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Aroma (Auraganic) Essentials Rose Turmeric Soap Review | SLS Free Natural Handmade Soap

179 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Aroma (Auraganic)

Aroma (Auraganic) Essentials Rose Turmeric Soap Review. Is aroma essentials rose turmeric soap the best sls-free, natural, handmade soap in India? Is it good for dry skin? Watch Auraganic essentials turmeric rose soap review on Ana Everything Enchanting ?

PS: It's my husband's favorite soap bar ?❤️

(My skin type: dry, husband's skin type: oily)

Blogpost ➡️: https://www.naturalbeautyandmakeup.com/2021/02/aroma-auraganic-essentials-rose-turmeric-soap-review.html


00:00 Intro of Aroma Essentials Rose Turmeric Soap Review

00:36 Ingredients of Aroma Essentials rose turmeric soap

01:28 Packaging & Design details of Auraganic essentials rose turmeric soap

01:55 Texture of aroma essentials sls-free turmeric rose soap

02:00 How does aroma essentials handmade rose turmeric soap work?

04:36 What I liked about auraganic essentials rose turmeric soap?

04:59 What i disliked about aroma essentials rose turmeric soap?

05:06 Is aroma essentials rose turmeric soap good for dry skin? MY VERDICT

PS: PR sample (gifted), but my opinions are 100% honest and my own ?

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Q&T Takeover ?

I love the way this soap looks and I would like to try it where can I get it from ? I only have one question I have sensitive skin will my skin breakout or no ? Thanks for sharing ☺️

Eloise Maoudj

I love handmade soaps! Organic and free from all of the chemicals and long list of ingredients. This looks great!

Ruschia Ardiente

That soap is heavenly!

Miskeen umrah Services PVT LTD

Super natural soap for all time. Cutely dyed

Lois Amo_Richmond

I love this soap. I can feel this soap is good. I will definitely try one.

Kathy Ngo Balmores

Anything organic when it comes to soap is a plus for me!

Jenn and Rellz

Love essential oils

EyeCatchy Nails

I love this tumeric soap...I love turmeric for my skin....

Bala 0307 Shah

Really very cute soap I haven't seen before..My daughter loves it

Simply Marjie

I think I will keep that soap for display, I love the angel boy. I am sure it is a good one. Thanks for sharing.

Manii Raees

Really very lovely soap

FlySoulmates Official

Nice animation at the beginning

Coralie Rose Beauty

I love the detail in the soap. So cute. And always looking for more natural products. Thanks for sharing.

Aneela Khan

This is so amazing video i really like ??


Does this relieve dry skin and soothes itchiness, redness and irritation too? Love a soap that improves general skin health and immunity!

Happiness On

This soap seems like a great option! Nice that the soap doesn't leave a slippery feel in the skin. Good that the soap lasts long.

Pragnya Choudhury

Wow! I love it!

Shantol Rose

This is the cutest soap I have ever seen

present day Dreams

I have tried the soap making too.but its really very unique.. like that angel praying especially and the ingredients too.

4c Rush

Love the agelic design

Brilliant Bandz

Excellent review, Thanks for sharing this, this soap does look very unique I’m curious about the smell

MahaShakti Ananda

Does the turmeric soap stain your skin ?

Shane Bana

Turmeric is one of the things that has a lot of benefits. And it’s a great thing that people are switching to natural products. Will have to check this brand.

aarti das

I think this rose soap will dry out my skin too as I have very dry skin ?Love the review ❤️

Soaps without sls

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I Did 90's Craft Kits My Mom Wouldn't Buy Me | Royalty Soaps

179 807 views | 4 Feb. 2021

Do you remember when you

Do you remember when you went to craft stores as a kid and your mom wouldn't buy you every craft kit you asked for because "we've got rocks and paint at home"? Me too, friend. Me too.

Today, we revisit a few of my childhood's forlorn memories to see if my mom ended up keeping me from any potential treasures, or saved me from getting a disappointing pet rock.

BUY THE FAIRY KIT - https://amzn.to/3oTwAmt

The Rock Kit (Don't buy it, I'm only linking it so you know which one NOT to buy lol) - https://amzn.to/3axux2s

BUY THE GEODE KIT - https://amzn.to/3rlP0y3

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Olive Oil – 40%

Coconut Oil – 30%

Palm Oil (Organic, RSPO-Certified, and ) – 20%

Sweet Almond Oil – 5%

Castor Oil – 5%

Superfat – 5%

Lye Concentration (ie. Lye Solution Strength) – 35%

? ? ???? ?

