Lillie hair removal reviews

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AT HOME LASER HAIR REMOVAL UPDATE- Does it Work? (Underarms & Brazillian)

262 629 views | 16 Jun. 2017

Please watch: "Viral Cut

Please watch: "Viral Cut Crease Eyeshadow Stamp- Magic for Beginners and Hooded Eyes?"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DjENaP2jfY --~--

Today I have the follow up to my previous LumaRX Video where I tried At-Home Laser Hair Removal on myself and my husband! I have an update for you today and talk about using it "downstairs" so to speak :)

I gotchu a Promo Code! Use Leesha75 for $75 off the Full Body device https://bit.ly/2oIY5n1

Watch our FIRST IMPRESSION and Trying this out on Paul ;) https://youtu.be/TdKOkdrkuWM

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Dat KH tattoo


Yo I just don’t want dick hair bruh

M.L. M.

Omg your hair color <3

Aitana Guillen Muñoz

I hate this video, it’s a click bait and she just started talking shit and she didn’t even test it


Yes, updates, updates! I'm so hesitant about laser removal - professional or at home lol - but omg it would be so great to not have to shave haha

J Harris

Can you do an update on how it is working?

Joshua Warren

What if you have a tattoo somewhere you want to use it? Like the leg?

Casi Moore

New update??


Yes, please update in future! :)

Missy Michaels

Another update please! I'm very curious how long it takes for the hair to be completely gone. Thank you!


what happened with the professional stuff you did 2 years ago? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkMPSonlmrQ did you stop doing that and go with this then?


Sorry for super off topic comment but when I was searching for vids on duochrome eyeshadows, I yelled when I saw your name because I used to watch you when you first started but for the life of me couldn't remember how to find you again. huzzah! Okay, SUBSCRIBED. Now back to the video. #youtubereunion!


Disliked video as soon as you started screaming in the first few seconds. What a terrible way to turn away potential new viewers.
Never again.

Lora Grey

Beauty demands much sacrifice! Actually, I'm not ready for such sacrifice and I just use the services of a salon of laser epilation. I will not risk epilate by myself, especially bikini line, maybe only legs)) the device is called 1S PRO yeah? The result is OK.

A S Rafiur Rahman 008


Kylie Strong

This is an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology device not a laser hair removal product. Two different technologies.

Tin Ce

It is a huge different betwen diodical medical laser and IPL.....

A Romero

Don't say hi like that anymore, please!

Lakia Keely

It's really not that serious. I'll just keep on shaving. If you have to keep using it for the hair not to come back what's the point.

Rosie Posie

"the front part" lmao

anaf nazer

The intro itself made me quit this vid

jasmine amer

I need it

Sarah Schoemaker

Did you do an update on this? I can't find it

Alex Doubtstein


Kristen Xzavier

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best home laser hair removal device scafe.shop/tbhlh2019?oP hope it helps you out too!"

Blue Flower

Does this work on thinner hairs ?

shiomary rodriguez

I noticed on the product website it says for the body and FEMALE face a lot, did it work on your husband? Did he see a reduction in hair growth? I want to get it as a gift for my boyfriend but the site specifically says for the female face

Nelly Matias

How is this going ? Just purchased mine and wondering if it was worth it ? I know it’s been 2 years for you but just was wondering ?


Is it permanent or do you have to use this product every couple of months to a year to keep the results


Your hiiiiiiiiiiiiii is so annoying

Julie Barker

Updates, please?!

Jessica Sayers

Did it ever grow back?

Fawn Whisperer

Would love an update later on! I did professional sessions on the brazilian and upper lip areas, but because of circumstance I ended up spacing the appointments out too much and so I paid shitloads of money for barely any results... if I could just do it at home, instead of having to travel to the clinic for 2 hours, that would make a huge difference for me.

Cat PBatista

Can you please do a new update?? I am thinking of buying one!!

Breanna G

Wondering how your results are a year later? I’ve been curious about this since watching your first videos

Pescas Love

If it hurts use lidocaine like they do in laser salons.

Hong H

Awesome ,This laser hair removal works great and super easy to use the best thing is there’s not any setting up needed for this also the laser surprising didn’t hurt at all.I Love CNV home hair removal

Notmy Realname

that intro completely eliminated any chance of me watching the rest


Hold up a few years ago u had laser removal done on ur under arms and bikini area sooooo how is this a truthful review when u had that done before?

Jill Akk

Yes, pls give us an update!


