Jamaican waist beads

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Waist Whine / Tick Tock (Dance Compilation) | Chop Daily - Pretty Pretty

364 076 views | 27 Apr. 2020


#WaistWhine (#DanceCompilation) | #ChopDaily

Chop Daily - #PrettyPrettyChallenge (#DanceCompilation) ly

Song: #ChopDaily x #FyaNya - #PrettyPretty

Stream Now: https://ditto.fm/pretty-pretty

Intro & Outro Track: Chop Daily - Right By You


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Name of song & artist

Condoleezza McPherson

The last woman did a go wid the beat

Venus Flytrapp

Well Heres MY link to onlyfans lol WWW.ONLYFANS.COM/SWEETUNIQUE20 <3

Beverly Ugbomoh

Fellow African babes✊?✊?✊???

Rihanna Nanan

How they do that???????

Lauren Jyan

That the spirit twerk like you mean it

Alexander Martinez


Thandi Sambs.

Well done and keep going?. I also shrunk my waistline by walking:

Babygirl Princess-SimsTM

I have trouble with my waist like I used too can do it but now it’s like wtf happen too me I guess it’s cus I gain a lot of wait and it went into my belly use too be small I need help

escaping einstellung

My throat is suddenly very dry

Earline Millette


Adebayo Tope

Wish I can move like that

theriso seroke

Please can I ask ? can people really move like this in bed ?? My useless waist just can’t process ... ??

Hannah C

where do u get those waist fabric ties someone help me outtt


Bless you beautiful queens.

taph alex


musa Ahmad



Awesome.......waah,please subscribe

Damilola Babalola

I'm already dead. First video sent me to the afterlife


Whining is the best type of dance frfr ?

Andrea Berbick

I like it like that ???

Latte n Sweets


Senika Chuni

This dance is killing me


No offense but anyone who claims they can move like our black sisters is lying. Bravo ladies !

sweet cheeks

The song is a vibes killer... should have chosen a better song.


what is the name of the song?

asia lanzi

wish I could move like that ??

Webba official Wrestling revolution player

The second one bad man

Mary Mudei


Sunshine De Eiish Queen

First 4 bhaaaaaaard ?? I ve to learn those reverse Whine for my twerk

Molly Sagina

On the 6th day God created a black woman ???


2:36 no hate shes good but it look like she wearing a big ass diper

Camesha Campble


Nikita Ragan


Senior X


Hal Mintel Jr

Damn. Complete control of those hips

Celestin Nsengiyumva

Everybody play this video we are crazy crazy crazy crazy ??????????????????

Cheeenique Tarot

Blooodclaaaaaat wirewaist gyal

Diana Ramos


Kessia Wanagai

Damn those ladies are LIT?

Trocliyn Rufus

Wish I could do that!

Junior Massiah


Black Diamont



https://youtu.be/0pQHzIKr8ZA social media song check it out

Hazel Mahazard

God has his favorites we aren’t all the same ?????

braheem spence

tem maldição ???????????

Onel Sterling

You girls need jesus christ, He came down from Heaven to die for you. Just you save you from sin which is leading you to hell

Nikita Ragan


Bruna Barbosa

Onde tem tutorial pra eu aprender a fazer isso ?

nicah Jensen

Just passing..what is the song please


https://youtu.be/0pQHzIKr8ZA social media song check it out

Empress Demi

Black girls on top

Sherida Gibson

life is soooooo unfairrr !, im really jealous now

Lerato Moses

It is beneficial to have a rear supporting structure ?.

Robert Staffod

This should be an Olympic event. I volunteer to be a judge.

Raggedy Haggity

? ? ? not only you need the butt, you also need core strength and flexibility to do this
black women do it best?

Anastacia Cheptoo


Lalisa M

How are they doing that? I look like a limp noodle when I try to do the same thing

Isabella Arnold


ආහ්හරිමම කීවෙමි ඔහ්මම හිතුවා මන්ද සිද්ධවන්නේ කුමක් ද

Deborah Campbell

Mi love watch this


CHOP DAILY YOUR THE BEST watching all your videos has inspired me to jump out of my comfort zone and im aiming to reach the best of my self in music production i have started my own channel and hoping to build my own production community my next video will be out in 45 minutes i would love your support guys

shorai bvunzawabaya




Euphemia Oyori

Someone teach me please


I wish i can find a tutorial to teach me!! ???

Trap_queenx_ ari

No sah me affi guh practice

Donnavan Dyer

That's how I like a girl wine up in my face. No boring eating round here I swear. Love the head stand one she can do that in my face all day.

wizinvest Markerting

9th wonder of the world

Roland Mc Donald

blue jeans n yellow top o gawd she gone bad wid har tings dem

Chisomo K



black women are soooo??


Might be my favorite Chop Daily compilation. Dayum dayum dayum

Mrs. Unspoken

The reverse 1:02?????????❤️

Sunshine De Eiish Queen

First 4 bhaaaaaaard ?? I ve to learn those reverse Whine for my twerk

Snow yung

It’s always the dark skin girls that do this the best ???

alexandre rafael

oh my god ???


i would do this but i don’t have the boom boom ?

