Is sunscreen bad

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DermTV - Do You Need to Remove Your Sunscreen at Night [DermTV.com Epi #362]

18 943 views | 5 Dec. 2011

A viewer recently wrote in

A viewer recently wrote in asking if they needed to remove their sunscreen at night. So in this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz discusses this question and the answer and reasoning may not be what you expect.


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Every weekday, our host, Dr. Neal Schultz, one of New York's most trusted and respected dermatologists (see bio below), teaches skincare's most timely and timeless issues. Topics include: the best at home techniques and new technology for facial rejuvenation, preventing and fixing sun damage from wrinkles to skin cancer, breaking news in dermatology, general skincare topics, and more.

Eric Elvis Smith

Great Information


@lilqtxanq3l Chewing gums can help u with sliming down it. & exercise or yoga will also help. Takecare, Byeee. Love, Candy...<3

Tsion Getachew

Now I can jump in to my bed free from guilt of not washing my face ??? thank you Dr ?
I know it's said to remove it for preparing my skin for night time moisturizer... But I lean on to the idea of not touching water, at least for today let me be legal ???


You are amazing Doc!

Hii Mii

I have a body lotion that contains spf, is it ok to apply it at night? Will the sunscreen clog the body pores?

Annabel Blabla

Ah... What if you don't remove your sunscreen though? (Because you dont use night products) Will leaving your sunscreen on cause wrinkles? Please answer!


a skin care consultant once told me that sunscreen only last for 2 hours? regardless if its a high spf or not, so you constantly need to re apply it?


@FREESTYLEJN007 only if you've sweat it off or if you're under the sun the entire day or something. He discussed about this in one of the dermtv episodes


Hi Doctor, while this video about sunscreen I like to ask I heard somthing I am not sure it's true? if you can correct me please, they says we can get sun ray from computer screan is it ture? and I use computer mostly at night so at night there's no sun so do I still get sun ray from computer at night?


Thank you


@Lovedrawing1 First of all excuse your self mind your own health, If it was small thing then why you worry about my comment, it can be small for you but for me it's A Question I simply want to know, now with your drama you create to get attention doctor might not replay so next time mind your own business dont judge people for what matter is small for them or big.now I had message from lovely youtuber sent me link for more inf about computer sun ray so I got my answer thanks dont bother anymore

• Dia nah •

I like the way he speaks ?

Petra F

What is the best way to remove blond excessive facial hair? Any cream/ pills/ laser treatments you suggest?

Vitamine Vitamin

Can I use sunscreen at night?

Rainbow Ang

how to remove it?

Princess Leia

I was surprised to hear this! I thought i'de heard that sunscreen kinda creates a film over the skin, so it could be too heavy to use at night.So glad to hear the opposite


love u & ur videos ♥♥♥ ur best out there..

Devin Focbit

But im using sunscreen to fade dark spot that why i put everynight


I've always wondered if I could wear a moisturizer with sunscreen at night time. Thank you!


@Lovedrawing1 why so sad people like you come in youtube make others upset, every time I commen in doctor's video some body replay nasty way I even dont write bad comment I just ask question from doctor what I need to know, so is it hard for people to mind their OWN business and let doctor replay, I ask him it's his video,,, are you doctor? did I ask you? NOOOO I hate people in youtube so negative try to fight and get attention, go get life sad person leave me alone.

Krissy Collins

Can you do a video on hormones and how it can affect your skin? Such as excessive oiliness or chin breakouts, etc. My skin is experiencing both and this is the only thing I can think of that might be going on! Thanks!


omg i loveyou!


@shantill Have you heard of dermaplaning? It's an exfoliating treatment for the face that removes the velours hair of the face. Although it does grow back prickly because it's technically being "shaved" off with a razor. OR you could just get a face wax :)

Sitiqurrotun Akyun

Finally! I get the answer..


