Juvederm swelling before and after

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Non-Surgical Nose Job: the morning after don't FREAK OUT!

48 604 views | 2 May. 2014

In this video, Naruschka

In this video, Naruschka Henriques, Head of Cosmetic Dermatology at the botonics Plastic Surgery Group, discusses the sometimes scary appearance the morning after your non-surgical nose job using dermal filler injections.

This is perfectly normal but sometimes clients think the way it looks the first morning after treatment is how it will always look, and then panic! Naruschka explains that this is normal and just standard swelling, which the client will not have experienced before since noses swell in a different way to other parts of the face and body.

When you book your treatment, you will be given precare and aftercare protocols that detail steps you can take and things you can avoid to minimise bruising and swelling and recover as quickly as possible.

Naruschka also advises prospective clients to leave plenty of time (e.g. a couple of months) between having your non-surgical nose job and a big event such as your wedding. You need time both for the nose to settle and be adjusted if necessary, as well as for you to become accustomed to the changes and feel comfortable and 'yourself.'

If you have important work or social commitments, be sure to leave yourself some time after your treatment for any bruising and swelling to resolve so you can enjoy your refined nose and be at your most confident.

For more information on the Non-Surgical Nose Job, see our website at: http://www.botonics.co.uk/treatments/non-surgical-nose-job/

For a free consultation, please ring, email or submit an inquiry from our website.

To contribute to our FAQ series, and receive a video response you can leave a comment below, send in an inquiry on our website or email us at [email protected]

The botonics Plastic Surgery Group

A: 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF, United Kingdom

W: www.botonics.co.uk

E: [email protected]

T: 0845 680 1964

IDD: +44 845 680 1964

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Zachary Cerna

Is it normal to have a bit of bruising on the bridge of your nose like a purple blue color


her voice is so soothing and pleasant.

Michelle Rodriguez

Hi is it normal to have a small red bump where the needle pierced the skin?

jaypee pacumio

I cant open my mouth on the 1st day

Odette Robinson

I did mine 2 days ago, my face still looks weird/swells is there a cream u could recommend


I am really concerned that is non surgical nose job permanent

The Lilac Agency

Is sinus pressure normal? It’s like 5th day today and my nose is clicking it feels like a sinus infection or sinusitis. Help!

mr L

Hi i had a non surgical nose job, a week ago i loved it at first, still a better shape but it seems to have setteled amd not as good as when first done, i only had 0.5ml i go back for the other have next friday, do you think it will go back to how much i liked it after my 2nd 0.5ml ?

Wander Lust

Thanks, i was crying here. I hate my nose! Its very very very big and pouting down. Second day, felling ugly. Thanks for the advice.

Rozalie Virdee

Hi I got mine done 6 days ago and I hate it

marcirl twotow

i Really needed this, yesterday i had mine done and right now its so swollen im crying :(
I had the “what have i doneeee” thought. I just wanna look normal again

Elena Ruiz

Omg thank you soo much for this video everything that you said was me! i did say "what did I do!" this video made me feel so much better today is my day after my non sergical nose job thank you for this video


Thank you! 2nd post filler and yes! I did say “what the heck did I do”! I just have to wait out this darn swelling I guess.

Jas Men

I just got mine done yesterday I can put make up on my nose please answer me!!

Lucy Lawless

Will Botonics ever expand to the US ?because I have what you call a dragon nose ? & im scared to go through with a surgery. It would be more convenient. Let me know. Thank you.


Is it ok to put medical tape on non surgical nose job. Just asking thanks.


Thank you for this! all i had to do was a search to find you :)


what kind of filler and what brand do you use for the non surgical nose job?

Chris Ward

Hey! My eyes keep watering a lot after non surgical rhinoplasty! Is this normal

Rosy Kay

A couple of months before???!

Hannah Wright

I'm on the next day, and I look like an avatar ? praying it goes down ??


I was already thinking of my regret undergoing this as i thought i wasted money and am left with my nose before

Dar Zyonn

How many patients do you see in a week?

Epic Jaelwery

Im on the next morning and mine looks like a clown nose at the tip???