Natural Bby

White girls be trying to Columbus everything they’ll give themselves credit and call it belly dancing???

Nahom getachew

That was good twerking I love it

•[Smol_Shady Shadow Kun]•

Like i have the waistline and everything and i cant really move my back, its just that i won't do it to train ?
Its like every one has a chance to do it but Caribbean and African women are blessed and i know whites can do it too! Just needs some practice thats all :)

Fetch Pack

I wish I can find tutorials how to dance like that only that type . am soft like a wood ???


Check out JANEMENA on YouTube to learn her waistline is everything ❤❤❤


Don’t let the white girls get a hold of this, they’ll call it belly dancing

Trenayne Hughes

#3 girl omg you beat all mi lie #2 take second place

Grace Attolou

?❤️I love that ! Congratulations to all the dancers ! ☺️ Please what's the title of the song and who is the author?

Nikita Ragan


Charmaine Dewa

Wow l really don't know how to praise you ❤

Gamer Danger

Her head number 1

Tamara Caroline


???? ?? ??? ???? ? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??????

I loro stati di salute
de s'approcher trop
rispettivi prevenirli
per avvicinarsi troppo ❤

Anne Calirma Chrisley Clermé


Michael Williams

If I were a smoker, it would be time for a cigarette.


Who's with me the first and second lady naile it

Yana L

The core control ugh. Just flawless

lilo Savage00

They blow my mind ?❤?

Dancing with Melkoy

The first girl gave me esteem issues

Catherine Trancess

That's so cool!

Sernonymous Pyramid

Super hot, reminds me of Brazilfunk twerking. The women in brazil can move just as good as the black queens.

Nikita Ragan


242 MATH

these gals can twerk, l iove it, they are amazing

Ailed Hernández

Ni bueno necesitas 5 kilos s d rabadilla si no no sale!!!

Jamaican waist beads

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174 508 views | 29 Apr. 2020

Check out a couple of my

Check out a couple of my techniques I use to loosen up my waist which helps me control it so much more.


Hope you guys enjoy ?? feel free to drop comments and questions below x

Stay tuned for the next video.

I do not own the music rights to these songs.

DJ kunteh - 3am


it’s ally!

Tried this for the first time and my legs and thighs are burning, going to practice this everyday before i move on to reverse lool


Loll I'm in the sofa practising ?????

Rejoice Ekakitie

I felt it when she said ‘if you have a wall in your house’
I swear I couldn’t find a free wall...that was also secluded
I can’t be be doing all this in front of my parents so yeah...I’m using my bed


Omg thank you so much!! ? im so soooo glad i found your channel !! Im gonna learn it and hopefully i be good as you! Seriously thank you luv ???

Ghana Girl

You based in the UK?

Victoria Young

I’m unathletic as hell. This shit burn?

Bernadette Grant

Typical men

Myiaaa’s TV

Thank u. You’ve helped me❤️


Thank you Universe for guiding me to this video. ??

Kimberly Watts

If you have a wall in your house lol

blk. baby

Jeez I cnt do the second half of the vid ffs

Toia b

Girl it's my first day and i can't be sit without hold in the wall... is this normal? Or am I not going to be able to do it?

Zyla Jackson

i’m in pain

Cindy Reyes

You’re so adorable !’ “ I have all the stuff you guys wanted written down” ??? a commitment queen !?

Erika Sousa

You are very humble, and I love it ?

Nipher Alinyo

I dont know...but she look like Tiffany Haddish!

Deborah Olayinka

Thanks for this. It’s soooo useful?☺️

☽ аиаѕтаsіa ☾


Roasty Espresso

I love how you show step by step

J Rrrr

Girl you got core strength for dayyyss. It's going to take me a wholeee week to get through this routine ?

Clarissa Smith

I still need waist training flexibility and control but moreso I need to gain strength in my legs thats the main issue other than that I do good and Ik I could do it forreal If I had more leg strength. But I also feel like if I keep doing this then eventually ill gain leg strength and get better

Estella Anest

Jst I wz dng everything wid u dear

Kamo K

Do u need a flat stomach ????to whine??

Bryanna Sutton

Every thing jiggles on me But the booty

yass AB

“If you’ve got a wall at your house”?? IM SCREAMING

Jahcom John


Esper Legos

Thank you for your lesson and gentle spirit! It feels so supportive ❤

Stherlie C

I am trying to learn how to do this but my angle hurts so bad??


Day 1 and I feel a bit stiff. I’ll be practicing this video all week! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Geelo world

i can do this better with my imagination

Moody Jay

My knee caps burn so bad ? had to stretch my legs out slow ??


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

CLOBOE Colombe

the tutorial I was waiting for. Thanks you

Charish Washington

I had a spinal fusion surgery and it's pretty hard to dance should I keep going?

Natasha Yakubu

If u have a wall in your house ??????

Annabel Ekpenyong

You are so beautiful, I love your tattoos


she make it look so sexy omgg


Amazing teacher!!!! Thank you girl!

