Should i get a bob

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Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa (Official Video)

6 625 476 views | 24 Nov. 2009

Official video for "Must

Official video for "Must Be Santa" by Bob Dylan

More Christmas hits here: https://LegacyRecordings.lnk.to/xmas_pl

Listen to Bob Dylan: https://bobdylan.lnk.to/listenYD

In 2009, Bob Dylan released his thirty-fourth studio album, Christmas in the Heart, a holiday album for which all the proceeds went to feeding America. Watch the official music video of the 'It Must Be Santa' now.

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Who's got a beard that's long and white?

Santa's got a beard that's long and white

Who comes around on a special night?

Santa comes around on a special night

Special night, beard that's white

Must be Santa, must be Santa

Must be Santa, Santa Claus

Bob Dylan is a rare artist that has managed to transcend genre to become a universally praised songwriter, performer and musician of the 20th- and 21st-centuries. Starting out as a chronicler of social issues in the 1960s, Dylan has had true staying power with thirty-two studio albums released in 53 years, the most recent of which is 2015's critically acclaimed Shadows in the Night.

#BobDylan #MustBeSanta #Christmas

Paul Haffern

The Pogues meet Bob Dylan. Joyous. Btw. He can sell his catalogue to ever the hell he likes. God bless you Bob and the Pogues.


When COVID is over this is what pubs are gonna do ???


love bob dylan, but this song sucks

Chris Yeomans

Ok nobody is gonna mention the hair?

Joker TV

Anyone else here from Paper Towns?


Fairy Tale of Greenwich Village


This song was featured on KXCI 91.3 in Tucson


It must Santa, because it sure isn't Dylan.

anna bosazzi

I'm kind of embarrassed
to admit, but this year is the 1st I've heard this song. I'm in my 50's. I just love it. Such a fun song!

jorda de armengol



1:01 - Who’s is getting high, high, high? Must be Dylan. Bob Dylan. ?

sam zuriel

listen at 2x. you'll thank me later.


Bob Slays.


Such a great catchy tune...JMO, first thought it was Mark Knopfler singing this.

Devin O'Neill

The more times you watch this, the more insane it gets.

Ernesto Valera, Junior

Hello, Happy Thursday Advance Merry Christmas Day And Good Afternoon To My Only One Girlfriend In The Whole Wide World. Miss. Lizette Lurente De Guzman In Imus City Cavite 4103 Philippines. I’ll Honestly Love You So Much More Lizette. From The Bottom Of My Heart. I’ll Mean It, I’m For Real I’m Not Gay I’m Not Homosexual I’m Not Stupid I’m Too Much More Sensitive I’m Too Much More Genius I’m Too Much More Manly And I’m Not A Stalker Sir And Madam:
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That’s Real.
And This Is Not An Harrassment Sir And Madam:
Thank You So Much More Bob Dylan


Pretty sure they weekend at bernies Bobby for this video.

OCA Phoenix

Happy 2021 Everyone!! Stay Safe xx

Ron Lavallee

If you dont know who Bob Dylan was, his voice is out of tune, hoarse and full.of phlegm...it glorifies violence...and why mention president names in a Christmas song? Not my cup of tea...except i can now show my longtime Dylan fanatic friend what a tool Dylan became! LOL

Valerie Remnant

I can't believe this is Dylan. I thought he only did songs to put us in a coma!!!!!!!!!


Love the video mr. D


Happy Christmas, Bob! You’re my hero! God bless you and may you stay forever young.

Magic Code

i love this song wow

igoR Mandic'

Describes Rasputin atentat !?¿‽

Karen Densmore

Well now I’ve seen everything.

Robert O Esse

Bob Dylan, polka king. Finally, a Christmas song I could listen to over and over.

Olga Tee

The older anything gets....
Fantastically put together .. to be send out again.. Hoever Santa is thís covid year ?
Lets make a ??Celebration????
Thank youuuu DearDylan???❤️???

bella swan



Bob looking good in that bob

Peter Page

We could all do with going to a party like that in 2020. Lol.

Natural Reactions

About to put out a reaction to this song! First time hearing! Stop by and check it out! :) Thanks!

Sarah Hooper

My absolute favourite Christmas song!

