Mineral make up reviews

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Every Day Make Up Routine || Lust Minerals

5 784 views | 6 Mar. 2019

I hope you enjoyed my

I hope you enjoyed my everyday make up look! Below is a list of the products I used in this video :)


-Mineral Primer


- Pro finish Liquid shade 6

- Mineral stick cream shade 19

- Mineral loose powder shade 19


- Loose setting powder


- Pressed bronzer shade 3


- Illuminate powder shade 1


- Lipstick shade 40

All the above are from https://www.lustminerals.com.au

My Mascara was from Priceline and it's the Maybelline Colossal!

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Ebony Floyd

Perfect brows! Love that mascara, I’ve used it for years

jen R

You did well with the makeup lingo.
?? i love the natural makeup look.

Asha Wild

Wow camera loves you ?

clare harding

Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you use your bronzer on your eye lids! I do the same :P


Well done Emma, thank you so much for doing your everyday makeup tutorial, it was great ?

Mineral make up reviews

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544 views | 18 Aug. 2020



? Professional Makeup Artist since 2007


? For more info about me (how much I earn from YouTube, products sent to me, etc.), check out the "ABOUT" page.

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Testing makeup in a HUMID/ TROPICAL CLIMATE and sharing makeup tricks. I am a light to medium, olive skin toned 'Morena/ Filipina' (MAC NC 27-30) with a neutral-warm undertone. My skin type is combination (sometimes oily - normal and sometimes oily - dry) with occasional break outs. WHAT WORKS FOR ME MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU (and vice versa), kindly take note of that!

I post new videos every week. Thank you for watching and please share and subscribe! ❤️

EMAIL for PR Inquiries, gifts or products to test: ?? [email protected] or DM me on my instagram page. Thank you!

Yana Rose

Si atty karen jimeno nkkta ko everytime i watch your videos! Ganda mo? love you voice. Pampatulog ko videos mo tlaga

Shain Bianca Epanag


Czarina Escuro

What is your shade po sa Ellana and HN?


So glad for the comparison because I might check out Human Nature soon. I did notice the Ellana one patches or cracks on my skin. I realize my skin could be a bit dry for Ellana, but when I use a more moisturizing method, Ellana becomes tacky a little longer. We wear face masks these days and I don't want it tacky because it transfers a little. But it patches when I use it as is. So you were definitely not the only one experiencing the cracks and patches over time. I feel that Ellana was overhyped. I do love their translucent powder, makes any face makeup last a little longer this 2020. But after experiencing the mineral foundation myself, I feel a bit disappointed. ?

Michelle Lyn Rosas

Ellana talaga ❤


Water and sweat proof din ba ang Human Nature?

Kaye Kaye

Galing...ang husay nyo po mg.make up?

Saturnino Giron


Sophia Tayler

Ellana ???

Veronica Resultay

Very clear and informative.?? i ❤️ it!

Cielo Landrito

Unrelated po sa make up... but... where did you get your earrings? ?

Shemae Dadap

gustomg gusto ko po talaga pag kayo nag eexplain ?❤

Laura Mom of Three

off to buy human nature!

Nhyckz Diego

Awww ????

Psyche Maricon Castillon

Hi, Ruth! I use Human Nature when I have clear skin and Ellana when I have pimples. :) I love both.

Faith Panfilo

You look like Maja Salvador sis?

Goldi Pnfl

More videos like this po ❤️❤️ maganda panoorin very detailed ?????

Avi Nori

yessss new video after shift ko ms naya pampatulog ko videos mo e soothing ng boses haha

Mineral make up reviews

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Mineral Foundation Review

10 379 views | 9 Jul. 2017

Mineral Foundation Review

Mineral Foundation Review - This mineral foundation review has been so highly requested so I hope you like it! These are the best mineral foundation in 2017 in my opinion and I love all of the mineral makeup brands. I'd also love to know what your favourite mineral makeup brand was too! Did I miss your favourite mineral foundation off? If so, what should I buy next to try? See you in the comments babes!

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100% Pure fruit Pigmented Foundation (White Peach)

- http://fave.co/2tCcUsg

Ilia Beauty Fade Into You

- http://bit.ly/2tueT3x

Antipodes Mineral Foundation (Light Yellow)

- http://fave.co/2tBzIsl

Inika Baked Mineral Foundation (Strength)

- http://fave.co/2tCfjU2

Gressa Corrective Serum Foundation

- http://bit.ly/2tV93cA

Kjaer Weis Foundation (Just Sheer)

- http://bit.ly/2uX1NK7

Vapour Organics Atmosphere Luminous foundation (120)

- http://bit.ly/2sZSJTd

RMS Uncover Up (22)

- http://bit.ly/2k7nUJt

Hynt Beauty Perfecting Concealer (worn as foundation & concealer - Light)

- http://bit.ly/2n5XgAL

Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream (BB7)

- http://fave.co/2sSsO4N


Website: www.theglowgetter.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theglowgetter

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Snapchat: The Glow Getter


Popular Videos:

Everyday Makeup Routine + Easy Contour

- http://bit.ly/2mJdqjM

Evening Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

- http://bit.ly/2mDu8BH

GRWM Natural & Organic Makeup for Date Night Tutorial

- http://bit.ly/2mJr8mA

Get in touch with me here: http://bit.ly/2mbWPZq

Who am I and what am I talking about?!

