Medium length haircut for curly hair

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Longer Men's haircut for curly hair with Scissors

98 586 views | 23 Jul. 2020

This is a medium length

This is a medium length haircut with some wave and curl in it, leaving it longer to make sure it brings out those curls! It's a great haircut to practice foundational cutting. It's a classic haircut that will never go out of style!

Instagram: @bushihair

Hair Product I used: https://amzn.to/3eC6saA

You can buy the tools I use here:

Clipper Comb: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08376TC5Z

Cutting Comb: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BW14VLZ

Razor https://amzn.to/2YzIMwb and blade refills https://amzn.to/30wSIbq

Barber comb https://amzn.to/2JPD6d7

Clipper I use: https://amzn.to/2H6lv1H

Good Consumer Clipper: https://amzn.to/2JPD6d7

(I have the link to blades that I use on my clipper pages)


Lonestar Englund

Kinda feel like a lot of length was taken off if the dude wants long hair

Angela Edwards

Loving your technique. I'm curious, why you part the hair down the middle, take vertical sections, then cut straight across the top taking horizontal sections. I was taught to take horizontal first then connect the sides. I'm looking forward to trying your technique next time.

Chino's Corner

Watching this while eating ?

Dharmendra Thakur

Mam I'm a big fan from India love you mam

Barb Mager

When I watch you cut, I remember loving hairdressing. Best to you Amanda <3


Wow. Never once in my life saw a women cutting mens hair this good. Its really amazing to watch

Elizabeth R

Where do you get all your background music from?? So good!

harsha kuppala

Nice to see

Ron Kumar

Awesome cut, did you keep the corner on where the top meets the back? couldnt see too much, you were doing something with vertical sections but much wasnt coming off?

Jesús Artist Barber

Demasiado buena...
Te admiro mucho!!!
Saludos desde Costa Rica ?


I’m glad the mask restrictions were lifted in your area. So annoying to get COVID

hurrr mmhMMMHMGHH

you are so good

jucinei oliveira luiz

Excelente a learne very wifh you. Do you is beaudiful!

sofia ribadeneira

Looks great! I would like to se how it looks with dry hair and how you would style it

Sam Choi

You are really gifted and I bet there are so many barbers and stylists that aspire to be able to cut as well as you. I'm sure your channel will be one of the most successful in your industry.
Just out of curiosity, what scissors do you use?


She knows exactly what she’s doing. Professional work

aditya rao

Superb video Amanda! That's a very good haircut. Best wishes from India,??

Lisa Chang

Wow! I’ve been so nervous to touch my sons curls until I watched your video! Now he has a fresh cut and it looks awesome! My first time ever cutting his curls! You made it look so easy and it was pretty easy. Thank you soooooo much! Now my hubby trusts me to do his too. Haha Thank you, thank you!

Leos Estilo Barber Shop

Saludos Amanda, buena técnica.

jon me

My wife cut my hair for the first time after watching your video, she did an excellent job at it, all thanks to you and the amazing clear and instructional videos. Thanks all the best.

Rana Safeek

Wow ❤️

I soft

will u marry me?

Carlos Lezcano

Greetings from Paraguay ??????

I Know !

I love you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Gorbagygorbagy Gorbagy

أنا ال 100000 هههههههه

Tom Mills

I love the music in your videos. Good vibes ?

K Fetter

I love your video, but I would have loved it even more if you had explained what you were doing/looking for as you cut. Nice haircut! :)

Pradee Lucas

Hii sista I'm from India top knot hair style video ones post for me

Rogelia Champion


Emily Bryyson

Now he's handsome.


dude looks like mount & blade character

Nigel Tudor

Hi Amanda, greetings from Chester, England UK. I'll say it again, I love watching you section hair! So neat and accurate :) I'm a barber incidentally. Love, NIgel xxx

Angry Bird

Thanks for your videos I try to learn haircut and your videos are useful You makes me love to have a haircut in your salon?‍♂️. Where's your salon?

Barber Chick

I could even see your guidelines!! You make it look easy. Please post more videos like this, you’ve helped me so much with sectioning.

Scottie Blanton

This is exactly The video I was looking for! My hair is exactly like this person’s and I never know how to tell the barber how to cut it. I wish you lived in San Mateo!!!



Luigi Lira

@allenRaySalon It's always very insightful watch Amanda. Thanks a million.

Jhordany Garcia

Great video, we get to see exactly what to do with this kind of hair which many of us struggle with. I would like to know about how much time it takes you? Thanks for the video.

abdul samad

You are very beautiful and your haircut style is even better. I am waiting for your next video. Thank you very much.