Yes please another update!

rena agayeva

Why you people talking many unnecessary thinks ? It’s gonna be nice if you shorten the speech

Resch Avis

I choose the CNV hair removal, it really works, I have used it 3 month, my hair grow slow now.

Wayward Artist

So many youtubers especially in beauty say they'll do an update on a product and never do or only do on Snapchat, I'm happy to see you actually updating. Like this quick video was perfect!

Kyla Johnston

Will it work for facial hair?

Sofie Wakka

Wait so the hair gets thinner, but in the end it will disappear right? And when that has happened, how often do you have to check up?

Ebony Marie

This is such a random thought but I was watching all of the YouTubers you led me to when I was younger! Like jazziebabycakes, petrilude, and MacN40. I might of spelled some of these wrong. But do you know if they are ok. They haven't posted in a while!


Best intro ever. ??

Rosie Lenahan

update please!!!!! :)

Uncle Fjester

Horrible update, all she does is talk never shows the results. 500K fake followers?

prncess azula

I have thick hair everywhere, I really want to buy this product. I just don’t want to waste my money and it not work for me


Yes kingdom hearts

sharleen valdez

But does it really removes the hair permanently??

Jack Jones

Why the screaming at the beginning. Please don’t do that.


Definitely yes on the updates please


The most annoying video intro. Like ever.... :| that scream....

Satya Avesta

Were you a part of the MAC group on livejournal, like pre-youtube days? I swear I recognize you from somewhere


Does it come with scary eye makeup remover?


Brazilian mean removing the butthole hair ?

Samantha Davis

Yes update us for sure!!

Jenna Gilbert

Yes!! Keep updating.. I'm interested!

Jessica Leese

Yes, more updates please!

Carmen Arevalo

Are there pictures associated with your updates?

Aryat O

Would love an update later on!! I'm interested and intrigued about it. Thanks girl!

Elite Community

Thank you for your review. it was very helpful. is very good and practical product for those who want to buy it visit :http://bit.ly/2Tja5cn

Janae Soltesz

That hiiiiiii was super annoying

Moja Sudbina

I actually prefer the laser hair method. If you guys were still looking I know that fyre2.com has these and they are really powerful plus theres a deal for everything at that place so I really prefer them

Shadow Storm

can you be less fucking annoying and get to the point?

Brande Williams

Leesha, which Luma RX did you use? I saw two on amazon. I am hoping the cheaper one works just as well.


its been 9 months please do an update


Would love another update? :) after so long.. as thinking of purchasing a home device for myself & daughter after we've had a few clinic sessions.


HI, was wondering if after a year of this last update, did you continue using this at home laser hair remover? Wondering about the lasting results before I buy one!

Julie Barker

You are one of my very favorites, please don't start doing anything with Morphe.


Any more updates on this product???

Chad Mangum

Pics or it didn't happen.

Samantha Wheaton

Definitely do an update. I would be really interested in a product like this if I knew it worked, and I trust your review of it. My body hair is really dark for how fair I am, so I would love to shave less.

bushra aslam

What happen when the flashes numbers are end like 350000 flashes are end then??

Patti 1962

One of the best things about growing older (as in reaching my middle 50's) is your hair will stop growing!!! YES, I only have to shave my knees, and never half to shave under my arms. Unfortunately, the "down there" area stays the same :) It is so wonderful to see you feeling energetic and smiling, Leesha!


Soooo, I was just telling my husband how much I hate shaving my legs!! He is all her hair removal! I'm like ohh I think Leesha has a video on this! I was gonna go look for it and helllooooooo it's an update video!!! Yaaaiiiiii!!!


So stupid screaming at the beginning.

L to the OP

Sponsored video without comparison shots

Dorothy Meghan

Great review ❤️ I actually got a similar device but from a different brand from skin-genic.com it was a lot more affordable.I’m on my 8th session and I’m almost hair free. Highly recommend it !

Lauren Munday

I have thought about laser hair removal and this seems like it would be awesome, but my hair probably isn't the right color which sucks.

N i c o l e

Has anyone tried this on their face? It reminds me of a laser removal that was being used in Germany to get rid of my facial hair (thanks pcos >_<) but my husband got stationed elsewhere and I had to stop. I would like for my lady beard to be gone :( and I'm tired of waxing :/


Yes please update

Rohi Bano

Update plz

Ms Sassi86

Im not sure if this was intentional but you are promoting a product for (underarm and Brazilian) , the their website clearly states “This device can be used on body areas below the neck, including underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest and stomach.”. That is misleading especially if people purchase it based on your Brazilian review.