Lilian Iyade

I just subscribe and I hope I learn.Nice teaching too

Jolina Gierman

I will try this tommorow. I hope i can do it. I'm not flexible in my waist.


thank you for this tutorial?i’ll try to practice more when i can

Fetch Pack

Finally am here ??? thanks for the tutorial


The gods answered me and you showed up in my feed!! I'm gonna be ready to whine next year memorial in Atlanta! ?? Let me put the icy hot on the bedside table.

kehinde olajide

I love ur tutorial

Flora Ní Fae

Thank youuuu!!! Whining is pure therapy for me and this is all so helpful. :-) :-) You're gorgeous!

Estella Anest

N I like uo accent


Love this

Nafisa Madina

If you could, speak a bit louder. Or get a gadget that'd assist amplify your voice. Please. ☺️

Alice Miriah

The thumbnail looks like Tiffany Haddish! Lol you look amazing and your voice/accent is so beautiful!

Bipolar _tai

Im so stiff ?I wish I could do this

nnn hhh

you make it look so easy but right now my legs not working

jood m

Thank you so much it really helped ?❤️❤️❤️


Did she just say “if you have a wall in your house???!”????

Bernadette Grant

Rubber band Waist

issskawaii _kee

she looks like tiffany hadish mixed with mariam musa..????

Lia Munzemba

Am I the only one moving like a stiff chicken ?

Brita Waithaka

“If you’ve got a wall at your house”??????????

Luna Loynaz-Lopez

I could scream. You finally make tutorialsssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️?


This wonderful..God bless you... i will surely learn from you...

Tamara Valladares Echenique

Cómo hace el que estás sentadaaa? No me sale

Denise Girl

Thank you girl. This is hard work but I’m going to practice practice practice! I want my new man to see my moves? your video is excellent and you seem really sweet. Thank you?


Thank you for this ♥️

rahma sudi mwakwambirwa

Am we supposed to tuck in our stomach?

Iris Mcghee

Thank you I’m getting it slowly been doing this one video for 1 hour now I can’t wait to make progress on my way to being a whine pro

jermaine lindo


jermaine lindo

awesome erotic dancing


With the way my knees are set up I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to pull this off ???

Gcebile Nhleko

You are so pretty, nice body , nice tattoos. you make it look easy to do it but to me its not. im struggling. with time i will learn, thank you for teaching us

Hannah C

i dont knoww where to get that waist scarf to dance with can someone help me outt

Alvin Dounseroux


yasmeen rose

but i have no bum !!!!


Amazing. Thank you.

FoodLover101 Paradise

My legs are burning ????


New sub! Heyyyyyy! Thank you for the tutorials ❤❤❤❤?

Eve Avery

Do your knees ever get used to it? Cuz mine are on fire


im only 21 but my knees gave out 7 minutes in? ... anywho ima stick w it bc this this is the best/ most in depth whine tutorial ive ever seen. Summer 21 IM COMING FOR YOU?

Melina Jackson

I can’t get off the floor

Jift Lily

Please teach on how to split,,, I've been trying, but its not easy


So hard omgg

Chôk- Lït

Do we need ass for this,??
I practically got non???


I think it..YouTube shows it ?

MIZ KaPoni

I'm already a pro but I still learned somtn....thanx!

Edwina Sikawa

Anyone else practicing this with their eyes while in bed? ???

jood m

Amazing ❤️❤️

Charlie Henry

You a Ebony beauty.

shaida suleiman

Hi, wanted to know, before all this, we should first know a complete split? Or? I texted you on Instagram but no answer up to now


Can we acknowledge the colors of this video along with her orange cloth, solar and root activation is speaking volumes

Helena Jones

So glad you had the courage to make this video. I used to never allow myself to move and stretch like this because I thought perfect whining practice makes a perfect whine. But when I just allowed my body to freely flow, my waistline was like rubber and less stiff. I also love how you breakdown the muscle use as well, not something we see in whine tutorials. Keep going ?? and ya waistline wicked ????

Nachi Nowes

jane mena brought me here and i do not regret!!

Itsmenae Ok

I thought this was Tiffany haddish ??

Follower Of Duck

this vid is a whole blessing

Sarashni Damons

My legs gave up on me ?

Estella Anest

Hey thnx I'll do it again and again


My knees hurtt?

Jackie Lynn

I wish you can go straight to the point

Charlie Henry



I love her tattoos.
I know how to whine and belly dance but decided to see if I can learn some more moves

Olivia Dgb

You're an excellent teacher! Thank you for your videos that are very helpful ??❤️

henok berhe

It’s to hard to watch with one hand

Joveal Kushemererwa

How about the thing of lifting the hips one at a time?

Jamaican waist beads

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Visiting Local Bead Village In Ghana Beautiful Ghanaian Krobo, Waist Beads #africanbeads #krobobeads

2 078 views | 29 Nov. 2020

#africanbeads #waist

#africanbeads #waist beads #africa #ghana#beads #krobobeads

In this episode, I enjoy a trip outside of Accra to buy beautiful handmade beads. Ghana is full of fantastic places and spaces to explore. I visited a local bead village, where our guide discussed the use of 'belly beads' in Ghanaian culture, we saw a variety of finished beads.

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jay mac

Enjoy this is very exciting keep sharing the great content!