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Rapid Brow Review

14 638 views | 17 Mar. 2017

#rapidbrow #review

#rapidbrow #review #eyebrow

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Love your review and your brows, they look great! I just ordered some and I hope they help my poor, sad years-of-overplucked brows!


i have thick brows, but the hairs are kinda thin so they look sparse and weird, so im thinking about using this to help


I have arched brows will it change my shape? I like to keep it x

lilly adams

Lovely video, how old are you? if you don't mind me asking. You seem so young maybe that's a factor to keeping the new growth

Ruslana Zabidova

thanks, beauty! useful. im using this product for about a week now and i guess it starts working..


how to stop it coming off on your pillow when you use it?

H Wren

Yeah I'm one of the unlucky people who can't maintain the new growth without constantly using the product which means it's expensive as hell, though it's a (literal) price I'm willing to pay for visible brows! Yours look amazing btw, so pretty and full!

TheJazzyShow Jazz

Thanks for your video review! Do you know if rapid brow from Amazon will be fake? Where would be best to buy it? Thank you again.

Sara P

I have only been using it for close to two weeks and I think it is starting to work!! I think when I stop using it, I will put coconut oil on them to keep them moisturized. Maybe it will help keep them in.

Emma Williams

Your brows look lovely now !! ?

Mary Smith

This is great news, however, the ingredient Phenoxyethanol is not a good ingredient. It penetrates and can actually reach the brain. The companies that use this say that it's a small amount, HOWEVER, if you look at all your skin care products, this ingredient in in most of them. So now how much are we actually absorbing?

Rapid brow

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RapidBrow Instructional

16 187 views | 30 Sep. 2015

Kwazee Thompson

Hi. Only for the eyebrows! Okay when it comes to RE applying the serum to the brow THE NEXT DAY , am I to clean my brows with some type of cleanser or shampoo before re applying. Or do I just keep applying the product everyday without washing eyebrow from previous day's application? Basically Do I cleanse eyebrows before each application or weekly or what? It does says apply to clean area. Please answer in detail.thanks

Rapid brow

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Beauty Guru Lisa Eldridge loves RapidBrow | how to grow your eyebrows thicker

2 595 views | 4 Jun. 2018

Lisa Eldridge is a famous

Lisa Eldridge is a famous makeup artist to the stars, who has worked with Gemma Arterton, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Cara Delevingne, Sophie Dahl, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Eva Green, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Helena Christensen, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Kruger, Bianca Jagger, Liv Tyler, Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore just to name a few!

Although she does not ever do sponsored posts on her channel, she posted a fantastic review of RapidBrow. If you're looking to make your eyebrows fuller, plump up the volume, and increase eyebrow growth this product is your new best friend.

Fresh loves Lisa, and loves RapidBrow– a match made in heaven.


Ildiko Angelica Szoke

RapidBrow is a good product. My brows are also getting thicker and thicker. Thank you, Lisa