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Zinedine Zidane - The Master of Elegance

1 463 109 views | 12 Jun. 2020

The best video about

The best video about Zinedine Zidane on youtube...You can see his legendary skills, ball control, passes, assists, goals and tricks for Real Madrid, France and Juventus. Zizou is one of a kind and made history in world of football..Considered by many the best player in history and also the most talented, he had insane performances in his carrer that none of us will ever forget...Vs Brazil, Portugal, Leverkusen, Getafe, Atletico Madrid or even his world cup final vs Italy, where after scoring a panenka penalty vs Buffon he saw a red card for headbutting Materazzi..I hope you enjoy the video!

butch kasidy

El maestro master class Fiori class ??‍♂️

Alex Santos

2:42 que golaço! Driblou três! Ao mesmo tempo



Alex Santos

Um dos jogadores mais incríveis que vi jogar. E me fez admiralo ainda mais mesmo tendo tirado na arte duas copas do mundo do Brasil.


true goat (:)

Ken zo

Diego Armando Maradona the best Player in football history..Zidane is to slow and lazy

Sayyid Ali

until now no player could matching their playing style with zizou

mustafa şen

gel fenere .d

Jo Ker

How this guys destroyed the Brazil in 2006 world Cup will never be forget by me

Jo Ker

He is one of the unbelievable playmaker of all time


If only people could control their emotions the way Zidane controls the ball. . . The world would be a better place!

Damasek 219

Vision: 90
Passing: 90
Technique: 95
Ball control: 95
Baldness: 100
Overall: 100

el koreano Mendoza

And i bet they bought hime for less than what pogba is worth bruh like man idk what they see in players today but they do not play like this any more

Alex Hernandez



Everyone goes on about Pele, Maradona, Messi and Ronaldo. Quite rightly. Why is Zizou never in the conversation? Greatest player I have ever seen!

Alex Santos

Quando os craques eram craques de verdade. Jogavam pra valer, sem mimimi nem caicai

Dörök Ragnarök

His art of playing this game we alle love was not football. It was art

The Hidden Wizard

People don't realize how similar Iniesta and him are. Both almost bald, incredible control, incredible passing, both scored on important occasions.


Best midfielder in the history ?

Marcos Golmar

Nunca me gustó, pero era bueno

Ivan Santos

Como é bonito ver uma lenda jogando bola!

Igor Sobiepanek

1:05 fifa irl



wasiq m

This is by far one of the best football videos I've ever seen... thanks man ❤️

Hecham Saadani

He cheated he had magnets on his feet! The greatest football legend of our era!

yasin balta

Şunları müzikli yapmayın birader sarmıyor sadece spikerin taraftarın sesi olacak

Ado Ado

Zidane skill top...

Eko Aday

He's the best player i've ever seen.....

calebe gomes

good player and good coach

Thor Groot

00:50 that volley ........????


There can be Messi, CR7, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo 9, Etc, but to me, Zidane will always be the best player I have ever watched. I was not even a fan of any of the team he played for, I support Liverpool FC all my life.

But when Zidane plays, he always give 8.5/10 performance minimum. He wins trophies for country and club. Incredible career.

AriM8 ,

No midfielder should be named in the same sentence as zidane . He’s the greatest ever midfielder

khaqan khan

u had to add hheadbutt
uh hum materazzi

الجنرال قيمنق

اسطورة يعمي♥♥♥

Rustem Radoncic

The best to do it almost won a World Cup by himself they had to get him out so they can win that’s how good he was!!

Youssef dridi

Zidane arrête, tu as assez Bossé

Buğra Şahin


Maes to Rock 76

The perfect player the number 1 player of the goat


Zidane, the best French in history!

Irtaza studio

zidane has 5 goals in wc and 5 in european champioships

H. R.

my all time favorite zz.?

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Où sont les français dans les commentaires???L?

Danny Hustle

Last song name please

Chairul Yulan

Perfect skill


RODANDO is not even close. im a rolando fan but this guy is like a SPIDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. nooone can touch ZIINIIIIIIIIIII diniiiiiiiiiiiiii zi daneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!

calebe gomes

if you were a real Madrid idol as a player, imagine as a coach .......

Aziz Lyoubi


Miriam Vallisa

?nel mio cuoricino

Amit Kanojiya

Awesome video like zidane

brigitte quincy


Sachin Kumar

the commentators are not hyped enough!!!

Teo CRi

We worked a lot of hours watching a lot of full matches to get some rare clips for this video guys!
Zidane was just a Beauty to watch!
We hope you enjoy this video as much as us and thanks for the continuously support! ❤️??


song name 3:06 ?

Michael Tang

The sloppy budget pharmacologically snatch because italy coincidentally receive mid a illegal nitrogen. anxious, graceful brazil


Lo llaman "el quinto grande", por favor miren un video de Iniesta o Xavi.