Haleyy Breezy

Leesha can we get another update?! Please!


Of course we want updates until it's all gone


Don't watch.
No actual demonstration.

Music by Luna & Solomon

?Your eyes


3 month update for sure Leesha!

Christopher Yako

510k followers? How? None of her content is worth following!

omega omega

I'm confused. Do IPL home lazer permanently make the hair stop growing?

Jack Jones

The fake California talk is annoying. I’m out!


Yes please future updates!


Is Paul still using it in his neck? I'd be interested for the back of my husband's neck ?

maryann balla

Do you still use this? Any updates?

Maddison Clark

This video is sponsored by the brand she is reviewing so is hard to be convinced that the review is honest


It’s really works and makes your skin very smooth, I got a similar one from elsanar.com for less than $77 (60% off) with free shipping. I’m on my 8th session and I’m almost hair free. I love it ❤️  https://elsanar.com/collections/frontpage/products/mini-handheld-ipl-laser-epilator-with-gift-box-depilator-machine-full-body-facial-permanent-painless-laser-hair-remover-device-1

Lillie hair removal reviews

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10 Weird Facts About Victorian Etiquette

412 views | 28 Nov. 2020

Songs used: Waltz of Lore

Songs used: Waltz of Lore by Nerium Oleandr

Instagram: @oliverbranchdrag

Facebook: oliver.branch.904

Mallory Baker

Super interesting!

Cricket Gottlieb

The seat-warming thing got me! Great video!

Syd the Kyd

so glad youtube recommended your channel to me dude ?




But... What about the mourning etiquettes for mans?!


oh my,, dancing cards... how cute

Some Fool

How about a video on Victorian urban legends and supernatural beliefs like seances or Spring-Heeled Jack?

Lillie hair removal reviews

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Amazing (And Affordable) Pet Hair Removal Brush! Lilly Brush Review

39 222 views | 26 Nov. 2018

Lilly Pet Hair Brush:

Lilly Pet Hair Brush: https://amzn.to/2TNn9qn

Oh, so you say you have a pet...

Do you have a dog, cat, pony, or alpaca as a pet?

Then you've experience the troubles of cleaning up the pet hair they leave behind.

Well in this video, I share with you an amazing little tool to help you manage that better :)


DISCLOSURE: Some of the links are affiliate links. The prices never change for you, I just get a small commission if you make a purchase.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

// R E S O U R C E S:

? Download the 9-services you can offer in your detailing business: https://detailgroove.co/offer-services

⭕ List of all the tools/products I use: https://detailgroove.co/resources/

? Follow the exact system I used to get my website on the first page of Google (SEO): https://detailgroove.co/seo-guide

✅ Join the Detailing Business Growth Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/detailgroove

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Pet hair removal brush review by Lilly Brush



Does this product hold up today? 2020.

peter hale

Im here because of AdvanceCleaningSystem a guy who wash carpets and i was searching about satisfying video and i didnt even know what csme into my mind im searching lilly brush

Justin F.

Awesome little brush, I watched this video and then purchased one. Used it on a "Hairy" interior and was extremely impressed at the results! Thanks man. Keep up the good work!


why do they call it a pet hair "detailer" if it's for removing hair from external objects? it's obviously not for detailing your pet's hair.

C.W. O

For big flat areas I will still use a dollar store squeegee but this might be better for areas that have some curves in the floor or around the seat and seat belt anchors and door sills ! Still I've not tried if fabric softener ( diluted 8 to 1 and put in a spray bottle ) will help as someone said it will help release the dog hair faster ! Good video Oscar !


Great video always i Informative. Do you recommend people being licensed and/or getting insurance for the type of details that would be done on certain cars or all cars.

Jonathan Valero

This is exactly what I was looking for thank you!! Amazing content!

Donnie Parker

always love new ways of getting rid of dog hair I've seen these and wanted to try them on my own business but been hesitant because I always use a pumice stone which works well on every type of carpet you just have to be very careful not to hit Plastics


They make big ones

Eric Bratton

I've been detailing flood cars from your area here in PA n wasn't being paid from this company so left bought all my own equipment n haven't landed one customer Oscar help

Luis Lemus

Use windshield wiper from the 99cent it’s works like a charm.

Christina Burgess

Awesome video!