@holidayslov Oh please, will you calm down a bit? I seriously hope that the "computer sun rays" aren't your biggest problem. Otherwise you may want to have a look around to see, what other people deal with.


is it safe to use salicylic acid and hydroquione? if so what are some of the side effects? I read that using benzoyl peroxide and hydroquione turns the area temporary dark

Edgielyn Aba

Is it ok if I use sunscreen at night?

yvonne rico

very helpful :-)

Kris Aquino

Dad: Why do you need to use alo this stuff , are you a celebrity??



@holidayslov Excuse me, I did not write that to make you upset. I wrote that to make you realise that there ARE bigger problems, than you may realise. Every day, I'm grateful that I can walk and move, that I don't suffer, that I'm in a good health, that I can recognize it's not a matter of course to do all the "normal" stuff. I understand that you just want to get an answer. But my point is that you should appreciate what you got instead of worrying about something that small.


This channel helps a lot thank you


Who would go to bed without washing their face, anyway?


can you do a video talking about if massaging the face slims and contour the V of our face? This is very popular in Asia and I wanted to know more about it from your perspective. Also does using firming cream help slim down the face and drain water rentention out?

Ashley T

The answer is yes u have to remove sunscreen at night

Is sunscreen bad

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The Sun Doesn't Cause Skin Cancer, But Sunscreen Does!

288 034 views | 25 Sep. 2014

Lack of sunshine causes

Lack of sunshine causes skin cancer, according to Andreas Moritz. In this video from 2009, he explains why being in the sun is actually good for you and your skin. Find out why your sunscreen is doing more harm than good. Also, you need vitamin D to prevent cancer, and sunscreen may interfere with your exposure to vitamin D from the sun.



Yes of course, it makes sense. I have not ever worn sunscreen and I have no cancer. I don’t even burn, I tan well.

Iftekhar Ahmed

honestly , do the opposite of what the government tells you to


Simple rule: Do not put on your skin what you dont put in your mouth (most of the time)

Conventional medicine is fantastic for its original intended purpose: saving lives in critical emergencies, and fixing broken bones, Thats it. Now there is so much money involved, the health industry is a huge money making business. Literally any hypothesis can be created out of bull shit.

There is a perfect ecosystem in place for over 350 million years.
If the sun harmed our skin, human's would not exist on earth, there is absolutely no chance in hell that the sun can directly (void of any external factors or real world variables, which are never taken into account in studies) harm us.
The Sun is the most vital and valuable source of natural light nutrient

maka merebashvili

you think sunscreen has more power to cause cancer then the sun? ok

R Nassiri

He said England etc get skin cancer but I thought it was because they are fair skinned , their skin is use to being away from the sun, then many British people go on holiday or when there is abit of sun they run and lay in it all day and over do it and hence they get cancer. Please can someone assist me in the thought? Thanks

Oumou Coly

Yall can't deny that he made some points

Staro Junes

Chemical sunscreen is questionable in it's safety however physical sunscreen like Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are safer. I do believe that synthetic fragrances may lead to skin cancer in America. Companies don't have to tell you what chemicals they use in the product to make it smell a certain way. Some chemicals companies use to make fragrance hasn't been tested for safety in humans. It's better to avoid fragrance anything when it comes to skincare I believe.
Global warming has made the ozone much more thinner. It lets more of the sun's harmful rays through than it did hundreds of years ago. Also there is a common misconception that people have about sunscreen and they will only wear it during the warmer months but when it gets to the winter they no longer wear it. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that the sun isn't harming your skin. People who deal with hyper pigmentation from acne or age spots have seen improvement in lessening the appearance of it by USING sunscreen. If you are using products like salicylic acid, lactic acid, or tretinoin you MUST wear sunscreen. Also you can get vitamin D from supplements and different types of fish. Sun isn't the only way to get vitamin D.

Andrey Hooper

Check tan your hide! Law sue's whitey...

suneeta pammnani

Hii can you tell me how can I then protect my skin from rosacea ???

