Melin in skin

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47 770 views | 22 Sep. 2016

A brief overview of the

A brief overview of the function of the black skin.

- 6 Functions of the skin

- 3 layers of the skin

- Cell turnover

- What purpose does melanin serve?

- Skin Cancer

- Hyperpigmentation, melasma, keloid scarring

"If it doesn't feed you, don't water it." - TheGoldenRx

R E F E R E N C E S:

How The Sun Sees You:


Histology and physiology of black skin:


Racial (ethnic) differences in skin properties: the objective data


Cell Turnover:


C O N N N E C T W I T H M E :

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If you’re r ashy .. you are dehydrated! But great other tips ??

Jenny K.

Hi, Every day I'm using Shea butter as a moisturizer and protection against the sun. I wanted to know if Shea butter was enough to protect me from the uv rays, and aging or if I really needed to buy an SPF that target protection against UV rays AND protects the skin from aging (I'm brown skin)

SunRae* **

Please mention that ALCOHOL is very detrimental to skin.


I love this. I would like to see a sunscreen SPF video

Dora Adams

Sunscreen cause cancer

Priscila Frey

Loved this video, l'm going to watch "how the sun see's you",thank you❤

The Pie Queen

I appreciate the woke moment. I finally got woke and keep trying to explain it to the rest of the family...and they are struggling to understand. Also, I love visiting places close to the equator. They are some of the most beautiful places on earth, but my white ass has to wear a long sleeved swim suit and a big ass hat...on top of my 45 SPF sunscreen...lol. Thanks for the skin education! Now! Off to binge watch your channel.

Michelle Stratford

I've just come across this older video. You're awesome!! I'm old enough to be your mother so I keep thinking that your parents must be so proud! Thank you for a fascinating video?❤

Hezekiah Ibin

I love you!!!!

Kevin Israel

Damn i love our women fr? #blacklove


This was super helpful thx

SunRae* **

Part of climate change: Humans help destroy some of the OZONE layer, that protects the earth from harmful UV light from the SUN. Hence we need SPF.

Shamirah Ahmed

My question was wat products do you use for your entire body as in showering products

edouard catiana

Thanks for all your sharings , can you please do a video about keloid, thank you so much?

Marlon Johnson

By the way I read a book called African Exodus and it spoke about how they treated those people for centuries.


It's utterly ridiculous that a pigment that actually protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays has become so stigmatized; mainly because a group of people who don't have the benefits of this pigment enslaved & colonized those who do and indoctrinated them to believe that it's very unattractive...

Kezia Ibrahim

The woke break was an awesome revelation
Im subscribing to your channel ☺so that i dont miss out on more

Aadelah Shaik

You're so gorgeous.

Dr. Julie James DSNM

The music is way to loud and your info is spot on but hard to listen to with the music in the background...

Breyon Wilson

Wow I thought I knew everything about this pigment thanks for this information

Rach Ramus

Please please, keep informing and teaching about Black Skin, its not spoken or talked about enough!! Loved your woke break- had me screaming YAASSS! & Subscribe

Tiffany Maiden

black skin absorbs uv energy or radiation from the father Sun and helps transmute or convert it into a material biological form

Loveyou Meanit

The 26 dislikes are white Australians

Spiritual Warrior

Hola the golden rx ur gorgeous ????

Denise Carter

You're so beautiful sister...and you're super intelligent... Blessings ❤️

Vic toria

hey did you make the video on hyperpigmentation?

Aja Rae

Thank you so much. I'm a esthetician. And this video literally just gave me a fast over view of alot of information I either forgot or need to go over. Love your videos.

Ya man

Melanin exists everywhere in the body.. It’s the Life molecule

Carole Johnson

Very interesting learning about the information and differences just on an anatomical level of different skin colors! Thanks for educating!

paul pride

She beautiful

Sabrina Grant

I loved it. Very informative. Some of the information I knew but you made it even clearer.

