Jowls botox

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Does Botox help with jowls?

19 048 views | 24 Jan. 2017


Specializing in natural-looking, non-surgical facial aesthetics with locations in Santa Monica, CA and Portland, OR.

Santa Monica Injection Specialist, Alana Wilson FNP-C MSN, answers the question: “Does Botox help with jowls?”

*individual results may vary.

Bap Finkel

And the big question.,...how long does it last?!


Hi Alana! Would you happen to have an instagram handle? Thank you

Jowls botox

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Dr. Isaac performing Botox treatment on jowls

8 087 views | 1 Feb. 2018

Dr. Melda Isaac

Dr. Melda Isaac demonstrates how BOTOX Cosmetic can be used to treat sagging at the corners of the mouth at her Washington, DC dermatology practice.

MI Skin Dermatology Center: Melda Isaac, MD

Sorry you cannot hear video. We appreciate your viewing.

Seema Majid

How long does the result last? Thanks!

Ross Hom

Hi, sound is way low