Mens side braids

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Braids Hairstyles For Men | Short/Medium/Long | Braids By Lavish Luxury | Compilation #2

24 496 views | 14 Jul. 2020

Here's a new compilation

Here's a new compilation of braids hairstyles for men by Lavish Luxury. Included in this video are braid styles for men with short, medium & long natural hair.

Book appointment with Lavish Luxury (Atlanta, Georgia): https://lavishluxuryboutique.as.me/schedule.php

Follow Lavish Luxury on Instagram: https://instagram.com/lavishluxurytacara


0:00 Style 1

0:29 Style 2

0:57 Style 3

1:31 Style 4

1:52 Style 5

2:51 Style 6

3:41 Style 7

4:32 Style 8

5:27 Style 9

#braidsformen #braids #braidstyles2020

Lavish Luxury Boutique

Awwww ? thx for the feature!!

Chrystal C

Great video thanks for sharing


prolly the shittiest beat ive ever heard ?

TJ savage tha man

When even ganna talk about that beat but them braids straight fir??


i liked the first one the best. But how long can you go with your hair styled like this?

Darlene Mccarter

We want to see them doing the hair but i love the hair style

Samuel Biyoghe Minko

What is the nale of the instru please. From Belgium

cuzn skeet

That first one was so fresh!!!

zenabu zenau

Nice style

stiiben palaciios

Muy Ricos ?

Leroy Ellison

Were is your location please


Getting box braids do I get taper first or last ?

Marleigh Moore

Style 4 look crazy


Wauw these look so niceee

Mens side braids

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28 900 views | 6 Sep. 2020

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Learn How To Braid On Super Short Hair


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Danielle Carter

Nice mussiiccccc???.. Up up

jardell prince

We need ur secret hair recipe

Edga Mwangi

What's the home remedy for that hair growth

Patrick Bello

Does hair grow quick with this style?

6ix real666

Wow what makes his hair grow so fast I have a hair grown problem my not growing at all and to see his hair makes me sad do u have any tips it will be perfect I am watching from Trinidad and tobago nice vid up up ❤❤❤❤

Dune Deraux

love it , what's the music please ?

Marcellus Tremaine jr

His hair is long enough for pattern on cornrows that be dope

Laurice Lifestyle

Am singing this song all day. ?No want no bag juice?
Lol but I love bag juice.

Laquon Boyette

Am a beginner braider I want to know why My bf hair too frizzy even when I braid his hair is this bc of product or he need a cut

Goddess Marie

Wow, his hair has grown since the first vid that I've watched! I need to make an appointment with you please X

T Hub

Do you personally recommend the use of a blow dryer on hair ?

Savage_. Pranks

This look wonderful good job


My hair way longer and my girl tell me I need to grow it more haha


The growth is so real! ?

Thr33 Jaye

The 2nd style is vedy vedy nice, then it gives you more hang time...???

Joshua Mcneil

the song was really appropriate

Laurice Lifestyle

I want the miracle hair growth. I want my hair to grow faster.

Jordan FOA

Is this better than cornrows for hair growth? Which braids are the best for hair growth?

Gw3pSiDe TL

Life’s not fair.ive been growing my hair for nearly 7 months and his been at it for just 3 months and his hair is probably longer than mine but then again I’ve never had mine braided so that’s probably why?

Laurice Lifestyle

It's time for Sam to get rid of his barber, and grow a full head of hair.

Siyabonga Cawe

I don’t believe that hair can grow so quickly

Stbrice Geamack

Omg is grown so fast I dunno what you using but it’s really good

YRS YoungRichSteppas

The music is calm and jammy?

Maxine Tafe

Don't cut it is growing nicely ? ? ?

Solo Thompson

Can u do my hair to

LAURYN_gang brown

Wat is that song at 1:45

No Café

I just got this braid style
Mine just parted on the sides too
And got the back tied

Sayen S.G

What’s on your hand is it just normal gel or gummy?

Dashawn Mcdaniel

Anybody else think of coop from all American lmao?


How do you detangle his hair, in all your videos it looks like it’s blow dried and never tangled!!

Vicky Johnson

Middle parts aren't flattering.

Ty Stackz

Need to come to u to get my hair done

Vibes w KEVIN


Kyree's Kingdom

Is Vaseline good for hai

Chef French

will this work on straight hair

Wavy Trae

Big ups momma love

50K Subscribers Challenge

Speechless is the only women that I will put my life in great danger just for her to braid my hair so satisfying ???.


What gel are you using ?


Can you do these type braids wit hair dats like 3 or 4 inches?

Lola Bailey

Hello, I'd like to speak to you about your work - I have left you a message on Facebook and also on your phone. Thank you.

Mens side braids

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Fresh and Dope Cornrows for Men ? | Men Braids

297 515 views | 30 Oct. 2020

Cornrow hair on men looks

Cornrow hair on men looks so attractive? This video shows you all sleek patterns and twists styles men can try.

This video is to showcase beautiful hairstyles and the hairstylist creativity. ??‍?

For a disclaimer, if you would like your content removed, please send an email to Super-Noic which will be listed on my about section on my channel page.

For business enquiries. If you would like to collaborate and would like for me to promote your business on my channel. On the about section on my page, my business email will be listed there

If you loved this video, please comment, like and subscribe as well as keep your notifications on to be sure to keep up with all the new videos I upload.

Nesly Leonvil

Pure art

علي غالب

Who else love this


You are correct. These cornrows are fresh AND dope.

Leland Talbert

What’s the foam stuff that they put on their head afterwards for?

mangekoo hull

I just realized braids making a comeback

michael perry

Nice styles but no man braiding my hair


Dudes braiding dudes hair... Time's definitely different. Nice styles but yea nevermind

David JP

Men are strange today

ElectricCharge ShiftChanger

Them braids are so beautiful that I'm convinced your hands been touched by God.