BeBee Doll

Girl, UV rays are everywhere high, the more you go up to the space they are more dangerous. In aeroplanes should people wear Spf of more than 50. White people have brighter skin to allow sun to "sees" us, so we create more vitamin D that is crucial during the long cold and drying winter.. White people can get tanned skin on sun, (almost black) because not all are from UK. Europe has a lot of different nationalities. There are a lot white people that "do not crack" with age. Your racism is blocking you to understand white people's skin. People with melanin have problems with skin in north areas. Dry and cold air is not very flattering to dry tipe of skin. I did not left Europe, I am not colonizing and I certainly do not have slaves. You have a few good advices, and a lot more to learn. Wishing you none the less all the best


Love love love you for speaking up for Australian Aboriginals and no it wasn't mean lol. Also thank you for the great beauty advise.

Kia Joy

Such good information. Thank you.

Jasmine Payne

oh my gad. i didnt even realise that about aulstralia..

Eve Tats

Could you do a video on how to get rid of keloid scaring please?

Bianca R.


Tony Thukela Batyashe

I have mega love for you my baby♥️...keep on what you are doing sweet heart?, you should do some research of minister enqi?

Mckee Ward IV


Guy Jean

Do black people have more healthy skin than whites peoples?

Courtney Jones

Did you ever do the hyperpigmentation video?

Cynthia Gisell

Damm the woke break !!

Matt Beattie


Jodie GG

Very interesting. Thank u sweetie for sharing this! Would you recommend an alkaline diet? I'm mixed but very light skinned. X

SoRena Dix

? One of my great skincare secrets: Never wear foundation! ?

iz _ray

That's true Australians treat their indigenous people like shit they did genocide and there's not many left here I'm arabic haha


Bob Marely did not have skin cancer...Bob Marley injured his foot playing football barefooted and his wound became cancerous due to severe infection!

Janette Thomas

Your hair is sticking out

Marlon Johnson

That's good Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer they don't belong there and by the way you are so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️?

Loretta R

Enjoyed this video so much.Great job beautiful, Informed brown Goddess.

Fit Congolese girl

New subscriber in here! Very interesting and nice topic video about our Dark Melanin Black skin. God bless our Melanin Black skin. xx #LetsGlowTogether

MidNit Qween

Love your truth??

Lordmazi official

We from St.thomas We Dnt wear Sun Screen


You are changing the world representing for us like this! Always amazing information Thankyou!

Kenny G

Misinformation on the bob marley part

Radizzon sama

Giys i have straight black hair and a dark white skin or mixed i dont know and i have light blue eyes im i safe or not


Keep telling the truth!

Megan F C

Such a beautiful lady! Black skin is always sooo gorgeous and glowey!! Xx

Curl Quest DIY

great video, however, acral lentiginous melanoma is not caused from sun exposure. I believe sunscreen is unhealthy for black people, since lack of vitamin D, due to lack of sun exposure, is the cause of a lot of illnesses and cancers in black people.

Bastet MT

Thank you for this video,very informative. Hope that more Black people watch.also like the way you made a few jokes that made your video fun to watch and listened to. Definitely a reason for me to subscribe .ha swear

FBG Nasir

This is how much Vaseline she uses for her face

Imhotep Genius

If sunscreen "mimics the effects of melanin", why should a melanated person wear it??


Also Bob Marley wasn't a black man, he was a white man which is why he was able to get that skin cancer. Bob Marley's dad was a white man, and the seed and lineage comes from the father according to God, so Bob was a white man.


New subbie! I love your channel!!?? Would you please do a video on your journey to becoming an esthetician and how you gained most of your knowledge about skin? I'm interested in becoming one and I would love to hear your story. Thank you for sharing your passion with us?


Subbed! ?

Bezawit Bezawit

To be honest people in the horn of Africa are not that dark

Erika Williams

Thank you, this was interesting!

Hair Coach Chi

I absolutely love how scientific yet down-to-earth this video is. So informative. Still hoping you eventually do that video on hyperpigmentation/melasma!


The “woke break” was very necessary ??✊?❤️

N Ana C

You are super pretty ?

Dora Adams

Very pretty young woman

D Wave

You are beautiful and very fortunate to have high melanin content. It truly is your superpower!


Have you made a video on hyperpigmentation? What's the title ??

Unconditional Ascension

please do a video on folliculitis

Appetite 4 Chic

Because Caucasians lack melanin they are most likely to get skin cancer. Sunscreen is artificial melanin, so white people can be in the sun.

YouTube: “what you look like under the sun”
Melanin people are really LIGHT BEINGS. “White people” are actually dark under UV rays


I love youuuuu




You have BEAUTIFUL skin.


