Silicone based hair serum

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Hair serums and silicones

140 views | 16 Apr. 2010

Alternatives to synthetic

Alternatives to synthetic silicone based hair serums, and how to shampoo product residue.

Silicone based hair serum

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What Is A Hair Serum? | How To Apply Hair Serum For Long & Shiny Hair | Haircare Tips | Be Beautiful

1 282 081 views | 7 Jul. 2020

You have mastered basic

You have mastered basic hair care tips like oiling your hair once a week, using heat protection spray before styling and using a serum after washing your hair. But do you know how to apply hair serum to get the most out of it? In this video by Be Beautiful learn the right way to apply serum and transform your dull, damaged hair to shiny and healthy mane.

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0:00 What is a hair serum

1:13 How To Use Hair Serum

1:20 How To Choose Right Serum

2:18 How To Apply Hair Serum

3:25 Hair serum tips

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thank you it really helped me alot.... your information is been helpfull

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After using serum later we have to wash our hair yes or no?

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Silicone based hair serum

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How to Make a DIY Smooth & Shine Hair Serum

13 267 views | 21 Jan. 2019

For the full written

For the full written instructions, information on substitutions, information on scaling, shelf life, and links to all the ingredients and all the equipment I used, visit http://www.humblebeeandme.com/smooth-shine-hair-serum/

To learn more about the ingredients I've used (including why they're used, substitutions, shelf life, and more) please check out the Humblebee & Me Encyclopedia at https://www.humblebeeandme.com/diy-encyclopedia/



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22.125g | 73.75% distilled water

6g | 20% rose hydrosol

0.6g | 2% vegetable glycerine

0.6g | 2% Polyquaternium 7

0.075g | 0.25% cetrimonium chloride

0.15g | 0.5% panthenol

0.3g | 1% Cromollient SCE

0.15g | 0.5% liquid germall plus

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GiGi _

Start 2:33

ZoZoy 44

Great ?? ?, Can you explain for us how to use vitamin powders, alpha arbutin, and kojic acid please ?

R Oki

You are right about the Cat-ionic ingredients smelling like "fish Butt" I thought it was just me who thought that! I love the way you enunciate and pronounce your words!!

hobo junction

Alright!! Love these videos?

Dessy Johanna

Thankyou dear, but how about a hair loss serum ??????

Country Cottage Candles and Soaps

Amazing. I’ve been looking for just this lately. I’ve tried so many things on my natural curly hair and it leaves my hair so frizzy yet. So this I’m so excited to try.

i-Natural Beauty

Hi​,I​ would like to​ make hair​ silky(Oil&Silicone)​recipes.Could you help me?

Rhys Porter

Wonderful blog. Thank you.

Shirin Kabir

Could u plz gimme the formulation in written form?

Sean Clark

So I am wanting to get into making my own lotions/creams/etc after researching quite a bit. I have a plan that I want to try for my first attempt!

If you have a moment I am curious to see if there is anything blatantly not okay with this tentative formulation while I wait for my order to come in

10 grams tester
Water Phase:
24.9% Distilled Water
20% Strawberry Fruit Essence
20% Cucumber Hydrosol
5% Vegetable Glycerin
3% Vitamin E
2% Hyluronic Acid (low molecular weight)
0.1% Silverion 2400 (preservative suggested by the supplier of my essence and hydrosol)

Oil Phase:
10% Cucumber Seed Oil
5% Cranberry Seed Oil
5% Shea Butter
5% Emulsifying Wax NF

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Hii love your hair

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Great? thanks a lot dear for ur always nice reciepe & guidance? would u plz kindly training thermal/heat protection hair spray too???

Mervat R.Mohamed

can I remove the 1% Cromollient SCE

R Oki

Your hair has nice body with your new hair cut!


If I did want to be able to spray it, could I add more water (and adjust preservative accordingly, of course ☺️)?


Hello! Got a question for you. Would there be another ingredient that could possibly be used as an alternative to replace Cromollient SCE??

Rachel LT

Looking forward to trying this one out, thanks Marie.

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I'm just binge watching all of your wonderful videos

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Your hair looks amazing! It looks so shiny? Congrats on 45k subscribers! You've grown so much since I first followed you and I'm happy for you because you are honestly very talented in what you do

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Is polyquaternium a natural ingredient? I’ve never seen this in natural cosmetics so am slightly worried about it being toxic... ?

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I CANT endure th idea about using all of those chemicals, the rose hydro-sol its great but wow this is a chemical product.

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Thank you mam

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can this serum be use on any hair types?

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Ooooooh! I have all these ingredients! Score! I need to make this! It looks amazing!

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Hey Marie! What would this measure up on the pH scale?

Frances Lock

My hair is dry so this might not work for me, if you use a humectant on hair without anything occlusive how is the moisture held in the hair? Once the water evaporates wouldn't the humectant draw moisture out of the hair? Maybe I can add a light occlusive layer after the serum to lock in the moisture.

noemi carrion

I get so excited when your videos pop up but then I go nuts trying to find the ingredients and by the time i found purchase them I forget what recipe it's for. Lol