Melame Conly

The men get there hair done it look good. Better than the woman hair the men are git the hook up a there are use the hair not add on hair like the lady are doing.

Rakennzy lue

Who are these men with this pretty hair dam???

A bc

These are men who have never contributed anything in terms of development to the world

Jutira Familie



What is the foam?

Michael O

This some next level hair styling.

BetterLivin SHi99ER


Thomas Pierre jean

Sise pou mw paj an pap patage ekonsa moun konn montre moun penyen


3:25 5:11

Habib Osaye

Just tryna grow my hair long enough. These are ?

Kendra kb squad

And their hair so long the have me wondering

Lil Bam Shanee Johnson


velma smith

I’m real jealous, their hair longer than mine, what’s up with that. They all looked good.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.

Kurtis Marin

Where can I find information on how to connect with one of these hair braiders

Mariama-Lola Bah

It’s always the finest niggas that get conrows

J.P Orlando

How long would it take to get to their length? Had shorter braids but had to cut them off Bc my barber messed up my cut smh

Kendra kb squad

I'm so jealous men could use hand soap to wash their hair and its beautiful gorgeous women use all different things nearly 100 bottles and not one tiny bit of a change

mercy luka

My hair feels like we should have paid to see this

Also...why does this video not have at least a million views??

Mokhange Edwin Sechele

Got to admit it these men have better hair than I do ?

Tina Jackson

That cornrows going straight back looks cute on him

Miss Sophia

Okaaaaay MEN!!! Get it!!!!

noir manoir

Some of the best braid work ive seen and ive been braiding my hair for 15 years now. Creative, perfect symmetry.

Doner Kebab

Im growing my hair out for braids, can't wait

Terrence Pierson

Hey miss lady where your shop at and how much u charge? Im tryna get hooked up


She got skills. She just gotta stop givin niggas man buns.


Whats is that gel in the black jars???



billy williams

Any ATL braiders on this video?

Jae Evans

Love the braid designs ???

Leaveil Dabney

Oh yeah, you got the skills.

Marceo Matthews

These are awesome. I really want to find some different designs since my hair/ braids are getting longer.

Hood Money Ent LLc

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x Rinnegan

That shit is hard asf , I need my hair braided ???

Cee Painz

Clean work?

Beauty With Sash


Rich Sociopathic Socialist

Have you ever heard of Stephanie Braids??? Cost 700 to do.

Patrick Maxwell

What's the white foam called


Let Becky braid their hair

Isabelle Saint jean


I am Kesha

Creative. Beautiful work.

Joseph Magnate


Tennspeed *

What state are you in? I'll pay you to do my hair and it's long, like touching my back.

Michelle Caraway

Looks like the men do better style and neater..

Elvis Roger

Cómo se llama la espuma q utilizan a lo último

Kevin McCaleb

I remember these days

Ginger Snaps

Amazing!!!! Love it!

Keasha QUEEN

I didnt know dudes was still out here rockin braids ?

Say Samina

Ugh the first guy hair was so beautiful, I know he fine ?

Princess Howard

Is that jeremy from keisha channel?

K Flowers

Amazing ?

Tee Green

A man braiding ?

BigDawg Cole

Iknow how to braid I just cannot braid big only small last you about 3-4 months

Keneth Keneth

Damn in the clip I thought that it was nippsey hussle

Wanda Jeanne


Isabelle Saint jean



It looks so sexy on men

Tosha Webster

This my every day joint it a job I do to feed my family & someone who needs help .

Moyann Campbell

I wanna know how does men hair grow faster than females and we actually treat our hair better, most men just put oil in their hair and call it a day ?


Superb skills

Germain Trada

i think 4:14 are pop smoke braids
Nah but i need someone to do these braids for me

Hugo Segura

What is that foam that is sprayed on their heads at the end?

C.C. Rose

All these men with beautiful hair on their heads??

Pineal Gland

January will make 2 years I've been growing out my strength. Dope designs


I can't wait until my hair grows long again because I missed my braids a lot.

Sean N

Where was these folks when I was in high school lol

Michael Angelo

Do this nigga got a fish tail braid in his hair.....I'm gone

Ryver Jordan

Im the third design in this video lol sick ??

Betty Chambers

Great talent!!!!!!


Would've been nice to see man braided that got me to click on this in the first place because it looked so hip hop. Whoever did him is amazingly talented. I didn't care that much for the rest.

Oomie Says

Sacred geometry

Rizwan Ali

U look good

Cecil Davis

Notice how the first dude is on his phone the whole time ??‍♂️?

Ora Neal

wow looks good ladies

Moyann Campbell

Imagine if we could do our hair this fast ?

Anthony Simms

1:12 what style is that

Lyn Page

Im trying to grow my son hair out. But it's taking forever. I guess I should have never cut it.

Cionna I

Dope hairstyles on them

ElectricCharge ShiftChanger

When you braid with such magnificent craft you remind of an Architect because them braids have such perfect architectural structure.


I miss my sons hair being this long. Omg it was mid back.... Waaaaah. I would braid his hair every 1 to 2 weeks.


I love their hair. Those braides are beautiful.


I just wanna say something..not trying to be rude but these are not corn rolls they called FRENCH BRAIDS! His hair is not rolled up it’s braided

Renel Homere

Great video

Filimon Habte


Dashawn James

Where you located

Liz Elli

Love Love Love it ?


these men have beautiful hair

jamaul wallace


shawn mcneill

whats the second beat?

Shonda B


Stacey McClain

Now that's Art!?

Dizzy808 - Music

why these niggas hair so got damn long lol