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Kristine Lori Grotelueschen

Probably a dumb question...but it has to be asked!! Are you going to be the "cool" mom and let Lilly and William get any craft kit they ask for every time you go to the crafty shops??? I only ask because my mom would never let me get anything from the gumball machines with the toys and now I let my niece, nephews, God children and any other child for that matter buy them everytime they ask!!! My change purse is always full for this reason only!!!!! ❤????? My nephew and I have done countless geodes, dinosaur eggs and hidden rock treasures since he was about 3...he's 17 now and we are currently growing crystals and sea monkeys under the gueis of "science"!!! Lol. Be that cool mom, I know you want to!! The funniest part, I bet one day your kids are going to ask grandma for one of those kits and the odds are she will give in and they will come home with one... or two!! ??? ❤?????

Chaotic Gemini

Let me help you out girlfriend, does your style, phone case, etc hurt anyone? No? Are they fun and make you happy? Yes?

Then stop caring what others think, just be yourself and don't apologize for being unique. You're awesome just the way you are! You're happy and you're not hurting anyone. If someone doesn't like it, that's THEIR problem ?

Jennifer Parry

Always interested in watching you soapify anything!!


Oh gosh... I forgot all about fairy potions. There was this commercial? I saw it all the time? It's been so long... I'm so jealous, live the dream!

Sharon Davis

Does anyone else want to see the rest of the completed fairy potions? ?

Jane Smith

I guess I didn't care I like fixing and making stuff tools wish I had a sewing machine before I was 13


i was smiling the whole time i was watching this ❤️ thank you for making such a wholesome video!

nola gowing

Was she referring to Anne with an e at 4:13 ?

Nikki K

Is that a pin board that I spy on on the shelf?! ?


Ummmm the first thought I had when I saw the fairy potions included fairy wings was ...y’all using your friends as ingredients ???


Girl, light blue is 10000000% your colour. You look so good, it makes your skin look amazing and your eyes pop. Just overall yes!


Film everything , i LOVE you lol

Philippa Till

As someone who is about to be a mum, you confirm to me I can hid in a room and do childrens craft projects without them. Lol

Krystal Cuore

with those potions, if you add glycerin it'd last longer. Also you could hot glue, or any glue the corks to keep the kiddos from popping em open and spilling all the magic

C. McAfee Art

Interested in a video on soapified office decor!


If you don't paint at least one of the solid white objects in that office, I will be V+ disappoint.




As a witch im begging you not to do those little suggestions for the shaking thing with the fairy potion. you don't want spirits to come into your home

Thanushvene Arulentiran



I wish I could be friends with you in real life. Your enthusiasm did fairies makes me happy.

Ray Raffiki

I never saw the geode thing as a kid but I've been eyeballing it the past couple years


Where do you have the "be kind" painting (?) from?

La comb'el palo


Slytherin Ginger Witch

I want the fairy one.

Edit: Your phone case is awesome, never apologise for it.

Ceaton Busch

I absolutely adore how excited you got for the fairy one. My daughter and I do a lot of different projects, including slime and resin, and we have A LOT of glitter, and anything having to do with fairy's makes us happy! :)


This company really telling kids to invite fae into their home ? don't do that

Shilpa Chandrashekar

I named the owl hedwig

Abigail Bisson

Lol, that Fairy kit is so adorable, getting it for my cousin!!! Thanks Kate!!

Thanushvene Arulentiran


Thiades is awesome

Forget the kits, I'm here for that succulent in the background!

Rachel Lazenby

petition to make this a series of things your mom wouldnt let you do in the 90s complete with a half up scrunchie hair look and a rainbow viscose shirt


I still get tempted when I walk by the craft kit aisle at Wal Mart, and I'm 62 years old! lol And, Katie, if your phone case makes YOU happy, that's what matters.

Sage Nicole

this cured my depression

Laisa hh

Love the fairy box


when i was like 4 we did geodes and we just put them in a sock and smacked it against the concrete as hard as we could lol

Kristin Anderson

Everytime I go to Michael's I fight with myself about getting these kids craft kits especially the fairy magic ones and geode ones. Thank you, I'm getting one next time I go lol


Is it bad that I wanted to watch Katie make all the fairy potions, and was sad when she stopped after 2??


NOTE: Coming from someone who is Wiccan, DO NOT welcome fairies into your house! Please DONT!

huntington pughe

make a terrarium or 12 and use the geodes!! or a DIY zen sand garden for your office.

DutchBabyInc *

I loved this video!

Sara Warren

Heck, I'm 40 and I needed that phone case! Love ya and your channel Duchess?????

Keishla Cruz


Adrienne Gonzales

Please let the fairy potions inspire a soap set ???

