Spiritual beads

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Beads Elekes Orisha Protections | Yeyeo Botanica

18 783 views | 25 Nov. 2020

#Elekes #Beads #Orisha

#Elekes #Beads #Orisha Learn more about the sacred beads of the orishas and what makes elekes so special in African traditional religions around the world! Subscribe to Yeyeo Botanica on YouTube for the latest videos and announcements. #elekes #orisha #protection

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Tatiana Sims

Thank you for this video. I recently received mine and it was a beautiful ceremony. Like a rebirth. I actually received all 7 and called to receive Ochosi eleke when I get my Warriors. My neck feels a little heavy at times. Lol. I must say wearing my elekes encourages me to be more mindful and graceful in my daily life.

Noneof Yabusiness

Another great informative video! Would love if you can make a video on animal sacrifice in the tradition and if you can answer how would that look like for a vegan or a vegetarian who is interested in being initiated and practicing Yoruba faith. This is one of the conflicts I have often asked myself... is it even possible to be vegetarian and still be initiated into the traditions that require animal sacrifice for certain ceremonies.

Keisha Mobley

I found my path I was lied to but that’s ok I know now for sure


Those are Ghanaian ?? krobo beads made from glass and hand painted . (Her bracelet)

Nikki Moxam

Is it possible to make the elekes yourself? I make jewelry

Jamaica Smith

I love learning from you. always such beautiful energy!

sonya clyburn

Always on point Iya! I have shared

Latanaya Griffin

Do you take curses of people?


? love this channel!

Pixie Rose

Hi Elemi, a very informative video...I love the beads very pretty...learning so much from you...and I always enjoy your positive and calm energy...many blessings...ase, ase, ase...?‍♀️???????

Mrs.Julio Jones

Can I clean them?

nicole primus

i love learning from u are so sweet lya my orisha name lya Ella osun obatala Ase ooo love u

Hiero Gems

Thank you for the guidance

luis fernandez

En español..podría ser..

Re Mosely

I'm here ?? ase ooo


Feeling blessed 2 get here early! I own a pest control company and was given Ozain to protect against this plague. Never got sick, never stopped working

Donna V

Another great lesson from Elemi. Grateful!!!

Julz Flake

Can you recommend a elder in the Dallas area ? Or how to locate one ?

Intuitive Downloads

What does it mean when they break?

C Blanton

In wearing Ellegua, Chango and Oya... Would it not be a good idea to be given Yamaya's eleke? With the history between them, excluding Ellegua. I have Obatala also. No Yemaya, I'm a daughter of Oya. My sister is Yemaya. She too wears Obatala.

J&TB Transport

I have 3 Elekes due to the Orishas I enjoy working with. Babaluaye, Oshun, and Papa Legba.

Miriam Espinoza

Thank you so much! ??

p satin stormy Rahchel zeruiah

I've actually had the chance to trade hand made earrings for a handmade dress in this life ?

Africa sucks

Love. And light ???

Queen of The Crossroads

Ive always wondered about the different terms in the tradition- Santero, Babalow , Priest etc... can you do a video explaining the different terminology?

Pretty Linda

Excellent video

Healing Through Experiences

Thank you!!!

Tone Johnson

Im am so happy for this lesson. I cant wait to receive my Elekes. Ase' ♥

Collective Creators

Ase Ase Ase ???

Wendy Frances Milone

Thank you, Beautiful. I love your smile.

Raiza Rios

Great video, I was waiting for this one! Always wonder if I could just buy and wear them without having a godfather or godmother. Out of respect I never wore them since they’re not consecrated and I know there are ceremonies to acquire them. So, is it ok to wear the elekes without the ceremony?

Trinity Time Travels


John Adan

My xango eleke broke

Matt G

I admire you more and more my friend??

Mia Vivian

I love the Orishas so much. I have Yemaya’s eleke beads. I wanted to initiate into Ifa, but I’m not sure because I want my future husband to be on the same page as me. I did meet a baba. He has taught me a lot about Ifa, and wanted me to initiate. I dreamt that I initiated. It may happen one day. I found out I am the daughter of Yemaya from my spiritual awakening. I love working with Yemaya, Obatala, Oshun, and Oya.

Alpha Charm

I just ordered your Anamu root. How do I use it?

harry brerwster

Thank you your great!

Samantha Puleo

Ur glowing

Kween Liquidwatas B

Thank you. Ive been looking forward to this video. Ase

SteLLa Palmer

Awesome video it's well it's always a pleasure to watch your videos

Jarius Jones

Is it OK to just get them without consecration after receiving warriors

Crystal Rivas

Blessings ?✨

Maceo Deveaux

How can i meet you?

Amber Lent

How would you properly cleanse your beads ?

hip hop granny

How does one find an orisha Priest or Priestess?

Maria Sanchez


Max Martin

I had my rayamiento for palo and before that, about a month, I was presented with an elleke that was all black. What's the purpose for only black and is it tied to a specific orisha?