Donia Mustafa

We live in Egypt it's damn hot here but ofc not like Saudi Arabia so people here don't have the culture of wearing sunblock but recently a lot of companies decided to get into girl's heads and convenience them to buy it I think Alovera is good more han sunblock


At this point I did not know what to do anymore

Emma Leyva

Common sense


Do your research people!!! Don’t believe this guy he doesn’t even have dr. On him name ???



Andrew Hatton

The sun is a natural healer

George J Gilles.:



What about Australia lol fucn clown


Doesn't use soap? No wonder she's sitting across the room from him.


these comments are interesting....


This is so false oh my god:)))))

Consciência Positiva

I agree! My sister used to apply sunscreen particularly on the neck and she got melanoma 8 years ago. She passed away and a German skin specialist said:
No need of sunscreen as long as you avoid sunlight before 11.00 am till 6.00 pm.

Cole Hahn

I think the title is misleading but he does have interesting things to say

Mark Siefring

This is absolute bullshit!! Just amazing, like the anti-vaccine movement. You can get your normal Vitamin D levels within 8 minutes of morning sunshine. Absolute false crap. Dr. Mark Siefring. Highest rates of skin Cancer are Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, S. African whites. Bullshit, absolute bullshit!!

Maurice Battle

Sunscreen causes cancer. It contains phenol. The call it cancer but its nerve damage caused by phenol. This is a nerve blocker/blocked artery that mimics a disease you don't have. Please look up phenol on CDC website. Now look up Hitler and phenol on wikipedia. This causes Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, schizophrenia, HIV all auto immune disease's! They were experimenting in death camps! Btw this is how dogs get diabetes, hip problems and other health issues. Under different names. Anyone can have my records! Jesus Walks


He said, “UVB doesn’t cause cancer, but UVA does”. As far as I know UVA comes from the sun. ??‍♀️

Chèri K

SunBLOCKS block sun sunSCREENS Block uva!

Mratto Själ

This is BS! Wear your sunscreen guys! There is no evidence that sunscreen cause vitamin D deficiency! If anything, it might improve vitamin D synthecis!

This is dangerous misinformation! Sunscreen protects both against UVA and UVB, does this person not realize that? Insane!


I was with him up until he said you shouldn’t use soap. Uuuuh yes I’m aware of the good normal flora that lives on our skin but what our sweat glands and the secretion we release everyday. In my personal opinion I think it’s still important to wash every part of your body because every part of your body sweats.


I disagree with his advice. Most sunscreens today block both UVA and UVB, both of which are the lead causes of skin cancers like melanoma. There are better/safer ways of getting vitamin D than getting it from the sun. If you were to take his advice, you’d probably think there’s nothing wrong with even using sun beds. Think, why do Australians have such a high incidence of skin cancer? Because they’re fair skinned and live in a country that their skin was not made for. He must be talking about people with darker skin tones because this is really dangerous advice to be giving to anyone with fair skin.

Jesus M. Candelario

:He's right; the Sun doesn't give cancer, the Ultraviolet Ray's Radiation does. This man should sue his educators. #Dumbass

Mc Lovin

Clicked on this video for the comments


Unless you're fully covering all of your exposed skin in sunscreen I don't know how you could become vitamin deficient. I put sunscreen on my face and on my hands regularly but I don't put it on my arms or legs.

lovemyselfloveyourself 1251

Some says you have to use sunscreen to prevent aging and cancer and some says sunscreen can cause cancer
So confused ??
I am 16, should i use sunscreen or not?

FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst


King A -

Just wear sunblock


This dude died at 58 maybe the vibrational medicine didnt work for him

C k

I apply aloevera gel before stepping out. I use aloevera and as a moisturiser my skin is supple.

Anson Do

I can’t stand the stupidity in the comment section!


Caveman had no cancer from the sun

Carol Hitchcock

Washing off the vitamin D......???