Do you try different products then what you normally use? I would like you trying new products out for the first time on camera and see how well it pans out .... thx for your videos !


Hey Oscar I’m commented a few times on your vids been watching for a few months and you make me want to start a detailing business so I did and recently it’s blown up . Customers have been really impressed and they don’t even know I’ve learned a lot of my skill from YouTube and I’m only 17 so thanks ! Lol

Juan Perez

We use that at my Carwash


I don’t have pet but brush like this is good for crumb also.


The outer layer is just a squidgy, for a higher price

Xtreme Pro Detailers

You should try ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover for Couch Dog Hair Remover Cat Hair works great

bob jalockowitz

pet peeve! That's punny ?

pain is real

Lmfao you know nothing bro your junk channel

Riled Up Guy

Great video. I was selling my Mazda CX5 and it had 3 years of stubborn pet hair. I went to a local detailing company and they said they could detail the car for $100 but they had no idea how to remove the pet hair. What moron poops. This is so simple. I ended up trading the car as-is with the stinky pet hair to the dealer. They gave me $1000 less due to the pet hair and the pet hair smell. Oh well, you live and learn.....good luck on your quest to 100K views.


No postage to UK! eBay has them at like $30.

Bronx-Cali Zoo

#HurricaneFurWizard would be a better choice with less work. Just looking at you work so hard got me exhausted. LOL

Alex Bryan

For bigger areas use a rubber squeegee


What do u recommend to use with really thin carpet that has pet hair in cars?


ah .. car-ride car-ride, who wants a CAR RIDE?!!??! How can I leave them at home when they are soooo excited to go? And that's just my mother! hee hee .. and the ShihTzu and a pure white German Shepherd. ouch .. you can imagine what it's like in the back seat. sigh .. but they don't ship to Canada, the search continues for something that works ..

Partha Sarathi Bhuyan

What's that liquid you sprayed on the mat?

Faptu Harrd

Does various seasons affect the demand of your business and is that something all new detail business owners should consider?

Simple Frankie

My coworker sheds hair.. when I give him a ride... so i bought this

john quiñones

can youmake avideo on removing sand salt stains

Dennis Allen

Hey Oscar I know you use Super clean and megs APC. I have both and I do a lot of black fabric seats and was wondering if you have ever had issues with fading out or whitening with either product?? Looking for a green light that there ok and safe to use on that. It would be awesome to get some feedback. Thanks buddy!!!


Would you rather use this over the brush?

Erika Bárdos

Can you use this brush on carpets in the house? We have a labrador dog and she's shedding like crazy.

Faptu Harrd

Oscar. Can you make a video on how YOU clean dirty seatbelts, especially the drivers belt since it is commonly used and are typically soiled. Thanks


LOL the thingy mabober


Your sooo good with your hands. Lol
I love watching your videos. ?


wet microfiber towel works just as good

Kayla Noe

Your pun made me crack up! Corny jokes is totally my thing. I have three dogs. One is a full blooded miniature poodle, half miniature poodle half schnauzer (the poodles daughter) and a half miniature chihuahua half wiener dog [ she sheds a lot ]. Totally buying a few of these for my car and for the house. Thanks so much ??

Patrick Guida

I just got a new container to store my brushes in and theres room for another tool to attack on the war of pet hair. Thank You for sharing the information.


I was in Mexico and remember a funny sign: Tu mi Perro :))) I would make a shirt with this but no one in Hawaii knows Spanish :( Asians only LOL: I miss mexico!

d ob

A shower squeegee works to


Wow i used a window squeegee for pet hair and now there is this thing that looks like one with more rubber

Tier 1 Detail Company

Hell yes, that brush is amazing! Best 10 bucks on Amazon I've ever spent



Chris S

Crazy man! I was just looking on YouTube for these yesterday after hearing about them. Must be a sign to try one out haha

Juan ViralVid

so its like a squeegee for hair? Hmmm let me go try my squeegee and see how that works. Thanks for the vid.

Roger Mendez

great buy! have 2.


I'm going to try this with my pugs hair lol


No way the detail performance shop I work at used the same thing to remove pet hair, works like a charm! The only flaw that I noticed was that if it becomes wet , it starts working less and less.. maybe just me since I made the mistake of steam cleaning and using that at the same time. Nice vid!

john quiñones

hahah finally some personality i get you wana be aprofesional but hey once in awhile ajoke is good

Average Man 24

Hey boss love the video, so what product/tool you recommend for removing pet hair from a large surface??