David rivas


Stephani Moss

Katie said "I'm a grown up, I make my own purchases, and I'm buying the stuff I wanted as a kid." ❤️ Goals.

Sierra Dawn

I remember when I was a kid I had a small jar filled with glitter my mom said it was fairy dust and if I sprinkled it outside I could see footprints. Never tell a child to sprinkle glitter. I would duo the entire jar on every surface outside and my mom just kept refilling the magical fairy dust. To be honest I still believe fairies exist but I don’t think they would willingly step into a pile of Walmart glitter that a maniac of a child put everywhere.


"Hamming it up"? Naaaah... You never do that. Lol


Your personality brings me so much joy

Marjolaine Grymonprez

my dad collects rocks and fossil's in callais france but i live mostly in belguim i live there to help my dad and surf but geodes aren't naturally those colours on the box there white and the best fossil i ever found was a bone of an extinct fish it was worth in the 4300 i think


Katie I think you would love decoden crafting and making phone cases like that Barbie one yourself!

Aly A

I always wanted that rock tumbler kit ?

Nilla Wafers

This is why we become parents, so we play with all the toys! I do that with my daughter ?. My son didn’t play with toys. PS, we need you to do the other kits...the ball one doesn’t look fun but the mermaid & wand look fun!

Meagan Crankshaw

this is fae propaganda if ive ever seen it ??‍?

Csenge Molnár

You are so excited I feel like I need to cry! But like I’m touched ?

Dawn Ricardez

This was amazing! ? You did a great job making this interesting the whole time. I love your weirdness too.

Susan Hood

i babysat a kid and he had a geode and he was just happy to hammer it??

sofia ziller

85 dislikes are from the moms who didn't buy their kids these craft kits ??

it's marie

watching you make the fairy potions was literally the most wholesome thing Ive ever seen lmao

Shannon Tucker

That fairy potion kit is just plain freaking me out!!! I am just loving it!!!! ???


I would have flipped for the geodes as a kid, but I was also the child that took small rocks out onto the concrete and SMASHED them apart with BIGGER rocks to see what they looked like inside, and proceeded to hoard the shiny ones.

Lily Baird

I tried another rock panting kit and all the paint was dried.?

Granny M

I'm 58 and bought myself my very first spirograph kit 'cos I never got one as a kid.

King Tut

My friend does jewelry and she said soak it in water and then use a screwdriver and hammer


am i the only one who now wants to go outside and dig up some rocks to paint?...

Emily Rivera

You better not be inviting the fae to your home ?

Mojos Bigstick

Dye those geodes - you've got dyes!

Bina Turtle

The blue shirt and scrunchy bring out your beautiful blue eyes like crazy!!! ?

Sara Robbins

Why do I want the fairy kit so bad?!!


Off topic, but where did you get the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty books in the background?

Ruby Black

My dolls NEEDED that first kit when I was little.

Mary Blickhahn

I feel the Fairy Potions excitement in my soul!!

I love this video

Marian Chaney

Kit: Invite fairies into your home!

Me: panicking because I know how mischievous the fae are


Omg you did the things I wanted to do for the last 25 years :D

Leann Walker

Yes I'm interested

Chesh Cheslow

It would be awesome to see videos for the soapifying of the office! Also, I vaguely recall having one of those geode kits. I also vaguely recall the inside being a bit disappointing but we still got to hit things with a hammer, so worth it!


OMG Loooove. You should totally combine the rock painting and the fairy potions paint a pretty rock in the theme of the potion and store ur potions on them yaaas.

Laisa hh

This is what I do to heal my inner child

Jasmine Mack

I love seeing your joy at things like this, all the cute fairy things and pinks and pastels. Makes me feel better loving these things as a 30 something lol

nici schmidt

Quick query, mebbe SOMEONE in the YOUniverse knows the reason for this: Why, when craft kits ask you to BASE coat a surface in a particular colour, do the company's only ever give you EXACTLY the same amount of shitty, streaky-ass paint as all the other colours? My thoughts range from lack of forethought to capitalism... Anyone else got ideas?


Pretty sure the owl design is meant to be hedwig from Harry Potter :)

7/11 was a part time job

Geodes wouldn’t be bad for the kids 9-10 year olds. I remember my fourth grade teacher gave us geodes to break in class. How and why she trusted 20+ kids with hammers and rocks is beyond me but I don’t remember anyone getting injured so.

Flaming Iceberg

The real question is why are fairies making potions with fairy wings...


Katie seeing you that happy making the fairy kit just... It made me so much better. Thank you! It's so nice to see someone who is genuinely happy to be doing things and who doesn't care what others think. This is sweet amazing fun and I love you for sharing it thank you.