Danny C. Jewell

What a nice video ,a man telling the truth , ,how did we ever get along before sunblock lol


Ok but are you a derma?????


If this guy worked in a hospital, he'd kill his surgery patients via infection ... literally never washes his hands unless coming into contact with some type of oil.........

Ghøšt Bïrd

Makes A LOT sense to me. I ONLY wear mineral ones on my face cause I use RETIN-A. In tropical countries, the cancer rate is very low - partially due to diet, most of these brown folks do not wear sunscreen and you cannot even find it in drugs stores there. And these people live fast 80 years old. On the other hand, IF you have that cancer gene from your family then your chances are high.

Ghost De Razgriz

Not enough evidence for me to believe this I'm afraid, I don't doubt it's possible but there's simply no information here. He didn't even provide a synopsis of a study that states this. Or a demonstration, heck a foot note would suffice.


This guy forgot to mention Australia, being located near the equator and also having the highest skin cancer rates of anywhere in the world........... So his point relating to that is completely trumped by the example of my home country...

michael smith

That’s obvious

Chris McKay

Interesting that old mate Andreas didn't mention Australia when discussing areas with the highest incidents of skin cancer. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Oh and we're quite sunny too so that makes his claims about sun exposure a bit hard to take seriously. Perhaps the reason why high altitude countries with extreme levels of UV don't experience the same rates of skin cancer is that they're wearing more protective clothing because it's generally colder?

Tanning is not a natural protection either. That's just rubbish. While those with higher levels of naturally occuring melanin will enjoy some protection from the sun, they can still fall victim to sun damage including melanomas. The claims about sunscreens causing cancer (including this muppet) are not scientifically supported. The only study that suggests this is the case was undertaken by Elizabeth Plourde. That's one, lonely, single study. The basis of which has been debunked by the scientific and medical communities. The study incorrectly cited other articles and included dubious subjective opinions. If Andreas is basing his claims on this article then, erm....

Incidentally, Andreas left this mortal coil in 2012 while his cause of death not publicised. As someone who made a name for himself (irresponsibly in my opinion) directing people away from scientifically proven treatments, I wonder if his views on alternative treatments meant he succumbed to a disease he advocated that he could cure without conventional treatment and those close to him wanted to protect his "legacy".

Elijah Miles

So your body makes vitamin D with the aid of sunlight exposure. You don’t need much. Sunscreen will not hurt your production of vitamin D to any significant degree. All his supporting “studies” do not exist. Please wear sunscreen guys.

Tutter Brown

I believe this and soap is bad too. I wonder what he uses if not soap? Just water?

My Past Is Your Future

I believe him, people go so stupid these days (covid19).

Massiel Viz



Sunscreen does not protect skin 100% tho so how tf can we get vitamin d deficiency

VikZik Taro

On Facebook says is false information it didn't allow me to post it


Most sunscreens are FULL of toxic chemicals and yes, poor liver will have to deal with the toxicity. Respect the liver!!! Get plenty of Sun but get out from it if you notice any irritation. Also always protect (irritated) skin. Coconut oil as an after Sun treatment is fantastic. RIP Andreas xox

Amila D

The comments are disturbing but hey... it’s your body.

Fulfilling Happiness

According to the world health rankings in 2017, Australia is at #1st, New Zealand #2nd, Norway #3rd, South Africa #4th, Kazakhstan #5th of the most skin cancer occurring yearly*. The *bottom 5 countries are Guayana last, Bangladesh 2nd last, Kuwait 3rd last, Samoa 4th last and Kuwait 5th from the bottom . Now how is it possible that countries with so much more sun have almost no skin cancer while those who are either relatively well developed and its population can well afford sunblock (Australia, New Zealand) or in the case of countries far away from sunny regions (Norway) have such high skin cancer rates? I will tell you why, in the regions where people walk protecting themselves by clothing, sun does not damage their skin while sun bathing does, especially when sunblock is applied. You can check full statistics here>> https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/cause-of-death/skin-cancers/by-country/


This man just said sunscreen is bad because if you put the ingredients of sunscreen in food it’s not good for you ? sunscreen is perfectly fine and it actually RECOMMENDED for everyday use by dermatologists..