Please cut my hair!!

Alberto Bello

He's so gorgeous. Looks like Tim Holt the actor.

Tukaram Bhadane


Julian Anton

So relaxing to watch!

Whatever Andwhatever

Me da que los laterales..uno esta más largo que el otro ..sensacion

Маргарита Энгельбрехт

Аманда, здравствуйте. Спасибо за работу.


Hey Amanda, congratulations on getting 100 thousand subscribers.
These are the only videos I watch till the end.
Waiting for the Mens pompadour excitedly.
Love from India??

Pedro Montoya

Maravilloso otro día me recordé de este técnica y lo puse en práctica gracias un saludo

christian TheBarber

La mejor mil bendiciones para ti ??????

Jaime Perez

Super good! Thanks for sharing and please do more. ?

Marjorie Mananghaya

Thank you for this videos .. i know i can learn more from you.. I'm hair Stylist from Philippines?

ND García

Great finish product, ur work it's approved!!
Question Amanda, how long it takes to become a master like you. Thank you for these videos all are tremendously helpful.....thank you!!

Anh Sơn Trần Ngọc

Winter is coming ...

Christine N.

One of the easiest to understand men’s Curly hair cutting videos! I tried this on my boyfriend with truthfully mediocre results. I was hesitant to take too much off. I think if I tried again and cut a bit more it would turn out better. But hopefully salons will open before that happens, for his sake.

Charles Miles

Awesome, thanks!

goth dad

thank you so much to you and the lovely model for this video!! I've been in charge of hair while quarantining and this was so helpful for cutting my brother's longer curly hair! your skill and precision is so evident in your videos, even an amateur can see that you're a real pro, thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Joseph Goh

I like watching you giving great haircut for man. You are the best?⭐⭐⭐?


I could watch her part hair all day

Haha Bobblehead

Can anyone recommend someone as good as Amanda in London?


உங்கள் திறமைக்கு பாராட்ட வார்த்தைகளே இல்லை மேப்


Love it already know which client I’m going to use this on thanks ?

Alyssa Peterson

Such amazing work. The attention to detail for the curls is amazing. Just cut my dads hair using this technique. Looks amazing!

Bie Free


Gloria Aules

Excelente trabajo.
esa facilidad con la que realiza sin complicaciones

Em Aier

The way you made it sectioning looks so easy

Abdalla Bidab

Wonder video performance ❤️

If you don't mine can you make a video for African haircut from the beginning

Georgios The Greek

Where are you located?

Life Sucks

I face MAJOR anxiety every time i need to visit the barber so i think i’m gonna try cutting my hair alone for the first time ??


Nice work ?✌

beverly catalano

Great work!! Thank you!! Subscribed!

Mark Humble

You have a great smiley face.

Peter Win

I love you!

Lisa Fanucchi

Make sure the hair isn’t poking your client in the eye!!! (8:21)??‍♀️

Soul Fire

wow video production is awesome


Awesome cleanup!

Itilde Ae

I love this lady so much. She is just a goddess. I would be an honor having her cut mine. :)

André Machado

I am jealous
Nowadays when I go in to a barbershop, barbers just ask me which number of machine I want, they don't care about scissors cut or they usually not know how to use it.
This new barbershop fever doesn't matter about quality ?

Harold Smith

nicely done ,where i live so .cal area youngrt guys wearing longer hair ,fades still big with hipster set but movement is with med length. your cuts are always nice and lines seem to be conventional yet they do work,i wish we worked beside eachother.,we cut a lot a like but there is a difference, anyway nice video- stay safe ,cheers.

Sam Dabboul

does this technique works for srtaight hair also?


So you don’t touch the bottom perimeter,


I have no intention of cutting my own hair, but still watched the entire video. It's very therapeutic!


it's so hard looking for a barber or a hairstylist that doesn't use clippers in my area-- I wish there was someone like you around me. Nicely done!!

Will MacBas

But if you're gonna have long hair, at least, take care of your hair, use some products, blow dry your hair, use creams, or pomade, this guy looks like they just defrost him from the stone age....


Naanum ungala mathiri style mena akunam medam

Abdul Hadi


Oscar Salgado

Amazing like always.

Joseph Khan

Please make a tutorial of g dragon mullet haircut

Venkatesh Venky



Once in my Life.. I would love to get a Haircut from u... Lots of Love from INDIA..

Priyank from Mumbai (India)

Sanjay Chhadia

Wow, good job.
I've cut my son's hair after viewing your video. He likes hair cut. Thank You so much for sharing. You are the best on YouTube. Lots of love from India.?❤️

Sofian Ghazali

Do we wash our hair before we cut for curly hair?