I need a hyperpigmentation video! #LetsGlowTogether


What do yo think about bleachng creams for hyperpigmentation?

Siemens Handy Nutzer

Damn, im complete white.?
(north Germany)

Ineka Armstead

what are the effects of glycerin? It's in a lot of moistures and in black soap. What skin types would benefit from it? Can you use it on your face?


i thought this was about to be a hotep video

chocolate bunny

Pretty ?

george duncan

Teach??????? Most sunscreens r toxic and darkscreen requires bout 5 X more suntime ☝?☝?☝?☝?✌?

Gin O

that piece of hair is so distracting I don’t know why. You’re still beautiful tho!

ShellyAnn Brown

do the research!

Paco Pat

black people cannot gate a skin cancer, because I'm from Central Africa, and I been on the sun for all my live and I never gate it.

Jose Ramirez

You should do some research on sunscreen which is proven to cause cancer it clogs the pores with chemicals.. Brown/Black skin is natural we absorb sunlight not like white skin that gets sunburn.

Kyunglulu Min

Just so you know, melanin is a polymer and to protect your skin from uv rays, it will absorb the rays ? ty for making this video ❤️


Highlighters are carcinogenic...use coconut oil!

Elysia Jones

This is so informative and relatable! Thank you!

Eric Perry

Your a queen ? and everything you just talked about is ?.!!

Rosie V

The woke break was good. You need a whole woke video.

T Jones

I like it let’s glow together

Franky Lo_

This is a Wise way to go about sensitive topics


Lovely video!

Melanated Gamer


Msmi Beauty

What sunscreen do you use?

Gihana J

Are moisturisers with collagen good for use?

Melin in skin

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Melanin in My Skin (feat. Flame & Wichi 1080)

15 557 views | 7 Nov. 2019

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

Melanin in My Skin (feat. Flame & Wichi 1080) · Priddy Ugly

G.O.A.T (Glory on ANY Territory)

℗ Global African Stream/Sounds

Released on: 2019-11-08

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Nick Nake

Upsidedown cross devil horns ?

Thanyani Gumani

these song hits more than my father's belt, wat a collab unexpected

Sphumelele Gcwabaza

Flame is insane

Vuyo Zolani

Flame is too much❤️?????

Pontsa Thabiso Pietersen031


Chancy Phantom SA

Priddy Ugly got barsss?? I repeat , stop sleeping on this guy

vuyo madikizela

haybo Flame ????



black myson

this shit is hard to swallow man .. shit too hot...

The Shadow GanG

Being waiting for a ugly album


It's ganna be timeless ?

Nkamogeleng Squire


Super-cutz “super-lee” barbers

fuego, priddy hot stuff my niggas

Maqanda Kevin

Priddy is back

Elis Madiba

Flame is growing on each and every new track

Stature melanin TV

Flame got nice vocals ?????

qu buu ssiiey

Music video bathong ?

Mbusi Motsa

Banger ???

smeefy zeus

So much i drowned the ocean ??Priddy??

Nkululeko Mhlave

Flame for President ?

Mlungisi S. Buthelezi

Flame is going far with his voice.

Melin in skin

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Benefits of Having Melanin Rich Skin | Morning Cafe | 21/07/2017 | Puthuyugam TV

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Kyathi I need every time ur thoughts sir

Good evening mem. Thank you ( my face full black pigmentation feel very bad


Plz neegalye edhachum nala cream ha.... soluga mam .....


Thank you. ☺️☺️

Libin Libin

Melanie is very ugly....

SHiva STEPHAN Shahid

Im white enaku konja neram ponave tan agudhu nan sivakala mam??

karthi ramu

heavy block skin ahh irku epd mathurathu..... plzz tips kudunga hand and face and neck la irku..


Your awesome in the way of talk

KingdomofJudah1798 Judah

Can u please translate that please. I'm doing a home work assignment


Umm...Language Problem

Mithu Mithu

Apple cider vinegar pathi solunga mam

Sathiyamoorthy moorthy

full body whietning sollunga

Abii Srii

Evalo pesuriye ni ithulam. Use panama irupiya

Shazia Farheen

Can you speak in english please....


Na fair colour aana ennoda hand and leg mattum round rounda white irruku ethuku food or cream mulama solution irruka madam

Shyamala Devi

Mam leaser pana sides efate irkatha pls soluga mam