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LUS Brands Round 3 | A Year Later Wash & Go

1 654 views | 2 Jan. 2020

OH Hey!! Starting the New

OH Hey!! Starting the New Year with a wash and go using LUS Brands. I really wanted to compare my results from the first time I tried these products and I have to say I am at a loss for words!! Tell me what you think about my results!! Make sure to watch the previous videos I have using this brand that stands for LOVE YOUR CURLS !!!

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It’s pretty I can’t wait to try that line ❤️ ?

Naturally Graysful

I’m so guilty of not trying again after a product fail. This video proved that sometimes it’s the how that can make a difference in results. You got so much definition! The having it soaked in water and leaving product in gave you awesome results ???


Your hair looks good and grown so much sis!! Wow wow to those results

LUS Brands

Ginelle! Your hair came out SO SHINY & BOUNCY! ?✨Thank you so much for sharing your wash n' go! ?
– XO Team LUS

Sophia Mercedes

You have beautiful curls, I wish my kinky curls were so defined. I'm going to try LUS shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and all in one.

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible

Hey Ginelle,
I've have experienced this before with certain products and hairstyles. I love your results. Your before and after ? curls are popping in both photos. Your hair is much longer and fuller now. Love this video.

Traline Denita

Great results!! I’ve never used this brand. I may have to try it!!!


I loved the video and especially your results! I’ve tried this brand for a braid out but I haven’t tried it for a wash and go yet, so I have to try it out!! ???

Krazii Curls

What do you think about my results?

Do you ever find yourself experiencing what I did?! .....Some styling methods works best when using certain products to achieve maximum results!!

Luv your curls

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CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | Ft. LUS Love Your Curls 3-Step System

6 073 views | 3 May. 2019


#curlyhair #curlyhairroutine #meliscurls

CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | Ft. LUS Love Your Curls 3-Step System

Awesome and quick wash and go for curly hair.


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Vanr Swearsit

GIRL!!! Love your hair. I have trouble finding a product, that I love, for my curly hair. Thank you for sharing. Subbed.

eva beauchamp

ok ok ok i need some help
I've been using this for about a year and I've NEVER gotten results that good!! I know my hair can but I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I use a cotton t-shirt to dry and apply like you did. My hair turns out wavy at best and frizzy. HELP!!

ZD Lifestyle

Amazing hair! X

Ryan 88

Beautiful ?

Poppy Elizabeth

Your hair is gorgeous ?

Destiny Hadassah

Your hair is gorgeous!! I loved the results it gave you!


You make me wanna go do my hair and actually take the time to section each piece ?

Purple Raina

Beautiful curls. Lovin the volume and defination. You go girl.


You have a nice curly hair, wish mine is ?

Angie Nicolle Hernández

gosh I'm so glad I find you cause your hair and mind are so similar ????? I'm still transitioning but I'm looking forward to look like you (still talking about the hair ?)

Moira kitty


Angela Marcinkevich

I love the conditioner , I use the ez brush to detangle


You kinda look and sound like Cyn Santana. Lovely curls.


GIRL ur curls are so nice wow and you’re so pretty! Even when you took it out from the plastic cap they alrdy looked bomb! Are you Hispanic? You look like it! Your personality reminds me of franchelli she’s on YouTube as well!

Maria Zapata

That thumbnail though. Yaaaassss !!

Amber K Acevedo

Beautiful results! I just ordered my set today! Can’t wait to try it.

Also, what lipstick are you using ?! I love it lol

Vanessa White

How many days did the results last before you had to wash or redo the style?
I ask because your results were great and hoping to try it for myself


Omg.. your hair is GORGEOUS!! love it.. new subbie❤ #ytconnected

Estela Salcedo

“I’m a lazy natural.” Yessss same ?

Sopheap Newton

Your hair is so beautiful ?

Angie Nicolle Hernández

Drop your skin care routine please

Lipstick Lullabies

Gosh your hair is gorgeous! And I love your voice hehe :) Is this product only for super curly hair? I consider my hair naturally curly but I guess its more of a curly wave ?? lol but anyway, just wondering if it's something I could use on my hair.


Yessssss result!

Hugo Lizarazu


Charles Bussell The Asylum

That’s pretty cool that they reached out for you to try their product. Your hair came out great.

LUS Brands

Thank you for the review, Melissa! Your curls look BEAUTIFUL!!! ?✨

F.A. Acosta

woaw!! So convinced we need to try this. Your curls are defined, soft, and shiny! My daughters hair will have frizz after a long day in school, usually it's the botton half of her hair with little to none shiny curls on top. Did u use the Kinky curls bottle?

Lisa Pellegrino

Awesome results. I myself am obsessed with LUS and I have similar curls as you do. Just a little tip I know there are times that you may want a little more definition and hold try the kinky styler. The deep conditioner is also pretty amazing.

McDaniel Family

I've tried this product twice and was not pleased with it. It made my hair tangle really bad and when it dried it was bushy. But glad you had a good experience ?

Heart Checkins

I love them!!!


Loving your results! I need to try it, such a simple easy wash and go!

Shadow king


Estela Salcedo

This came out flawless. So soft, but still defined. I think I need to order some LUS when I’m done with what I own. I like the whole step concept

Luv your curls

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Love Ur Curls Leave-In Review - Kinky Coily Formula (Slightly ASMR)

4 488 views | 10 May. 2018

Got Me A New Bae Leavin

Got Me A New Bae Leavin Conditioner - Love Your Curls Review - Kinky Formula (Slightly ASMR) lol not really I just had no voice for the first half of the video.


This video is not sponsored. I got the product for free but opinions are my honest true opinion of the product

Product used: Love Ur Curls Kinky-Coily Leave-In Conditioner

For type 4 hair

Melissa Mccree

I honestly believe you should keep wetting the hair while you massage it through the hair. The hair is only damp, and watching other reviews and how the style was achieved, your hair isn’t wet enough, my opinion.. great job

Mercy Dabbs

You are not honest. Ordinary water and oil with twist out will give you the same definition.

wee nee

Thank you for the demonstration, but I will pass on the product!

Athletic Writer

I think u should compare it against your Shea butter mixture for us to really see a difference


Try Photogenic