Michael Kahn

What kind of joyless grinch would downvote this????


The singer sounds like a corpse.

Jayne Jacobs

He’s a wonderful mad man.

Cliff DaRiff

Biden White House?

Lindsey Churchill

Thank you : )

Judith L

Showing his Iron Range roots. That's why we love him!

Bea You

Who ist the accordion player?

Sonja Martens

Auch 2020.............................................................I love it....play ....play it...

art matters

a man who changes his name is not to be trusted


This was awesome, reminded me of the Xmas song and video by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, would like to see them collaborate


I want to party with Uncle Bob,too. This is the best Christmas album of all time, and I am being completely sincere.

Emily Hankin

Cheers me up every festive time! Fun and rowdy..... Just how Christmas should be.

Lyd Lynch

Happy Christmas Nollaig Shona


Polka Rules!!!! - Go Bob!!!

Rob Laskowski

Bob does Polka

Stephen Ackerman


Runar Pedersen

I love this! My kind of party, and...
Its Bob❤️

Pedro Santos

Not his finest hour..


Man this is my kind of party. I can always rely on Bob!
Merry Christmas all!
? ? ? ?

Andy B

Quite possibly the best Christmas song ever

John Thompson

Love this Christmas song & i hate Christmas

Mayra Hernandez

Merry Christmas ??

Jimmy Reese

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton

ronald capel

I have been a fan since I was 14 teen I am now 71 and he has never fail me, all the music he written I have loved ,long may he Reign .

Bob Merlis

Brave Combo, anybody?

Rob Williams

Feckin awesome 10/10


This one's on my playlist every year now! Lively up yourself!!

Pete Andrews

Just one word..BONKERS! ( but in a good way)

ketki pawar


Steve Van Etten

I freaking love the whole "Christmas in the Heart" album so much, I own it on vinyl haha!

LloydNotFound ꪜ

2:27 working

Okay Okay

This is a Martin Scorsese film

Michael Sheehan

Apparently somebody decided we needed a Christmas version of Cotton Eye Joe and the obvious first choice to perform it was Bob Dylan...


now that is what I call a party. Wish I was there. Remember parties?

Rod Stasick

Bob, ever the rip-off artist. At least he didn’t take credit for writing THIS song. Thank Brave Combo for this version (musically as a polka and altering the lyrics to include the presidents), because Dylan won’t.

William Chessman

2020 Christmas and I'm here for it.

Lawrence Sommer

So you're saying, Jerry's here?? ?
Merry Christmas!

Michael Smith

If you're not listening to this nonstop in December then you're not doing Christmas right!

Terry Tart

Song and video are the dogs bollocks!


When you're Dylan, anything goes! Oy vey!

james bradshaw

If my dear cousin Bob Dylan is Santa Clase than I will believe in Santa Claus again and will for ever more

W English

he just sold his songs for 300 million.. i guess hes pretty happy....

Never Plax Music

Cool! I might sing it on my piano.

Srečko Ploj

Hvala ???️?????

Philip Ansbaugh

visiting this song again this year brightens my day love Dylan one of the best song writers ever dont think he wrote this but love it anyway

T.C. Bramblett

Ah, Bab, yer gettin back to yer Minnesota roots ther

Jon V. Thorsteinsson

Merry Christmas Mr. Dylan / Zimmerman..!


This sucks.

Lizabeth Bradley

I love this song and video! More and more every year.

Antonio Lopez

Firs time I listen this album, just a wonderful surprise, really funny Santa!!!

Sonja Martens

Who's got a beard
That's long and white?
Santa's got a beard
That's long and white

Who comes around
On a special night?
Santa comes around
On a special night

Special night
Beard that's white

Who wears boots
And a suit of red?
Santa wears boots
And a suit of red

Who wears a long cap
On his head?
Santa wears a long cap
On his head

Cap on head
Suit that's red
Special night
Beard that's white

Who's got a big red
Cherry nose?
Santa's got a big red
Cherry nose

Who laughs this way
Ho, ho, ho?
Santa laughs this way
Ho, ho, ho

Ho, ho, ho
Cherry nose
Cap on head
Suit that's red
Special night
Beard that's white