Velvet Skies

I had lip fillers with this nurse. She completely overfilled my upper lip and distorted my face. I ended up looking very unattractive and hideous with an ape like appearance. She so obviously traumatised my upper lip I am now left with broken capillaries all over the injection sites (all over the border of my top lip). I went back to her as I wasn't happy at all. She denied I had broken capillaries when it was so obvious I did have them and still do! She dissolved some of the filler using hyalase and I am now left with uneven, asymmetrical ugly shaped lips! She is now ignoring my emails and refuses to give me back the £470 pounds I paid her. Please save yourselves the trouble and seek another injector unless you want your face completely ruined. I will not give up until I get every penny back from her to correct the damage she has unecessarily left me with. I expressed to her time and time again that I am now house bound, I am not able to work and therefore cannot make any money. I am embarrassed to go out (when i did attempt to go out I had people laughing and sniggering at me in my face) and have fallen into severe depression to the point where I just want to end my life. My face is swollen and huge due to the amount of hyalase injected to my face and lips to the point where I am struggling to breath at times. I expressed this all to her but she continues to ignore me. This woman is cold blooded and ruthless all she cares about is scavenging your money. Narauschka, I will not give up. I need my money back to correct the damage you have so unessasarily done!


She seems very genuine, her personality really translates onto camera and she seems like someone who I would trust to carry out the procedure :)

Gazi Duran

I love the swelling. I hope it stays that way ?


It’s been five days since I had my non-surgical nose job and it looks the same as it was before I had it done! I have no idea what went wrong? It looked so good immediately after the procedure

Estēe Lauder

Fuuuuuuck, I just did mine today and thought that it was ready to look gorgeous now on

melvina mccullough

A little weeks. Great. Swelling inside.. Thanks Beautiful.


i litteraly look like an avatar,the day post injection

Imen Ouled

Does anyone have info about nose threads? Is it normal that the nose looks too high the day after? It looks like if I lifted the tip of my nose with my finger. The doctor said it will go down 70-80% and to just be patient


How does one make contact with you?

Dj Luisito

hey dr, can i smoke after having my non surgical nose job?

melvina mccullough

When can You Put on Make up. Got it done Monday. Swelling now. Thanks for the info..

Rana RJ

I woke up today and I was like what the heckkkk did my dumb ass do

M Cas

Do you know when you can put makeup done I just got mine done

Lisa Le

So I had mine done 2 weeks ago but the tip was still swollen. So i had a quarter syringe injected in the tip yesterday. Hopefully after another 3 weeks itll look the way i want it to

Lisa Clare

After nose filler wears off are you left with extra loose skin?

Jaq Santos

Thank you Dr., I had my second session of nose filler this week after 2 hours it got big and wide. The thing is my Dr didn't even warned me regarding swollen and bruising. So normal reaction I freaked out. I searched Google and good thing I found this video. It calmed me down, the next day I informed the clinic and they told me it's normal for one week.

Mean asfuck

Thank God it's just swelling bc if not I was gonna cry ?


This calmed me down so much. I was crying in the mirror thinking wtf did I do. I swear I look like a clown. I’m still scared, I hope it goes down soon enough ??

Mackenzie T

I just had mine done and my nose is very swollen and bruised rn. Hopefully it will go down. I’m going to keep drinking water and buy pineapple and mandarins, as they are anti-inflammatory foods to help the swelling go down faster. However, I see so many people freaking out over their results in the comments and I just want to throw it out there that if you’re dissatisfied with the procedure, you can have it reversed (the fillers dissolved) at anytime as well.

Muqs Shah

I had my nose done today but it was straight after I got it done and a couple of hours later it’s now bumpy ? Does that go down ?

Juvederm swelling before and after

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19 665 views | 24 Jun. 2019

Hey! I hope you guys find

Hey! I hope you guys find this helpful, and enjoy!

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Leading cosmetic Doctor based in


Website - draesthetica.co.uk/

IG - @draesthetica

My procedure details - Dermal Filler in Cheeks

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Natasha Sichone

Thank you for this! I definitely want filler in my smile lines and I didn’t know the procedure was that affordable


Do you have to do anything before hand. Like what do they ask you to do in the consultation phase, ie; stop wearing makeup a while before or not eat certain foods before etc...?


I am turning 40 soon and I really want to refresh my face. Thank you for this video.?

Lauren G

How are you STUNNING w/ and w/o makeup? Teach me your ways????

Sabrina E

Leave your face alone?. You’re already gorgeous.


Hey have you ever had lip fillers for a subtle enhancement?

Ericka Johnson

Dr. Information?

Kitkat 71

You look really great!!! I've had everything done except jaw filler, I'm booked in this weekend. Would 1ml each side be enough do you think? Or do they recommend more for jaw? X

Paige's of Beauty

Girl I can't wait to get my face fillers!! ;p !!! You look amazing btw!! :)


Did you have a consultation before hand ? and if you did how much was it

Penny Z Lane

ooo this was very helpful, made me understand more about fillers...
thanks gurl

Business Account

I didn’t see the before clearly to see difference?, does this guy do the Botox good too?

Leaky Pussy

I’m lying I’m fucking lying ???

Juvederm swelling before and after

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Mikayla Marie

I read that sodium thiosulfate can be used to dissolve radiesse filler. Have you thought about reaching out to a dermatologist who administers this product?

Misty Kellow

Thanks for the video!! I would love to get some lip filler and honestly an entire facelift but don’t even know where to begin looking for a credible Dr. for these procedures. I live close to Nashville so I can’t imagine it would be to hard. I definitely think you should wait another year before trying anything else in your jawline or chin area!! But I think you are so beautiful the way you are❣️love ya girl?

Brittany Ramirez

There are two arteries 6 mm on each side from the mid point of the chin as well

Maribel Chavez


Kitkat 71

Did you have pain in your jaw after your filler? I have, and headaches... Its only been a week though... ?

Anarchic Bust

The good thing is that the acid from the fillers goes away

Ashley Nicole

I love any video you make your seriously just the best!!! And I had no clue you had lip fillers cause girl they look great and natural??

Sara Azizam

i am sure you will find solution for it Sweetheart but youre still Pretty youre eyes are so stunning omg for real

Jess M

My injector did the same thing with injecting the filler at the middle of the jaw :/ just now looking back to normal ish.

kristen skala

The picture you posted if the chin work the lipbunny dies is not very reliable. If you look at the picture it is clearly positioning the patients face in telugu very different ways to improve how the jaw looked ( at least in that photo) just do your research

Skin Science by Mira

Just get it dissolved! Don’t suffer with results you dislike. Super easy to have done. Edit: got to the Radiesse part :/ always get HA filler imo. So sorry you had that experience ugh

Martha Calvillo

Another video !? Yassss!!! You make my quarantine fun ??

nameless unicorn

I had my chin filled yesterday. The only thing it really brings me down about my appearance, my chin was fine but also a bit underdeveloped because I was born premature. Right now it looks like shit because it’s all swollen, so I’m just impatient to see the results as is bringing my inferior lip in front of my superior and I HATE IT, my tip lip used to be a bit above the under one. Really hope it settles down. My mom knew the doctor well and she only used hyaluronic acid (dissolvable) really hope my lips look normal when the swelling from the chin goes away

Italian lessons NYC

Who was your dr? So that we can avoid him?

Laura S

The Lip Bunny did my chin! She's really good!

flora I

I’m quite the opposite I’ve been thinking about adding volume to the sides of my chin because they’re slightly dipped ? Thank you for your honesty!

Amber Ketteringham

It makes me so sad that beautiful young girls, like yourself, can’t appreciate what you have. I hope you’re ok xx

Sandy H

Omg I had the same experience it was nice at first where theres been a shape n brought it out a bit but seems it just made it huge too as it gone flat can u get it taken out ??

Navy Shit

Omggg the same EXACT THING happened to me! Literally! Shame on inexperienced injectors!!! My nurse injected raidesse as well In those same places. I don’t like it. Thanks for sharing. Someone feels my pain! At least urs dissolved already. I still have 6 months. Did it dissolve evenly? Or did the chin turn into a weird shape??