You are so entertaining! ? Thank you for a fun entertaining and informative video! I always wanted the Make Your Own Gum kit as a kid. My mom always thought I would make a mess!

Me Love

please do a dollar store candle kit :)

Popsicle Sticks

i wouldve loved the fairy potion kid as a kid, heck i would love it now! i always buy tiny potion bottles when i see them and fill them with random stuff

Chaotic Bunny

I was having an anxiety attack and now I feel cleansed by fairies

kat pierce

as a witch I approve the fairy kit ✨

Tammy Cox

Yaaaay!!!! I love your office? loved this video!! Can’t wait for the renovations?You are the best. You always make me smile ?

Amy Fluffyfluff

The outro picture is so cute ?

Kirstie Garlick

Omg @royaltysoaps Katie, love love love your “be kind” floral print! Where’s it from? Can’t find it anywhere ? ?

britt nonsense

oh my god who else would literally just watch an entire video of the first one, that fairy potion kit. I WANT IT!!

Paula Robles

Yesterday I found a rock I painted like 15 years ago in my garden, it was truly a joy

Lynnette Velez

That fairy potion kit is more like "Spell bottles for kids/beginners" and i'm here for it

blooming lilly

Do not invite fairies in the original mythology they're known for stealing children and making them slaves

Lorraine Jackson

I love your phone case! AND I love your enthusiasm. AND OMG the fairy potions kit!!!

Leah P

My mother wouldn’t waste her money on those cheap ass kits. She’d buy Warhammer kits for us to paint. My household is very much more comic book/sci-fi/horror. No cute little fairy apothecaries or rock painting. Just destruction, chaos & mayhem haha


Katie, what did you do to me?! Now I HAVE TO make some fairy potions ? I already thought about making potions inspired by Harry Potter and now?... ??


I can kinda smell these kits.... I don't know why

Carmen San Diego

my grandpa and I used to go camping in Brown County Indiana and find our own geodes. he would crack them open with a sledge hammer.

Soaps without sls

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Soap and the effect it has on the Surface Tension of Water

27 614 views | 31 Oct. 2018

Watch how the surface

Watch how the surface tension of water completely changes when soap is introduced.

This video was made to assist in explaining our blog post on how our organic soap bars lather without SLS.

Read the full blog here:


In the video, one can notice how the water droplets that are placed on waxed paper bead up into tiny dome-like balls due to surface tension.

Then see what happens to the surface tension of the water when soap is introduced. Soap is a natural surfactant, which is short for "surface active agent." Surfactants reduce the surface tension of water.

Water will normally hold to itself because each water molecule is surrounded by and attracted to other water molecules. The property of surface tension causes water to bead-up on surfaces, like my wax paper. For the water to spread and wet a surface (like your skin) – you need surfactants.

Shop Chagrin Valley Soap Here: https://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com/products/

Read Ida's Blog Here: https://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com/blog/

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chagrinvalleysoap/

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChagrinValleySoap

Ruby Abraham

Thanks ma'am ❤️

Jules Hulie Hoo Nair

This is going to help me make a wasp trap...

Anvaya Iyer

Noice job. Awesome cinematography


I am not a student watching this. I was just really interested in it. This is so cool. But one question... is there anything wetter than the surface of water? Please reply!

Sophie Is An Idiot

Hi, I might be from ur class :3

Angry Adam

Very well explained. I live in Mississippi where it gets really hot during summer so we get fruit flies or "gnats" and they are a huge nuisance. You can put apple cider vinegar and water in a jar with a few drops of dish soap and they will fly in and drown because of the soap breaking the water's surface tension. Really cool

Khushi Mankad

Have never done this kind of experiment. Thanks.

Ed Young


Leslie Alderson

Fantastic, thank you for the video

Kokila Samarasinghe

Very nice explaining


This is really cool, awesome video!

Ryan Evans

I am a high school science teacher, and I will be showing this video to my students. What an incredibly fun, easy, and clear demonstration! I love this video


Well explained and technicall accurate, I say this is a chemistry teacher so good job

Saff ia

Thank you !!

Pawan Chaulagain

I'm grateful for this video ?❤️

Leap Frog

You're my savior, I was about to fail this assignment.


Should explain how the surface tension is created at the molecular level.

Rony Majumder

Wow...really cool!
Thank you mam☺

Jimmy Childers

Thank you for the education

Manash' World



Such a very good video ! Thank you !

Hassan Khan

you look sooooo nice and sweet and lovely ??????

Hossam Weheesh

Thank you, this really helped me to kill mosquito larvae using soup lowering water surface tension.