Who very soon
Will come our way?
Santa very soon
Will come our way

Eight little reindeer
Pull his sleigh
Santa's little reindeer
Pull his sleigh

Reindeer sleigh
Come our way
Ho, ho, ho
Cherry nose
Cap on head
Suit that's red
Special night
Beard that's white

Dasher, Dancer
Prancer, Vixen
Comet, Cupid
And Blitzen
Reindeer sleigh
Come our way
Ho, ho, ho
Cherry nose
Cap on head
Suit that's red
Special night
Beard that's white
Must be Santa
Must be Santa
Must be Santa
Santa Claus

Camping for Everyone Else

I’m back two years later. Now we can’t have parties like this. How things have changed. Be safe everyone. I’ll be back in two years.

Endoe Kronic

Why is the guy running through the house? This makes NO SENSE at all!!

Will O'Connor


Curtis Williams

Uncle Bobby really is a " Song and Dance Man"

Rose Cruz

Bob Dylan is singing polka

k windsock

My fav Christmas song.


The Video - yes

Beth Nowling

That's the Brave Combo polka arrangement from their holiday album for Japanese fans years ago.

wayne drury

This is a straight up rip off of Brave Combo’s arrangement.

Dae Woong Kim

HELL NO. No drift at home.

Albert Klassen

Dylan dressed like Dianne Keaton. That's funny.


This is what it would look like if my Jewish friends threw a Christmas party.

Da Orestes

1:09 haha

Jesus Christ

It's MY day.

Steve Parness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYmRu8_Pa70&t=30s A different kind of song.

Liz Narey


Jon V. Thorsteinsson

Best Christmas song ever... No NO... I say it is the BEST.

Should i get a bob

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Considering a Bob Haircut? What to Know Before You Hit the Salon

661 158 views | 17 Jan. 2014

The bob has taken over the

The bob has taken over the red carpet, and for good reason, as it's flattering on almost everyone. But what should you know before you hit the salon? We visited Ramirez|Tran salon in Beverly Hills and met with celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran (who cut Coco Rocha's now famous pixie cut) on the emerging bob trend of 2014.

The good news? Every face shape and every hair type can work a bob! But how you get it cut matters. Ask for texture toward the ends, with layers in the back, to give a lived-in, messy look that doesn't look too perfect. That will modernize your cut and keep you looking cool and effortless, like Alexa Chung.

On Kirbie: Mango vest, Nanette Lepore top and Paige Premium Denim.

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Hayley Sawyer

I neeeeed anh!!!

Gingerbread Girl

I can't wait to cut my own hip length hair into a bob!!!!!! I'm gonna go do it myself right now, I just needed a few tips on how to cut. This guy is so cool and talented!! 


the problem for us not famous ppl is THEY HAVE PROFESSIONALS DOING THEIR HAIR- in the REAL world NO make sure you knoiw what you want you all bring pics in there is no such thing as a magic wand Jose' Eber was great in the 80's once you cut you cannot go back texture thickness can make your hair hard to manage in the 90's evey one loved jen aniston's hair u have to do what is right for you not going by the latest trends

Haylie anne

He's so nice!!!


whats the name of the girl in 1:04

Sou Franco



Her hair looks awesome!

Frances Wolff



She looks hotter! I love this type of hair cut

Vøelken Gaming

Have a bob and they are so good looking and comfortable! Get a long bob and if you like it go shorter if not keep it long

Susan Soares

who is the blond at :38?

chuck wilburn

Have a seat Blondie.. you're next !!


I want HIM to do my hair! omg


I've had long hair all my life and I finally think it's time for a change. I'm only 85% ready to do it because no one at my school has short hair except for boys and maybe 1 or 2 girls. I'm also ready to get a shorter hair style because I got my hair stuck in a brush (wow) and I had to chop off some of it. It looks uneven and it doesn't blend in with my hair at all. I don't know if I should get it shorter because I'm getting braces soon - but then again I rather have it short than have a section of it sticking out from the rest.


I have a diamondish round face and straight waist length hair. I want a bob but i dont think my face shape suits and I wouldn't pull it off. Anyone with a similar face shape have tips or experience with a bob or lob?

Bety Simova

I've cut my hair (bob hairstyle) today and now I have really fluffy, poofy and round haircut but I'm afraid it will not be poofy in a few days.