Elida Morales

Excelente !! Really help me how to cut medium hair cut?

Igor X

You are beautiful, gentle and I believe for sure kind as well. Your clients must be very happy. I am a hairdresser and I would love to cut my hair with you. Blessings from Brazil and I wish you all the best. Thank you for your time and work.


premium content..also, please wear a mask..stay safe..love from Greece

Dharmendra Thakur

First viewer

Alex# tutorial Montage

Brasil ?? ✂️?

earth single


Medium length haircut for curly hair

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30 Medium Length Curly Hairstyles | Medium Length Curly Hairstyles With Bangs

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Medium length haircut for curly hair

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307 769 views | 23 Mar. 2020

My Instagram:

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_curlytay/

My Curly Hair & Beauty Blog:


Make sure to check out my channel for more curly hair videos!

Products Used In This Video:

Hair Scissors: https://amzn.to/2SdVAHe

Wet Brush: https://amzn.to/3kZM2vT

Hair Products Used To Create This Look:

Shampoo: Not Your Mother's Naturals Repair & Protect Shampoo


Conditioner: Not Your Mother's Naturals Repair & Protect Conditioner


Leave-In Conditioner: Kinky Curly Knot Today


Hair Gel: Jessicurl Spiralicious


Songs In This Video:

Music: Last Summer

Musician: @iksonofficial

Music: Outside

Musician: @iksonofficial

Music: Do It

Musician: @iksonofficial


Musician: @iksonofficial

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon links and Rstyle Links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission from purchases made via those links. That being said, I only will ever mention products that I use and absolutely love!


I do it layer by layer brayding my hair first ♥️


My hair is like yours! Can’t wait to try this. What products do you use to get it that bouncy???

Kimberly P.

Thank you so much for this video!! It worked out great!?

Elleon Noelle

Same hair!!!

The Amateur Mama

Thanks for this video, it's brilliant! I got given some hairdressing scissors for my birthday as Lockdown means no hairdresser! I followed your steps and am super pleased with my hair cut! Thanks a million!


Thanks for the video! Very helpful! I feel like I'm looking in the mirror! That's my hair!! ?

Melinda Rivera

What do you put in your hair?

Maryann Lella

Your hair is beautiful. What products do you use?

arnolda mellner

we have the same hair type so i’m totally gonna try it!!!


We have very similar hair (except mine is auburn) so this video might help me. :) I was thinking of going shorter than this though (so that if I put it in a ponytail, the ponytail would be 3-4 inches long), have you ever tried this method but shorter?

Btw you look a lot like the British TV presenter Katy Hill when you smile at the end of the video!

Elizabeth Crossnoe

Just throwing it back to this video because I’ve watched it 246 times and given myself now my 4th successful trim with this method THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE COURAGE TO GO FOR IT. because now I’m kind of addicted to trimming my hair ?

Nora Cooper

I have hair EXACTLY like yours! I've used this video 3 times since the pandemic started and its so easy! Unless I want to do something crazy with my hair, I'll continue to use this method. Thank you so much for this!

Lindsey Star

I do exactly what you do but the hair that comes down over my ears is always still long and it gets weighed down. What am I doing wrong that I have all that bulk in that section on the side? Maybe it’s just my hair. But I get that flat root triangle look no matter what I do. I do follow strict curly girl method as well. Thanks

Felisa Moniquette

One word......... gorgeous!


This is great! Thank you so much.
I was a little scared when I saw you brushing it with that paddle brush because I knew it would blow up like it did, but turns out there was a method to your madness.
All the haircut tutorials on YouTube require really straight hair, and I don't own a hair straightener because I prefer my curls 24/7. However, that meant I couldn't do any of those because my hair in it's natural state is way too frizzy.
Turns out you showed me that cutting curly hair is actually much easier!

Ms. Tucker

Thank you so much!!! My hair has been changing now that I'm older. I used have tight coil curls, but they started going away. I loved my curls! But what you said gave hope. So I cut it. Similar to what you did. And they are back!!!! Not tight coils, more like your hair. I couldn't be happier. So grateful. Thanks again.


Can you also share your haircare routine and products you use? Your hair is so shiny and healthy looking!

Helen Milchling

Thank you. I just took about 2 inches off my hair. Salons just opened here in MD. I can't get in with the woman I trust with my curls. I trust me more than a stylist I don't know. You gave me the courage to to do. It looks sooo much better. I was over 20 weeks since my last cut. I was due when the shutdown happened.Thank you!!! I need to watch your videos. You are wonderful.

