How to make your hair poofy

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How to: Crimped Poofy/Volumized Hair (No Heat!)

7 918 views | 12 Sep. 2015

Hello My

Hello My Ninjas!

Time for some more poofy hair!

I know I have done a video like this last year, but here I wanted to show a different way to approach the hairstyle. I braided my hair differently to get the volumized result.

I hope you enjoyed this approach!

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-Kontodo u Fe HiLi- Dream Story


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I LOVE IT! it look so adorable<3 >-<


I cut my hair and it wasn’t poofy so I really want my hair poofy


short hair fits you perfect!(: also long hair ANY HAIR FITS YOU♡(:

U̾m̾b̾r̾e̾l̾l̾a̾ ̾A̾n̾g̾e̾l̾

Thank you so much! My hair is super boring and this is definitely helpful! :-)

Oscar & Camille

Looks gorgeous on you!


can u do a regular braid ? or does it have to be that specific type of braid ?


This is my natural hair everyday ahaha. Its like a nice floofball, but cool tutorial!

Maxine Lien


Kata Li

It looks so cute omf. Not sure if it'll look good with my death-hawk haircut but, I want to try ahaha <3

How to make your hair poofy

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How to make your hair poofy first video

19 views | 21 Jul. 2020

How to make your hair poofy

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89 139 views | 6 May. 2016

Make sure you check out my

Make sure you check out my hair colouring video ! - https://youtu.be/aclDltREdl4

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Nayima Alie

Share the products used for this hair colour I'm loving it !! And did you dye your hair by yourself if so how did you create the look ?

Zangie Does

Thank god someone with my curl type! Thank u so much.

Sheila C

your so beautiful ?? I also love your hair !

Kiana A

Love your hair color so beaut !

Follow me on Instagram : kianaxoadell

unknownn_ gucci

she reallyy said you can never have too much oil " do youu want greasyy hair "

Rochelle B

Where do you get your hair cut and coloured?

qybra qybra

So pretty ??


How does that powder dust product work on black hair?

mike hawk

free sir savage 21 mate good day

Helen Bueno

hair goals ?


love the style and cut of your hair! beautiful curls :)

Julian Meraz

can this work for heat damage curls?


do you have you hair cut in layers?

Designs and Inspirations

Wooooow!!!!! Beautiful!! I'm not sure if I'm ready to handle all that volume though but you are rocking itttttt!!!! Yaaasss!!!


i want curly hair :(


i knewww she was gonna use a diffuser?ugh im not using any heat on my hair


we have the same hair! Needed this thanks!

Lucie Meslien

Your hair used to be a lot more curly am i wrong ?

Shannon Sterken

What color are the pieces that are blonde? Golden blond?
Greetings from the Netherlands.


Her accent !! Where in England is she from?

Justcallme Shy

Great walk through!!!

Pink Lilly

Finally someone that doesnt talk for 3 hours in the intro and just gets right into business ?

natalee savage

she is so pretty I pray I can be pretty like this girl. EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO LOOK HALF WAY DECENT AS THIS GIRL! LIKE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!


How are your curls sook big!


Why does this video only have 509 likes?


amazing volume! what store do you get that super dust from?

Curlygirlmovement -

You are beautiful love this video!


You hair is beautiful, love it!


do you wash your hair everyday? If not how do to maintain your curls the next day?

Olanna Rae

Love your hair ! ?grow it out and turn it into a weave and sell it to the highest bidder ! You have tattoos ??? ?

isabel Gonzales

is this for all curly types of girls ?

Jenny C

Do you usually do this at night or morning?

Kaile Chante

Omg the color ?

Alondra Chiu

Layered haircuts give natural volume to curly hair btw

crystal burgos

What's the name of that tiny curling iron?

Lilina Faith

I like your accent

Sylvia Hernandez

Do you dye your hair if so what products do you use? Thanks your hair is beautiful :)

It’s Tyshae

Do you use anything to grow out your hair while doing this I am currently stuck at my shoulder length ?? And do you also wrap your hair up at night?
New subscriber ?

Style By Two

hot damn your hair is PERFECT

Jenni Mora

In Love with your hair

luisa fernanda lizarazu aguilar

I love your hair!!! Thanks!!

Jazzy G

You are gorgeous!! Love love love your hair/curls + color!!

Jo Anne Perez

whats a good shampoo and conditioner to use for curly hair??

Laisha Siri

I love your shape?

raven king

Do you ask for a specific cut or just layers? So I know what to ask my hairdresser for

Michael Amador

Is that your natural hair or permed?!

Wanda Ramos

can you show us how you get your hair cut please...


Girl, you're gorgeous

Makeup and Hair Styling By Jackie Browne

pronounced " joy co"


Your hair is beautiful!!! And love your accent!!!

Kacey Ellis

Your hair is gorgeous!

Leigh No one

Well , I don't have the dust in my hairdryer and it's bad


british accent is so cute you are so pretty ;)

Kiwi PR

Do you do this everyday? Because I did my hair yesterday following this video and it looked beautiful! But today I woke up with the curls all died down

Let’s Edit

Me realizing how old this is

miah teroo

British girls shake, and this girl proves it^


For the bits that dont curl as much, just fingercoil them or twist them. No heat needed to accentuate your natural hair!

Autumn Deck

Ummm..... I dont have any of those things you used

Natassha Deepest Love

I absolutely Love Love your Hair! your highlights are Perfect! ♡ I am Jealous!

Baby Leyla

Where did you get your defuser?


Do you know what type your hair is? For example, 3a, 3b, etc


great video !but small tip .. when brushing your hair start from the Bottom and work your self up to your roots it will make it much easier to brush (: