Microcurrent facial near me

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TAMA Touch-Less™, the New Frontier in Aesthetic Microcurrent Treatment

201 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Tina Abnoosi, CEO and

Tina Abnoosi, CEO and President of TAMA Research presents TAMA Touch-Less therapy during COVID-19 pandemic. Many TAMA facial and body treatments options are made for social distancing and minimum interaction following CDC guidelines.

Microcurrent facial near me

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How TO DO A Basic Microcurrent treatment: Myolift + NuFace!

26 170 views | 30 Jul. 2020

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Visit my website/blog for an even more skincare content!


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Hello Everyone!

In this video I am demonstrating a basic microcurrent protocol using conductive gloves and my Myolift Mini. As promised there will be time stamps below so that you can skip ahead of the intro/talking and get to the demo :))

Nuface people Skip to 8:16

Actual tutorial starts at 3:45 for Myolift (to skip the intro and device info)

You can shop my Amazon favorites here:


Notice! A s an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

***You can now follow me on Amazon as well! I am live-streaming content there weekly :)))*** Just head to my Amazon store (the link above) and tap "follow" IT is FREE and there is absolutely NO purchase necessary to watch/interact!

Many of the links below are affiliate. This means that if you use them to shop I will receive a commission. Scroll to the bottom for studies linked :))

Products mentioned in video:

Myolift (true micro-current....such an awesome device (I love both the Mini and the 600 ((for pros)) :))


USE CODE PENN5 for a 5% discount and to let them know I sent you!

If you are a Pro the 600 is absolutely amazing. My discount code works on the pro devices as well. Myolift also carries the conductive gloves.

If you shop drmtlgy you can use the code Penny20 for 20% off and to let them know I sent you. Lovely people!

the Drmtlgy Hydration Booster 10X is one of my favorite pre-microcurrent hydrating serums


This link is not affiliate-but if you do use my code when you check out (Penny20) you will get the discount and I will get credit-I appreciate your support! :)

The other serum I use all the time before microcurrent treatments is by NIOD-it is the Multi Molecular HA complex


Nuface Mini https://tidd.ly/2WPtt40



code Penny20 for 20% off



code penn20 gets you 20% off AND let's Leah know that I sent you. :)



Code penny get you 25% off most regular priced items.

You can find both NIOD and Nuface at Skinstore and they are both eligible for this discount (UNLESS there is already a sale on them).

Liposomal C

Livon Labs


If you live in the UK its Altrient liposomal C


You can get 10% off at YesStyle on orders over $49 with the code PENN10 (case sensitive)


Newa US (at-home RF for skin tightening) https://mynewa.com/product/renewa/ref/4/

CODE PENNY10 gets you 10% off this at-home RF device



USE CODE PENN5 for a discount

Mito red LED Panel


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Faustina UK


Faustina US


Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you.

Dalida McElhaney

Hi, I’m 43 and have no sagging and barely any wrinkles (thanks to oily skin and starting skincare in my 20’s). I was wondering if I can use the myolift ? Do I have to wait to see some sagging ? or can it be used as a preventative measure. Thanks for all your amazing content.

lisa wilcox

Hi Penn
Where do you buy the gloves

Yvonne Charneskey

I love my new face. Wondering if you know of a more of fordable alternative to the ultrasound time master pro? Thanks so much.

Mary Widener

How does the myolift differ from the Clareblend? Have you used both?

Abc xyz

Hey Penny,

I am looking into microcurrent devices, and was wondering if you have an opinion on the Myolift mini vs the Clareblend mini?

I know the myolift mini goes up to 400 microamps, and the clareblend mini goes up to 340 microamps.

However, the clareblend has a variable frequency, while the myolift mini does not (to my knowledge).

So it seems like the myolift beats out the clareblend in microamps, however the clareblend is better when it comes to frequency.

Does frequency matter more than microamps (I think that is indicative of intensity?)

I’m just confused on what aspect ultimately matters more for a superior microcurrent treatment for muscle tone and skin. From your videos it seems you are partial to the myolift brand


Do you purchase gloves separately ?

Christiane Dixon

I would love to learn more about the jaw lines using the NuFace please

Sabrina Monique

This is such an amazing protocol! Thank you for this?? I was just wondering what you mean by using wet gloves?

Nicole Bram

Does the myolift shock you a bit like the NuFACE does as you turn it up?

Lorraine from Miami

What are your thoughts on the eye and lip mask which come with the Myolift?

Jolina Haz

You 're the best educator on skincare online there is! This video will for sure get me started with microcurrent. What great explanation in this video, already you thaught me how to use dr. pen and other devices. With the dr. pen i actually start to get very comfortable with right now! And still i sometimes rewatch a video. Kiss from Holland?


Penny love your Chanel, Just purchased the Myolift with your discount code I cant wait to try you make it look so easy what a great teacher you are.

Heather Hernandez

Have you used or heard of the Sonmer Feipushi Mini Microcurrent?

Lisa Telchik

I love the Myolift....I learned about it through you channel and started using it May 12th and have noticed a lot of improvement! One thing that I noticed this week is that my left eye is more lifted than my right, would you recommend working on the other side more to see if I can get those muscles to life?


I almost bought the Nuface but after watching this I placed an order for the Myolift. Thank you for this informative video. What do you recommend for tighten body parts? I was never overweight but because I wanted to get rid of that little bit of tummy so I had coolscuplting done and now I'm left with some loose skin. I would very much appreciate if you could give some tips.

Sherri Howe

Hello! I am in love with your channel , totally obsessed! Can you please suggest a powder that has the SPF in it that you like? Also, have you a done a video for forehead lines and mouth frown lines? Thank you so much! Xo ??☀️♥️

Italian lessons NYC

My Almost brand new nuface pro stopped working yesterday (I used it for a month last summer) , so I ordered the myolift with conductive gloves from the website you suggested. Thank you for the discount code! ❤️

Sherry Hilliard

Hi Penny - how often should one do a micro-current routine? Apologies if you stated and I missed it!

Debra Cornwell

Can u use this device if you have fillers and Botox???

Phyl D

Why the static hand?

Oregon Coast Mama

Love your videos! Off topic WHERE did you get your shirt!? ❤❤

vivix Waldo

I always follow your tutorial when I use my Myolift!! Love it! Where I am confused is on the forehead, is it better to erase or strengthen the muscle if you have hooded eyes? And with botox on 11’s and forhead than just erase? But then I can not treat the hooded eye?

Amanda Summers

I've been binge watching your videos pretty much my entire Thanksgiving weekend off work, and besides being beautiful, kind and humble, you have a wonderful gift of teaching!! Everything flows so easily and you really KNOW and BELIEVE what you're saying! It's so nice and refreshing to watch! Thank you for giving us some insight into the wonderful world of skincare!! ❤

Tammy S



I love this routine, and I really appreciate the work that you put into it. I use the Myolift but do have a NuFace, and there are some days where the Myolift is just too long of a time commitment, but I want to do something... this is perfect for both!

tzanoudaki ioanna

Dear Penny do you believe that the nuface device worth the money, because I ve heard different opinions. Thanks❣

Beth Hurewitz

Thanks so much for the step-by-step. If possible, I'd like to download the charts you used in your tutorial. :-)

Lizzie over 50

Thank you for this video. I really would LOVE it if you would do this using the NuFace only. I understand that some of you are switching over to the Myolift, but when you invest in a NuFace after hearing all the reviews that you and other YouTubers have raved about, It's really hard to just drop another few hundred dollars on a new system. I would appreciate it so much!! I love your channel.

Carol Mozena

Could you do a video on what machines for anti aging. I have a dr pen.Just ordered a myolift, Plasma pen, Nira. I was thinking of a radio Frequency machine but I’m wondering is that too many machines are they overlapping I know there’s videos on all of this but going back-and-forth and trying to figure it out is a little difficult sometimes it would be nice for everything to be in one video if it all possible

Lydia Orcales

Is the Myolift like the FaceMaster?

Len O V

Thanks Penn this machine will be on my “next to purchase” list. Your instructions are wonderful. How often can you do this, once a week or a month?


Can you do a nuface video


Hi Penny. Thanks for your Video. I have just used my Myolift with the gloves and I don't see any difference. Is that normal? The strange thing was when I was not touching my face I still had conductivity!!! So how do I know the device was working ok and it isn't faulty as I couldn't feel anything on my skin either . Thanks


Hi Penny, can you please do videos for more specific treatments for "tertiary muscles" like you said--e.g., for "bunny lines," and for addressing specific areas/concerns like hooded eyes and jowls? Thank you!


What is the going price for this face treatment?

Lea Lopez

Could you please make a video with the probes?

cash miller

Is it normal to have twitching after using a high frequency device?

Abc xyz

Hi Penny! Well, after watching your videos and reading up on the literature, I broke down and bought an LED light mask! Specifically the ECO mask you recommend that combines red LED with NIR . I’m very excited to try it out.

I was watching a video by Doctor Dray and she was talking about how if you are young, which I am (20s), it isn’t really of much benefit in regards to anti aging. Do you agree with that sentiment? I got it because I want to being protecting my elastin now as preventative measure.


Hi Penny, does the educate mode in Myolift add volume to the face over time in addition to a lift?


Wet glove with electric cords....idk about all that

Cynthia Valdez


Candy Schnurr

Hi Penny,Ive been watching your videos and have a question. I'm looking to purchase the Myolift mini and the Dr. Pen. Can't afford both at once, which do you recommend I get first and if it's the Dr. Pen, which one?


Hi. Great video. I have just ordered the Rio 60 second face lift as it was cheaper than the nuface. Have you heard of this device. Thank you


Which of these movements is for the nasolabial folds?


Penny your face looks great, I mean you look like you're in your 20s... All these treatments and your dedication really pay off! I wish I could find an esthetician like you here (on the other side of the world :))...

Amy Kaucich

I want to start purchasing theses type of devices, I currently have a dr pen what would be your next purchase? I have a skincare routine with products you recommended. I’m 48 and my biggest concerns are my jowels and smoker lines.


What setting did you use in the educate mode of the myolift? Should you change settings when using the myolift under the eyes?

Terri Wordie

Hi Penny. Can you use the erase mode on the neck to address tech neck lines?

HotMessNess MUA

Thank you ! Nice and easy to follow along ! So happy to have the mini and gloves !

Laura Wolfe

I have hit 60 and I find I am losing my full, high cheek bones. What is the best exercise for this? I have the Myolift.

MAYSAMA beauty

Watched this with so much interest as I’m looking to get the Myolift device. Great protocol and so easy to follow. Thanks Penn. ??


Hi Penny

would you mind explaining the deal with microcurrent and retinol? Can both be used? I keep seeing information that says that you cannot use a retinol with microcurrent, and yet i see a lot of conflicting information online where people seem to be using retinol with microcurrent..(not in conjunction, but they will use their microcurrent device, and then put retinol on at night before bed) Could you please explain if you can still have retinol in your night time skincare routine, AND use microcurrent? Or would you recommend not using retinol and microcurrent on the same day, and instead maybe retinol on monday, microcurrent tuesday, etc. ? I am so confused...any sort of infomation on this would be so helpful!

Lea Lopez

Hello Penny love your videos, I'm getting the Myolift through your link and the latex gloves are out of stock; could you please recommend another one? Thank you ?

barbie ken

Hi Can you do this tutorial using the myolift probes?

Jenny Guthery

I am having a problem with conductivity on the neck using the probes . Do you see the gloves work better?


You are a fantastic teacher!


Doesn’t NuFace have a separate attachment for the eye and lip area? Does it work? Thank you.

Donna Medica

I have a Nuface trinity...do you think the Myolift is better ?


Where can you purchase the gloves?

Trix Bacale

I hope you can this comment. I have been watching all your videos that is why I am here and I just wanna ask. Is there any alternative for kiwi seed oil? I have been looking for that here in the Philippines but I really cant find one. Hope you can read this and respond to an alternative of kiwi seed oil after microneedling therapy session. Thanks

Lana McDonald

Thanks Penny! I'm using the NuFace Mini and love it ... Your information is a lot more detailed than the basic instructions that came with my devise ... love, love, love your videos! You are so awesome!!!

Line Broe

I would love if you could reccomend more products available in europe :D
only bout 1/4 of your recommendations are possiible to get in denmark - with international shipping the cost is pretty much 3-4 times the *price (not including shipping)
the original price that is say listed on amazon


Hi Penn, silly question and I'm not sure who to ask. I want to purchase the Myolift Mini with the gloves but I have a very short trim beard. Will it work through facial hair? Thanks!

Leonie Snook

I’m so confused. The conductive gel for nuface... incl. aloe, the nuface gel and ultrasound gel - makes me breakout... can you use serums?


Could you do this tutorial with the pico toner? ❤️

Tracy Albert

Hi Penny, I have the Myolift Mini plus a few extras (gloves etc.)in my cart but I'm scared to push order. I'm afraid I may not put the probes or gloves on the right areas on/around the muscles. Is there wiggle room as far as placement is concerned or could I make issues worse? Thanks!

d b

Hi Penny. Have been enjoying your content for the past year or so. Question for you. Have you heard of the Opatra device(s)? They are very expensive but there are places where you can get them for a decent markdown. Take care and thanks.

Jacqueline Lira

Of all the led devises you recommend which is your favorite?

Aisling Murray

Hi Peeny, Can I use a retinol the night before using Nuface? I just bought the Nuface mini and I am planning on using it in the morning


Two questions Penny-

1) Do the gloves fit most hand sizes?

2) Does the Myolift cause botox and filler to wear off more quickly?

Thank you so much! Love your channel! ?

Gloria CJ

Many thanks! I'm a fan! :) I just bought the Myolift through your link. Waiting to receive it! How often do I have to use it to start? Also, I do microneedling, Nano and LED at home (started only a few months ago). What is the frequency you recommend when using them all? I'm doing LED daily (mainly nights), microneedling (5 to 6 times a year, in winter), Nano (5 to 6 times a year, in summer) and now will do Myolift. How do you recommend to combine them all along the year? Many thanks!

Miranda frost

Can this be used if you have a pacemaker?

Paulina Puelma

This is amazing Penny! Thank you so much!

Orietta Portuondo

I'm a licensed esthetician in Florida , I need a recommendation for a school for a masters in esthetics.
Also , I'm going to buy a Myolift mini with gloves it looks great is the 600 pro a good combination with gloves?

Batool Fatima

Can you tell if Pure Daily Care NuDerma Skin Wand is better then Myolift?

Denise D

Great video, thank you! I’ve been using the myolift for the past month, 3 times per week, and have already moved up to 400 intensity, except for the eye area which is at 375. I’ve used the Nuface for years, and maybe this is why I don’t feel the microcurrent at all (do see flashes around the eyes and metallic taste when using around the mouth). Do you think I’ll plateau because I’m already at the highest level, or will I continue to get improvement that builds? I’m willing to reduce the intensity if you think I should. Thank you so much, Penny!! ?


Great video Penny , very well executed I got some great screen shots as the mussels and movements , the idea of not using all that messy gel does it for me , so can you buy the device with only gloves ? If not somebody needs to start , could these gloves be used on the body too ?!?


I'm so, so, so glad you did this, particularly with the gloves -- great GREAT tutorial. I'm challenged with taking things more slowly, and I need to get some longer glove liners. . .I've probably been microcurrenting my hands ?

Aurore Markell

Is “the ordinary Niacinamide 10% and zinc 1% ok to use with these gloves?

Gem Gem Vlogs

Such a great video. So easy to understand! Thank you

Natural Kaos

thank you Penny for doing this guide. I had the myolift 2 years ago and decided to sell it because I just didnt get it, with the gloves I am hoping I can attempt to create a protocol, your face looks so lifted so it must be working:)

I'm a retro Millenial

Please do a tutorial on lifting cheeks. Thx. This is a great tutorial.

Gail Roche

Hi Penny, I’m just wondering if you ever tried the nuskin device. I bought it but have only used it a few times because the gels are very expensive. Is there any other conductor gels that would work?

sandra lee

Thank you for this video, Penn! I got a Myolift for Christmas. The gloves make a treatment incredibly easy! Love it. Hope you had a Merry Christmas ?

Krystal Hartley

I’ve been using my NuFACE for a couple of years and love it; but I’ve got my eye on the Myolift. I love the idea of using the gloves—seems so intuitive to educate the muscles. I do a lot of those relaxing movements as part of my facial massage routine. It makes a huge difference even without microcurrent.

Catherine Durlin

Can you tell me which is better, the clareblend mini or the myolift, I was watching 2 other estheticians saying that the clareblend has randomized frequencies so the muscles dont acclimate, whereas the myolift mini does not, is this correct? Is it best to use the myolift mini for first time users and then use the clareblend mini once you have used the myolift for an extended period of time?

KIM Tang

? thank you Penny for doing this video. Your is the easiest to follow. I m new to Myolift and I found it is hard to remember all movements. With pictures along with your movements and explaining, it helps to remember all necessary moves. I wonder where I can find all pictures you had in your video so I can download it. Thank you ?

Peaches Skin Care

Hello Penny ?
New subscriber here. I’m also a master esthetician with over thirty years of practical knowledge with skin and skin care products. I’m 54 and I don’t do anything invasive to my skin and I don’t even wear foundation or concealer.

I’m new to Youtube and started my channel in March when I had to close my three holistic skin care salons because of Covid . One in Santa Barbara California and 1 in Naples Long Beach Ca and 1 in Montgomery Ohio. I would love if you took a peek?

I also use professional micro current in our salons and have for over 25 years. I only use gloves and I swear by these machines. I haven’t used this particular one so I’m going to check it out. Not sure I would recommend these for at home use?? Do you?

Excited to see more ?Lisa Peaches Skin Care


I saw your response to people being ridiculously rude to you. Like you I have done several thibgs: both, fillers, retjna,retina, microneedling, and so forth. But, like you said, that is each person's right to do what they want. Why people would even care is beyond me. You have nothing to apologize for. If people don't like it, that's none of their business. We only get one shot at this life and if a treatment here or there makes you feel better, than good for you. We live in a youth obsessed culture that is down right cruel to anyone over age 35, especially women. I research attractiveness and how it impacts one's Abita to procure a job, get promotions, on-the-job,training, and more. So ladies do what you want to do, but smearing this professional in skin care doesn't do anything but make you part of the prorblem.

Ld Lutzow

Thank you, that makes it so much easier ?

Charles David Robertson

Nancy here. The $10 gloves on ebay work just as well as the ones on the Myolift website.

Suki Chan

Thanks for this video! Can you do a video on microcurrent vs. EMS?? I know they are different... but in terms of using them, which one is for what?? It appears they are both exercising our face (microcurrent more on dermis of skin, and EMS is more for muscles?.... and microcurrent generates ATP while EMS uses it to make muscles work???) I am so confused because these devices (myolift/nuface vs pure lift) all claim they contour, lift and reduce wrinkles.... and they all appear to work as they claim when looking through comments from purchasers... I am trying very hard to figure out what's best for me (trying to reduce the hollow part under my eyes)... I did some research and it seems like EMS is better for contouring on jawline and microcurrent for eyes and forehead??? Do I need both???? HELP!!


