Sugar scrub bath and body works

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Bath & Body Works Magic in the Air Foaming Sugar Scrub Demo

2 711 views | 29 May. 2019

Check out my Bath & Body

Check out my Bath & Body Works Magic in the Air Foaming Sugar Scrub Demo! #bathandbodyworks


This looks nice. I like a fine grain kind of scrub before shaving. I had a soap & glory one that was really nice. I think I’ll try out some bbw scrubs from the upcoming SAS if I see any.

Elena Jenkins

hi sweetie, gosh I cant go to that store because I have a list from watching your videos what I need to get there lol thank you so much for sharing it

Creative Living With Jen

Bbw sure has some interesting products these days! Tfs this demo! Hope all is well ?

Katti Winkler

Thanks for devastation this does it make your skin silky soft? I never tried the sugar scrubs before. Tell your mom I said hi love both of you.❤❤????

Marleny Rasp

✨ Very nice how gets a lot of foam ? I have not try the sugar scrub yet ? but I will ??

Tulip Lee

Looks like itll be great to shave with.

Sugar scrub bath and body works

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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub Haul

5 830 views | 28 May. 2014




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Estefani Reyes


A Brown

I think that's oil on top of the scrub. I was told you become immune to scents a lil while after you put them. I dont where perfume much in the summer, but I still get compliments on what I have on...I was surprised people could smell it.

ekaterina kelley

I wish I knew about the sale. BBW stopped sending me any emails for some reason( I only tried energy sugar scrub and I loved it. Liquid on top is oil n I found them to be more harsh than scrubs in the tube but they r amazing.

None None

I recommend all products I use all lotions they last all day for me if you have oily skin it won't last all day the shower gel lasts to so yeah?

Shiloh Julia

i hope you do end up doing a body products destash!

Misty Anne

The sugar scrubs arnt’ very good in my opinion because it makes my skin burn, and also are very oily!

Sugar scrub bath and body works

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Making Emulsified Sugar Body Scrub - Crazy Love Bath and Body

2 746 views | 30 Sep. 2020

Today we are making three

Today we are making three of our favorite emulsified sugar body scrubs.

- Magnolia Fields is a sweet and simple fragrance layered with intriguing notes of ripe blackberries, apple, melon, and magnolia.

- Mermaid Dreams is a gorgeous blend of grapefruit, sea fern, lily pad, and sandalwood is what dreams are made of.

- New Beginnings is a fragrance that is light and airy with a brilliant blend of mimosa, cucumber and lily.

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Starting Christmas 2020, we will be doing soap releases of our Artisan Series Soaps that we make in these videos. However, we make a lot more products for you to enjoy. We make handcrafted soaps, shea butter lotions, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and other amazing goodies! Sign up for our newsletter above to hear about our latest product releases.

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From Melissa-

Thank you so much for joining us on our YouTube adventure. My husband, Ryan and I have been dreaming about this for a long time and are excited to see where this new journey will take us. We started Crazy Love Bath and Body in 2018 with the desire to have something I can call my own, a creative outlet but also add value to our family. I wanted to create safe, handmade, yet beautiful soaps. Almost immediately I fell in love with soap making and quickly realised I wanted to share it not only with my family but with your family as well. I am honored and blessed by all the support and encouragement we have received since opening our “doors”. We love what we do, we love our customers and are grateful you are here with us.

Thanks for watching, we can’t wait to share more videos with you.

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Where are the recipes ? They don’t give them out here .?

niyah d

What’s the consistency after it has sat for 24 hours ?

Michelle Jorkin

Love that you are doing this.

Annessia Magby

So what preservative do you use and what temperature does the oil have to be to add it

Azura Findlay

Hi, how do you know what ratio to use as far as sugar vs the cooled oils ?


How do you know how much preservative to use?...is it for the entire batch or just for the oils?

Elena Gonzalez

So much good information. It’s fun to watch the process

Sue Bridger

Just discovered your channel, I love everything you do! I hope you will do a lotion making video as well!

Simply Kimani

Are you labels waterproof and Where do you buy them

Mary Precious


Michelle Jorkin

Also I am blind to any mishaps no worries.