Elizabeth Greer

Im really trying to understand here..but like.. i dont see where the problem was?? Your jaw, chin, neck...all of it looks perfectly normal to me. You looked totally fine and normal to me. You were beautiful. (Still are, im just saying). Like i dont understand why you felt you needed to “fix” your face or body girl. I just don’t see any flaws before or after. I dont. You are being so harsh on yourself. I know you’re going thru so much and i get it. But you look gorgeous ?? i feel like you may be having some body dysmorphia. You are making yourself upset over angles and all that and I promise you look bomb. Or maybe its stress/mental health isn’t at its best. I get it. Been there. But I promise you look amazing. Then and now!! Love you!! ?

Ricci Raquel

I swear you won't hear it until you decide to see it for yourself, but you are drop dead GORGEOUS. I 100% support cosmetic procedures if they make you feel more confident and you can afford them, so I'm not going to say you shouldn't get them. But I am going to say that you need to give yourself a break about your physical appearance once in a while. Stop analyzing every little thing. You are so stunning. Most women would love to look just like you. When you're picking yourself apart, please make sure you're giving yourself some love too. ❤ Also wanted to say I'm so here for your new, more free channel. Love you, Kelsey!

eleanor R

I had bad experience with chin filler too.

Skin Science by Mira

I saw you reacted to my comment and had another thought while I was here. I would look at microcurrent (Myolift is better but Clareblend Mini can be easier for someone new) and/or at home Radio Frequency like the Newa. Can really help sculpt the jaw and the RF may help break down the filler faster.

Jolyn Williamson

How do you feel about the one procedure/surgery you had? I don't remember what it's called....the one that was supposed to make your voice sound different....not your voice....maybe your voice? I don't know how to say what I'm trying to say hahaha. You know what I'm talking about I hope lol Just curious this long after if you are happy with the putcome of that one?...

Ali Emre Akgunduz

Honestly speaking, you have no problem with your beautiful face. Amazing eyes, eyebrows, super cute bone structure, glowy skin, thick lips and gorgeous hair. Please learn to love and accept your precious self. Stay away from any kind of plastic surgery. You’re already very beautiful


Honestly I think you look better than ever and never noticed any symptoms of a syndrome. So beautiful! Thanks for keeping up the videos during lockdown love <3

Claudia Castillo

Why don’t you get it dissolved with hyaluronidase? Fillers can last more than 10 years. Check Dr. Gavin Chan video!

Samantha S

Omg! I had the same experience. Thankfully they used voluma and I’m going to get it dissolved tomorrow. Any filler to the bottom half of your face is going to make it bulkier/heavier!

miranda's world

he is an injector not an artist he may be a doctor but he isnt an artist he should have looked at your face and measured the angles he did not have to do the sides he could have simply put a bolus injection in the middle of the chin to bring it out a bit (only older people need sides filled in) he injected you just the same as he injects everybody regardless of their facial angles and it also could have been hew put more filler than was needed so he could make more money using more filler go over his head and complain you can also have it dissolved seek compensation im not a doctor but iv seen so many youtube videos that i know i could have done a better job you still look great though but you asked for a treatment that you didnt get he didnt listen to you


I never even looked at your jaw until you would point it out tbh and even then I still think it looks normal

Shawna T

Yeah honestly, the male dr’s I’ve been to suck ...the female rn injectors have been the best. Just do your research..and go with. A female because they no beauty :)

Laurie Lane

I would not add anything else. There is a procedure I heard about on that show "Botched" where they can go in & "sculpt" the area below your cheeks. Basically the area where we "contour" (Not bronzer) But you would need a Plastic Surgeon for this! Then they could also do your chin at the same time in conjunction with this. (so it would all be perfect) However, I think you are gorgeous but I understand if it would make YOU happier. If they were to remove a portion where we use contour then that "should" make your jawline more defined. (IMO) but obviously you would need a REAL expert to tell you what is best.


My chin fillers were injected in the middle of my chin...

M Pro

Nothing on ur face looks underdeveloped tbh I think u look o beautiful

Nora Maria Kovacs

why dont just go back and dissolve it all?