Hi everyone! I'm Ailish Lucas aka The Glow Getter. I love all-natural makeup, organic beauty products and am a green beauty blogger. On this channel you'll find GRWM's, tutorials, tips and tricks and vlogs to help you glow from the inside and out.

The types of brands you'll find include Jane Iredale, RMS Beauty, Antipodes Skincare, Ecobrow, Hynt Beauty 100% Pure, W3ll People, Vapour Organics, Kjaer Weis along with many more! I've done the research with all of these products so you don't have to. It's been a long road but I've finally managed to find some UH-MAZING all-natural products that give toxic products a run for their money.

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Emily H

Jeez girl you got a lot of foundations!!! What a brilliant video showing us so many foundations! Thank you! I love the Lily Lolo BB cream and the Zao silk foundation but both are light coverage. I'm combo oily so I like a light base and powder. Gonna check out those Inika and Antipodes powders as I have loved a lot from these brands! I really like AUS and NZ brands in general and they seem to be so much easier to get in the UK than the US brands. I don't know why that is, I mean they're further away LOL! I've never got my head round it but I'm grateful we can get them here! Think the only one you mentioned that I can't easily get is Gressa x


Thanks for the video! It's good get a better idea of each foundation. I also love the Jane Iredale foundation but for some reason it doesn't seem to stay on my skin very well. Maybe I am applying it wrong? What do you normally apply and set your foundation with?

Colleen Barry

Hi Ailish, my favorite powder foundations are the Velluto Pure Powder Foundation and Encore Pressed Powder from Hynt Beauty. My favorite liquid foundation was the Jane Iredale Glow Time but they changed the formulation within the last few months and it now contains some new ingredients like coconut derived oils and some other ingredients that caused me to breakout pretty bad. Others have mentioned in their reviews that they do not like the new formula. I was able to return it and get a refund. I wanted to let you know because you have raved about the original one so often! Hopefully Jane Iredale will go back to the original version. I also am wanting to try Nu Evolution's liquid foundation. Have you tried any products from them?


Lovely! I can't use coconut oil on my face and no brands make a foundation pale enough in the right tone! Ahhh these look so lovely, I've swooned and wished for more colors! Thank you, really great group of beauties and info! I always feel so happy for people who have multiple options they're pleased with! ☺️?

Girl With Grit

Thanks so much!!! Super helpful reviews :). I don't think I'd really mind dimethicone, but any type of silicones break me out like crazy! Do you find that happens to you? I'm really enjoying the Sappho CC cream and it works great for when I'm needing something for my entire face.

Antipodes Skincare

Thanks for sharing Antipodes Mineral Foundation Ailish! Glad you are enjoying it. We love seeing your videos. #lovethelove

IMW Photography

Have you tried Bare minerals Pro line?

greenjewelbeautea 1

This was fantastic! Thanks for sharing all your beauty wisdom ???

Marion Brandsen

I love the Inika and I use it on top of Nvey Eco BB cream. Also love all Antipodes skincare so I will try their foundation too.

Andrea B

What natural liquid foundations do you recommend? I have been on the hunt for one!

Jules Shein

Loved this video, very informative ?? Thank you ?


Lovely informative video! Quick question: Where did you get the Hynt Beauty Concealer from? It's proving to be hard to get hold of in the UK!

The Choosy Chick

So glad you included INIKA Baked Powder Foundation!

Jessica Tang

Since you are such a fan of mineral foundations I thought I'd share with you the Moonrise Creek liquid foundation (https://www.etsy.com/listing/528299877/liquid-foundation-botanical-blend). It performs like a high end foundation. Soft matte finish, medium-to-buildable coverage, and stays on all day long. I was truly impressed. Wonderful videos by the way. Newly subscribed! =)

Maggie El

Loved the video Ailish, thank you! Just wanted to confirm whether the Antipodes Mineral powder foundation gives enough coverage/colour on its own? I'm thinking of mixing it with moisturiser as I prefer a liquid over pure powder on my 36 year young skin, and just want to be sure the colour is enough to even out tone and give a healthy, radiant glow.

Amy Kleine

Great overview! I have several of these foundations. My current favorite is the Jane Iredale pure pressed foundation. It's so easy to use and melts into the skin. It looks better and better as the day goes on. I am trying to finish up some others that I have, but I think this is the one that I'll repurchase.