Victor Adaramola

Thank you so much for the Knowledge you are passing to us all, You are a very good Teacher. Osun will continue to bless you. Love always.


I had an elder and she betrayed me spiritually. Felt lost since.


after a long day i love watching your videos your voice is soothing and i love learning even after watching a couple times i still learn something new

BlissTalk TV

Who do I contact for ifa reading to get started with a hand of ifa and to receive warriors

Umm Saalih Ramisii

Thank you so much, for teaching. I'm initiated, twice, and not being taught.

Josephine Williams

Queen Elemi please can u do a video to do a bow to my will horn

Divine Chariot Brewja

Thank you. I feel it's disrespectful if you just buy them. ??‍♀️ I just do

Kelly-Ann Robinson

Who is the black, white, red bead for


Thank you. For the information

Lilly Gutierrez

Very true beads come in all types material the 1 is lovely ghost beads juniper berry beads native American but thry r made certain way oil over a fire the soft middle ate by ants


?? Ase

Hurts Publishing

I bought two beads last week from their

TrapBabyyy Lexx

How am I able to get beads consecrated?

Belinda Wade

Hello I did see your healing angelic colours coming from your hand thank you kindly

Lina Jamal

How much, i would like buy .where i can buy.?thankyou ❤️

Duchess khan

Am the 999 liked. Thanks

Christina Pfeifer

Ase Ase Ase ???

Eli Nox

how would someone know if they are being called to the faith?

Ascension Journey

Are your spirit guides communicating with you as you do these videos? It always appears that your eyes are watching something other than the camera. Just curious ?

JD Bailey

I am truly grateful for all of this information you share with us. Thanks so much, Elemi! ??❤️???

Anthony Martinez

Magnificent video ??. Thanks for sharing your experience plus more. Brilliant style video ??.

Tea boy

Keep up the good work!!! May you continue to receive the blessing of ORISHA!!! I’m Babalosha Osungbemi.

Spiritual beads

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108 Bead Mala Necklace Tutorial | Mala Necklace DIY | DIY Mala Tassel Necklace | How to Make Mala

24 382 views | 25 Oct. 2019

DIY Make Time: 1 - 1.5

DIY Make Time: 1 - 1.5 Hours

This is how I make an 108-bead mala necklace of kyanite and tiger eye gemstone beads. Mala literally means 'prayer' so when made into a necklace, you are making a garland of prayers. That's why malas are powerful manifesting tools, especially when made of a sacred number that's aligned with the creative force of the universe.

Traditionally, mala necklaces are knotted, but in this tutorial I use beading wire and crimp beads to secure it. Because I use heavy, high quality gemstone beads, I like the feel of beading wire better than traditional silk cord.

? CLICK SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out on new DIY videos!

➡️ Website: https://thediymystic.com

➡️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diymystic/


--Cleanse or smudge your materials before you start crafting

--If using foraged organic materials, send a prayer of gratitude to the area you got it from

--Set the mood with soft music and lighting candles or incense

--Always craft your mystical tools with love and respect

--Don't craft if you're upset or overwhelmed, take a break, be patient with the process

--When you're done, say a prayer or affirmation to your tool and start using it!


DIY Mystic is your guide on all things woo-woo & do-it-yourself tutorials on developing your own mystical life. The DIY Mystic empowers spiritual seekers to explore their spirituality in a fun, safe and inspiring way.


Beautiful ! - question thought where is a good spot to buy the gemstones / guru beads ?

Lisa Wilson

Beautiful piece!

Wellness Shared Collectively

Where do you get your supplies from? Especially the grid you laid out your design on?

Mary Zylema

So pretty!!?

Maria Pia Schiabello


guille espinoza

I really love your video and I love the tassel, can you share the place that you bought it?

Makayla Quinn

I love your video, thank you for sharing. What type of music is playing in the background?

Marlene Hager

I go to Jesus for my healing. He has never disappointed me...


Nice video and beautiful mala! I'm going to start making my own mala's once I have everything I need, I would love to know where to get a tassel like that with the decorative silver

Spirit Emanate

Love the video edits :) also thanks for a simple easy to understand video. Beautiful work

Rebelle Show

Hi Sweety, you video is excellent,well made and cute and informative and funny!! Keep up the good work ?????

Susan J

Thanks for your great video. I made a mala with tiger eye and blue aventurine beads. My guru bead is a red jasper elephant. Susan


Thats a beautiful mala ?

Susan J

What size crimp cover do you use?


A great tutorial - thank you!


Hi! Can I use a higher strand count instead of 7? I just have 19 and 49.


Thurs is the best video I've seen in how to make these! Thank you ?

j dog

Where do u get the beads

Liat Baron

beautiful!!!! would you share the sources of where to get such beads and tasal? thank you!!!

Joshua Smith

Excellent work on this vide and loved the humor :-)

NKenga Warren



Wow its so beautiful

Susan J

How long is the necklace when finished?

Spiritual beads

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Spiritual Beads??????

5 views | 12 Jan. 2021