Belinda Coco

We have the same face shape .

Shawna T

Why didn’t you get it dissolved?

Sophia M

Your really pretty, there is nothing you should be insecure about

Fambie s

I payed 750 euro and I had same results because of the shape of my face I have the same shape is difficult u should remove your double shine first with mesotherapy to burn fat and then u will see better your jawling is because u have fat around

Cassandra Lebron

damn girl I understand you're frustration! You are still so freaking pretty! ♡ I hope it dissolves quickly for you, keep us updated after your consult with her about what she says!

ferdinand aulia

Why don’t you use dissolve it. The only filler you can’t dissolve is radiesse..

Giggles_ Giggles

In my honest opinion, your side face is really cute. I see nothing wrong with it. I am so insecure about my side profile too, I'd do anything to change it.

Elizabeth Greer

I’ve never thought you looked weird or that your face looked misshapen or anything girl. To me, your jaw and chin looked good! I know its what you think that matters but you’re so hard on yourself. You’re beautiful ?

G T.

I hate when people keep doing the job they can't do. Ruin people's life for money. If they get sued one time, they can't say nothing. I stand by you girl!

Ive Chang

Thanks for talking about all this. It's fascinating but I'm sad for your frustration. Be well and happy. ♡

Christy Woods

I do see exactly what you mean hun,i knew something was a bit different just couldnt put my finger on it,But You are of course Still ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS KELS!My face is round ,So I wish I could get more defintion in my jawline to.But you can get It removed,it just sucks,cuz its expensive and Having to get something done again.But truly girl,your so damn beautiful it doesnt hurt your looks one bit!?♥️??


The first pic of your face that you posted...you were perfectly beautiful the way you were. ❣️?


I’m sorry you went through this... two years ago I had a similar experience.. an injector did my nasolabial folds which I HATED with a passion.. and didn’t ask her to inject in that area, I just wanted my cheeks done. To this day I don’t feel it looks right and am trying to find a way to fix the issue..

Jennifer Cochran

I think you are beautiful no matter what.. I think it looks fine but of course you always see yourself different than we see ...but it looks fine ..??

Am jean

Hey kelsey? first of all you are so beautiful, secondly do the waist trainers work? How long have you been using it? Also thank you for sharing your experience with us. Love you!!???

Rose Winters

Wait a year then have the lady do it


I’d never have thought that you have any strange syndrome, because you look beautiful & “normal” to me.? Don’t do anything to your face again, you don’t need it.?


3:01 on the left best jaw ever, I’m jealous

Nix Nox

Interesting. I want chin and jaw filler for the same reason as you. Its kinda put me off. You still look gorgeous by the way. But I don't want a rounder face. Thankyou for the upload. ❤️

Ri __

@kelseyalfred what doctor did you go to? what state?


Your chin is on the shorter side so I think more filler in the middle of the chin to lengthen it would definitely make your face look less round. I also get jaw Botox and it does cause some laxity in the jaw because it's shrinking the muscle. But I would take that over the fat moon face I have naturally and unbearable jaw pain from TMJ


Definitely do more videos on the procedures you've had done! Super helpful and informative!

Melanie Vasquez

Love that your posting more!

Robin Valdez

Hi Kelsey! What waist trainer are you using? Can you comment me the link? I’ve been looking for a good one

Melissa Hargiss

he wasnt listening to what you wanted, thats a poor consultation on his part. what an ass


Honestly all the old pictures you've shown I thought were using a sculpting filter. Man he really changed your face. I understand your frustration. That's ridiculous.

Sara Azizam

omg thank you for telling us i also have underprotected very small chin i did filler one time it looked good but when i smiled it was getting too pointy and look weird

Caroline Gillatt

Please believe that you are a beautiful young lady. Please leave your face alone , you are lovely as you are.

Brooke Bitzer

your eyes are sooo greeen??