Peace & Serenity

I came here because of God's wisdom, God wouldn't create a sun that we do not need and causes us cancer just by being under it, we are not make of ICE CREAM. This man make a very good point, God bless this man. Almost buy a sunscreen, thank God. I wonder about soap too! And the only ingredients that cures are almost natural creation, aloe vera, tea tree oil etc etc many more.

Ивена Светлана Скярова

I don't stand that old woman interrupting at every second the expert. I stopped watching the video because I don't stand her.


I no longer knows what to believe in.....

Berkan Sahin

I cant believe that over 5000 Lunatics liked this...... Atleast they wont last long

Jessica Wilson

I found this because I was told I have a freckle in my eye,they are going to check it in three months to see if it's gotten bigger, if so,they will send me to get it checked for melanoma(the worse skin cancer)
Is there a way I can get the freckle to go away and protect from melenoma?


The anti-vaxers of skin cancer.

Blue Fox

Interesting. Let's research shall we?
I am so going to delve into this.
I want to find the best way to protect my skin.

Tatiana CH

His skin is relatively good for smb who does not wear spf

Gandalf Stormcrow

Just eat the right foods. Done


Sunscreens have been around for what...50 years max?

Toby Westfall

R you a doctor

Ghost Hunters NYC-Upper West Side Occult Science

~ LOL..."Skin cancer is older than the labs where the wellspring for the idea of sunscreen was first thought out."

dyami gerhold

IVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS NOW! Sunscreen causes skin cancer more than the sun

Vegard B

This man is dead. He was a con artist.

Abdulmohsen Dhafer

Some say suncream causes cancer, some say not using does. This is soooooooo confusion

summerlamkin truthseeker

Thank you shared ???✨??

Raj 16

Sunlight is the only non polluted thing......air and water is already taken.


UVA rays are basically ignored by most 'sun safety' websites. The sun emits the same amount of UVA rays no matter what time of day, except for when below 10 degrees elevation.


So annoying how she keeps talking over him.


how can anyone believe this, burns cause sunspots sunspots can turn into cancer, sunscreen is PROVEN to prevent sunburns


This is fucking hilarious.

adenosine triphosphate

this guy died of melanoma in 2012 following his own advice... just proves that he has been wrong all along


What a joke, good luck to anyone who follows this. Oh and btw jerk, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.


Goed LUISTEREN lieve Marius !!!

Love it

Title is misleading

Clayton Humphrey

It’s all about moderation - get enough sun for some good vitamin D production but not too much to get inflamed / burnt skin. He states that UVA rays do in fact cause skin cancer, so the title of the video is partly misleading. Some of the chemicals in sunscreens have been shown to be dangerous if used too frequently, so save the sunscreen only for long days at the beach. I don’t get why this is so baffling to everyone here!

Fabienne Cadet

I believe in what he's saying
Because if the sun causes skin cancer everybody in my country would have skin cancer because it extremely hot and they never used sunscreen.

Kevin producciones 2

The only proof that I have is that sunscreen protects my skin from sun damage, so I prefer to continue using sunscreen if I get cancer I will tell you, at the moment I'm happy with my sunscreen of 100% protection hahah

kim yohan

then don't use bitch

badaan van Nanaan



I've worked doing landscaping and roofing for years, I've known people who have done it longer than I have, not one of them uses sunscreen including my self.
If the sun really caused cancer we would all be dead.

Doctor Amelioration

Whenever I see a person use sunscreen, it honestly pisses me off.

It's so fuckin' stupid.

