you wearing?!?!? ??

Bibi Blue

Does the texturizing spray also add volume? Or not

Sassy Sandy

Where can I find the fave 4 hair?

Lucas bays

wow! So beautiful!


she is so pretty ????❤!


I love this video so much !!! im gonna try this out tomorrow

Crystal Zavala

New subby. Found your channel after I cut my hair that length. I gotta learn to style it. love your channel ?

Lingling Ping

love this length. very cute

Christina H.

I clicked the link for the straightener and it didn't work. I then tried their website and the site isn't available. :( sad

Savannah Mackert

Wow I loved this video, I never straighten my hair, cause it is always flat on my head and I hate it. This video helped me a lot !! ????

Lizbeth Ramirez

Congrats on 100k

Jennifer Luong

You look so similar to Jaclyn Hill! ?

Mom & Paris in Melbourne

You're gorgeous ?


did you an ounce the winner for the dress

meliza palma

i'm in loveeeeeeeee❤️?

Brittany Miller

Do you ever wear your hair up?

Olivia Brown

Amazing hair!! I would really love to see you do a review of Straight Silk Spray by JuniorLabs. It really keeps my hair soft and flowy ❤️?

Bianca Rodriguez

I love your hair it is so long really pretty gorgeous what is the name of your cut?

Raquel Figueroa

i do the same with my hair i straight it to the opposite side that i actually will have my crown hair going to, for the same reason i notice it gives me more volume..??


what heat setting you are using on your straightener?

Diego and Hollie Ortiz

I love your hair straight??


I swear, you're the cutest! I seriously adore your hair

Margot Brown

Good idea I'll have to try this!

Luisa H

Styled to look just like before styling. Meh. Disliked!

Shortsin Portugal

Serious question: do these girls do this kind of process like every time they leave the house? Or is this kind of look just for going out or something? I'm just curious how much time a typical girl would spend on a normal day doing their hair

Tasha Garland

I love the straight texture look! I’m gonna try the flip it and let it cool tip and also the slight curl in the front sections! Thanks


beautiful cut

Nydia Sanchez

i love you ahahah i love, Your hair is very very pretty <3 thank you for this tips

Lucyredcurls !

It seems like forever since you did a new video!!! Beautiful as usual. My hair is naturally curly & straightening never works well for me :(

Marilyn Tan

Where did you get your blouse!? It's stunning

Mariana Soto

Just subscribed!! Your amazing girl!!?

Dave BakChoy

Your Lips = aphrodisiac
Your Eyes = aphrodisiac
Your nose = aphrodisiac
Your Entirety = Aphrodisiac!

Stephanie G

Hair goals! When I go in to get my hair cut, I always show them pics from your instagram and say "I want this"

Tania Galindo

Please help also share

Michelle Myers

? can't wait to try this with my hair. Ever since I chopped it off, I never wear it straight because it just sticks to my head. Love the texture of it!

Textured straight hair

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Textured Crop Top on Thick and Straight Hair - Tutorial

5 837 views | 1 Dec. 2020



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Dirty Cash

Ficou excelente ??? muita força e sucesso para ti

Attila Tóth



Shout out bro?

Mol Hadi

On fire ??

Angelin Castillo

Sos el mejor broder

Enrique Andrade

Personally over the last year or so your tutorials have decreased in quality from what I’ve seen I used to watch you all the time but it seems as if you like lost motivation or something. It’s kind of like you just make videos for the sake of doing them. Even the quality of your cuts have gone down, they’re still good but not where they used to be. Hopefully we’ll see re ignite that fire again that you once had. Blessings hermano

Z man

You should challenge other youtubers to the best texture crop top..because you know how to do shers work


Nice one ☝️ ? ? fire kutZ!!!

Jenix bailey

Excelente mi pana!!!???

kathe garden

Loved it..thanks. Just some thinning shears (40) and chunky shears (14) do you have any vids on how to best use them? thanks!

John Fratacci

Buen trabajo como siempre. Mi hesposa a aprendido mucho con tus videos me tiene asicalao jajaja


Love the work and the explanations. You really have a great way to articulate what you mean with regard to whatever it is you might be working on. I've been struggling with how to stretch my fades out because I keep over working the details of "what are the correct steps" I should be following and then I take a step back and now I have a super condensed fade that basically looks like a HEAVY weight-line! Hah, So to see you streamline the work on this type of THICK hair and stretch the fade into a crop is excellent. I appreciate it.



Tank Be Choppin

That’s a great cut

Meño Vasquez

No manches lol ?

Walter mc Barber

Yo usaba esa técnica sin haber visto el video,es buenísima! Ideal para cabellos finos donde la dirección puede quedar bien marcada,excelente video! ????

Mura Cuts

Lookin clean bro??!!!

Estefany Quiroz

I’m addicted to ur videos! I’m the mother of 3 boys and ur videos have helped me to give them awesome cuts for them & my husband.

Nicholas D Jordan

Keep the grind going! All love from Jersey ???????

Seb Vaja

Hard type of hair to crop..but if your going to crop i woulda tucked that fringe in alot tighter and sharper just to bring that trim out abit more for sides i would of done a medium to high fade super skin to get that contrast popping

Jesus A.

Keep them coming! I love it.