Rene Martz

For what it's worth I think you look beautiful and never would have guessed you had chin filler. I really don't think it looks bad, but when it's your own face your going to notice it a lot more for sure and how you feel is all that matters. I have the same exact jaw and chin line! Is it weird to describe it like my jaw bone is literally in my neck? Lol I've contemplated implants to fix it, but I just recently learned about using fillers instead so I've been researching to see if I'd be a good candidate. I'm so glad you talked about this! I really need my chin to be a little longer too in order to balance out my profile. Please keep us updated on this for sure! Maybe see if you could Clog the consult? That could be cool and interesting. Thanks Kelsey! You still look great! ❤?

Rhiana G

have the saaaame jawline issue. it only looks good if im smiling. cant wait to get a chin filler appointment. might be calling tomorrow

Shannon Judd

Been wanting to get lip filler, but I'm not brave enough to get jaw filler, although I hate my boxy jaw. Too scared


Hey beautiful!! Glad to see more of you here! Have you ever heard of or tried ga shau? It’s a tool made out of jade or pink amethyst or whatever (Sephora sells them) but you run it along your jaw line to help sculpt it. It’s a Korean beauty thing. There’s all sorts of videos on it. This may even help work out the filler faster too. Either way I think your stunning inside and out mama!! Xoxo

Skin Science by Mira

I think a little HA filler just at the center of the chin could help things look slimmer. And they can inject just a little filler at the back of the jaw closer to the ear and just a little on the cheek bones closer to the temple - this adds really great contour without adding a bunch fo volume and making things look larger

Kristen Hanscome

Hey Kelsey!! I swear to God that your natural chin and neck don’t look bad at all!! I never would have noticed anything wrong with your chin area. I hope you are doing well! ❤️ You are beautiful inside and out!

Summers Makeup channel

Kelsey your a beautiful young woman. I personally don't believe you need any work. You keep saying you want more! When is more enough? I guess I just don't understand. I'll be 60 soon and Im happy with who I am. To each their own but your beautiful the way you are. To much of doing procedures people end up looking worse than when they started! Stay safe hon

Christy Woods

There are doctors that can make your chin come down,the way you want it hun,but not with filler usually it takes a small implant,really,easy surgery though and Ithinknit would work great Kelsey and the filler will sliwly fade away!

Em R

You look gorgeous ! I also had a terrible experience with Radiesse . I actually went in looking to get cheek filler using a dissolvable filler. The injector talked me into getting radiesse without telling me it wasn’t dissolvable. Luckily it’s fading but I believe it changed my face completely


I cant see the jawline becasue of the f#;!&ng YouTube subtitles...

Lisa Drennon

Girl you are beautiful! However, if you want to do something to your face to make yourself feel better I would recommend waiting for a while...

Tom Sezt

Search orthotropics, dr John and his son mike mew, and learn why your face is really flat and how to naturally achieve better bone structure

King Saif

You bitching about the doctors who pretty much did what you asked them to do and you trying to make them look bad?, you sound so stupid.

Adrianne Wright

Ppl can build and dissolve their facial structures?!? Sweet Jesus

Catherine M

I think you are probably your worst critic when it comes to this! I really don't think your jawline looks that bad, but I know sometimes things just drive you nuts.

Amber Iofis

Is it dissolving at all? Im having same experience :(

YoYute27 Zeet

Her chin was fine before smh. I have a small chin. My lips are very close to chin. Ppl have made fun of me in the past so I’m very insecure about it. Was considering this procedure ?


Your lips look great!

Ariel Kutz

Did you ever get it filled again?

Nausheen Ch

I think chin/neck liposuction can really help to get your jawline out. I am considering getting a chin/neck lipo for myself

Ashley's Opinionated Reviews

You are very beautiful and if I were you I wouldn't change anything! That being said I know how it feels to be very self conscious, so do whatever makes you happy!

Mimi Liebling



I’m going through the same thing right now and I’ve never felt uglier. I literally can’t look at my reflection anymore bc I hate my face sm after the filler in my jaw. It made my face so round and I regret it so much...

V laloca777

You are so pretty! Please don't do anything to your face! I'm not judging if it gives you more confidence then fine more power to you but you are way too hard on yourself! You are such a beautiful young lady! ???

Sharon Mckinney

Why don’t you just have it dissolved?