This is charlie

Got my hair cut short and I love it! Girls with shaved hair look bad ass


A "bob" in what sense? Length? straight cut? Short and straight across is what I thought a bob was. Hair past your shoulders? Not a bob.

Rand Ghz

I want to get that hair cut so badly, but my hair is so long it's hard for me to just chap it!



I got my hair cut an hour ago ;)


What brand and diameter is the curling iron used in this video?

meganthe ratlover

I love bobs but they look bad on me bc my hair just goes crazy frizzy\curly. and I'm too lazy to style!

Δήμητρα Καραγιάννη

I just cut my hair today and got a bob and I love it, best haircut I have ever had.


He's amazing!! Guys, I have been investigating a lot, and I found this article that has helped me (and my friends!) to decide which haircut to have! https://beautyshortcutips.com/choose-right-haircut-face-shape/

Raw Nature Spirit


Andrea Ng

Why coco I loved her long locks!:(:(

Ameera Hiro

Watching this in 2017 and thinking what am I doing here?


He is very talented. Love that modern edgy androgynous

Alleyz Babe

i luv this hairstyle <3 <3 <3 

Roy xo

i'm thinking about cutting my hair, but i have round face so i don't think its gonna suit me :(

Kelly Anderson

I had a bob for two years best thing i ever did was grow it out i let my layers grow out aswell. My hair is wavy/curly very thick and i don't really have a style i just keep letting it grow. I don't care about being in style i am forty years old and my hair is very healthy and looks good the way it is i will never cut mine again..

Eu Sei

You can also go outside on a windy day. Same effect, no cost! (So, the idea is to look like you woke up and didn't brush your hair. Very nice, yup.)


aahh yes alexa chung. i'm not the only one who showed photo of her when getting a haircut


What size is the curling iron used?



Kelly Elle

Love Anh Co Tran! I follow his Instagram & Ramirez Tran blog! Love, love, love!

Gloria Sheen

the harsh reality is that you cannot get that cut without some huge expense... or else you resort to lame ass stylists that fucks up your hair and makes you feel like it is due to your miscommunication or ridiculous standards/ requirements.....

Elisa Gil

I had lob but then I cut it shorter and I think it looks good on me I absolutely love bobs

Vinet M

I love him! I did exactly that! I did a faux Bob and fooled my family and friends.


She so loud ?

Amanda G

That awkward handshake/hand slap in the beginning ??

Lucy El

very helpful! thank u!

Iris dw

Does someone know if she has layers in her hair? I started with a lob, but I have layers and not quite sure if that's the way it should be. I really love the curled bob hairstyle (example Lily Collins) 

Spicy coco Cute

Well I have an appointment this Friday and I will go with this look bob chick lol

Trin Murray

They should have kept the part the same as in the video for the after picture. It looks weird parted that way but she looks absolutely stunning in the video! She looks so amazing it makes me want to chop my hair but I have too many weird layers from having bangs last winter. My longest layers are still barely past my chin!


what a talented man..i never leave a hair saloon happy..i need him in my lifeee


He's so hot/cute

Tiffany H

Watches video for hair tips... starts fangirling over Once Upon a Time at the mention of Ginny XD

Kimber Bauer

don't do it, life will never be the same


I have a bob?


I would love to have a bob with volume but I have few hair and it's curly... Is it a bad idea?

Kim N

her hair looks great!

RedLadyBug 91

I'm getting my haircut on the 6th may, I have naturally curly fizzy hair which I straighten every day. It's so dead so I was thinking about having a bob or a lob. I have an oval shaped face and I like to have bangs I start with straight bangs but my hair grows so fast it always ends up as a side bangs. What products and things would you recommend for my hair? Thanks x


I watched this and another million videos, downloaded a million pictures, went to the salon, told the hair stylist what i wanted and got the opposite of it... never going to a salon ever again... from now on i'm chopping my hair all by myself, now if i fuck up, at least i didn't have to pay for it.


lmao a bob isn't hard to pull off? It's not even short, I went from hip-length to pixie two days ago, THAT is short

Shraddha Hudale

very helpful!!

cheeo 1620

omgods. I cut my hair short as F! 7 months ago... I was like the happiest person ever! but after a week i was going crazy! cuz I rly did not see a lot of gurls with short hair, but NOW! everyone has like short Bobs :D yay! lol 


should I get a bob like hers or go longer..... decisions!!! on one hand styling me hair (curling/straightening) would take soooo much longer for longer hair on the other hand when I can't be bothered doing that what would I do to make shorter hair seem presentable!!!