Eleanor Stewart

Thank you! There are a lot of like clips for like afro curly hair, and like not all curly hair is afro! Not at all! And this is like mine!


The only reason I commented was to make the court 200

Chantal G

Do the scissors play an important role or can I just use kitchen scissors lmfaoo? I’m in quarantine and can’t leave and def don’t wanna wait for amazon


You have the exact same hair as me, only yours is darker.

Will Ferrett

Okay, you’re beautiful, and this was SOOO helpful!!!!!

Santosh Golchha

Ma'am u have beautiful hair


Came out good. Thanks for the tips

Nithi Desikan

She kinda looks like tapsee pannu

Adela Ramirez


Jennifer Shafton

Where can I find your link to the scissors you are using?


Just wanted to say, I tried trimming my curls by like an inch and half today following your tips in this video and it turned out beautifully! Thank you so much. I haven’t had a haircut in a while, and my curls look so refreshed. :)

Denise Larkin

My hair has gotten curlier/frizzier as I’ve gotten older for some reason. (I’m 63 years) It’s gotten so out of control lately, so I’m definitely going to give this a try. Thank you.

Erin Cordell

Have started trimming my curly hair during this stay at home time but now I need to really cut it. Thanks for your video. Gave me more confidence to start cutting my own hair. Have to honestly say it has been looking much better with my trimming than when I went to the salons. Curly haired girls know their hair best!


I thought you were maybe a senior in high school until you mentioned your 3year old!?

Energizer Energizer

I enjoy your videos and i want more !!!!!!!! Please make a new one with your current routine !!! ❣

Frankie Elkhamlichi

I just had my curly hair cut wish I seen this before I cut it ?

Cynthia Nelson

My curls are different than yours and my hair is thin but I jumped in and did your cut and it’s awesome! Thank you so much.

Justice forERICAalonso

What hair products do you use ?

Girl in a locker

Me realizing that she put the same music on like adopt me tiktok compilation lol ?

HipHopDance Eliana

I think it would be easier to cut when it's wet

Xovlyo Peach

"to my 3 yo daughter"

whaaaat?!?!?!! u still look like a college girl ?

Camille Hossner

I decided to go curly recently and this video and your others are extremely clear and very helpful! I'm 61 so you're helping us "boomers" too!

Hash Brown

i wish my hair is this thick ??

Lisa Gonzales

Do you ever do this with wet hair?

Allison Jaye TV

If you approach it from the front..how do get the length in the back?


Thank you for this video I was able to cut my hair and my daughters hair and it looks amazing

Bis kay

I've same hair as you but I demaged them by straightening them with straightner every fucking day without heat-protector.. Now they are so dry and frizzy I dunno what to do help me broooo!!!

jenine ayres

I have very curly hair this is very easy I find curly hair is forgiving it blends together I wear mine long and to side also I'm pretty much just going to work and home I would rather do my own hair till covid is over it's getting better Thank great video

Brooklyn Girl

There are so many videos on this but you are the only person with a video that has the same hair as I do. So.. I’m going to do this. It’s is thanksgiving and my hair has lost all umphhh. Thanx for being so descriptive!

Akshaya Nedumananji

Looks exactly like my hair!

Gisselle Romero

wow are those colored contacts or are your eyes naturally grey?!! so pretty wow and so unique ??

Erin Scott

This is probably the best home haircut video I've seen. I love the format (simple and informative without being in your face annoying, just nice!), and the fact that it doesn't tell you to start your haircut with straightened hair lol. Thanks!

Jollivie Fit

Hi! I like your hair,, I’m from Philippines,, what are the products that you’re using?

Itzayana Murillo

Finally! A video with a curly girl with the same curls I have! I Wana cry haha it's been so hard trying to learn my curl type and now trying to learn how to give myself a haircut. Thank you for this awesome video!

Mariam El-sagheer

I chopped my hair today this way and I absolutely love it! I chopped more than I wanted to but it has been a while since I last cut it so was cool. Also, quick tip I actually did the hair tie thing up and down for every part of my hair that I'm planning to cut so even the lenghts that she cuts free hand. I did it with hair ties as my hands are kinda shaky and it turned out great. I hope this helps ;)

Linda Esposito

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL . My hair is to my chin but doing a little of watching you I will use ur procedure . I need to take more time to do it.Thanks

Raf Alegre

You are soooo pretty and your hair is amazing! Keep smiling! :)

Isha Dwivedi

Thank you so much!! I did my haircut following your video! Loving the result!❤


Great job cutting your hair that’s what I’m going to do with the unicorn

Michelle McIntyre

got the urge to cut my hair and after watching several videos, yours made me take the leap! it's still drying after a wash but I can already tell it feels much healthier. thanks for sharing!