Am a Loner

The greatest midfielder football ever had and will ever have. He moved slowly but he was so unique. Whenever he gets into the pitch other players looks perfect.

Late Night In Paris

The way the headbutt syncs so well ??


Tellement perfect qu on peut faire une vidéo de plus de 16 minutes.??

fiona Bolt

My name is zidane too


He literally dances on the pitch.

Alex Santos

Zinedine Zidane, também conhecido como Charles Xavier. Não preciso dizer mais nada

Ching Ri So

Backheel two touch skill invented by zidane

Rodrigo Mondragon

Song plis


my idol

Sally Davies

Messi and ronaldo will win you games zidane will win you world cups best player of the last 30 years.

x lfant

Era una locura, Zidane y Ronaldinho los mejores de la historia para mi.

Sergio Saez roncero

Yo dije que cuando zidane se retirara se me apagaba la ilusion pero tengo que decir que el es eterno siempre con el madrid te queremos

al -zubir

because he is tall.. usually tall player can perform this style, long legs... what if he height like messi or lorenzo Insigne , he will play in serie D hahahahaha


You are a football fan and have to rely on videos to see Zidane, i Feel your pain. Those of us who saw him in action now we feel like superhumans. There's no player like Zidane. We are thankful for What he did for football.

Muzi Wesley

Simple the best Zidane

Nicholas Good

[email protected] - DADDY IN MIDFIELD

Kelechi Iheanacho

He is better than football

Night Night

Zidane = Kaka + Sergio Busquets

Halid Ahamed

He is not the fastest
Or skiller
Or dribbler
Or passer
Or crosser

But he is the game changer
U cant discribe him with his dribbling,skill or vision

But he is got all of them with enough amount
If u saw the youtube edits of zidane
U will dissapoint
If u saw the matches of zidane
Then u will say "greatest midfielder ever"

Bappaditya Bhattacharya

Dear sir, What is the name of this song? it is really pleasant!!!!!!!!!!!

Filipe Sales

Sou brasileiro e pra mim Zidane foi o melhor jogador da história.

Papou Korowaï

The God of Foot Balle
Le prophète de la roulette
The prophet of la roulette

Let do Zizou

He know how to win
He score always in the most important final game or he make the difference between win and loose, he know how to win !
All humanity saw it already !
Zinedine Zidane of course bro&sis :
He know the foot balle !
Exactly for sure he know how to win
It's right no ? Player or Coach ?
He come He win
Player or Coach it's same for him
In foot balle Yazid come and win

Like a profecy

Art of win

João Pedro

Destoa muito de qualquer jogador de meio de hj em dia e da sua época também! Pra mim o maior meia de todos os tempos!❤


A honor to have been watched his games live on tv!

Alex Santos

Futebol milionário de hj está morrendo. Cada vez menos craques de verdade. Quero ver depois dessa era Messi CR7 o que haverá. Não espero grande coisa. Agora grande foi Zidane

Alex Santos

3:10 que golazo que BARBARIDAD JAJAAJA

Kylian Mbappe


Linh Út

No 1 zd


Bou jour a toi pier mon due et evrethenqe pour toi et toi ma cher mier où ce

t7eke 66en


الظهيري السهلي 717

افضل من لمس الكورة zizo ♥️

arda a

7:45 ooof

Laure Malleval

Le passement de jambe de Zidane est légendaire! Il fonctionne à chaque fois! Il a un don avec le mouvement du corps!

Alex Santos

Muitos dos lances geniais de Zidane ele fazia o mais difícil daí entregava de bandeja para o atacante concluir com gol e. .....Nada! O cara perdia kkkkkk Zidane muito a frente de seu tempo

Görkem Fatih Döndü

Zinedi zidane>maradona


What the song name?

Dru LLoring

This man was literally living in 2021 in the 90's with his style of play.


3:12 wow
The commentry and That neffex bass made my day.

Robert Ruiz

Difícil quitársela

محمد البو

Where was the clip stolen from your catch, Ohhrami?

Atif Khateeb

In the team of R9, figo, Raul, backham and other greats, Zidane was still the best player on the pitch

Hashimoto Kobayashi

Pure class! Still the best ?

Cesar Alvarez

World-class player, in spite of his technical limitations. A pleasure to watch.

Skin zin

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Kamala Tamang

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Sumanta Limbu

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sujata kumari rai

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Jenish Basyal

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Sumanta Limbu

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Skin zin

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Baishakhi Sardar

Aita kothai

Tahmina Akter

Apu puro body forsha Kora jay na

mitu ahmed

Apu cost koto skin bright korta

আমান ইসলাম আমিনুল


Queen of King

এই মেশিন টার নাম কি এবং কোথায় পাওয়া যায়?

Mohd Kabir

খরচ কেমন কি জানাবেন পিলিজ কবির ফরিদ পুর জেলা থেকে

Sraboni 1122

কত টাকা খরচ হয়..