I just purchased the gloves for my mini thru your link they are on sale right now 34.85 including tax and shipping the code did not work on gloves but when I purchased my mini thru your link month ago the code for 5% worked thank you so much. I was looking
at amazon for cheaper gloves and did not find anything that looked good or had decent reviews so glad I decided to check it tonight.


Thank you, I used your discount to purchase the Myolift.

Dennis Brown

so i was on the myolift website it reads no retin a for 3 weeks prior ? under FAQS Who is NOT a candidate...why is this ?

Karyn Nash Collins

First, I love your top!! Excellent video Penny!

Skin and Fashion by G

I always love the way you explain everything! So simple and easy !
I do have the mini as well and I do have the gloves and the eye mask, the lips mask ! And I love them ?!
Thank you penny ?

Mohamed Tawfik

You are contracting the same mucles that you just relaxed, a bit confusing

Diana Dai

Thank you Penny for posting this very good video. I am planning to buy one of them. If you could suggest which one you prefer Miolift or Nuface that would be much appriciated> I am 60 years old and before I always go to a professional place to do my facial but pandemic, I could not go out.

Ro Brockway

I’m wondering if working the masseter will bulk the muscle or not? I have a fuller jaw line

Microcurrent facial near me

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Coastal Skin Care ~ Neurotris Microcurrent Facial

672 views | 26 Jun. 2019

Join Coastal Skin Care as

Join Coastal Skin Care as Pamela Smith, Esthetician and Neurotris Representative, demonstrates the Neurotris and Microcurrent. This is a fascinating anti-aging too that many stars use. Learn what Neurotris is, how Microcurrent feels, and what it can do for YOUR skin!

Microcurrent (Electric Facial) has been in practice for hundreds of years. On a muscular level, microcurrent acts like a personal trainer to tone and shorten muscle fibers. There is serious anti-aging action going on! A circuit of current travels from one point to the other and “stimulates” the tissue in between. All the client feels is a slight tingle.

"Neurotris "

The Non-Surgical Facelift!

The NeurotriS Dynamic Intelligent System has been called the non-surgical facelift. NeurotriS introduces the only Absolute True Dynamic Intelligent Microcurrent facial on the market that features a Bio-feedback monitoring loop optimizing results based on an individual’s skin thickness at the time of treatment. Look younger after 1 treatment.

What can Neurotris do for you??

Neurotris, the #1 microcurrent device in the country, using "state of the art" technology to offer a non-surgical approach to sculpt a youthful appearance.

Neurotris uses gentle electrical stimulation to activate the small muscles in the face, drastically reducing signs of aging, on both a cellular & muscular level.

The experience is relaxing, without any pain or downtime. Noticeable results begin immediately!

About Coastal Skin Care~

Located at 428 Poli Street, #2C, Ventura, 93001, (across from City Hall)). Call us at (805) 641-2345. Visit our website at www.coastalskincare.net

Coastal Skin Care is located in the heart of the downtown district of Ventura, California! When you visit us , we will expertly help you enjoy a healthy escape from the demands of today's hectic pace.

We offer wonderful facials, relaxing therapeutic massages, slimming body treatments, expert makeup, and Billion Dollar Brow Design. *Not including Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Let our experienced staff create a healthy escape from the demands of today’s hectic pace. Our medically advanced facials and our professionally trained aestheticians and massage therapists are here to help you to achieve and maintain healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Our permanent make-up artist, and lash extension specialist are here to recommend treatments and products best suited for you to achieve and maintain health, radiance and beauty.

Most important is our firm belief that customer service and continuous improvement in technique and cutting edge modalities are paramount in achieving customer satisfaction and truly, the whole reason we exist.

Whether for an hour, or several hours, spending time at Coastal Skin Care Day Spa will offer you tranquility, rejuvenation………and amazing results!!

Contact Coastal Skin Care at:

428 Poli St # 2C, Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 641-2345

E-mail: [email protected]