Katie LovesLV

Soooooo beautiful! You're so lovely and humble. Thanks so much for helping us curly girls out during this time! ? X

B Colac

You are gorgeous!

Jastyne Brice

Hey girl! You and your hair are beautiful :) But the unicorn cut only makes layers if you don't put all your hair in it--- so your first unicorn cut is basically just length! Right?


You are soooo beautiful??even without the make-up...and the bright smile that you have...u shud do a skin care routine ?

Cris L

You have gorgeous hair!! Mine is more wavy than curly but I think this might work for me also. Thanks for sharing.

Bárbara Guerra

I'm doing this rn!

wtf woozi

Such a great video! I have straight hair and have never cut hair before, but my mom has curly hair and needed a cut. I followed this and it came out pretty good! Thank you!

Erika Hart

This is awesome so easy to follow, my hair is now super long and I can’t wait to chop it all off thank you for this easy tutorial


Very helpful. Thank you!

dharshini saravanan

Damnnnnn this is my hair... I'm crying.... so glad i found u

Eurainne V

I have the same hair as yours I have curly and straight hair mixed up ? whenever I go to a salon for a haircut they are always terrified and wanted to rebond my hair even I don't want to ? so I bought scissor for hair and I'm cutting my hair on my own which is difficult


Omg I have been looking for a good home curly cut video, thank you!

Marieke Stolp

Did ittt! What a relief. Such a difference. My hair is alive again. Simple and effective, thank you!!



Shanika Anderson

You did a beautiful job. The cut looks great on you.


Very nice

Glorie Hoerth

I'm just finding this video. My hair is curly and thin for anyone watching this. It turned out fantastic and was really easy. Thank you soooo much for sharing!

Samantha Grosteffon

I did it! I cut my own hair during quarantine thanks to your video. I don't think I'll do it myself once salons are re-opened, but my hair is much bouncier and looks nice! Curls can hide flawed cuts lol <3 thank you


Your hair is so beautiful!

Shannon Deal

Omg...I have shoulder length hair and just tried this since there are no salons open. It is probably the best my hair has looked in a loooong time!! Super easy if you follow right along! Thank you!!!

Google User

You are the best! I haven’t had a haircut in three years. It’s super long and I only cut about an inch off, but with your help, I’m so happy with the results. Thank you ??

Sharmistha Chatterjee

Should i not brush my curly hair!

Terica Lynn

My hair is a lot like yours. Thanks for the video. I tried it and it turned out cute!

Jenn K

thank you finally found someone with similar curls to me and let me tell you I need a haircut so bad

Jessie O. Lee

Girl you’re amazing! What can I say?

T. G.

Great job!!!


did you have products in your hair when you cut it?

Jose Contreras

Wow!! I am so going to try this. Thanks so much


Yaiii!!! My daughter and I are trying this today!!! : )
Thanks for video!!!!


Great video! I’m going to be trying to cut my own hair for the very first time ?


You explain it so well!! Thanks youu ????????

Soyla Barela

Oh bless you!!! Since we’ve been on lock down my curls were looking so thirsty! Your method has brought them back to life, and will never pay for another trim again!! ?

Aiva Seņkāne

Hi! What hair product do you use for styling?

Sandy Lu

Love it!

Stephanie S

Thanks for sharing ??

Megan Sherman

I was in desperate need of getting my hair trimmed! I was even going to have my husband cut and glad I didn't and decided to do it myself! Your video is perfect for those with curly hair! I was at first worried I was going to mess this up because I'm an awkward left hander when using scissors. But you are right, it is very hard to mess this up! Also what I appreciate about this video that you are cutting your hair dry. I feel like when I go to the salon they never know how to work with curly hair, and resort to the wet hair method, not cutting with curls. Thanks for this video! I've feel please with my results!

Jill W

THANK YOU!! It worked! It looks and feels so healthy

Alka Joseph

finally found some easy curly haircut !!! thanksss

Vector mart

I'm men, i was seeing YouTube videos and i see your eyes "oh my god!!! Soooo beautiful face, eyes, smile, hair, lips..... !!!" really beautiful

Angie Morales

looks the same too me

anita arya

OMG!!! My hair are wavy exactly like yours, never knew I can create such gorgeous curls out of them!!! But mine are not as tuck as yours. Is it worth giving a try?

Bibi Brin

Great tips, thank you!!! Finally, someone with straightforward explanation, no BS! And no unnecessary blah blah ?