Annie Areyouok

Ignorant comments below. If you have darker skin, you have more melanin, so you are naturally more protected from getting skin cancer. If you’re very pale, you have to protect your skin. Look at pictures of light skinned people who have sat in the sun all their lives. When I have gone in the sun without protection, I have gotten extremely painful burns. Wearing sun protection doesn’t mean “don’t ever go into the sun, ever.” If you are concerned about getting vitamin D, then go in the sun unprotected for 15 minutes. There you go. You’re good. Or, take a vitamin D supplement. They’re affordable and everywhere. Every single person I know who has not protected themselves from the sun by wearing sunglasses, sun hats, long sleeves, and/or sunscreen when spending many hours a day in the sun has aged absolutely horribly and/or has had to get pre-cancerous moles scraped out of their bodies. Now they have scars for life. Wear zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreens rather than chemical ones. Problem solved.

like to stay anonymus like to stay anonymus

I believe him,
I am from Kerala, India which is near to the equator. Very less people use sunscreen or sunblocks in India. If you look into north side of the India, lots of them are fair. But in Kerala and Tamilnadu is other way around. Most of us have dark skins. Lots of people in village who are field workers never used to ware a shirt long time back because that point of time the shirt was a luxury item. My parents or grand parents never used to ware a sunscreen. My grand father used to ware the the traditional clothing something like showing in the link. And i never heard about skin cancer here. They were used to be under the the sun most of the time with or with out the shirt and without sunscreen. You can have a proper search and find out the number of skin cancer is very less in these regions. (The wome
Men dressing - https://images.app.goo.gl/W5HUgoqcLJUtggLG9

Women - https://images.app.goo.gl/awnA5yM1VC1YY89z6

(she is an actress. But thats what women user ware in rural part of Kerala, India)


Sounds like a bunch of liberal nonsense to me

Jerin Johny

Okay the title is sun doesn't cause skin cancer. Then, the medical 'intuitive' says UV A causes cancer.
And even that's dumb too. UV B causes cancer. UV A causes premature aging... So much forbthe intuition though...

Tammy Brock

How come I have Melanoma then? It’s from the sun. To get tan you have to get a sunburn first. If I went out in the sun now without sunscreen then I would get other melanomas. I don’t know how true this is. Like I said I never wore sunscreen a lot so it’s not from sunscreen that I have Malignant Melonama.

Melissa S

Interesting. I have wondered about this for a long time...and I also very rarely use any kind of lotion just because I always think of the chemicals in any lotion being absorbed through the skin. I especially am cautious about applying lotion on my chest because it seems like that skin is softer and more susceptible to absorption of chemicals and it just seems like it might make it more likely for cancer cells to grow (breast cancer). I know some will say I am too paranoid..

Ace of Blackjack

Well you’re all blooming idiots I just gonna go to the outback

Moi Maris

Sunscreen makes people stay longer in the sun which causes skincancer. You should avoid the sun

Gimena Guillen

What are his credentials?

Samiha Medha

Everytime I used sunscreen it made my skin look worse honestly. I wore sunscreen only because I was told that I should wear sunscreen. Sunscreen makes my face look really sweaty .

Is sunscreen bad

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Why is Sunscreen Bad For The Environment? ☀️Pela Pointer

267 views | 24 Oct. 2019

Amyl is coming at us with

Amyl is coming at us with a new Pela Pointer! Did you know your sunscreen might be damaging the coral reefs?

Opt for sunscreens without oxybenzone and octinoxate these are two of the ingredients which have been linked to coral bleaching. Sunscreens like badger, raw elements, and coola offer reef-safe choices using ingredients like zinc oxide. But, one of the best ways to beat the sun is to wear a hat!

If you want to stay extra safe, pop open an umbrella next time you're by the pool or beach to stay in the shade, and go outside during the early and later hours when the sun isn't as intense.

Hubble Tea

I use sunscreen every day on my face (I’m very pale & scared of skin cancer/wrinkles ) so this is really helpful