If you have a lot of breakage that's shorter than that (including a lot of front unfortunately) do you think this cut would look like a mullet?

Champagne Supernova

I hate bobs....ewwwwwww.....just because it's "in" in Hollywood, some idiots go and get it? Remember those celebrities can afford extensions..... Common people have to wait years to grow their hair...

Reheia Stevenson

What was the product he used in her hair?


His cheekbones....! Mads Mikkelsen asian brother

Nance gh

I had a long hair for 4 years and chopped it off two weeks ago. It's shoulder length and my hair feels so healthy and really thicker since I have fine hair. Now the downside is some liked it and some thought I looked different. But I personally adore it and think it suits me since I have a small face and long hair is dragging my features down and makes me look so old.

Adele Parli

I just recently cut my hair into a collarbone-length bob because I got an undercut about a year ago and I really needed to even out my hair. I think I definitely prefer long hair, just because I had sorted out so many cute styles that were quick and easy, but I do really love my bob! It looks stunning on the girl in the video though :)


I want to get a bob so bad but I dont wanna get out of the hair salon looking like lord farquard

M Hastings

I love the haircut he gave to that girl and I'd love to have the same hairstyle except I don't know any good stylist ;(


i have really long straight hair and want a whole new look that i wont regret i dont just want 86t top be a blunt blob maybe a cute look but i raspy dont know what to do because Mr friends tell me to keep it long

Lo Lo

Her voice is so annoying compared to his.


I have an Asian face and "good" cheekbones according to my family. Would a long bob look good with my hair

Chantal Said

what to know before you go to the salon...you're a grown ass human and you can do whatever you want with your hair. Whether the internet says you can pull it off or not.

Michelle Walles

I've never had hair past wear the bottom of my bra strap would be. it just annoys me. but now I have a long Bob and I'm thinking of going shorter when my side cut grows out. aha
but this is fab, I want him to be my stylist ?

donthaveone donthaveone

so it doesn't get in the way while making super babies!
and it's easier to maintain,
faster 2 dry after sex in the shower.
and manage in the morning.
who wants to create a super baby?


Now I know what to expect this season with my clients! I'll be sure to sharpen my shears to get ready for lots of bob cuts ;) One of my clients actually asked me what the trend is going to be for 2014, and I did not know until now!

Laruen Dragonsflame

I love Lily Collin's bob, but i would have to get a shoulder length one because of sports

Should i get a bob

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What to Know Before Getting a Bob Haircut

9 747 views | 26 Dec. 2018

Hey cuties!

Hey cuties!

Today we're going to be talking about BOBS. I will be answering the daring question, "Should I cut my hair?"

So without further ado, here's what you should know before you cut your hair!

It's going to be rad, so stay around for the fun.

S O C I A L :

Insta: @oh_hey_hollis

Twitter: @holly_burleson

Snap: @hollybolly333

E Q U I P M E N T :

Canon t5i Rebel

50mm f1.8

Final Cut Pro

Zoom H4n

Thanks for visiting?


Thank you




You’re super pretty! And this looks so good on you wow ❤️


Nooooo why don’t you make videos anymore??

hobi core

My short hairs growing out and it looks like a short bob and i like it so when it grows I'm gonna get a short bob


You’re really really pretty, I’m in love with everything, from your eyes to your smile, also red looks soo good on you!!???

Sabrina K

You look so good with your bob!!! Love you!

Disha Tandon

Thank you ?♥️

Ps: you look amazing☺️


Go for the pixie? You look a lot like winona ryder here!

roxy mcgowan

Take that thing outta your nose. Stupid

Seventies Girl

You look like Alyssa Milano.

Carina Snape

I have waist long hair too and I don't really know whether I should do it or not... But I don't have earings at all :(

Carol Christiansen

Hope his very happy.