Hydrating sleeping mask

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GLOWY SKIN OVERNIGHT | Sleeping Mask Routine

120 413 views | 11 Dec. 2018

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All products mention are available at Sephora or sephora.ca!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - https://bit.ly/2QImSXf

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - https://bit.ly/2G6UbPt

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask - https://bit.ly/2Lbg6nu

Laneige Multi Cleanser - https://bit.ly/2QmFk8D

Laneige Toner - https://bit.ly/2zPxTwg

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yu lok pang

The water sleeping mask is elite, I cannot tell u how much I love it and the result is exquisite

Linnea Sherman

Love the Lip sleeping mask and the hydrating gel mask! I use the lip one both at night and during the day as well. Love the face mask but just ran out :( I definitely want to try the eye mask!


Highlighter ?! ?

ak d

Does the cleanser have granular beads as exfoliants??

avengersglam infinity war

Thx for the info! I really wanna try these products now! Love ya girl!?

Chandrima Saha

Can I use the sleeping mask daily???

hannah mittler

Obsessed with laneige products the lip mask is my absolute fav!!

Pablo Garcia Aparicio

Hola princess. Me. Gusta. Todita. Tu. Cuerpo. Mamyta

Aira Lei

Applying Laneige sleeping mask while watching ?

Kenzie Ballum

Hey Melissa, how do you edit your Instagram photos and make your feed flow? Do you have a theme or just post whatever you like?

Valkyria Style

hello, i missed you !!

Laren Young

Awesome. I love this video... I recommend to buy a high quality replica bags as Christmas or new year gift at myluxurylife.net , good quality and cheap stuff, just share you all


Skincare Products in Jars? Omg... so disgusting!

Vipera Rosa

I love laneige?

Bijal Maher

You are so pretty

Becky Walker


Hot Cheetos Δ

Just bought the water sleeping mask can’t wait to try!

informative lovers

I have one doubt after cleansing we are applying toner to face .... the point is should we want face the face after applying the toner...?? Or else should we continue through out the process...??

Jeyashri Sridhar

LANEIGE IS A WHOLE MOOD. love this brand so, so much and I am not the kind of person who dabbles in a billion skin and makeup products. I have my faves that I stick to and I can attest to the fact these products are the bomb dot com. so happy to see you working with theeee best out there :)

Marta Montedoro

I missed you! :)

Muna Ibrahim

The lip mask is the real deal! It’s amazing. You won’t regret buying it!


Love you, Mel, and I love that you’re getting sponsored. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of videos like this where it only features one brand, it feels inorganic and too much like a commercial. Again, no shade to the sponsorship, I just like other videos more where you’ve worked in sponsors more naturally . That’s just my opinion, though, so you do you. Proud of all the hard work you do <3


Does the product work for open pores?

chandni rai

Are these suitable for oily acne prone skin??


I know you love this brand (I like them a lot too, so I don't doubt any claims you made here), but the whole video sounds so unnatural. All your product descriptions sound like it came from a script that Laneige provided for you.. I feel like I was watching a TV commercial and not a sleeping mask routine. I appreciate your honesty and openness about partnering with brands, but it would be nice to see more content that isn't sponsored.

shinig4mi realm

How do you not get product on your pillow

Kristina Blocher

Love it when influencers partner with brands that are actually quality products. I’m obsessed with laneige. My favorites from them are the calming mousse lotion and the original water bank moisture cream. It’s heavenly ??

İclal Tellioğlu


Greyson Bishop

When i use it every day hahahaha

Shannon K.

I've bought some of these products recently after remembering you did a video on them! Im obsessed ? the sleeping water mask is fab! Xxx

Brittney Moore

You’re actually supposed to put the sleeping mask on top of your moisturizer. Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose

Hlim Muan

There are 3 different types in laneige can you explain me plsss ( Essential, perfect and White)

Lindsey Marie

If you love this routine and your on a budget try the Laniege Hydrating Trial Kit for 25$


i did apply some highlighter


I have been following you for years girl and you look amazing

Pranjal Naik

Is it just me or she looks like the detective in lucifers voice

Amy Sunsrang

I LOVE the Laneige lip sleeping mask!! I've never had chapped lip again : ) I bought it from SunSkincare.ca at CAD 24.99 and no tax. Pretty good price and free shipping. I'm so happy!

Hanifah Azzahra

is eye sleeping mask Leneige can reduce panda-eyes?

SheilaShesBeautiful Irvin

I used the sleeping mask for the first time before going to bed and when I woke the next morning my face look so young and dewy and supple. I love it so much and can't wait each night to do my nightly routines to put it on. I even started putting it on during the day because it helps my face feel fresh, and I look younger and rejuvenated! Its such an amazing product. Great video love!????✨?✨


Girl calm down on the lip fillers


Wheres the vlogs?

Kristy Simon

The lip sleeping mask is actually amazing....I loooooooove it


Yess!! ?❤️❤️

Daniela Aguilar

This products are honestly so great!

jack harrington

Your so pretty and cute Melissa I love being a part of your channel girl ????????.

Jenna Xo

Loving the darker hair makes you look younger ❤️

RealBeautiful Beauty

Oh it is sponsored, not excited anymore..

Mirissa Valenti

I use all these products too, their amazing!


Skin deep beauty tips!!!


my phone speaker is broken and im stuck reading the subtitles which i dont exactly understand, can someone tell me the steps? and in the end do you wash off the mask?

Hydrating sleeping mask

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Fresh Beauty Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask | Initial Review

10 857 views | 9 Apr. 2019

Trying a sleeping mask

Trying a sleeping mask for the first time and it is AMAZING!!!!

My skin feels moisturized and my skin is glowing.


You can purchase this product at Sephora April 9th 2019

#nextlevelhydration #freshbeauty #freshbeautyrose #influenster



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the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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Tatiana Zamor

great review and editing!!

Shaadoh Session

Your editing skills are phenomenal i need a whole lesson! That could be a great vid too maybe?!!

Heyssell Vargas

Hello, just found your channel. I was half hoping it would’nt work lol, I’m going to have to try it now!

there is No one

Hello ? how many times need use per week?

Lotti Dotti63

Thanks for sharing....be waiting for the update!

Hydrating sleeping mask

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Overnight Gel Mask|First Impression and Review|

39 718 views | 8 Jan. 2019

Hey Guys


Hey Guys

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Night time routine: https://youtu.be/M7ybWcLtvVg

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Linda Isabel Vasquez

omg you're so beautiful! ?

Mark Vargas

More like skinnycutiemini


Your so beautiful omg

Alberto Espinosa

Que piel tan maltratada

Jubilee Eyez

Great review! I had no idea Neutrogena had an overnight mask.


Omg.. You are so gorgeous I can't take this review seriously... You are going to look good no matter what

yousra يسرا

Welcome at my


Awn ur so pretty?✨great vid


Thanks girl this video was super helpful. I really love your editing. -B

C a a r o l i n a a

Loveeeeeee the video! Definitely subscribed ?

Lizzie Aubin

I'm using this right now but just the left side of my face burns

Nathalee Raymond


Marina Aquino

You didn’t explain do you wash it off.

Butter Pecan

Love your beautiful hair!!

Dainty Flora

I just bought this overnight mask. I LOVE it. I can feel the absorption of moisture after a few min of it drying. it is not tight on my skin at all. I can get a good 3 applications from 1 of those small packs. it makes.menskin so soft as well. I recommend this as well! thanks for the review!!!